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The Heir of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw by Looney_T_Luna
Chapter 9 : Other From the Future
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Tawny stared out the window looking at the cloudy sky thinking of what could happen this year at Hogwarts, or the fact that she or the trio did not have any information on any of the Horcruxes. They had to find something soon; she was going to start running out of time.

“Did you go to Hogwarts in the future?” Ginny asked from beside her, Tawny snapped her head in her direction looking over where Harry, Hermione and Ron were sitting, but they were gone.

“Don’t worry they lift for the meeting” Ginny spoke.

Tawny looked at her and nodded then turning back to the window “you didn’t answer my question.”

“What was your question?” Tawny asked not taking her eyes off the window, “did you go to Hogwarts?”

Ginny heard Tawny take a sharp breath before turning to face her, for a moment Ginny could see pain and fear in her eyes before turning back to her normal empty honey eyes. Tawny looked down at her lap and then nodded “I did.”

Ginny was about to ask another question until Tawny raise her head a childish grin on her face “I haven’t thought about Hogwarts for almost three years.”

“Why’s that?” Ginny asked.

Tawny stared at her for a moment before speaking “like I said in my time its like living in hell. The world is so dark; the streets are always deserted only living things are the Dark Knights walking the streets looking for innocent people to torture for fun. Daniel has control of the Ministry anyone that was a muggleborn or a blood-traitor would be killed he got the muggle to hate magic burn witches and wizards at the stake.”

Tawny paused taking a deep breath “it was in my fourth year when it started to happen. Daniel thought that if he had control of Hogwarts it would be easier to gain control of the Ministry.” Tawny lowered her head “we lost so many that days, so many young students that didn’t even stand a chance against those Dark Knight. My sister was one of those who lost their lives that day.”

Ginny gasped, putting her hand over her mouth. She saw Tawny’s shoulders shake as the girl tired to stop herself from crying. Ginny moved herself closer and wrapped Tawny into a hug “I’m so sorry Tawny,” she whispered.

Tawny took a shaky breath pushing herself away from Ginny “it doesn’t matter, she gone and she not coming back until a fix this,” she than stood up “we better change, we should be near Hogwarts.” With that she lifted the compartment leaving Ginny alone.

The next moment Ron, Harry, Hermione, Draco and Luna opened the door and walked into the compartment. They were laughing about something, but Ginny just ignored them stared straight ahead of her as her eyes wiled up with tears.

Malfoy was the first to notice and his smile fell from his face “Ginny what’s wrong?” he said setting next to her placing a hand on her back.

Ginny starred at him with teary eyes “nothing.”

Draco looked at her with concern “then why are you crying?” he said whipping a single tear that fell down her cheek. Ginny smiled “nothing, I’m just tired so I’ve been yawning,” she lied.

Malfoy didn’t believe the lie, but let it slide this time and turned back to everyone else in the room that had concern written over their faces ‘she’s just tired’ he mouthed.

They all nodded and went back to talking.

Tawny slammed the stale door behind her punching the wall, she kept punching the wall until she knew her hand was broken, but she didn’t care. Why did she tell Ginny? Why did she let herself almost cry in front of her? If she would have stayed a second longer the rest of the gang would have seen her in that state and asked questions. She could let it go and say it was nothing, but she knew that wouldn’t drop it and find out the truth. She had to be more careful when it came to her emotions, she couldn’t let her emotion get the better of her.

Pulling herself together and using a healing charm to fix her hand, she changed into her Hogwarts robes and made her way back to the compartment. Once inside she looked over at Ginny who gave her a small smile, Tawny just smile back and sat next to Luna who was talking to Ron about something about a fairy she never heard about. She looked over at Harry and Hermione; they were smiling and talking to each other. Hermione sat on Harry’s lap her arms wrapped around his neck playing with a few piece of hair on his neck while Harry rubbed her back.

Tawny smiled at the couple and looked out the window she could see the Hogwarts castle from where they were. She started to feel nervous about being back at Hogwarts, but ignored the pity feeling in her stomach and listen to Luna talk.

The train came to a stop and noise could be heard of students getting their trunks off the rack and them talking about how excited they were to be back at Hogwarts. Tawny and the gang stood up, since it was a little crowed with seven people in the small compartment she walked out the door first letting the others get their trunks and exit. With only Harry and Hermione lift, she made her way to the rack that held her trunk and quickly lift. Once outside Tawny took a deep breathe breathing the smell she missed, the smell of the pine trees, the lake and the smoke from the train hit her nose and she smiled.

She could hear Hagrid calling the first years, turning her head in his direction she starred at the half giant. The man died in the battle at Hogwarts and she missed him, she had always gone down to his hut and had some tea and those awful rock cakes. Then Tawny looked around her the smells, the trees, all the students and train she missed so much. She never thought she would be back here again, and here she is back at the place she once called her home.

Tawny felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to look at the person, Ginny smiled at her and motion Tawny to follow her to the carriage.

As they made their way to the carriage Tawny stared at the creature in front of it. The creature she saw after her mother was killed in the summer of her second year, the first time she saw the creature everyone thought she was crazy until her father explain what the creature was and why no one else could see them. Petting it Harry come up next to her smiling at the creature, petting it as well.

“You can see them too?” he asked her.

Tawny looked over at him and nodded “they have some of these at my old school; I started to see them in my second year.”

Harry looked at her, giving her a little small smile she smiled back before joining the others on the carriage.

The ride there everyone talked about how short the first year looked this year, Tawny just smiled of course the first years looked smaller. Those being only eleven while they were all seventeen or sixteen really proved how small they were. They talked for a while longer until the carriage stopped in front of the castle, Tawny looked up at the castle and felt happy she was able to be back here and learn again.

Student entered the Great Hall Tawny stayed next to Hermione and Harry letting Hermione explain why the candles were floating and why the ceiling looked like the sky outside. Tawny just smiled already knowing the ceiling was enchanted, she heard someone calling her name. The voice was coming from McGonagall who was beckoning her to follow. Tawny told Hermione and followed the Professor to the front of the Great Hall where the first years were.

“Ms. Parker, since you are new and do not know what house you are in you’ll be joining the first year in the sorting ceremony,” she spoke. Tawny rolled her eyes, but joined the other first years.

Tawny stood with the first year felling really stupid sense she was the oldest and tallest person in the group. Most of the first year starred at her with awe or asked her why she wasn’t in a house yet. She just ignored the question and waited for her named to be called.

“Tawny Parker!” Professor McGonagall called ‘finally!’ Tawny thought stepping forward and sitting on the stool.

The sorting hat was placed on her head and she waited for it to speak to her “aw I see you have many secret you are keeping from your friends and you are a very powerful witch” he spoke.

‘Shut it’ Tawny thought “but young Ms. Parker or should I say Po-“

‘Don’t you dare say it!’ Tawny shouted in her head “very well, but one day you’ll regret ever lying to your friends.” 

‘Then I’ll deal with that day when it comes, now would you just put me in Gryffindor and let me get out of here!’

“GRYFFINDOR!” the sorting hat yelled. The Gryffindor table erupted into appliance as Tawny made her way over to the table and took her seat next to Hermione.

After everyone was settled into their houses Dumbledore spoke “welcome to the new student and welcome back for the student that have come back. I have a few amusements to make this evening; first off the forbidden forest is off limits to all students, no student aloud out of their dorms after curfew. Now its time to announce our new Head boy and girl, lady and gentlemen our new Head boy and girl Harry Potter and Hermione Granger!”

The whole room except for a few Slytherins burst into applause, Harry and Hermione stood for a moment waving and smiling at their fellow class mates before taking their seats again.

Dumbledore stopped clapping and held his hands up to silence everyone “And now I would like to announce your new Defense Against the Dark Arts Remus Lupin!” Remus stood from his place at the Head table and waved smiling at Harry before setting again. Dumbledore held his hands up again “that is all, you are aloud to head to your dorms.”

The Great Hall started to empty as the students lift and head to their dorms, the gang stay were they sat waiting for the crowd to leave before leaving themselves. Ginny who sat in front of Tawny looked around trying to find Draco in the crowd, she smile once she spotted him walking toward the table. He stopped at the bench smiling at her before looking down at Tawny “Tawny, Professor Dumbledore wants to talk to in his office.”

Tawny looked at Malfoy and than at the Head table seeing Professor Dumbledore looking at her and bowing his head. Tawny nodded and looked back at Malfoy “thanks Draco” she spoke and than looked over and Hermione “I’ll meet you guys in the common room when everyone else is asleep I need to talk to you about a few things.” Once Hermione and Harry, who was listening nodded Tawny stood up and walked over to the head table following Dumbledore to his office.

“How has your first day back been Tawny?” Dumbledore asked as they walked down the hall.

“Very well Professor,” she spoke not looking at him “although you didn’t have to use the sorting hat to place me in my house you already knew that.”

Dumbledore chuckled “yes, well you are trying to fit into this time I thought in would be right to show Harry that you don’t know what house you were in.”

Tawny thought for a moment “good point,” and Dumbledore chuckled again.

They stopped in front of the Gargoyle that lead to Dumbledore, “Gummy worms” Dumbledore spoke and the Gargoyle moved.

Tawny snickered “Gummy worms?”

Dumbledore turned to her as they stepped on the stair case “I tried those candies this summer and I thought they were brilliant.”

Tawny laughed this time while the stair case started to rise “now Tawny the reason I’ve asked you to my office is because there are a few people here to meet you,” Dumbledore said stopped in front of the close door.

Tawny gave him a confused look, but said nothing as the doors opened. At Dumbledore’s desk two people she thought she would never see again stood. Tawny gasped, but ran into the arms of the boy on the far right. He laughed as she jumped into his arm; he spun her around and put her back on the ground. Tawny stopped laughing and whipped away the tear that fell down her face.

She looked at the boy again; he had dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. The boy stood about a few inches taller than her making him about 5’9 on his face was a soft warm smile as he smiled down at her.

One noise was heard next to them and Tawny looked over at the noise to find a girl about a year younger than her smiling. The girl had dark red hair and blue eyes her face covered in freckles, Tawny squealed and pulled the girl into a tight hug. She could feel tear burning her vision again she hugged her friend.

Pulling away Tawny back up a little to look at both of them “Ben, Elizabeth what are you guys doing here?”

“We came to help you” the blonde boy Ben spoke “we thought you could use some help since Dark Knights followed you to this time.” 

Tawny smiled at him “but what about the people that need you there? They need help, your help.”

“My dad and the rest of the order are doing that” Elizabeth spoke this time “Tawny you’re our best friend you need help to do this. Beside it wasn’t our idea.”

Tawny gave her a confused look “then whose idea was it?”

“It was mine” a voice spoke behind the desk, Tawny snapped her head to the familiar voice. Out of the dark walked a boy about her age and as tall as Ben, he had dark brown hair that covered his forehead and ocean blue eyes. He held a light smirk on his face as he starred at Tawny.

“Andrew” Tawny whispered not believing who she was starring at, her eyes filled with tears and Andrew walked from behind the desk to in front of her taking her hands in his.

“Yes it’s me.”

Tawny didn’t stop the tears from falling and threw herself into his strong arms. Andrew held her tight rubbing her back and whispered comforting words into her ear. Tawny sobbed into his chest hold him tight afraid to let him go “I thought you were dead,” she whispered.

Andrew squeezed her tight “I know, I thought I was too, but Ben took me to a healer before I bleed to death.”

Still crying Tawny pulled away from him to look at him Andrew in the eye “when I saw your eyes close and you lost so much blood I thought- I thought you were…” she didn’t finished sobbing harder thinking of when she thought she lost him.

“Hey” Andrew said placing his hand under she chin she make her look at him “it’s ok I’m alive that’s all that matters. But it was my idea to come, I could let you do this thinking I was dead.” Tawny nodded and did something she as been dying to do since she saw him, she kissed him.

The kiss was full of love and passion, Tawny put everything into the kiss making him know who much she missed him. Andrew wrapped his arms around her waist deepening the kiss. After a few moments they pulled away when they needed air, Andrew placed his forehead on hers smiling. Tawny smiled at him and kissed one more time “love you” she whispered once they pulled away.

Andrew smiled at her rubbing his nose against hers “love you too.”

The couple just smiled at each other until someone behind them cleared their throat. They turned to the three behind them and blushed, they pulled away from each other and gave they others their full attention.

Ben chuckled “now that you are reunited why don’t we head up the Gryffindor tower?”

They both nodded and thanked Dumbledore before leaving his office.

Tawny entered the common room first holding onto Andrew’s hand and looked around to only find Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny sitting near the fireplace. Tawny smiled at them and beckoned the others to follow her.

Harry heard noise coming from the portal and looked up to see Tawny and three others with her, he gave her a confused looked but nudged both Ron and Hermione who were both sitting with him on the couch.

The gang waited for Tawny to speak first as they starred at the new comers “guys these are some of my best friends from my old school, they’ll be coming here as well.”

“Guys this is Harry Potter” Tawny said “Hermione Granger and Ron and Ginny Weasley. Guys this is…” she stopped and looked at Andrew.

“Oh I’m Andrew Tonpin,” he spoke. “I’m Ben Weasmoy” Ben spoke.

Elizabeth stepped forward “I’m Elizabeth Lovely.”

The gang smiled at them and watch as they sat either on one of the love seats or the floor “they are going to help with training” Tawny spoke.

Harry looked at her “are you sure that’s a good idea?”

Tawny nodded “yes they are just as good as me when it comes to dueling, sword fighting and combat.” Harry nodded “if they can help then I have no problem with them, what about you guys?” he looked at Ron, Hermione and Ginny.

They all shook their heads “no we don’t have a problem” Hermione spoke.

“I was think” Tawny spoke “I was talking to Professor Dumbledore and he said you gotten a group together in your fifth year called the D.A” she waited a moment before speaking again “maybe you should get that group together again?”

She looked at Harry waiting for his reaction “why would we do that?” he asked.

“Because they could help Harry” Tawny said “Not with ‘you know what’, but with the war, I mean you can’t fight all those Dark Knights and Death eaters yourself you need help. My friends and I could train them to fight, the more you have to help you win this war the better.”

Harry starred at her for a moment “are you sure you can train them all?” When Tawny nodded he spoke again “then I guess we could get the group together I do need help in this war.”

Tawny smiled “great tomorrow you can arrange the meeting.”

I’m sorry of the long wait, I had so much to do and I wasn’t home during winter break to work on this story. I should have the next chapter up soon.

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