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Through The Years by Maesygirl
Chapter 8 : At Kings Cross
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Harry pulled up in a free parking space, and his wife, Hermione, his three children, James, Lily and Albus [Severus], and his godson Teddy Lupin jumped out of his car excitedly, Ron and Luna pulled up a few spaces away.


They’re family included, Ron and Luna (obviously!) and they’re children, Victoria, Daniel and Emma.


Both Victoria and Teddy were in their fifth year, and both Emma and James were in third year and Daniel and Lily were both in second year and Albus, alone, was starting first year.


Ron waved wildly at them and Luna rolled her eyes, Hermione laughed and gripped Harry’s hand, she was feeling nervous about letting about Albus go, he had been extremely nervous the night before.


With her other hand Hermione gripped Albus’s hand tight, Albus resembled Harry in his looks, and especially in his personality he resembled Harry greatly, but he had Hermione’s brain.


‘C’mon, let’s get through the barrier,’ said Hermione releasing Albus’s hand, ‘Teddy, could you go first, so Albus can stay with you while we get everyone else through.’


‘Yeah, okay Hermione,’ said Teddy, and he glanced at Victoria, and they both smiled at each other meaningfully, Harry smiled too, remembering Hermione and himself at school.


Teddy walked through the barrier, ‘you next Al,’ said Harry, and he bent down, ‘just run at the barrier and wait with Teddy, we’ll be through in a minute, okay?’ Albus nodded silently.


He squared his shoulders, then took a run at the barrier, he disappeared, ‘you next James,’ said Harry.


‘But dad,’ moaned James ‘I want to go last.’


‘James,’ said Hermione, glaring at him, and James shut up immediately, just as Harry did when Hermione glared at him.


‘Emma, come with me,’ said James, turning to Emma.


Emma looked at Luna, and Luna said, ‘fine, go, wait for us.’


Emma grinned at James and together they ran through the barrier.


‘Dan,’ said Hermione.


‘Lily,’ said Luna.


Daniel and Lily glanced at each other, rolled their eyes and ran through the barrier together, closely followed by Victoria, who was greeted immediately by Teddy when she got through the barrier.


‘Let’s go,’ said Harry, and he took Hermione by her waist and they run through the barrier, followed by Ron and Luna.


‘Al,’ said Hermione leaning down and straightening his school shirt, ‘you will be fine, Teddy, keep an eye out of him.’


‘Yeah, don’t worry Mione,’ said Teddy smiling.


Harry watched them fondly, and his ability to recognise love burst into action.


Daniel and Lily were talking to each other quietly, James bent his head and fiddled with his fingers while talking to Emma, Emma was laughing. Teddy turned around and his eyes and Victoria’s met and connected, in Harry’s head, everyone glowed scarlet with all the love.


Albus stood with Hermione talking to him, he glanced at Harry and grimaced, Harry grinned and decided to rescue him.


‘I think he gets the point Mione,’ said Harry laughing, ‘now Al, do all the you’re mother has told you, Teddy will be there if ever you need him and we’ll write to you every day if you like.’


Albus nodded and said to Harry quietly, ‘what if no one likes me?’


This was a private question between father and son, and Harry smiled, Albus was more like him than he thought.


‘Everyone will like you,’ said Harry kneeling down, and taking Albus by his shoulders, ‘and if worst comes to worst, tell them that you’re father is Harry Potter, I’m sure that’ll work.’


Albus smiled, ‘why will they be impressed if I tell them you’re my father?’ he asked inquisitively.


‘Have I ever told you about me, mum and Ron? About what we went through?’ asked Harry and Albus shook his head, ‘when you come back for Christmas we’ll tell you, but I can promise you’ll have people queuing up to be you’re friend, but Al, only tell them that if everything goes wrong.’


‘Okay dad,’ said Albus, and he and Harry hugged tightly, ‘I’ll miss you, and mum, both of you.’


‘And we’ll miss you too, so much,’ said Harry, ‘but I promise, we’ll write every single day.’


Albus nodded, and then turned to Hermione, who was getting everyone else ready.


‘Go on then,’ she said to them, ‘on the train, and remember to sign to come home for Christmas, okay?’


Everyone agreed and the run onto the train, Malfoy’s son, Scorpius, pushed Albus and he fell onto the floor, James whacked Scorpius around the head and Scorpius whimpered and fell to the ground, James helped Albus up, grinned and ran onto the train.


‘Dad,’ moaned Scorpius, ‘that potter boy hit me.’


‘You keep you’re children under control,’ said Malfoy to Harry;


‘You keep you’re child under control,’ retorted Harry, ‘my children don’t go around starting fights, death eater.’


Malfoy and Harry glared at each other, and Malfoy said ‘Scorpius, get on the train,’ and Scorpius scuttled onto the train.


‘Al,’ said Hermione hugging Albus, ‘we’ll write ever day, stay out of trouble if you can, hopefully you haven’t inherited Harry’s taste for trouble like James,’ Harry and Albus grinned.


‘You’re coming home for Christmas,’ continued Hermione, ‘okay?’


‘Yes mum,’ said Albus meekly, ‘well – bye.’


Together, Harry and Hermione hugged Albus, and then Albus hopped onto the train and waved until it was out of sight.


Hermione buried her head into Harry’s chest and memories flashed through both of their heads.


It was the first year, the night stabbed his horse and Ron fell to the floor, Harry and Hermione run over to him.


‘He’ll be fine,’ reassured Hermione, ‘but Harry, you need to go on.’


‘I know,’ said Harry.


‘You’re a great wizard, you know that Harry,’ said Hermione.


‘Me?’ asked Harry perplexed ‘I’m not as good as you,’ Harry bowed his head.


Hermione snorted, ‘books, cleverness, there are more important things. Friendship, and bravery, and Harry, whatever you do, just be careful.’


Harry nodded, gave her hand one last squeeze and got up and left for the final chamber.



It was the second year, and Hermione lay petrified in the hospital wing, Harry felt empty without her, she looked so cold.


‘Hermione,’ Harry whispered, stroking her hand, ‘Hermione.’


‘Does this mean anything to you Potter?’ asked McGonagall, holding up a mirror, she looked at him sadly.


‘Does a mirror mean anything to me?’ said Harry angrily, ‘of course not, Hermione is all the means anything which is everything to me.’


McGonagall looked at him again, even more sadly, then she looked at Hermione, who lay still and motionless, Harry felt like crying.



It was the third year and Ron stormed off, he had been yelling at Hermione about her cat, Crookshanks.


Hermione looked exhausted close up, she had bags under her eyes, and her workload was enormous, she picked up one of her largest books, Harry stared at it in awe, he had to stop her somehow.


‘Hermione,’ said Harry, ‘you’re doing too much, you’ve got to take a break, you’ll overwork yourself.’


‘I can’t, I don’t have much time, I’ve got to read this,’ said Hermione desperately, but she looked as if she was going to cry, Harry hugged her tightly.



It was the fourth year and Dumbledore had just announced his name, which had just flew out of the goblet of fire, muttering erupted around the great hall and Ron glared at him furiously, but the only person Harry cared who was thinking, was Hermione, he turned around to look at her.


She looked bewildered, but when Lavender turned to her and said, ‘look what you’re boyfriend has done now!’ Hermione snapped out of her trance and jumped to Harry’s defence.


‘Shut up you stupid cow, Harry hasn’t done anything,’ said Hermione so loudly that the whole hall quietened, ‘in fact, you unknowledgable tart, Harry has been with me and Ronald ever since professor Dumbledore announced the tournament.’


Everyone fell silent, the teachers, impressed by Hermione’s speech, but after a couple of seconds Malfoy shouted out, ‘you’ve been in bed with Potter Granger, I thought that would’ve happened a long time ago.’


Everyone in the hall burst into laughter, not one of them tried to hide it, even some of the teachers were spluttering, Malfoy looked proud of himself, Dumbledore and McGonagall watched Hermione for her reaction.


Harry blushed bright red, but Hermione, being her usual calm and cool self, merely stood up, raised her wand and pointed it at Malfoy.


‘Miss Granger …’ started McGonagall standing up but Dumbledore shushed her.


Hermione said some complicated spell aloud, it echoed around the hall, fear arose in Malfoy’s eyes.


He suddenly turned into a ferret, laughter erupted in the hall again, ‘twitchy little ferret you are Malfoy,’ said Hermione over the noise, and she sat down, she and Harry shared a look, Harry squeezed her hand.



It was the fifth year, and Harry got back from the Christmas D.A meeting, Hermione was sitting on the comfy chair writing her potions essay, she was on her third role of parchment, Ron however, was bewitching the flies on the window sill to tap dance.


‘You were ages Harry,’ said Hermione, not looking up, ‘what took you so long?’


Harry didn’t know whether to tell her, he didn’t know how she’d react, he was at a complete loss to comprehend the situation himself, he didn’t know whether he had liked what had just happened or not.


‘Harry?’ said Hermione looking up from her essay, she saw how white he looked, ‘Harry, what’s wrong?’


‘I – er – well –’ spluttered Harry, ‘I – Cho – we –’


‘Kissed?’ Hermione finished for him stiffly, ‘well … lovely,’ she did not put any emotion into these words, she turned back to her parchment.


‘Hermione?’ asked Harry, ‘are you all right with that?’


‘Of course I am,’ snapped Hermione, ‘why wouldn’t I be?’


‘Ha!’ yelled Ron, frightening a nearby second year, ‘well, what was it like then?’


‘Well,’ Harry thought then he said, ‘wet.’


‘Wet?’ asked Ron surprised.


‘Well, she was kind of crying,’ said Harry awkwardly.


‘Are you that bad a kisser?’ asked Ron snorting, and Hermione glared at him.


‘I’m sure Harry’s kissing was more than satisfactory,’ said Hermione and Ron snorted again.


‘I’m going to bed,’ snapped Hermione, picking up her essay and storming into her dormitory.


‘What’s wrong with her?’ asked Ron and Harry shrugged, he remained staring after her.



It was the sixth year and it was the Christmas ball, Harry was busy trying to avoid Slughorn, either that or he was following Hermione and McGlaggen.


He didn’t know why she agreed to come with him, she didn’t like him, or Harry hoped she didn’t, but Harry felt exceedingly angry with McGlaggen. At this moment in time he hated him.


‘So he was aiming for my left, but I thought, maybe he was feinting, so I took my chance and flew right, and I saved it, Madam Hooch said it was the best save she’d ever seen,’ boasted McGlaggen.


‘Hm, lovely,’ said Hermione and Harry grinned, she only ever said lovely if she didn’t like what she was hearing.


‘Mistletoe,’ said McGlaggen pointing up, having just conjured Mistletoe when Hermione wasn’t looking.


‘I’ll be back in a minute,’ said Hermione and she darted off in another direction, colliding with Harry.


‘Run,’ she hissed, and she pulled him into a secluded corner where no one could see them, both of them not being tall, could remain there unnoticed.


‘Thank god I escaped that,’ gasped Hermione, ‘talk about torture.’


‘I told you shouldn’t have come with him,’ said Harry but Hermione ignored him.


‘Let’s get out of here,’ hissed Hermione and she grabbed Harry’s hand and pulled him out of the room.



Harry, Hermione and Ron sat around the table in the tent, discussing Horcruxes.


‘I think that’s enough,’ yawned Ron, ‘now Hermione, listen to this, I found it in Harry’s notebook,’ he cleared his voice and began to read out Harry’s short poem.


All the stars up in the sky,

And the leaves in the trees,

All the broken bits that makes each part and grosser bits in between,

All that matters in the world is how much I like you.


Harry blushed, but Hermione seemed deeply moved, she snatched the notebook off of Ron and flicked through it and read out bits.


Birds can fly so high and they can sh*t on you’re head,

Yeah they can, Almost fly into you’re eye, and make you feel so scared,

But when you look at them and you see that they’re beautiful,

That’s how I feel about you.


Hermione flicked through the notebook some more and put it down, ‘Harry, these are amazing,’ she said, ‘how do you come up with them?’


Harry considered saying “you” but he didn’t have the courage, instead he said, ‘occasional inspiration.’

Hermione smiled at him and began flicking through his notebook in silence, she sat there for hours, smiling as she read his poems.



Harry and Hermione looked at each other and smiled, Harry began to recite the poem he had written for her.


‘All the stars up in the sky,

And the leaves in the trees,

All the broken bits that makes each part and grosser bits in between,

All that matters in the world is how much I like you.’


‘Let’s go home,’ said Harry, and he took Hermione’s hand, ‘Ron, Luna, you’re coming over for dinner tomorrow, right?’


‘Yeah, wouldn’t miss it,’ said Ron, smiling at them.


‘C’mon, we’re going to you’re parents for lunch today,’ said Luna, ‘would you two like to come? Molly asked us to invite you but we were a bit tied up.’


‘No,’ said Harry looking at Hermione, ‘but send Molly our love, and we apologize for not being able to make it, but I think we have other business to get on with.’


Hermione grinned at him, knowing exactly what kind of business Harry meant.


‘Okay,’ said Ron grinning.


‘Feel free to invite them to dinner tomorrow,’ continued Hermione, ‘I’ll cook for them all, give us a ring tonight, to warn us.’


‘We will,’ said Luna squeezing Ron’s hand, and they jumped in their car and drove off towards the burrow.


‘C’mon,’ said Harry grinning, ‘like I said, we’ve got business.’


‘Business I’m looking forward too I hope,’ said Hermione, and together they got into the car, and drove away.


The End


A/N I admit, I did use some of Kate Nash’s lyric’s for the song ‘birds’ but I liked them so much soo … please review

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Through The Years: At Kings Cross


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