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Forbidden Love by slytherin_girl135
Chapter 6 : Taking the mark and Aunt Andromeda
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Okay guys, I know the last chapter was crap and sorry for that. I’ve taken more time with this chapter and I hope you like it. I’m hoping to get Callie to tell Rodolphus about her relationship very soon, maybe not this chapter but the next one.

Also, thank you to timetraveler360 for reviewing *gives virtual cookie*.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. If I did it would be about Neville not Harry

Alright, on with the story:

Callie apparated back to the manor, her head on cloud nine while running over in her mind the scene with Daniel over and over again.

Licking her lips slightly she relieved the memory of the kiss one last time before slipping into the house.

The hallway was huge, and seemed now to her mind cold and dark. Well, being a member of one of the darkest families in the wizarding world she supposed the family had to keep up appearances.

Pulling a face she looked round: the floor was black marble with a large silver family crest in the middle of the floor; the staircase was located at the far end next to the mahogany door that led to the kitchen while seemed tiny in comparison to the magnificent heavily green carpeted staircase.

Next to the front door was a few silver plated chairs with an antique side table and some hooks where guests hung their cloaks.

Five doors led off into different rooms: the nearest one to the door led to the drawing room while the one next to that led to the ballroom: a huge room decorated in silver and gold with a polished wooden floor and a huge crystal chandelier.

The one opposite the drawing room led to her now father’s study; an off limits area and one she had only gone into when she was in serious trouble when her grandfather had been alive.

The next door led to the parlour where her grandmother used to have her tea parties with her ‘friends’ or, as Callie later learnt, women of high social status who were only wives of her grandfather’s many high important contacts.

Her family really never knew the true meaning of friends, Callie reflected sadly.

Unlike Daniel’s family which radiated love and warmth the most Callie could ever get from her family was approval for doing her duty towards the family.

Hanging her cloak up silently Callie tiptoed past her fathers study to get to the stairs when the voices inside stopped her,

“Of course I’ll ask her Rabastan, what kind of father do you take me for?”

“Well for one Callandra has been living with you for nearly five months now and you haven’t brought up the subject of the mark at all…”

Callandra swallowed and slunk back into the shadows, her heart beating loudly in her chest as she heard each word,

“…The Dark Lord expects Callandra to join up immediately and is starting to ask questions about the delay. The girl is over the age of induction after all….”

“I KNOW RABASTAN!” Rodolphus’s voice raised an octave. He did not like to think he was failing his lord in anyway at all and he mentally slapped himself for not bringing this up earlier to his only daughter and heir.

“It is your duty as her father to make sure that Callandra does her duty, as the Lestrange heir, by signing up to help rid of the world of mudbloods and filth…” her uncle was not going to let this go easily.

“You talk to me of duty Rabastan? Me, who spent the better part of fifteen years in Azkaban for the dark lord unlike the sorry excuse for my brother in law; me who knows where my loyalties lie and would gladly go through it all again for him?” Rodolphus’s tone was like the artic and Rabastan seemed to know he gone too far,

“I’m sorry Rodolphus, I shouldn’t…”

“No, you shouldn’t. But no matter: I will approach Callandra tomorrow on the subject and I see no reason why she would refuse. True, she hasn’t come forward to ask but I suppose she is just nervous and with her mind of the wedding she just needs reminding….”

Callie pushed herself further into the shadows as the sound of a chair being scraped back came from within the room and she heard footsteps from within,

“Callandra knows her duty towards her marriage to Theodore Nott just as she knows her duty to uphold the family honour by taking the mark. Like Draco, Callandra knows what is expected of her.”

Pulling a few cloaks over her to hide her as her uncle and father left the study, still talking about the dark lord and his plans for Hogwarts and the ministry, and went into the drawing room.

Making sure that the door was fully closed Callandra hurried up the stairs and into her room, closing the door softly behind her before flinging herself face down on her bed and screaming loudly into her pillow.

Partly because she knew she should have seen this coming ever since last year when Draco took the mark; and also partly because she knew without a doubt that she couldn’t take it while she loved Daniel. That Daniel always came first over so called ‘family honour’. 

Callandra sat up suddenly, realising what she had just thought. Her feelings for Daniel she was quite clear on but it suddenly dawned on her (and she wondered why it hadn’t before) what she would be giving up if she went ahead with Daniel.

Everything she had held dear, that was what.

Her aunt, uncle and cousin who was more like a brother to her than cousin. Her parents, her uncle Rabastan, her home, any claim to the Lestrange vast fortune.

Also with Daniel and his family living only a few miles away…they would be sitting ducks for her parents vengeance.

Callie felt hot tears come to her eyes. Why did it have to be this way? Why had she fallen for a muggle and placed everything she had known on the line? And WHY did she care more about what happened to Daniel and his family than she did to herself.

Of course the prospect of being homeless and penniless was frightening and with her family’s influence she doubted she would be able to get a job in the current situation.

But the thought of what would happen to Daniel was more frightening….Callie buried her head in her hands again as big scalding tears meandered down her cheeks.

She could never take the mark, she knew that, as every muggle she tortured or killed would remind her of Daniel: even if she broke contact completely and never saw him again. That would break her heart, she knew.

But would leaving her family hurt more or less?

One thing was for sure, she could not take the mark under any circumstance and she would have to find a way to fob her dad off when he asked.

Taking a deep breath Callie left her room to take a walk, hopefully to clear her head.

Unconsciously she found herself outside the old schoolroom. It would be quiet, she decided, and opening the door slipped into the dark room.

Using her wand to light the candles round the walls she took in the disused schoolroom that she had taken her lessons in before she started Hogwarts.

A teachers desk and blackboard was at one end with a small hard wooden desk and chair opposite.

Pigeon holes were embedded into one wall which held various old pieces of parchment and old quills and ink bottles.

Taking a seat at her old desk and thinking ideally how small it was she glanced down at the clutter on the desk.

Why the house elves never came in here was a mystery to her. Maybe she should say something?

Picking up a piece of paper she saw it had the Black family tree on with her name under her mothers at the bottom.

Her Grandmother on the black side of the family had insisted, before she died, that Callandra learnt her mother’s heritage as well.

Hours of sitting in the cold classroom with her strict tutors and nannies writing and copying endlessly pureblood propaganda from books her relative had written; and memorizing family trees for hours on end came back to her while at the same time she realised there was someone she could talk to.

Someone she had never seen and had been forbidden to speak to but someone who would know exactly what she was going through.

Making her decisions and ignoring the doubting little voice in her head Callandra left the classroom and went to her own room where she sat at her desk and pulled a freash sheet of parchment towards her and a quill and ink bottle.

Unscrewing the ink bottle carefully and dipping her quill into it she wrote out in perfect script,

Dear Aunt Andromeda…

Hehehehe, a cliffy; always wanted to do one of those. Anyway here you are; hope you enjoyed it.
Again please please review.
Thanks for reading guys.

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