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Ripple Effect:Nameless by mizzundastoodravenclaw777
Chapter 2 : Secrets Kept To Protect You
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A/N: I’m updating as much as I can, people just keep reading and reviewing ^^ Thank you!!!
Harry hurried to dinner fearfully, even though this wasn’t the first time some one tried to kill him, it isn’t something you get used to though. Most people don’t want to die… Harry walked over to Ron and Hermione and explained what was going on. Hermione shook her head woefully, Ron’s face was pale. Everyone knew Harry always turned out to be alright in the end but. They didn’t like how easily he was targeted. Speaking of targeted…
“When you’re cursed with a lightning bolt scar, you’ve got a gay…” Radcliffe yelled as she and Malfoy came up behind the three of them. They didn’t have time for Megan and Draco’s usual taunting.
“Darling, protect me from him, one day I saw him staring at me. I swear he was undressing me with his eyes!” Malfoy yelled as all of the Slytherins laughed. Megan bent over and came ridiculously close to his face. She pinched his cheeks; she seemed to do it a lot. He didn’t like it one bit.
“Oh Malfoy you know I don’t fight sissies! I feel sorry for them, no girl would want them. What confuses me is he’s dating Weasley but likes you. It would be a love triangle if you liked him.” She ranted. Hermione stood in anger.
“What’s next your going to say I fancy you?” Hermione shouted. Radcliffe twisted her face in anger.
“Don’t flatter yourself Granger, even if I was I wouldn’t be with a mudblood…”
“Oh do you want me to tell everyone what happened to you at Hogsmeade?”
“You wouldn’t…”
“There’s a reason why you don’t eat super duper chocolate frogs…” Hermione threatened. Radcliffe looked over at Malfoy and turned back at Hermione. She grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to their usual seat at their dining table. Hermione had a sense of satisfaction, but Harry was too distraught to notice Radcliffe’s defeat.
“What does she think I did to her?” He whispered.

It had been a long aggravating journey but she made it. She finally arrived by broomstick to Hogwarts. She landed on one of the tallest towers. She pulled some binoculars out of her knapsack and searched the school grounds. She didn’t see anyone who looked like the guy in the picture. There were probably more options inside. She slipped her binoculars back into her knapsack and took out an invisibility cloak and draped it around her and slid into the school through a window. She saw two people walk by one of them mentioned the name Potter so she followed them.
“Harry is probably more depressed than usual…”
“If someone was looking to kill me I would too…”
She sneered. Lucius… He had to have had tipped some one off… She followed behind a group of kids into a classroom. She climbed to the top of a ledge where a stone gargoyle sat. She sat on top of it. She watched as students entered the classroom. Three kids in particularly caught her eye. There was a messy black haired one that looked like Potter. She watched as him and the others sat down and waited for instructions.

“What is everyone looking at?” Professor McGonagall spat angrily. She looked up as well.
Dammit…well there goes the stealth portion of my plan, time to take them by surprise. She removed the cloak revealing herself. Everyone gasped as they stared upon her.
“Who the Bloody hell is that?” Malfoy yelled. She jumped from the ceiling and jumped onto the desks, incidentally the one that Malfoy was sitting at. She stared at him and came closer to him leaving limited personal space.
“Boo” she whispered. He jumped and gave a blood-curdling scream his scream immediately became infectious as everyone in the room began to scream. Professor McGonagall had run out of the room to get help. Everyone became even more scared because she left. They ran for the door but prototype twelve jumped in front of it. And lifted a cross bow out of her knapsack.
“Nobody leaves until… I… FIND… POTTER!” She shouted. Everyone huddled together in fear. Radcliffe and Malfoy pushed Harry out of the crowd.
“Here’s the guy you want!” Radcliffe shrieked.
“Please don’t hurt us!” Malfoy yelped. The two cowards, Harry looked at the girl. She looked miserable but younger than him. He walked towards her. She fired her crossbow nailing Harry to the wall. She dropped her crossbow and slowly drew her knife from her boot and walked towards Harry. She held the knife to his throat.
“If I was to say this is going to be a quick and easy death, I would be lying…” She said as she smiled and begun to slide the knife across Harry’s throat. Her execution was disrupted by the opening of the door. She sighed hardly as she looked at Dumbledore.
“Dammit…” She groaned. “Accio!” she yelled to her broomstick which traveled straight to her hand. She kicked the spike that made the other spikes come out. She quickly grabbed her things and flew out the window.
Hermione gave a sigh of relief and helped free Harry. Dumbledore walked over to him and sighed.
“Now you know what she is capable of…” He said. Harry was still shaking from terror. She was faster then the usual people who wanted to kill him.

She flew over to Hogsmeade and landing in the middle of the stores. She looked around and walked over to a wooded area and stared up into the sky. She lit a cigarette as she looked up into the sky. Some one came up behind her but she didn’t turn to look at them. It was Lucius, and she always knew who it was. He had a certain presence that she always felt when he came from behind her.
“Did you tell them about me?” She asked.
“I’m tired of you smoking. I don’t know why you don’t listen to me…” He replied.
“I was so close you know. But I got caught; if that keeps happening I’m never going to be able to kill him.” She sighed.
“Are you going to help us now, its obvious you need it arranged for you? Our mission is quite simple, and it just happens to be your main goal in life…”

Harry lay in bed that night. Tossing and turning. He looked at the large moon through his window. He sighed hardly and thought of prototype twelve. He wondered. Why did she hate him so? What is the D.W.W.C.? Did this girl look almost his age, only younger? Why would a girl almost his age devote her life to finding him? He got up out of bed and walked to Dumbledore’s office there were too many questions that needed to be answered that he had. If this girl was after him he wanted to know her complete history. He walked into Dumbledore’s office. He had pacing as he always does. He looked over at Harry.
“Couldn’t sleep?” He asked.
“There are some questions I have, I was wondering if you could answer. Do you know the complete background of Prototype Twelve?” He asked.
“Well, I know very little but anything should ease you. Well I do know that the people who trained her treated her as an object rather than a person. She was deprived of love. The ministry of magic had been trying to catch her for the longest. She’s just too cunning, too fast or so it seems. Harry there is some things that I don’t think you’re ready to know yet. Some things are kept secret to protect you, you and prototype twelve. She’s been through more than you know. But we can talk about that another night. I think you should get to bed.” Dumbledore said as he pushed Harry out of the Door.
Some things are kept secret to protect you, you and prototype twelve” He whispered to himself as he walked back to his dormitory.

She sighed as she woke in a warm bed. Visions flashed through her mind of her past. She remembered when she was a child and they put her through training and no matter how tired her little body was they told her proceed. She remembered when she was a toddler and she fell. But no one helped her they left her on the ground crying. Why did they treat her like this? Like she was nothing, it wouldn’t have happened if her parents were around to raise her. She loathed herself as everyone who had raised her did. Except for Lucius, for some reason he had always been warm towards her. But she knew it was all mind tricks. She never trusted him. She pulled the white blankets over her body, she was cold.
“I just want to know what they look like…” She whispered. She was referring to her parents. No one ever told her “Oh you look like your mother” or “You grew up to look like your father” Nope, nobody did. Not even Lucius. She doesn’t think any one knew who they were. They were just props, they were just there. And when you-know-who killed them, no one grieved them.
“I worry about you” Lucius said behind her. Why did he always come behind her? They never spoke face to face, not in a long time. They were always facing at the same direction but not the face to face. She sighed hardly.
“I know this must be hard for you…” he whispered.
“You don’t know anything thing…” She replied bitterly.
“Try to listen to me for once. I know we seem so hard on you but you’re so out of control. I think this is for the best. Why don’t you see it in Harry’s point of view?”
“Murderers don’t have a point of view!” She yelled, her voice had cracked a bit as she jumped out of the bed, standing on it in anger.
“You see! Prototype twelve sit. I need to discuss something with you…” She sat back down on the bed.
“There’s one last mission. Before you decline listen. You want to kill Potter and we want him out of the way. We’ll set up a date when you kill him and we’ll cover your tracks so they won’t catch you like last time. If you do this you’ll be free. Free to do whatever you want in this world.” He explained. She looked up and her eyes glistened with life and she looked at him in the eyes.
“Free?” She whispered hopefully back. He rubbed her head and smiled.
“Free…” He replied confirmingly.
“No more training, No more stealing, I could look for people who might know something about my Parents?” She asked. He nodded his head in agreement. She didn’t smile, but her face had a look of life rather than the dark sullen, dead look it usually had.

Lucius walked out of the room with a smirk on his face. He loved how he easily manipulated her. He had been convincing her to kill Potter all of her life and now she’s finally going for it. Soon everything will be set into place so that the Dark Lord could rise back into power. Nothing will be able to stop his secret weapon.

Harry Jumped up in his bed. Had it been a dream, did he just see Malfoy’s Father talking to Prototype twelve? Was this a vision? Everything doesn’t make sense anymore. Why must he be the one to go through all of this? The sweat drizzled down his face. He looked over to Ron who lay in his bed sound asleep. He wishes he could fall asleep so suddenly like Ron does. But he just isn’t like that. He laid back down into his bed and closed his eyes trying to fall back asleep.

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