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The Lines I've Crossed by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 1 : My Boys
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So I'm Sage. Okay technically my name is Amelia Antoinette Bennett but I’m Sage. I can't even explain how much I hate my name. I mean I can't even begin to describe how much I merely loathed the woman who chose the name let alone the name itself. I am 16 years old, I’m in Ravenclaw and my favorite color is olive green. I have a cousin who actually goes here but he's all...depressing. Honestly, his best friend is his potions textbook. It’s heartbreaking really but Sev is the only family I have left. My father died two years ago and my mother being the pathetic little woman she is just about died right with him. I could understand if they were deeply in love and it was some sort of tragedy like Romeo and Juliet but no. He hated her just as much as I do. That was actually a common interest we had. We never talked about it but it was a nice hobby to share. Before you think I'm all horrible she deserves it. She was nightmare. I still don't even understand how they got together. Why would he marry someone who he frankly finds utterly disgusting? It doesn't matter now I guess. He’s dead and dear old mum is in a mental institution. All of that isn't really important right now because well first of all I live with my aunt and uncle. That isn't important either right now because I’m not there either.  I am currently about to start a very important Quidditch game. This is the finals and I'm the first ever female captain of in Ravenclaw's history. 



It’s us against Gryffindor. Which normally is that deep of a situation but this is finals. As in the last game of the season! That makes this game a huuuuuge rivalry. All week I’ve had to keep a close eye my team mates from being pranked on. With Slythern being knocked out this year –for cheating...stupid thugs- I’ve worked my team to the bone to get us to the top and now we’ve made it. As the first female captain -and seeker- I have a point to prove. We aren’t push overs like those flimsy Hufflepuffs! No we are Ravenclaw! Too fast and too clever to be beaten by some over grown kittens. This morning Sirius Black sent me a suggestive wink as if to say he can sway the opposing with a wink! Like I would just swoon to him! That only further fueled my ambition to wipe the field with their powerless behinds. I have a large point to strike in egos of any guy that thinks a wink will sway me.

Changing out of my clothes, I tied my raven black hair back in a ponytail, pulled my Quidditch uniform on over my underwear and breathed out. I'm never nervous. I never can understand how people can be nervous if they know the result of their actions. Why would winning be a matter to be nervous about? My team mates are all boys -and older than me- but it doesn't matter. They treated me with respect because they knew I earned this. My boys were sitting on the bench in front of the plays board. Their faces were set, their uniforms were on and there was a thick silence that hung in the air. They were ready. I stood and wiped the board of plays clean with a flick of my wand. I cracked my back and stretched for a second before turning all my focus and drive on to them. All of them had their eyes on me, looking for me for some sort of approval. I gave it.

"Guys you know what I expect and what you expect of yourselves. For years it has been Slythern vs. Gryffindor. Like they're the shit.” I allowed myself to scoff at this. “Not anymore. Just because we aren't slimy or arrogant enough to be in those houses doesn't mean anything because we have brains. Where both of their teams would have gone out all brawns and forgotten about brains we won't. I know you guys. I have grown up with all of you and I know you will succeed you know why?"

No one answered.

"Because they expect us not too. They think we will just roll over and take it like we are weak but we are anything but. We are quicker than them. We are smarter than them and damn it we are a better team. You guys don't have to win but don't you want to? Every time you see a Gryffindor don't you want to walk past them with a smirk because we wiped the field with them?" I paused here so that they could all take it in. My voice was wistfull and low now.

I saw my team strengthen in their confidence.

"Now get your broom and play like I know you can!"

They all let out yells of excitement and followed me to the entrance. We each had our broom at our side and we waited till the veil was lifted and stood there.

"And guys, when we go out there. Strut!"

My boys did as they were told. They strutted like it was causal. Like these gawky kids naturally strutted every day. Jake was the only guy who was more than book smart and athletic. He is genially popular. That's why he's my pride and joy of the team because he was the worst player ever when he started and now... Watch out Potter you've got competition for best chaser. Taking a small breath I went to the middle of the field and kept my eyes fixed the opposing captains hazel eyes.

"Captains. Shake hands," the referee announced in her usual brisk tone.

Taking off my right glove I shook Potters hand tightly, "Potter."


"Players take your places..."






It was so quick. I had to hand it to Potter he trained his team well. They were quick and decisive but just not good enough. In three minutes the score was 30-10 Ravenclaw. I was hovering over the field as I watched my team yell in pride. My eyes closed and my face broke out into a proud smile as I heard the bell for the goal go. Seeing a speck of gold pass between the Gryffindor beaters I dove quickly and pulled out right before getting to the floor. Doyle (Gryffindor team seeker) was trying to keep up with me and even attempted to knock me off my broom. He even managed to give me a bloody nose but I still caught the snitch. Take that! In just 28 minutes we wiped the field with Gryffindor. Carter got hit with a nasty bludger from Black and Zack had a bruise on his leg from roughing with Potter but we won. Nobody was seriously injured, my nose was fixed quickly and we had won the Quidditch cup. It was the first time Ravenclaw had won it seven years. I ran at Carter and hugged him loosely trying not hurting him. Despite his pain he grinned proudly and sent me a pompous grin. Jake, Ethan and Mike raised me in the air as I lifted the cup high in the air, my face beaming with pride. Now, why would anyone be nervous about this?

I woke up the next morning still beaming but groggy. At the after party I danced with everyone it was the most fun I ever had. Marlene and Emmeline were right alongside me dancing their little hearts out. Oh did I mention my two best friends? Marlene is 5ft 8in tall, long blonde hair and is one of the most thoughtful people I've ever met. She was the type to worry when there is absolutely nothing worth worrying about. Emmeline on the other hand has light brown hair and the perfect eyes to match. She's more go by the flow. She doesn't get as worked up as Marlene. Sometimes it's just easier to deal with Emmeline. Pulling my drapes back, I cringed involuntary as I felt the sun seep into my eyes sockets. Walking into the bathroom I did all the essentials and came out an hour and a half later ready for the advanced Sunday classes they were offering for 6th and 7th years. Slowly I managed to hide my lazy yawn behind one hand while pulling on my shoes with the other. The room was full of snoring girls as they all had hangovers from the night before. Downstairs the common room was spotlessly clean thanks to the handy work of our house elves. Having a few minutes to spare I picked up my spare reading material and began reading. 10 minutes later I was interrupted.

For weeks after this blessed event in which I am about to describe, Marlene asked me if I would have still believed it if I hadn't saw it. Like if right then I was still sleeping or if my shower lasted a bit longer I wouldn't have had the eyes to witness it but I did so I never knew how to answer her. I witnessed my boyfriend of 5 months kissing a girl who wasn't me. Before I can even go into anything more I need to describe and explain the situation. First...the girl. Her name was Sheila Brown and she was his ex girlfriend. She was the ex girlfriend who I befriended even though her little clique used to call me 'pizza face' because I had a bad case of acne when I was younger. I still was nice to her though. I was under the misapprehension that I should be able to trust my boyfriend. Wrong again.

Now I was skeptical at first about him because he is a seventh year and what could he want with a girl a year younger than him? He used lines and cheesy pickups and I never really fully trusted him for a reason I couldn't grasp until right now. Now let’s describe the embrace because I know you want to know. His hand is up the back of her severally wrinkled tank top, the other hand on the back of her mini skirt. Their eyes are closed and it's apparent by the movement in his mouth that it's a French kiss. He isn't wearing a shirt and her pants are unzipped so it's fairly obvious what they have been doing to occupy their time. Anyone else would react. They would yell, scream, kick or just burst with outrage to this but I didn't. I walked quietly upstairs and pulled a sleepy Emmeline out of bed. She groaned and slumped down the stairs sleepily. I didn’t explain anything. So she was unsure of why I dragged her out of bed. It became all too clear the minute she saw the portrait hole of her opinion of the situation. Her eyes narrowed and she sprinted up the boy’s dormitory with surprising discreteness and stealth. 

She came down with Carter and Jake. If anyone ever didn't understand why I call them my boys they would get it at that moment. Emmeline went over and pushed Shelia out of the door as Carter and Jake took to beat the living hell out of my now ex boyfriend. I have to say, seeing them slamming his face into a wall not so delicately was awful nice. After a few seconds I turned and went back up stairs. 



So full of shit…” I muttered to myself as I got back into my bed and pulled my covers over my head.

Authors Note:

THANK YOU FOR READING! Song in summary is O'Sailor By: Fiona Apple. PLEASE REVIEW!

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The Lines I've Crossed: My Boys


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