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Harry Potter and the One Heir by angarato
Chapter 3 : Gringotts
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It was 9.00 am in the morning when Harry woke up. Looking around, he saw Hermione and Natasha already showered and ready.

As Harry rubbed his eyes, he remembered what he was up against that day and bolted out of bed. Within 5 minutes, Harry had taken a shower and was fully dressed and all set to go.

"Mione, when are we going to leave?" Harry asked as he stowed his wand in his pocket where it was easily accessible for him.

Checking her watch, she replied," Just about now."

As they reached the landing of the first floor, Fawkes appeared with a letter in his beak. Harry took the letter in his hands and opened it.


Yesterday I only told you a tiny piece of information on who you are. While being the heir of Gryffindor, you are also the heir of all the other houses as well. One thing not many people knew was that your mother, Lily, was actually my daughter and Minerva is my wife. From me and Minerva, you are from the line of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. And not to mention, when Voldemort tried to kill you, a part of him settled in your body and still remains there. And from there, you join the line of Slytherin. Another thing, from your father's line, you are also a descendant of Merlin.

In order to be able to find the castle of Gryffindor, you will need to go to Gringotts and go to vault 982. There is only one goblin who takes people to that vault. He will know who you are. Once you have seen everything, you will be able to find out where the castle of Gryffindor is. Once you find all four of the castles, you will get a power that no one has ever had. That will be the power the dark lord knows not.

When you enter the vault, please take both of the ladies standing beside you as they both are important people in your life and they deserve the right to know everything.

Yours faithfully,

Albus Dumbledore

Harry finished reading the letter and passed it on for Hermione and Natasha to read. After they read it, they simple nodded at Harry and headed to his car.

The ride to Diagon Alley was quiet and no one made any noise until they reached Diagon Alley.

Both of the girls followed Harry's lead as he lead them to Gringotts and stopped once he started to talking to the goblin at the desk.

"I would like to access vault number 982." Harry informed the goblin.

"Very well, I shall have a goblin take you there immediately." The goblin replied.

Harry nodded and two minutes later, they were sitting in the cart to go to the vault. The ride to the vault seemed to take forever for Harry.

'She looks amazing when the wind is blowing against her face. What am I doing? I can't have these kind of feelings for her! I know I don't like her in that way. At least I think I don't. And besides, Ron has liked her since a long time and I don't want to ruin my friendship with him because of that. I cannot think about her like that!' Harry thought to himself.

He was snapped out of his train of thoughts when the cart jerked to a sudden stop.

"Here is the vault Mr and Ms Potter. I will be waiting outside here for you should you need anything." The goblin told Harry and Natasha.

Once the door opened, the jaws of all the three teenagers dropped as they saw the amount of gold piled up in there.

When they stepped inside, Harry immediately saw a door at the end of the room and moved towards it. When he opened the door, he saw it was not completely filled with gold but there was a table in the centre of the room. On the table was a chest glowing brightly.

Harry walked up to the table and opened the chest. Inside the chest, there were a few sheets of paper. Harry picked up the first one and read it.

Dear Potter,

This is the Potter family's vault. Inside here, you will find many treasures that you will need. As we are the descendants of Merlin, we are the richest wizarding families in the world.
He finished reading the first letter and picked up the second one.

Dear Harry and Natasha,

We're sorry we couldn't be there for the both of you.

Harry, Albus must have informed you about you being the heir of all four houses and you must be off to find them. After you finish reading this, you must hold hands with your sister and both of you will feel a surge of power go through you. All during this, the both of you must not release your hands. I think Albus had planned to send someone with the both of you. Both of you must make sure that that person is with both of you while you are holding hands. After the whole thing is finished, you may faint as you are recieveing the powers of all the Potters in the history in yourself for the daunting task that lies ahead. Make sure that person will be able to revive both of you as you must finish the task that has been set for you.

We hope the both of you can bring peace to the wizarding world as soon as possible.


Lily and James,
Your Loving Parents.

A/N: Please review!! And please don't be too angry with me as I may not always be able to update very soon. Please be patient.. Thanks!!

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Harry Potter and the One Heir: Gringotts


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