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Shadow and Light by ItsSnowyDudes
Chapter 6 : The fight
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The Great Hall, usually loud with talking, gossip, and laughter was silent. Every pair of eyes were turned to the girl standing in the entrance of the luxurious hall. She blinked, confused.

"Guys...why is everyone looking at me?" Hannah asked out loud, her deep green eyes scanning the room. No one said anything, just stared at her. She slowly made her way to the Gryffindor table, all eyes following her as she walked. She sat down cautiously, next to Harry, who averted his eyes and scooted away from her.

“What’s going on?” Hannah asked, wondering why she seemed so interesting all of a sudden. Her eyes flew to her sister, waiting for an answer. Hermione bit her lip softly, thinking. Was it true? No, it couldn’t be true. This is was her sister! Her twin, they shared the same freaking DNA! And Malfoy was the one that told them. For all they knew, he was trying to cause more drama. She sighed.

“Hannah..” she said, her voice above a whisper, “Malfoy said you were a Deatheater.” she finished, getting straight to the point and not wasting any time. For a minute, Hannah stared at her. Then, she burst out laughing.

“Me?!” she laughed again. “A Deatheater?” She snorted, waving her hand. “C’mon, Mione. Do you honestly believe that?” She glared at Malfoy. “Go bother someone else, you git.” she said, eyes burning into his.

The young Slytherin chuckled. “Fine, but remember..” he bent down and whispered in her ear,” Don’t forget about the next meeting.” Hannah tensed instantly. Draco snickered and walked back to his own table. Hannah glanced at her friends and her sister, they all looked at her, waiting. 

“He’s such a prat.” she mumbled, twirling a strand of her deep red hair between her fingers.

Harry nodded slowly. “That he is,” he agreed, “You aren’t a Deatheater.” It was more of a statement, than a question. Hannah scoffed. “Of course not, why the hell would I be?”

Hermione frowned. “Well, don’t listen to him, you guys. Han, I’m sorry.” Hannah gave a wave of her hand. “Don’t worry about it.” She shrugged. “Oh, that was close. What’s going to happen if they find out that he’s right?”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Harry and Ron whispering. Ron looked up at her and shook his head.

Ron furrowed his brow. “I bet she is a Deatheater..” he thought slowly to himself. If looks could kill, Ron would be dead right now, from the look he was receiving from Hannah.

She looked at Lisa, who wouldn’t even look at her. Her eyes once more flew to Hermione, who smiled. “Maybe she really is a Deatheater. Maybe it would be better if we never met.” the brunette thought.

Hannah’s hand curled into a fist under the table, she sighed. Sometimes, it hurt being able to read other people’s minds. Suddenly, a biscuit hit her square in the chest, she looked up, Emma was grinning at her.

“Cheer up!” Her overly hyper friend said, “C’mon, don’t let Malfoy spoil your day.” The others nodded. Lisa looked at her skeptically, wondering what to believe.

Hannah sighed “Come on.” she said simply. “Are you seriously going to believe him over me?” she said, while arching a perfectly shaped eyebrow, hurt in her voice. Lisa shook her head. “No, I guess not.” she replied, smiling.

Hermione sighed. “C’mon, guys. Lets head back.” The six of them stood up and left. As they exited, Hannah was aware of every single pair of eyes on her. She looked over her shoulder and glared at them, her eyes slowly turning into slits. One could swear that for a spilt second, she changed. Her deep green eyes turned a dark red and she looked positively.. horrifying. But then, you blinked and it was gone.

She had barely stepped in the common room when a burst of blue light shot past her. She shrieked and backed up, smashing into Ron. She was unaware that the others had even walked in, as her green eyes were now fixed on the enraged Ginny Weasley, who had her wand pointed at her. Ron, in return, shoved her forward.

“Ginny?” Hermione asked. “What in the--” she was cut off, by Hannah dodging another spell. “Calm down, Gin!” the bookworm cried.

Hannah whipped out her wand. “What the hell is your problem?! Harry said he was sorry!” she snapped. Ginny glared at her, her eyes blazing fury. “I don’t give two shits if he apologized! He still cheated! He broke my heart!” she snarled, throwing down her wand. “He cheated on me with a fucking whore!” she spat.

Hermione and Ron’s mouths fell open un unison. They had never heard Ginny swear like that! Ron hurriedly ran across the room. He slowly put both hands on her shoulders. Ginny was shaking so hard, his own hands began to shake.

Hannah glared at her. How dare she! How dare that ungrateful brat! She too, threw her wand down. “You little bitch!” she seethed, starting towards her, only to be grabbed by Hermione and yanked back. “LET GO!” she shouted.

Hermione tightened her grip .”Hannah!” she cried in surprise. “Why are you acting like this!?”

“I’ll tell you why, Hermione!” Ginny said, not allowing the younger twin to answer. “She’s acting like this because she’s a filthy slut who probably can’t keep her legs closed!” she snarled, venom dripping from her words.

Harry gasped. “Ginny!” he said, clearly shocked. Emma’s eyes winded. “W-well.” she stammered, afraid of might happen if she stayed,” I-I think I hear Ethan calling me! So I’m just going t--to-g-go.” she stuttered, slowly backing up.

Hannah scowled.. Even while shouting, her intuition never failed her. “You stay where you are!” she snarled, voice rising. She easily knew she could pull out of Hermione’s grasp, and she knew she would end up killing Ginny if she did. Emma froze in her tracks. “O-okay.” she said, her voice slightly shaking. Lisa said nothing, her light green eyes as wide as they could go. Hannah glared at Ginny. Never, had she ever hated someone so much then she did right now.

“Shut up!” she snapped, clenching her teeth, her hands slowly balling into fists.

Ginny smirked. She knew she was getting to her. “Why?” she snorted. “I’m just telling the truth! But hey, I bet your adoptive mother was a tramp too!” she said, meaning every hurtful word. Hannah’s mouth dropped open, as did Hermione’s, not surprisingly at the same time. Hannah shut her eyes tight.

“Shut up!” she repeated, beginning to shake in rage and anger.

Hermione looked at Ginny in amazement. Never in her years of knowing Ginny, had she ever seen her this upset. She must really love Harry, and he really hurt her. But, Hannah was her sister. Her twin none the less. She bit her bottom lip softly. “Ginny, enough.” she said softly, but with enough force for everyone to know she meant it. Ginny ignored her, her green eyes only on the traitor in front of her. Ron, who had seen his sister like this many times, said nothing. Afraid of what would happen to him if he did.

“You know what, Hannah?!” Ginny said, not waiting for her to answer, as she hadn’t even opened her eyes. “I feel sorry for you.” she said quietly,” I mean, you got separated at birth, you’re being accused of being a Deatheater..” she paused,” And you’re a goddamn whore!” she spat, not calming down in the slightest. 

“Ginny, stop!” Hermione shouted, not happy with either of them. She still had her hands on her sister, and she was beginning to shake more and more, her breathing becoming faster. Again, she was ignored by the firey red head.

“I bet you are a Deatheaer!” she exclaimed, nastily spitting out the word Deatheater. “How many innocent people have you killed?!”

Hannah’s breathing became ragged. “Shut the hell up!” she snarled, opening her eyes. She was furious, beyond furious. Her blood pressure was to the limit, her heart racing. “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” she repeated over and over again, louder and more fierce each time.

Slowly, the lights in the chandler above the gang began to flicker. Everyone noticed, besides the two girls who were at each other’s throats. Emma frowned, wondering what in the world was happening. “Look..” she whispered, pointing to them.

Ginny’s eyes turned into slits. “Just admit it!” she snapped. “How many people?! Did you kill innocent children as well?” she snarled.

Hannah’s hands were now tight fists, her nails slowly digging into her palms, leaving indentions. “SHUT THE HELL UP!” she shouted, completely enraged. The lights began to flicker faster, blinking now. Again, it went unnoticed by the two girls. Hermione swallowed, Ron’s eyes were wide. Harry’s mouth was open slightly. All five of them were staring at the two, looking back up at the lights.

“Who are you going to kill next?!” Ginny continued, not stopping. “Your sister?!”

Hannah had had enough. She tore from Hermione’s grasp and snatched up her wand, all in one swift motion. She pointed her wand at Ginny. “I SAID SHUT UP YOU LITTLE WRENCH!” she screamed, her arm shaking. Suddenly, the lights above them exploded, and they were plunged into darkness.

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