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Through The Years by Maesygirl
Chapter 7 : In the tent
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‘That means Dumbledore used the sword to break open the horcrux,’ said Harry excitedly. 

‘Yes!’ said Hermione equally excitedly, ‘we need the sword… The sword… where? 

‘The shrieking shack?’ 

‘Too obvious, Snape knew about it. What about one of the secret passage ways at Hogwarts?’ 

‘Even more obvious, there’s always the chance of one of the death eaters finding it. Possibly somewhere in Hogsmeade?’ 

‘Unlikely, but then… where?’ 

They gazed at each other dreamily, then Harry said, ‘what d’you think, Ron? Ron?’ 
Ron had stormed into the tent and was sitting on his bunk. 

‘What? Remembered me now have you?’ 

‘What are you on about?’ asked Harry confused, ‘Ron?’ 

‘Stop bleating my name,’ snapped Ron, ‘I’ve had enough of being here, I’ve hardly eaten anything since I half bled to death, we thought Dumbledore had given you a plan or something, we though you knew what you were doing! I’ve had enough.’ 

‘Then leave!’ bellowed Harry, ‘I’ve told you everything I know, it’s not my fault that Dumbledore didn’t tell me everything, I didn’t make you come, it was you’re choice! You can walk out, I can’t.’ 

Ron glared at him and turned to Hermione, ‘are you coming?’ he snarled at her harshly, she recoiled. 

‘What? Coming where?’ she asked, ‘Ron, what the hell are you on about?’ 

‘Are you coming or staying?’ snarled Ron. 

‘Well, Ron, I’m staying, we promised we’d help Harry,’ said Hermione and Ron snarled at her again. 

‘I knew it, you choose him. You said it yourself Hermione, you were disappointed that he didn’t seem to have a plan,’ said Ron. 

Hermione quickly turned to Harry, ‘Harry, I swear, I didn’t say that.’ 

‘Don’t bring her into this,’ snapped Harry, ‘just because you are too cowardly to stand up for yourself.’ 

Ron swung for Harry, but Harry caught his fist and threw him back, Ron came running back at him but Hermione screamed, ‘Protego,’ and Ron was propelled backwards by the shield. 

‘I’m going!’ screamed Ron. 

‘Then go!’ shrieked Harry, ‘and leave the Horcrux behind!’ 

Ron threw the Horcrux from his neck and onto the floor with such might that Harry was surprised it didn’t open. 

Ron then turned around and stormed out of the tent, ‘Ron!’ Hermione screamed after him, but by the time she got rid of her shield charm he had disappeared. 

She came back into the tent, nearly sobbing, ‘Harry,’ she whispered ‘he’s gone, he’s left us.’ 
Harry just stood there motionless, Hermione collapsed into an armchair, shaking, from what Harry knew was sobbing. 

Harry knew he should comfort her, but he was finding it hard to move, his lips moved soundlessly, he reached for Ron’s blanket’s and passed them to her, she took them off him, and cuddled them for support, still shaking silently with sobbing. 

Harry couldn’t bear watching her any longer, he moved towards her, his feet feeling like hard and heavy bricks, but he did reach her. 

He threw the blankets he had passed her to the floor and cuddled her, and gradually she stopped shaking, Harry stroked her hair fondly. 

‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted at him like that,’ he said softly. 

‘No,’ said Hermione, ‘you shouldn’t’ve, but Ron deserved it, and you didn’t. He has no idea of what you’re going through.’ 

‘But you have,’ said Harry, ‘and I’m glad you do, and not Ron, Hermione, I love you.’ 

There was a stunned silence, Harry couldn’t believe he’d said it, it was in the heat of the moment, not that he didn’t mean it, because he loved her more than anything, but what would she say? 

‘Harry, do you mean that?’ asked Hermione, her eyes gleaming, ‘do you honestly mean that.’ 

Harry hesitated by said, ‘yes, I do mean it, Mione; I do love you, more that anything possible.’ 
How would she react? 

‘Harry,’ she said looking into his eyes, and after a pause she said, ‘I love you too.’ 

 For a moment this seemed unreal, but Harry said, ‘but this isn’t the time, Ron’s just walked out on us, so, if you like, we could talk in the morning.’ 

‘Yeah, I’d like that,’ said Hermione, ‘but I can’t stop thinking about Ron, I can’t believe he left us, but the horcrux made a difference to his moods.’ 

‘I think he’ll come back,’ said Harry reassuringly, ‘like you said, that horcrux made a difference to his moods, so soon he’ll realise that he was wrong, and he’ll come back, I miss him already.’ 

‘So do I,’ said Hermione, and Harry tried to suppress a yawn. 

‘Am I boring you Mr Potter?’ said Hermione, but she grinned, ‘go to bed, I’ll take the first watch.’ 

‘Thanks Hermione,’ said Harry gratefully, ‘I really appreciate this, wake me up when you want to swap, and I –,’ 

Hermione sighed, kissed him and he shut up immediately. 

‘If I talk again do I get another kiss?’ said Harry hopefully. 

‘Dream on,’ laughed Hermione, ‘go to bed.’ 

‘Hermione, thanks, I –,’ 

‘It won’t work, Harry,’ said Hermione and Harry gave up and went to his bunk bed, the one below Ron’s, but he decided not to think of Ron. 

Harry soon went to sleep, with dreams of Hermione, but Ron kept popping into his head, preventing him and Hermione from kissing, yelling at them. 

Harry awoke with a start, and after a few failed attempts of getting back to sleep Harry got up, put on his cloak and went out to the front of the tent to sit with Hermione. 

He sat beside her and she jumped slightly. 

‘What are you doing out here?’ she asked, and then she added sternly, ‘you’re supposed to be in bed.’ 

‘I couldn’t sleep,’ said Harry, ‘so I thought I’d talk to you.’ 

Hermione smiled, and shivered slightly, Harry took his cloak off and wrapped it around her, she squeezed his hand gratefully. 

‘What you said earlier,’ she said, ‘could we talk about that now? Please?’ 

‘Yes,’ said Harry, ‘Hermione, I wasn’t just saying that in the heat of the moment, I really do love you, I’ve loved you since I met you.’ 

‘I thought you’d never realised it,’ she said, ‘I’ve loved you since I first met you, at Kings cross, when we were eleven, you haven’t changed a bit.’ 

‘Neither have you,’ said Harry, ‘and I would never want you to change, because I love you as you are, whatever you do, I love you.’ 

‘I think,’ said Hermione, ‘this is the part where we kiss.’ 

‘I think you’re right,’ said Harry, and he leant in, and kissed her.
The care that Harry put into the kiss astounded Hermione, she had kissed Viktor Krum, merely to make Harry jealous, to make him realise, but Krum had not cared about her, he’d cared about the kiss. 

Harry however, he cared about her, so much that Hermione felt it even if he didn’t touch her, the vibes reached her even if he was miles away. 

Harry was thinking exactly the same thing, he had kissed Ginny, kissed Cho, but neither of them cared, Hermione did. 

They broke apart, from what it seemed many moons later, Hermione smiled, Harry smiled, and slowly, they fell asleep in each others arms, the coldness of the outside ebbing away. 

Harry slept soundlessly, he had no bad dreams whatsoever, he was just aware of Hermione beside him.  

It was light before Harry awoke, Hermione was still sleeping, her eyes delicately closed, Harry smiled at her, tucking a strand of her bushy brown hair behind her ear. 

Harry watched her for a while, until she woke up. 

She awoke almost half an hour later, she opened her eyes groggily, it was a couple of minutes before she looked at him.  

Harry steeled himself to say it. 

‘Morning gorgeous.’ 

Hermione blushed but smiled, ‘morning to you too,’ she said wiping her sleepy eyes. 

‘If you’re hungry we could go and catch some fish or something,’ said Hermione, gesturing to the lake beside the banking. 

‘Yeah, okay,’ said Harry, and together they sat at the banking talking while catching the fish. 

‘So, we’re together now, aren’t we?’ said Hermione nervously. 

‘Yeah, if you want us to be,’ said Harry, reeling the rod back up and throwing the fish aside. 

‘Because I love you,’ said Hermione, blushing, and Harry blushed too but grinned happily at her. 

‘I love you more,’ said Harry, just as Hermione threw a fish aside. 

‘That’s enough,’ declared Hermione, ‘I’ll cook them now.’ 

Harry watched as she cooked the fish on the fire, he admired her deeply, in every way possible, she saw him watching her. 

‘Yes Mr Potter?’ she flirted putting her hands on her hips, Harry grinned his boyish grin, and answered her. 

‘I was just admiring you’re magnificent body Miss Granger,’ flirted Harry, Hermione blushed, even though Harry could tell she knew he’d say that. 

‘Well thank you very much,’ said Hermione grinning, and she turned back to the fish, and Harry weakened and gave a moan. 

Hermione turned around again, ‘what are you moaning about?’ 

Harry got to his feet, ‘if I told you it wouldn’t be a secret,’ he said and he kissed her passionately. 

She kissed back avidly but stopped, ‘Harry, we shouldn’t,’ she said. 

Harry decided to test her self restraint, ‘okay,’ he said, sitting back down leaning against the rock. 

 She bit her lip, trying hard to restrain herself, her self restraint astounded him, if she had been the one lying down and he was the one making the choice he would’ve cracked ages ago. 

 She stood there for at least twenty minutes, turning back to the fire and then back to him, Harry didn’t complain, whether she was kissing him or not, he liked the view. 

Another ten minutes passed by, and Harry was still looking at her with a dazed expression on his face, he was then surprised when she threw herself on him, kissing him lovingly, and quickly as if making up for the lost half hour. 

Harry didn’t move, he just enjoyed her kissing, but after a while he began joining in, he surprised Hermione, he rolled over on top of her, they both seemed to have forgotten they were on the floor. 

Hermione felt Harry’s hands everywhere on her body, perhaps she went rigid, because he stopped. 

‘Is this okay with you?’ he asked softly ‘if this is making up because Ron is gone, you don’t need to do it, because I love you no matter what, if you don’t want to do this, no pressure, honestly.’ 

‘I know,’ said Hermione smiling, and she kissed her again, but then stopped and said, ‘let’s get it started, Harry.’ 

Harry grinned his boyish grin at her again, he ran a hand down her neck, and then kissed it, Hermione gave a loud moan. 

‘I’m going to make this the most relaxing and blissful hours of you’re life,’ whispered Harry into her neck, she shivered excitedly. 

Harry continued kissing her neck she gave another long and loud moan, making the hairs on the back of Harry’s neck stand up on end. 

Harry continued kissing her neck for the next two hours, Hermione fell asleep after a while, but Harry didn’t stop kissing her neck, he didn’t want to. 


Harry awoke a while later, and for a moment he feared it had all been a dream, but it hadn’t, Hermione was still asleep beneath him, and his lips still remained on her neck, Hermione made a movement a minute later. 


‘Mm,’ she said not opening her eyes, Harry smiled at her, but was even more amused when she started talking in her sleep. 


‘Harry,’ she murmured, and then she giggled, she seemed to be enjoying her dream, she soon opened her eyes and saw Harry who looked up from kissing her neck. 


‘It wasn’t a dream,’ she whispered, ‘its real.’ 


‘Yeah,’ said Harry, ‘I’m glad it is.’ 


‘Me too,’ said Hermione then she looked at the fire, 'oh and we've burnt the dinner.'


'Never mind, I dunno about you but I'm not hungry,' said Harry grinning, and Hermione grinned back at him.


Harry pushed himself up so his lips were no longer on his neck, they were near her ear, ‘are we going further Miss Granger?’ 


Hermione thought, and then said, ‘Yes, but not out here, let’s do it inside.’ 


Harry got to his feet and helped her up, she smiled flirtily at him, and Harry smiled flirtily back at her. 

He swept her over his shoulder, his hands on her bum, she giggled and Harry carried her into the tent, and dropped her softly onto the bed, he then lay on top of her and they kissed heatedly, Harry pulled the covers over them, grinning ever so mischievously as he did so.

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