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The Truth by the Moonlit Tree by ltnaconejita
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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The Truth, No One Knows

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognize, it belongs to the great J. K. Rowling.

This is my first fic, so, tell me what you think but don’t be too mean, here we go! I changed the title, but I'm still looking to make it official.

Chapter 1: Prologue

‘What! Why does he have to be here? Now?’

Ginny sighed. She walked slowly toward the four teenage wizards who stood by a tree on the Hogwarts grounds. In the middle was Draco Malfoy, a good friend and practically part of the Gryffindor trio, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter. Draco was telling a funny story and Ron, Hermione and Harry were laughing.

Ginny smiled grimly when she remembered the relationship between them and Draco in the past years at Hogwarts. In the beginning, the trio’s hatred for Draco was as red as the Weasley family’s hair. Then, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco, in one way or another not told to Ginny, they were all connected and needed to help a little girl… Ginny didn’t know the whole story, because they thought of her as just a Ron's sister who got in the way.

She smiled as she remembered answering the door that summer and to her great surprise there stood Draco Malfoy. He was there to help plan the rescue of the little girl. Before, he opened his mouth to say anything, Ginny had yelled, “RRROOOOONN!!”
“What’s wrong, Ginny?” Ron came running down the stairs. “Oh,” he said with a serious look on his face. “Come on,” Ron said and turned, Draco followed only looking at Ron’s head.

Ginny had no idea what was going on, but that was the only time she saw him, her brother, Harry, and Hermione that summer all together. Where they went, she didn’t know and still doesn’t…

Since that summer, the trio became a quartet. Since Draco’s father, Lucius Malfoy, was in Azkaban, Draco wasn’t pressured to be evil and prejudiced. Even thought everyone liked Draco now, he still took pleasure in teasing and bothering Ginny. In return, Ginny ignored him, countered any insult, and sometimes just yelled, “GO AWAY MALFOY!” and he would just smirk and walk away, saying, “All right, all right, control your temper, Ginny,” and walk away, while Ginny stormed off to the library to study, following the foot steps of our favorite Gryffindor bookworm.

People watching would just sigh and shake their heads because they thought Draco and Ginny should get together. When they told Ginny this, she would say they need a brain check, because she would never fall for “Malfoy,” then, she fall back and linger in the back of the crowd lost in thought. Ginny didn’t know if they tell that to Draco.

Often she’d wonder what his reaction would be at the thought of them together. It didn’t seem as though he hated her, but she couldn’t even start to guess what he thought of her, since no one really knows what goes on in that twisted mind of Draco Malfoy. Then, her thoughts would usually be interrupted by Draco laughing, talking or just nosing into her business.

Ginny always acted as though she hated Draco, but that isn’t what she truly felt. She really liked him. She didn’t love him, because she didn’t know him well enough, but sometimes she caught herself thinking, ‘God, I love him,’ as she watched Draco laugh. She thought she could have fun with him and he could really care for her. She was really confused, she wanted to be around him, so he noticed her, but then he gets her so worked up. Ginny was just kind of scared around guys she liked because she fell pretty hard for Tom Riddle and she didn’t want to go through the same pain again. She thought she truly loved Tom, but then, he was just using her. He was about to kill her, and he wouldn’t have cared. So, she just pretended to hate him to protect herself. No one knew how she really felt.

Ginny headed over to the four people with brown, red, black and blonde hair. She was taking tutoring lessons from Hermione. She takes school very seriously, so she takes all preparing and counseling she can get. As Hermione was the top student in her year, Ginny asked her to tutor her, and Hermione agreed. She needed to ask when their next session was because she had a big Muggle Studies test coming up, being her worst subject, besides History of Magic. ‘If only I inherited Dad’s understanding of Muggles,’ Ginny thought, and smiled ‘But then again, he doesn’t exactly understand too much anyway,’

When she reached them, Ginny said a general “Hello,” to them, not being mean to Draco by not acknowledging him, but not suggesting she liked him enough to greet him.

Then she asked, “ Hey, Hermione, when’s our next session?”

Hermione replied, “Hmmm, can you do this Thursday at three?”

“ Yea, I think so, I’ll see you then,” Ginny said.

“Oh yea! We have to schedule the next practices this week, Ron!” said Harry.

“Oh right, we’ll see you guys later,” said Ron, then turned and walked over with Harry to the Quidditch Office.

“I have to go, too, I need to meet Professor McGonagall about prefect duties.” Hermione said. “Bye Draco, Ginny,” And with that, she headed back to school, leaving Draco and Ginny alone.

Ginny and Draco waved good-bye and turned to face each other. Ginny wondered if them all leaving was an opportunity for her to be with Draco, coincidental misfortune, or a planned match making strategy as she avoided his eyes.

There were few times she saw his eyes, and they were such a color of steely gray that looked so understanding, kind, fun, and mischievous all at the same time. Of course, he wasn’t looking at her, but he was dazing off, when she saw the magic and beauty of his pale gray eyes.

Suddenly, bringing Ginny back to reality, Draco said,

“Hey, why do you study so much? Don’t you ever relax and go out on a date or something?” This got Ginny mad, fueling her famous Weasley temper.

“For your information, I care about my future and I do go on dates, unlike you who can’t even get a date with the giant squid!” she shot back.

“How do you know if I ever asked and if the giant squid accepted and we had a lovely time?” Draco said with a smirk, then left and walked away.

‘AHHHH!!!!! That Malfoy!’ Ginny thought as she stormed off to Gryffindor tower. She thought about their conversation. She had lied. She had never really gone out on a real date. She only wanted Draco, and didn’t have time for another guy in between schoolwork and thinking about Draco Malfoy.

Also, Draco wouldn’t have any trouble getting any girl he wanted without trying. Lots of girls were after him because of his good looks, charm, and funny personality, but she never saw him on a date or holding hands with another girl.

Ginny would know he was with anyone partially because of her connection being Draco’s friend’s (Ron) sister and from secretly spying on him all the time trying to learn as much about him as she can.

Draco was really handsome. His silver blonde hair was cut nicely and was sometimes spiked the way many American muggle boys do. He was rather tall with a built body and natural muscles.

‘Snap out of it!’ Ginny scolded herself. ‘You have other things to think about’ She tried to remember how muggles use electricity in their everyday lives as she reached the Fat Lady. “Veritaserum,” she said and the door opened. It was late so she went to shower so she could sleep in tomorrow. She couldn’t remember anything about muggles, so her thought turned to Draco.

‘Why does he make me feel this way? If I’m so against falling in love with anyone, why do I want him so much?’ she asked herself as she lathered her hair. She wondered why she did like him so much, and the answer was obvious. He was hurt before too, by his father, and so he knew what real pain was like. Because of this, they would understand what the other had gone through, so they would be good friends.

But then, why couldn’t she like Harry? Harry had gone through pain also, so wouldn’t she want him? Not really, because just like her brother, Harry ignored her and barely noticed her… so does Draco, he’s different from Harry.

Harry always had friends that were the kind of friends that would stay friends for the rest of their lives. Both Ginny and Draco never had real friends, since Ginny was ignored by everyone so that she never had a real best friend and Draco only had Crabbe and Goyle, who were really just bodyguards. So they were kinda, well, meant for each other, Ginny hoped.

She stepped out of the shower, sighing and thinking she would never have Draco Malfoy as friend or husband, she dried herself and got ready for bed, figuring she would need a lot of energy tomorrow to deal with the frustration she’s going to get from Muggle Studies and Draco Malfoy.

Author’s note: Well, that’s the first chapter of my story. I hope you like it and please review, I’d really like to hear what you think. Please make any suggestions and tell me, should I explain everything at the beginning and should I write sometimes in Draco’s point of view? Well, thanks and bye!!!!

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The Truth by the Moonlit Tree: Prologue


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