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You Don't Need Eyes To See by malfoyheir
Chapter 1 : Unleashed
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The night was so dark—darker than usual. There were no stars tonight, just the yellow moon.

The chilly wind made dozens of brown leaves dance in the night sky. But even the rustling of the leaves could not hide the sound of a young man’s footsteps.

Draco Malfoy was almost out of breath. He felt his knees slowly weakening. But he knew he had to keep running—for her.

Narcissa Malfoy, his mother and the only person who loved him for who he was—she was in danger.

Draco carried his half-dead mother in his arms. He had been carrying her for almost an hour now. Draco was getting tired, but he needed to take her to safety.

Then, he heard it again.

Draco’s eyes widened in fear. That deadly wail was getting closer and closer. That deadly wail belonged to the Dark Lord. He was after her.

Damn it! Why can’t I get away from him? He thought to himself. He lowered his glance to his mother in his arms. She looked so pale and lifeless, unlike the sweet, smiling face she was a few days ago.

His face hardened in anger as the image of his father appeared in his mind.

And it’s all because of him! He growled in his thoughts.

All of a sudden, his thoughts were brought back to the night when it all started.


“M-My Lord, forgive me! I-I did not know, I s-swear!”

Lucius was on his knees, practically begging for his life. But the man before him was the least vulnerable to pity.

“Now, Lucius you don’t want to show your frailty in front of your boy, do you?” hissed the wicked voice of Lord Voldemort.

Draco stood there and watched as Lucius Malfoy begged for mercy like a famished puppy. He couldn’t help but feel pity for his father, but he didn’t dare defy the Dark Lord. The snake-eyed freak was just too bloodcurdling.

“Have mercy on me, my Lord. I will do anything! ANYTHING!” Lucius was close to tears now. Fight him, damn it! Don’t look so pathetic! Stop being his puppet! Draco wanted to scream at him.

“My, my, did I hear you right, Lucius?” Voldemort mocked, “Anything?”

Lucius looked up and nodded.

Voldemort showed a hint of an evil grin. He slowly walked to the window and hissed in a high-pitched voice. Suddenly, his pet Nagini slithered up the window and into the room.

“Glad you could come, my dear Nagini. I want you be here when Lucius swears to fulfill his task. The boy would not be trustworthy enough to become a witness. ” Voldemort sneered.

Draco gulped. What kind of task would he give to his father? He didn’t know, but he felt for sure it wasn’t good.

Lucius bowed his head lower. “What is it that you wish me to do for your forgiveness, my Lord?” he asked.

“Has it ever occurred to you that your wife, Narcissa, has not been loyal to the Death Eaters, Lucius?”  Voldemort said icily as he stroked Nagini’s head.

At the sound of his mother’s name, Draco’s heart almost came to stop. He clenched his fists. Leave her out of this, he thought.


“I have considered that possibility, my Lord.” Lucius answered sternly. Draco shot him an angry and disbelieving look.

Voldemort smirked.

“Well, I have many doubts about Narcissa’s family. I mean, as you know, they were all traitors.”

“So are you suggesting that I--?” Lucius’ eyes widened.

“I am suggesting, Lucius…that you do exactly what we did to those pathetic Longbottoms.”  Voldemort hissed through his evil smile.

Draco felt like his heart was going to drop. It was like an invisible dagger stabbed him right in the gut.

What was he going to do? Stop Lucius? Kill his own father? Try to kill the Dark Lord? Draco’s insides were going crazy. He closed his eyes and bowed his head.

I don’t exactly know what to do, but I know that something has to be done.


Draco shook the tears away and stared into his mother’s cold face once more.

“Hold on, we’re almost there”, he whispered.

Suddenly, almost out of nowhere, a dark cloud of smoke emerged before them. Draco almost lost his balance.

He closed his eyes and held his mother closer as he shielded her face from the smoke. Upon doing so, he had inhaled some of the smoke, causing him to cough.

“I see you take after your mother, boy.”

Draco looked up.

The diminishing smoke started to reveal a very amused Lord Voldemort standing right in front of them.

You.”, Draco snarled.

Voldemort smirked. “You thought you could get away from me, didn’t you, boy? I stole your wand and took away your broom. Though you still thought that you could escape me with your running.” He laughed a very high-pitched laugh.

Draco tightened his grip on his mother’s body and glared daggers at Voldemort.

“Hoping to save your mother, eh? I guess it was my mistake that I let you hear my plan. Being partly a Malfoy, I expected a lot more from you.” Voldemort hissed.

Draco stood his ground. “I’m not going to let you kill her.” He spoke in a low but dangerous voice.

“Ah, Draco. I’ve already figured that out when you stopped Lucius from killing her.”

Voldemort circled around Draco and his mother. Draco’s eyes narrowed as he watched him walk around.

“Tell me, Draco. How does it feel to be in a bloodline of traitors?” Voldemort jeered.

Draco smirked.

“It feels a whole lot better than kissing up to you.” He snorted.

Voldemort’s mocking smile turned into an angry frown. Draco continued.

“You’ve got everyone under your command. You’re controlling them like little robots. They think you’re the king of all wizards—but you’re not. You’re nothing but a freak who lost all his powers to a little boy. You think you’re so powerful, but you can’t even beat Potter. You know what you are?”

Voldemort stopped circling Draco and scowled. “What am I, you foolish boy?”

At that very moment, Draco felt something snap inside of him—something dangerous. His eyes instantly changed from gray to red. It felt like something was taking over him. He felt strange, but stronger.

He slowly put down his half-dead mother on the ground and kissed her forehead.

“OUT WITH IT BOY! WHAT AM I?” Voldemort boomed.

Draco stood up, not lifting his head.

I think you’re a loser.” Draco said with a smirk on his face.

Voldemort’s patience came to its very endpoint. Then, in a split second, the ugliest words in the Wizarding World came out of his snake-like mouth.


It seemed to have shocked the evil snake when the pale, blonde boy shoved the flash of green light with his bare hands.

For the first time Draco had ever seen, the Dark Lord was speechless. Fear overcame the Dark Lord and he slowly levitated and backed away from Draco.

“This is not the end, boy.” He called out to Draco before he disappeared into the darkness.

As soon as the Dark Lord disappeared, Draco’s eyes returned to its natural gray color. He quickly turned his attention to his mother lying on the cold ground. He picked her up and carried her in his arms again. He bit his lip and furrowed his brows.

“What the hell just happened?” he thought to himself.

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You Don't Need Eyes To See: Unleashed


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