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Girl's night out by 14lilyflowergirl
Chapter 1 : Girls find boy
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"So Lily what should we do at this slumber party?" asked Lily Evans best friend Alice Gardner. 

"Well we've eaten the popcorn done our makeovers, I don't know what else there is to do!" said Lily

"I know!" cried at Lily's other best friend Kate Sanders. 

"What?!" the other two cried

"Lets choose a random Gyffonder boy and bring him up here and do a makeover on him!" said Kate.

"I love it!" said Lily

"I get to choose the boy we makeover!" said Alice.

She ran out the door and peeked downstairs then raced back into the room. 

"James Potter!"

"YEAH!" shouted lily and kate.

"heres the plan. Lily will sweet talk him up here, we put him in a chair and using the quick -up spell we tie him up and then give him the makeover!"

"I love everything but the part about me sweet talking him!" said LIly

"DO IT" said kate


"YES" shouted Alice


"YES!" shouted Kate and Alice

"FINE!" said Lily she marched downstairs to the commen room

"Oh James!!" she cried romanticly

he raced to her. "Yes my love!"

"come with me" she giggled this was going to be good!


They got upstairs and Lily opened the door. It happened so fast

"QUICKO!" the three girls tied James down to the chair faster then a blink. 

"Now Potter we are going to give you a makeover!" said Alice

Lily took tape and put it on his mouth and with bright red lipstick she made lips on it. They giggled

"Okay first the powder!" said Alice and she puffed James's face till it was pink.

"Next the eye shadow!" said kate and she appiled blue eye shadow to James's eye lids. 

Then the hair!" shouted Lily! 

She pointed at his hair and it became long enough to reach his waist. She giggled and pulled it and brushed it and after several muffled OWS! from James, his new hair was in a French braid. 

They giggled and admired their work. 

"PERFECT" they said together

Then they quickly unroped him and threw him down to the commen room and followed quickly. 

"WHOA MATE!" cried Remus Lupin while he laughed uncontorablly. 

Sirus Black was worse. He was on the ground holding his stomach and cried 

"You're so weak girls could get to you!" he laughed at James clothes which Kate had made into a long green dress and high heels. 

"EXUASE ME!" cried Lily

"Whoa watch the temper Evans!" said Remus still laughing. 

Lily pointed her wand at them and suddenly they looked like this:

Remus- bright pink blush and purple eye shadow. He had a tank top and tight jeans on with high heeled sandels to match hair in tight pony tail

Sirus- deep red blush and red eye shadow and red lip stick. short denim skirt and tank top with jean jacket hair in curls and falled to mid back

The girls laughed uncontorably and agreed that this was the best slumber party ever.

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