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36 Years Difference by Reggie
Chapter 5 : Mistakes
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If you see any mistakes or anything let me know so I can fix them. Hehe, I mean like spelling and stuff...

“Hey, Les, Wait up!”

To the twin’s dismay; the boys and girls had split up shortly after the welcoming feast. Lily and Alice had shown Lesley where the common room and other necessities were, while Remus, James and Peter had shown Teddy to the kitchens, Room of Requirement and other less traditional spaces. Sirius had excused himself to accompany a sixth year Hufflepuff to her dorm, claiming she looked quite lost.

The girls were now making their way towards their dormitories, having just arrived back in the Gryffindor common room. The boys were lounging around the fire recently having been reunited with Sirius.

At the sound of Teddy calling her name, Lesley turned, taking Alice, who had been climbing the stairs behind her, by surprise, causing her to lose her footing and fall back down the stairs they had already climbed.

Near the fifth stair, Lesley had almost reached Alice when another pair of arms wrapped them selves around her small waist, steadying her quickly. Before Alice could offer her thanks or Lesley could apologise, the stairs beneath them turned into a slick chute, and they all tumbled down to the bottom in one great heap.

The boys around the fire laughed as the girls untangled themselves from each other, and stood. Lesley groaned as she lay on her back, everyone else watching her lie sprawled across the ground; somehow she had managed to fall to the bottom of the pile, and ended up with everyone else on top of her.

She cracked her neck and finally opened her eyes to find the girls staring down at her, along with a boy she didn’t know,

“Oh hello. I’m Lesley Lucas.”

The boy grinned and stuck out a hand to help her up,

“Frank Longbottom, pleasure to meet you. Sorry about that, I was just going to help Alice and I forgot about the stairs…”

As Lesley stood and shook herself out she was about to nod when Lily rolled her eyes and spoke up,

“The stairs at Hogwart’s are jinxed so that no boys can enter the girl’s dormitories. We should have warned you before, especially with that lot running around.” she gestured towards the boys who were still spread out around the fire place, not offering any assistance.

Lesley almost groaned out loud, realising she had once again almost given away that she knew more than she should. If she had agreed with Frank about the stairs, they would have noticed that she already knew about it and wasn’t more curious; they weren’t stupid. Lesley ignored the glare she felt coming from the direction of her brother and tried to resist any eye contact, which became difficult as the girls and Frank made their way over to the fire.

“You can always come up to the boys dorms though.” James grinned and nodded to the other stair case.

Teddy groaned, maintaining a light-hearted attitude around the others, “You shouldn’t have told her that… Now we’ll never get rid of her…”

Lesley smiled innocently, “Why would you want to get rid of me?”

When no one said anything Teddy gasped and stood up throwing his arms in the air, “Merlin! She’s brainwashed you already!”

Lesley smirked and took his seat, “Looks like they just like me more than you…”

“Actually you do seem to have this horrible tendency to cause people to fall down stairs…” Alice muttered darkly

“Yeah, and she’s not a very good cushion to land on.” Frank reasoned rubbing his back

“She took the last piece of treacle tart at dinner that I wanted…” Sirius added

“She tricked us about Teddy and Hufflepuff.” Peter supplied

“She leads people on for personal gain and strictly for the purpose of embarrassing them…” James grumbled remembering her train stunt

Before Lily could input her fact against Lesley, the girl in question threw her hands in the air,

“Okay, okay. Thank you all for your contributions, it’s great to know all of my faults. Let me just remind you that you have only known me one day, and I feel that tomorrow I will prove myself worthy of your might-omph.”

Before she could continue Teddy sat down on her and added,

“Plus, she talks for waaay to long!”

Lesley grunted then turned to Remus,

“You know what? You’re my new favourite person!”

“Hey I didn’t say anything either!” Lily cried from her spot beside Alice on the floor.

“Yes but, you were about to and that’s what counts.” Lesley added in her head that she wanted to have this special connection with Remus… but failed to mention it audibly.

“Come on Les,” Teddy directed as he stood up and motioned for her to follow, “lets give these guys a break from you and I’ll show you where the kitchens are.”

Lesley realised that this was his escape to tell her off for almost giving them away multiple times earlier. She decided to prolong her safety for as long as she could,

“A break from me? Pfh, they’re probably giddy from the thought of you leaving!”

“Nah, he’s pretty cool, for an almost Hufflepuff… And he doesn’t cause people to fall down stairs, or steal food, or trick people, or embarrass them for personal gain, or talk for waaay to long.” Remus grinned cheekily at Lesley

She narrowed her eyes, “You know what? Your demoted, Lily you’re my new favourite.”

Sirius laughed, “Just leave already so that Frank can have your seat!”

Grudgingly Lesley began to stand but Lily held out her hand. “You cant’ go, it’s almost after hours and you might get lost. This school is huge and you’ve only been to the kitchens once.” Teddy went to speak here but Lily continued “And you may know your way, but there will still be people patrolling the corridors.”

Lesley sat again with a smirk, mentally thanking Lily and repeating over and over in her mind how much she loved the red head.

“Actually, no one’s patrolling tonight, seeing how it’s the head’s night, as James told us before, and the heads are currently sitting around the fire in their common room.” Remus pointed out.

Lesley frowned; she wasn’t too pleased with him right now. Lily seemed to be thinking along the same lines as she glared at Remus,

“Fine, then lets go Potter.”

James groaned from his spot, spread over an entire couch, “Remus; I hate you so much right now…”

Lesley snorted, “Join the club.”

Everybody laughed casually as Remus just grinned at the three of them. Teddy grabbed Lesley’s hand and started pulling her across the room. They had just made it out of the portrait hole when they heard Lily yell,

“Wait! You still weren’t supposed to go!”

Teddy continued to pull Lesley and wound his way through the corridors expertly before finding the empty classroom which would become the setting for Lesley and Teddy’s first fight back home and pulled his sister in,

“You’re an idiot, you realise that right?”

“I saved myself didn’t I? I never actually let anything slip and they certainly never figured anything out!”

“But they were this close to!” Teddy raved as he held his fingers about an inch apart, directly in front of Lesley’s face.

Lesley swatted it away and frowned, “I know alright! It won’t happen again, I’ll think through what I’m saying harder.”

“You mean you’ll think it through at all?” Teddy asked sarcastically, implying the many times Lesley’s mouth had gotten her in trouble.

She just made a face and sat down at one of the desks near the front, “He’s amazing though, eh?”

Teddy grinned; thinking about Remus as well. “Yeah, and everybody seems to like him, even Lily who doesn’t seem to be on James and Sirius’ good side yet.”

Lily laughed lightly, “She’s quiet funny about it actually, when they were showing me around to the classrooms and such, Alice made some comment about going to the less conventional places and Lily said I all had to do was seduce one of the “Marauders”, I guess everyone actually does call them that, and I would have all of Hogwarts in the palm of my hand.”

Teddy snorted, “I bet she knows all about that.”

“That’s exactly what Alice said, told me that if anyone had the right to say that, then it was Lily. I was expecting Lily to protest or something but she just grinned and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively… Reminded me a bit of Ginny actually...” Lesley frowned slightly, “But then as soon as she saw James and Sirius at the fire, her smile disappeared and she turned into this strict teacher thing…”

“Yeah I noticed… She sat right at Remus’ feet when there weren’t any seats left; that got James’ attention.” Teddy said smiling “Remus just seemed to shrug it off though; he seems like a good friend…”

“I can’t wait `till he sees me fly…” Lesley added dreamily looking out the window at the Quiditch pitch.

Teddy took a breath and closed his eyes; he knew he was going to have to bring this up at some point. He opened his eyes again and put on the toughest face he could muster, “That reminds me, you can’t play Quiditch here.”

“WHAT?! OF COURSE I’M PLAYING QUIDITCH HERE!” Lesley had jumped up; standing only a few feet from where Teddy was now. He winced,

“No Les, you can’t-”


Teddy bit his lip, he knew she would be mad, he had even counted on her jinxing things or something, but now her appearance was changing.

This frightened Teddy greatly; Lesley had always been able to master and control her appearance far better than him and hardly ever portrayed her emotions through her looks, except for those few choice times. She thought it made her weaker, a fright caused by a young boy from their first year. Lesley’s hair would turn a pastel green whenever he was around, which some of the Slytherin’s quickly realised was because she liked him. They had used it as a way to tease her for months, and she had never really gotten over their taunts, something neither Lupin twin was used too.

When Lesley changed her appearance unconsciously, her emotion was to the extreme,

“Y-you can’t play because you ch-change when you play.”

Lesley visibly relaxed, shaking her head, causing her hair to return to the cover of a chocolate shade, and snorted slightly,

“So? I’ll wear long sleeves under my robes or something, it’ll be fine.” she rolled her eyes in emphasis.

Teddy took courage from her relaxed state and shook his head, “No Lesley. It’s your hair that changes and you’re not playing. I won’t let you take that risk and jeopardise both of us being here.”

“Sorry Ted, but I’m playing.” she stated coldly as she turned around and left the classroom.

Teddy sighed and sat down on the teachers’ desk. He should have known not to bring it up in such a carefree way, he should have tied her to a chair and jinxed the door and windows shut first… He looked up at the door, deciding quickly not to go after her. He would drop the topic until the time came, she would probably just go back to her normal self after anyways…

That was the annoying yet good thing about Lesley, when she got in a fight with someone she liked (namely Teddy, one of the Weasley’s or other close friends) she would take about a day or two to cool down, depending on how big the fight was, but then she would go on like nothing had happened. It wasn’t a stupid fake ignorance either, she would just always steer the conversation away from it, but once it was brought up, she would fight like nothing else once again.

Teddy had seen her fight with many people over the years, mainly Slytherin’s or guys that were bugging her. He had, on occasion, even been the opposing side. They didn’t fight a lot, usually having the same ideas or taking the same sides as each other, without having to force it. If they didn’t get along, then they just didn’t; they never faked it just to make the other happy.

Teddy sighed once more and decided to return to the common room, there was probably no risk of running into Lesley, as she would have retreated to some secluded part of Hogwarts.

As he began his way back, he tried to think up reasons for her absence, that wouldn’t cause the other’s to think she was lost.


Lesley slowed to a walk as she neared the stairs leading to the Owlery, she had lost most of her anger by running through the hall ways, ignoring the portraits that yelled at her, and trying to manoeuvre her way around the patrolling teachers.

Lesley wished silently that she had stopped in her dormitory to grab the Marauder’s Map before Teddy had pulled her away. She felt slightly guilty as she remembered James would be starting his first year at Hogwarts back home and Teddy and her wouldn’t be there to show him around like they had promised.

But she grinned, remembering the notes that Teddy and her had left with Harry and Ginny. They had arranged for their godfather to send James certain letters on certain dates, reminding him about things the twins knew would be talking place, or wishing him luck on the different holidays. They had also added a couple of random letters, classic Lupin, just to remind him of them.

Lesley pulled her robes tighter as she climbed higher, wishing she had, had time to change back into her muggle clothes and grab her jacket. She knew that the Owlery would be chilly, as it constantly was, but she always went there when she was particularly angry or frustrated. It was off of the main routes around Hogwarts, wasn’t desired like the Astronomy tower, and the only time that people went up there was to deliver messages, and they left quickly because of the drafts.

Lesley rounded the corner to enter the high tower and noticed a rather dark figure looking out the window that she liked to sit on the sill of. She furrowed her brow and walked to another window within sight, knowing that the person would leave soon. Lesley settled herself, leaning against the wall, looking out the window at the Quiditch pitch.

She would play, she was sure of that. She would just have to distract her brother during the tryouts. Then have to fight her way out of the argument that was sure to ensue…

She sighed and continued tracing the goal posts with her eyes when she heard the figure near her window begin to move.

“You’re the new girl.”

Lesley turned to look at the figure; she could vaguely make out dark, ear length hair on a masculine build,

“Mhm and you’re not the new boy.”

She couldn’t tell what his exact expression was, but she could tell he wasn’t amused by her comment. Lesley stepped forward so she could see the boy better.

Like she thought earlier, he had a dark ebony hair falling softly just above his grey eyes that were clouded with thought. He reminded her slightly of Sirius, but this boy had no mischief or comforting air about him, instead he was all elegance and stature. Lesley had the uneasy feeling that he knew more than her, what about she wasn’t quiet sure.

Seeing that he wasn’t about to introduce himself, Lesley stuck out her hand,

“Lesley Lucas”

He raised his eyebrows and looked down at her hand, not removing his own from their resting place in his pockets,

“Dumbledore introduced you. Enjoying Gryffindor?” he sneered as he said this, like it was a big joke.

Lesley raised her eyebrows right back, “Yes I am, you must be a Slytherin.”

He nodded curtly, “And you must be quiet stupid, having the nerve to show up in muggle clothing. You were targeted as an idiot before the Sorting Hat even spoke.”

Lesley scoffed, who was this kid?

“Whatever you say, Buddy.”

“It’s Black, Regulus Black.”

Lesley smirked at this, so this was Regulus Black. No wonder he looked like Sirius. He must not know yet that he isn't quiet as evil as everyone thought.

They just stood there in silence for a moment, before Regulus shifted and asked hesitantly,

“I saw you with Sirius, aren’t you going to ask if I’m his brother like all the other Gryffindor idiots do?”

Lesley snorted, “I could put it together on my own thank you. Plus, you don’t seem like the type that would get along particularly well with Sirius.”

Regulus stayed quiet and just watched her. Then, tentatively, he took a step forward, “You’re in seventh year, right?”

Lesley raised her eyebrows, “I thought you were listening to Dumbledore, he said that quiet clearly.”

Regulus didn’t blush, but she could see the discomfort in his eyes.

She felt slightly guilty; she wasn’t usually that snappy to new people, she tried to give everybody one day to make their first impression even if they were horrible to her. She didn’t care after the first day and would be as mean as she felt necessary, but it was still Regulus’ first day. Lesley bit her lip and tried to smooth over the tense air,

“What year are you in?”

“Sixth” he answered stiffly before turning and leaving the Owlery.

Lesley snorted, thought he was too good for her, eh? There goes his chance at her being nice to him.

She took a deep breath and looked out the window, before turning and heading back to her own common room. 

A/N: Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed first off! I love the character of Regulus Black, the whole evil on the outside but good deep down, I don't know exactly how much he's going to be in the story, I'm thinking sadly he will be a smaller character, but we'll have to see. I tried to make up for the previous long wait with a really quick update, and the next chapter shouldn't take too long so watch out. = ) -xo Reggie

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