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The Finale by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 1 : The Finale
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Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Voldemort had kidnapped her, but he was now out on the battleground. She was with him. Harry ran to the center dodging curses shot by death eaters and order members alike. He didn’t think twice about it. All of his thoughts were on her. “Ginny!”

A quiet voice hissed in her ear, “Make one sound and I will kill you and him without thinking twice.” She whimpered, but kept quiet.

Harry had made his way up to the center where Voldemort kept Ginny. “You let her go right now! She never did anything to you!”

“I will take only one thing for her life. You.” Ginny made frantic movements to Harry her eyes were wide in fear. Not fear for her life, but rather fear that he would die and the wizarding world would have no hope of survival.

“She took a gamble with her life. “Harry no! Just kill him and leave me!” Her voice turned to screams as he whispered crucio.

“Ginny, no!” But Harry knew she was right. He had to make a sacrifice here. Ginny or the wizarding world. Ginny or Ron and Hermione. Ginny or Luna and Neville. Ginny or James, Sirius, and Lily. His voice shook as a yelled over the screams of battle. “Tom Riddle!”

Voldemort turned with an evil grin on his face. He took his wand away from Ginny and her screams subsided. “Never call me that again, Potter! I am more powerful than you will ever be. If you want her to live, hand yourself over right now!”


“No? You wish to see her die? I guess you didn’t love her as much as you thought. Crucio! Changed your mind yet Potter? She won’t live much longer. Crucio!” The loudest screams yet, Voldemort had put more force into this one.

“Leave her alone!” Harry was near hysterical. “AVADA KEDAVRA!” The jet of green light hit Voldemort square on the chest. Almost before he hit the ground, Harry ran to Ginny. “Speak to me, please Gin, speak to me.” Tears were streaming down his face.

“Love you…Always have…Love James and Sirius and Lily…Good-Bye…” Ginny died in Harry’s arms. He screamed as he held her body in her arms.


On returning to the house, Harry found it had been ransacked. He saw the dead body of Draco Malfoy, who had been watching the three kids. Running upstairs, he searched for James, Sirius, and Lily. Yanking open one closet door, Lily shrieked as she came tumbling out. “Lily, my baby, you’re safe!” Harry was thrilled that he had found Lily, but slightly scared that she had been alone. “What happened to James and Sirius?”

Lily cried louder, but managed to point down the hallway. Harry scooped her up in his arms ran down to the bedroom. Lying on the floor was Sirius, a bloody mess. Harry cried out in horror when he saw him, know he couldn’t have lost that much blood and still be alive. Never the less, Harry checked his pulse and found that he was long dead.

Fearing the worst, he raced into the adjoining playroom. He gasped when he saw Rudolphus Lestrange with his wand pointed at James. “Crucio!” James howled in pain. “Tell me where your sister is. I would like to have a pretty girl like her in my bed.” James shook his head know full well that more pain was coming. “No? Then crucio!”

“You sick bastard! Leave my son and daughter alone.” Rudolphus turned around surprised. “AVADA KEDAVRA!” Rudolphus fell to the floor, dead. “James! Come here. You, Lily, and I are going to Mungos.” With that said, Harry grabbed James and Lily, and apparated to St. Mungos.


A few months later, Harry, James, and Lily went to visit the memorial for those who had died in the war. The list was long, but Harry immediately skipped down to his friends and family. He read aloud to James and Lily what each marker said.

Arthur Weasley – “killed in combat by Lucius Malfoy”
Molly Weasley – “killed in combat by Narcissa Malfoy after killing Lucius Malfoy”
Bill Weasley – “Killed in combat for protecting Fleur Weasley against Bellatrix Lestrange”
Fleur Weasley – “Killed in combat after Bill Weasley by Bellatrix Lestrange”
Charlie Weasley – “Tortured to death in combat by Bellatrix Lestrange”
George Weasley – “Tortured to death in combat by Bellatrix Lestrange in front of Fred Weasley”
Ron Weasley – “Killed by unknown Death Eater in combat for protecting Hermione Weasley”
Sirius Potter – “Killed by Rudophus Lestrange while protecting James and Lily Potter”
Nymphadora Lupin – “Kidnapped by unknown Death Eaters and tortured to death for information”
Remus Lupin – “Savaged by Death Eater werewolves”
Cassandra Lupin – “Tortured to death in front of Nymphadora and Remus Lupin”
Draco Malfoy – “Killed by Rudolphus Lestrange for protecting Lily, James, and Sirius Potter”
Neville Longbottom – “Killed Bellatrix Lestrange and then killed himself on the battlefield”
Luna Longbottom – “Killed in combat by Bellatrix Lestrange in front of Neville Longbottom”
Padma Patil – “Killed in combat by unkown Death Eater”
Parvati Patil – “Killed in combat by unknown Death Eater”
Collin Creevey – “Killed in combat protecting Harry Potter”
Dennis Creevey – “Killed in combat protecting Harry Potter”

But the last name on the list had only one thing by it and Harry Potter said nothing to James and Lily for this one.
Ginevra Potter – Voldemort

A/N: I don’t know. I think this story kind of sucks, but what ever. Just a dumb little one shot I wrote a while back and now I'm posting it so I have an excuse as to why I haven't posted chapter 7 for Lost and Found yet. It's really short, only a little more than three pages. Please R&R!

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The Finale: The Finale


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