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The Condemned by BebeLupa
Chapter 1 : I'll be the Hero
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Disclaimer: I still don’t own Harry Potter. It is however my New Years Resolution.

A/N: Ok, this was originally apart of a Seven Deadly Sins series, but I figured it’s fine on its own. I’m still working on the other sins though. I might post them, I might not. We’ll see how it goes.
Read & Review. :]

Ronald Weasley scowled darkly in the corner of the common room. Harry Potter, the Boy-who-lived, Tri-Wizard Champion, Chosen One and now, apparently, the guy most girls want to hook up with in Hogwarts. No one noticed him, the faithful sidekick. Someone was always overshadowing him; he has five brothers to compete with and now a famous best friend. Ron would kill to get that sort of attention.

He watched from his corner as Harry got all the attention after a Quidditch match. Why should anyone bloody care that he caught the snitch after doing a few loops. Ron could do that to if someone gave him a chance. That was just another thing that Ron couldn’t prove he was better at. Not everyone can be as obviously talented like Harry you know.

What makes Harry so special anyway? Ron would always think at times like this. So he defeated You-Know-Who when he was a baby. So he’s got a scar and isn’t afraid to say his name. He could’ve beaten You-Know-Who if he attacked the Burrow. Harry wouldn’t have even survived if his mother hadn’t been protecting him.

“Some hero he is,” Ron scoffed.

“Ronald, why are you sulking? We won the game!” Hermione exclaimed, sitting next to Ron.

“I'm not sulking,” he snapped grinding his teeth. Why did she care? Wasn’t she just fawning over Potter?

She rolled her eyes and left muttering under her breath. Ron leaned back in his chair, he didn’t want company, they would just ask him about Harry. Harry isn’t even that good-looking, Ron looks so much better than him. If people would just give him a second glance they would see that. Who wants hair that sticks up in the back and can’t be controlled anyway? ‘No one,’ Ron thought darkly.

“Those people,” Harry said sitting down next to him, “don’t understand that I don’t like this type of attention.”

Ron made a noise in his throat, somewhere between understanding and annoyance, “I'm sure mate. Hey can I talk to you alone?”

He watched as Harry’s brow furrowed but he said, “Yeah sure.”

They stood up and walked out of the common room with Harry still getting slaps on the back and shouts of congratulations. Ron walked forward briskly trying not to notice the attention Harry was getting. Harry, who had to jog to keep up, tried to ask Ron where they were going but he refused to answer. Ron kept ignoring Harry’s attempts to talk to him. ‘Excuse me if I don’t fall all over you because you’re famous,’ Ron thought.

When they reached the astronomy tower Ron grabbed Harry’s arm and pulled him in so his back was to him. Harry grunted in protest but didn’t pull his arm free of Ron’s grasp. Ron let go and closed the door securely behind them.

“Ron, what the bloody hell is going on?”

“What? Would you rather be with your fan club?” Ron sneered.

“Are we going to argue about this again? I told you I—”

“No! I'm going to talk and you’re going to listen!” he cut across furiously, “I am bloody sick of being in the shadows!”


“NO!” he shouted pacing back and forth. Why couldn’t he understand that he was in the way? If he was out of the way then he could take wonder boy’s spot. He would be the person everyone wanted to congratulate after Quidditch; he could be the guy girls wanted to hook up with!

Harry stepped back and watched Ron in horror.

“Ron?” Harry asked tentatively, “Are you jealous about the attention I get?”

Ron looked murderous when he looked at Harry. He thought he envied him? Is he a fucking idiot? Of course he envied him! Ron never got any attention, sure he got a broom when he was made prefect but everyone else in his family (except Fred and George) were made prefects. Bill is a curse breaker at Gringotts, Charlie studies dragons and was top Seeker in school, Fred and George own their own business, Ginny is the only girl, and what was Ron? Youngest boy? Harry Potter’s best friend?

Jealous?” Ron hissed, “You think I'm jealous!?”

Harry stepped back hastily until he was a safe distance from Ron. He was shaking his head frantically, trying to make Ron think he misunderstood. Harry had never seen Ron this upset, so angry, insane even.

“N-n-no, that’s not what I mea—”

“Oh, so I'm stupid now am I?” Ron yelled, “You’re not better than everyone you know!”

“I don’t think that I'm better than everyone!” Harry said resentfully.

“Don’t you? The Great Harry Potter has to be the best! He has to be the center of attention!” he sneered sarcastically.

“Hey!” Harry shouted angrily, “I’ve told you! I DON’T WANT ANY OF THIS! Just because people aren’t showering you with attention it doesn’t mean you can blame it all on me! Not everything is my fault Ron!”

“It is because of you!” he screamed stubbornly, “If you weren’t here maybe people would notice me! If you were gone maybe they would see that I'm a great Quidditch player!”

“You are a great player!” Harry interjected.

“BUT I WANT PEOPLE TO NOTICE THAT!! But they can’t because you caught the snitch in record time or you nearly got knocked off your broom! Eyes are always on you! But does anyone think to look in my direction? NO!”

Ron was breathing heavily, he stopped pacing and stared at Harry. He still didn’t understand, he had to leave the school. Harry had to give him a chance to be the popular one. But would Harry leave? Ron began pacing again, he would get Harry out of the school. When he was sleeping he could put the invisibility cloak on him and throw him into the forest. People would start asking questions and Ron could tell everyone Harry was kidnapped or he could get someone to really take Harry.

“I want you to leave the school.”

“What?” Harry’s eyes were wide.

“Leave the school.”

“You can’t be serious! We’re best mates! Do you want attention, I’ll tell them to look at you instead of me! I’d rather be the invisible one!”

“You think I'm invisible?!” Ron started shouting again, “So that’s it, huh? The truth comes out now! I'm Ron Weasley, your invisible friend who is only there when you need to complain about all the attention you get!”

“No! Ron, you don’t get it!”

“Of course I don’t! Because the invisible sidekick doesn’t get anything! We just exist to listen to the hero complain!” Ron stopped and put his hand in his pocket, “I can’t be invisible anymore Harry,” he fingered the dagger inside his pocket.

“I'm not asking you to,” Harry said quietly.


Ron pulled the dagger out and drove it into Harry’s gut. Ron wrenched it out, breathing heavily. Harry spluttered, staggered back clutching his stomach. He looked up at Ron surprise in his eyes. Ron was shaking his head furiously.

“There can’t be a sidekick if there’s not a hero,” he walked up to Harry and gripped his shoulder, “I’ll be the hero now. The one who found your body at the bottom of the astronomy tower.”

He drove the knife through Harry’s chest this time and felt his ribs crack under the force. Harry doubled over, his breathing was ragged. Ron pulled him back up by his hair and pushed up to the railing.

“I'm the hero now,” Ron muttered before pushing him off the tower.


The next morning Harry Potter’s body was found at the bottom of the tower, his legs were crumpled beneath him, and his robes were coated in blood. The body was found by his best mate Ron Weasley who ran to Dumbledore’s office screaming bloody murder about Harry being dead. Dumbledore, who suspected that Ron was the murderer, called the Minister of Magic to the school and had Ron questioned. Ron is now waiting for the Dementor’s Kiss in a high security cell in Azkaban.

Ron sat in the corner of his cell rocking back and forth slightly. All he could remember was Harry’s shocked face and being told he was going to Azkaban. He buried his head in his hands. Everyone was talking about him now. He had been greeted by applause by the Death Eaters.

“Congratulations Weasley, you’re a hero now.”

A/N: Sooo. Good? Bad? Should I keep going or am I totally helpless? Haha.
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