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Life's so Bittersweet by sammieoxox
Chapter 3 : Reveling Herself
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“For the last time, NO RONALD”

“Why not, Come on ‘monie” his eyes pleading with hers

“Stop calling me that!”

Somewhat taken aback by this he looks at her with confusion “Why? I thought you liked being called that? “

“Well I don’t so please stop it”


“Come on ‘mo...”


“Just go Ronald! ... You know what we’re over”




“Did I stutter?!” throwing daggers at him with her eyes.







And with that Ron walked out very confused and frustrated over what had just happened, making his way back to the compartment where he had just left Harry.


‘Did we just break up?’  He thought to himself very confused, remembering the events that had just played out in front of him just a couple of minuets ago.




~*__Not So Far Away__* ~


Hearing somebody screaming from down the hall, he looked down the hall to see where the source of all the noise was.


‘What the hell is all that racket?’


Walking towards the source of the noise the man came upon a couple in a compartment, he saw the girl from this morning, she looked stunningly beautiful, but still… strangely familiar...


... You know what we’re over




Did I stutter?!






Seeing Weasley walk out of the compartment, walking right past him, with out even realizing it, he then looks closer at the girl, shocked at what he was seeing




’ It can’t be!’ he rubs his eyes in disbelief. 


Scanning her body from top to bottom taking in every little new detail of her, every curve on her face… ‘I didn’t know she had it in her?’  smirking to himself


Breaking him from his trance came a familiar voice.


“Hey, Draco, aren’t you coming?”


Looking over his shoulder, he spotted her best mate, Blaise Zabini. “Huh, oh yeah, ill be right there Blaise” 


Turning to take one last look at hermi... I mean Granger he turned on the ball of his foot and made his way to his compartment, making sure that she didn’t see him look at her. Walking away towards the Heads compartment, knowing he would be seeing her soon.


‘This is going to be an interesting year…’   




When Blaise and Draco realized that no one was there yet, and not wanting to be the first ones, they went off in search for some of their Slytherin buddies in a compartment near by. They came up to one that had a group of Slytherin boys, and joined them till it was time for the meeting.


‘Wow she sure looked good back there, she looks cute when she's upset’ he thought, smirking to himself not paying attention to what it seamed like, them talking about their summers…boring. ‘What the hell are you saying, no she does NOT look ‘cute’, and she’s a filthy Mudblood. Mudbloods can’t and DON’T look ‘cute’ ’ his voice mocked back, wiping the smirk from his face.  ‘They are beneath you, remember?’ his voice was reminding him.


Shaking away his thoughts as he saw the new Hermi…Granger, walk past the compartment alone, heading towards the heads compartment. Getting up and leaving without a word, he went to follow her, maybe lucky enough to get her annoyed before the meeting.


Draco caught up to her silently pacing behind her trying not to draw attention to himself, Hermione was already too deep in thought to even notice him behind her.


As they got to the heads compartment Draco waits till she got a bit into the room before putting a piece of her hair out of the way as he leans into her, putting his face right beside her ear before whispering



“Hello Mudblood” he said slyly


Standing frozen as chills made their way up and down her back by the sudden voice entering her thoughts.


“Mudblood?” she responded with attitude and annoyance in her voice, realizing who exactly it was.



Instantly she turns around and slams him into a wall grabbing a hold of his shirt tightly staring right into his eyes


Taken aback by this gesture he tries to mask it by giving her a devilish infamous ‘Malfoy smirk’ looking back into her eyes only to get a bit lost in them trying to loosen her grip on him only for her to tighten it.


Right before he could talk trying to shake off his thoughts of her and replace them with deception,


 She takes her free hand and puts some of her hair behind her ear, reveling her new ear piercing, along with a dangling ear piece that she got from Kat and Lea just earlier that week. His eye caught the piece of interesting choice of jewelry for a second, before he locked eyes with hers again, trying not to get lost.



“If you EVER call me that again” pausing, looking dead into his blank gray eyes with hate in her own, putting her mouth right by his ears, “I will make you regret it” she said angrily and in no more than a whisper. Giving him chills up and down his back.


And with that she instantly throws him down on the seat releasing him from her tight grip, she had just had a hold of him. She casually walks over to the seat right across from him by the window leaving him with nothing to say.


She looks up at a disoriented Malfoy. She smirks to herself, cocks an eyebrow and says sweetly “Speechless?”, “That’s a first” letting out a bit of a laugh to herself near the end.


Ha, payback… finally I’m not going to have to take his bull sh**’ still smirking to herself, but now it was slightly bigger.



Realizing what had just happened, and not wanting to seam like he’s lost his touch, he tried to collect his thoughts on what had just happened away, and was just about to say something back. Just then the other prefects walked in, indulged in their own conversations that is until their eyes meet with Hermione. Gasps and whispers could be heard for a good long minute, and then finally, somebody from the crowd spoke [well…more squealed than spoke].


“’Mione! Wow look at you! What did you do to your hair? I love it!”


Hermione looks up at the person to see a very excited Lavender Brown. Rolling her eyes trying to ignore the fact that she had just called her ‘Mione, she tries to shakes off the anger and frustration that she was reminded of from the last person that had called her that name. After settling herself down and putting on her wonderful acting skills, she had been using for the past seven years,


“Well, you know, being last year and all I thought it was good for a bit of a change”

Saying as sweetly as possible and topping it off with a smile.


 ‘I hope it didn’t sound too fake’


 But by the expression on Lavenders face, it looks as though it worked, and with this she smiled, trying not to smirk to give it away. She looks over at Malfoy to see a smirk plastered on his face as though he was enjoying himself with the display Lavender had put on, and holding back a bit of a chuckle. He turns towards Hermione and looks her in the eye.


“So, lets get started shall we?” he said simply


“Sure” she said enthusiastically then dropping the smile almost instantly



Ron was a prefect that year so as soon as he entered the compartment, his eyes fell on Hermione. Hermione though was trying to ignore him by looking out the window at the things pass them by.  Ron tuned out everything that was being said, consumed with his thoughts of her, as he was hoping she would just look at him.


“You coming?” A voice said breaking him from his trance.  


As he looked up he saw Lavender Brown, looking back at him, still waiting for an answer. Looking around the room he noticed that the meeting had in fact ended, and everyone was slowly clearing out. 


“huh, oh yea ill be out in a minute…” trying to look over at Hermione, still looking out the window trying to ignore the fact that he was still in the room. Lavender just shrugged at his answer and made her way out of the room, trying to catch up to her friends.


Walking over to Hermione, Hermione sees this and shoots him a look of annoyance. “What do you want Ronald?” she said coldly, raising an eyebrow.


“Can we talk?” looking into her eyes, pleading with his. They were what seemed to be apologetic, though he didn’t even know what he did wrong. 


Looking over at Malfoy she shoots him look to leave, but he wasn’t even paying attention to them, as to what it seamed. Letting out an annoyed sigh, she gets up and makes her way towards the door, with Rod closely following behind her. Once out in the hall Hermione stopped walking suddenly, making Ron almost trip over, being how close behind her he was.


“You have my attention” she said simply.


 Turning around to look him in the eye, he took a step back so that the space between them was expanded, being how they were dangerously close, which we would have loved if he wasn’t in this situation.


“Can we just talk about what happened earlier…” trailing off, now looking at his feet.


“What’s there to talk about?!” a little frustrated, trying to turn back to the door.


Ron moved to block her way, now looking her in the eye. A little more calmly, she tried to move him aside and walk though to the door only for him to take her arm. Big Mistake. Now she was a bit more upset than before.


“There is nothing to talk about, now, If. You. Don’t. Mind” pushing her way thorough him, making him release her arm. “I need to get changed before we arrive” and with that, she left, slamming the compartment door behind her, making Draco sit up straight.


Walking into the room, she sits down where she originally sat, looking around for something to read, ANYTHING to read, when she found a book. Opening the book, and trying to read for a good 5 minuets, only to find that she was reading the same thing over and not even knowing what it was about. She slams the book shut, puts it down, and looks out the window at the things passing by, attempting to calm herself down


_x Draco x_


Looking over at Hermione walk out of the room from the corner of his eye, making sure she was out along with Weaselbee. As the door closed and they were in their own conversation he looked at the spot she was just in. ‘wow’ he had nothing more to say, she made him speechless.


 ‘No! She’s just not worthy of words’ his voice shouted back.

‘Then why couldn’t you come up with anything to say when she pinned you against the wall?’ his voice said back mockingly.

‘That’s true’ he felt such a rush of energy when she did that, she took control, and for once, he liked it. As he looked at her, his eyes traveled down to her lips, so soft and delicate.


‘NO YOU DIDN’T! SHUT UP DRACO’ his voice practically screamed at him ‘this is Granger you’re thinking about! You know filthy Hermione Mudblood Grange, the know-it-all prat that you’ve loathed since first year, what if your father knew what you were thinking! There are ways you know!’ he turned his head towards the door at the sound of arguing.


She sure is going to attract a crowd’ smirking to himself, as though both a complement and a statement. “She’s changed though…”sighing, looking down at his hands fidgeting.


Before his mind could argue with him again, he heard a loud noise, making him sit up and look over at what it is. Storming in was Hermione who looked very frustrated. Watching her go over to her seat looking for something like her life depended on it, seeing what she had finally grabbed was a book, ‘see she’s still the same bookworm self’ his voice said mockingly.


Feeling very drained and tired, drifting off into a sleep, Draco looked over at Hermione looking out a window, no longer having anger and frustration in her eyes, but replaced with longing.


 “All students please stay in your compartments, as we are going to pull into the station in about 5-10 minuets” said a voice coming from the speaker.


The announcement woke up Draco from his sleep. Looking around the compartment, he sees Hermione; already dressed in her uniform, reaching out for a book that looks as if she had forgotten it and was quickly trying to leave, but then stopped suddenly right in front of the door to leave.

“Shit” she said to herself, but loud enough that Draco heard it [unintentionally], and he smirked at this.


Turning back around and calmly, but obviously frustrated, she walked back to her seat. She opens up her book and smiles but then a couple of muggle pictures fell out of the back, she didn’t even notice, but Draco did.


Draco looks down and picks them up. Scanning through the photos, not really caring, he comes to the last one; three girls – no older than 13 – around an old looking oak tree, all of them were in dark colored clothing, wearing thin ‘sex’ bracelets and having slightly colored hair. His eyes fell onto one girl in particular; pin straight brown hair with a strand of pink in the front, standing up against the trunk of the tree, looking down at her two friends, smirking. She had a ‘Lincoln Park’ band t-shirt and black pants with knee-high black leather boots.
‘She’s pretty hot’ smirking to himself; imagining 13 year old him and her. But when he looked a bit closer at her face his smirk instantly dropped.

“No way…” he said in disbelief ‘that’s Hermione!’


“What are you…” looking up, seeing Draco looking at her old muggle pictures. One in particular, the one of the Trouble Trio, in their early days!    


“What the hell are you doing?! Give it back” she got up and tried to grab it from his hands but him putting them away from her reach.


“Now tell me Mudblood…why is it this girl right here” pointing at the girl standing up against the tree “looks familiar?” he smirked.


“For Head Boy, you’re pretty stupid, now give it back or else” trying, once again, to take it back but failing.


Getting up from his seat, standing not even two inches away from her face, expecting her to back up, but surprisingly she stood her ground looking right back into his eyes, not letter her guard down.


 He looks right back into her chocolate-brown eyes and whispers “or else what?” smirking.


As if she read his mind, she leaned in and forcefully kisses him.
Taken a back from this gesture, still loving it though, he wraps his arms around her waist [** with the pictures still in his hand ;) **]. She wraps her arms around his neck, putting more into the kiss, wile he licks her bottom lip for entrance, smiling behind the kiss she allows him by opening her mouth, ever so slightly, allowing his tongue to roam around with hers.

 As he tried to further the kiss by moving a bit towards the seats [wile still kissing her], she removes one of her hands from Draco’s neck and brings it to her back, resting it on his hand that has the pictures, slowly removing them as she kisses him more passionately; to distract him. Once she got the pictures, she put her hand [with the pictures in them] back on his neck.


Pulling away, she looks him in the eye, not letting her arms go just yet, she sweetly but seductively whispers “Thanks” now waving her hand with the pictures in them, for him to see, now smiling a bit.


She turns her head towards the door and makes her way to it.


“We have now arrived at the station.” And then she was gone.  


Looking out to the empty door way, seeing other students pass, he looks down at touches his lips. His mind racing a mile a min, unable to comprehend everything, the only thing he could manage to say was “wow”.   

’Once again she has left me speechless’  and this time, he couldn’t argue with himself.

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