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Along Came Sirius by HPsmartone32
Chapter 9 : Chapter Nine: Again
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A/N: Really quickly before you guys stone me for taking so long, i just want to say that I'm sorry. I've had it written for a while, i just had some other things to post first. Anyway, more at the bottom. You've waited long enough, I'm not going to stop you now. You're awesome.


Chapter Nine: Again

“Hurry up, Addie!” Christine whined as she practically bounced on her bed.

Adara sighed as she pulled on a pair of jeans, her friend had been ready for the try-out for ten minutes even though it didn’t start until twenty, “Chris, calm down. We have twenty minutes,” she told her.

Christine stood up and begin to somewhat pace, “I know, but I want to warm up a bit before!”

Adara pulled a heavy sweatshirt over her head, “I’m almost ready,” she sighed. She walked over to the mirror and looked at her long, tangled hair.

“You threw us off the bloody broom! What the hell were you thinking!” Adara rolled off of him and onto the grass.

“I was thinking that your long hair was going to suffocate me if I didn’t.” Sirius answered.

“If you don’t like my hair, just say it.”

“I love your hair, just tie it up when you’re on a effing broom!” Sirius told her.

Adara smiled with the memory and reached back and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She reached on her bed, grabbed her broom, and faced Christine, “Okay, let’s go.” She said.

They met Jayden and David in the common room, “I’m so excited!” Christine squealed, “Our team is going to kick arse this year!”

Jayden nodded and smiled while David let out a “whoop!”  They walked out of the common room and began to descend the stairs, “One chaser is all, everyone else is a returner so we are so going to crush Gryffindor this year!” David and Christine were a bit ahead of Jayden and Adara. Jayden took Adara’s hand in his.

Not as warm as Sirius’s, her mind thought before Adara could stop it. She scowled, angry with herself for even thinking that. She loved Jayden.

Jayden looked down at her, smiling, then furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, “Why’d you pull your hair back? I thought you liked to fly with it down?”

“Oh,” Adara said, flustered, “it can just get in the way sometimes. And I don’t want you to have to replace me,” she told him.

“I’ll never replace you,” he smiled at her. Adara felt that the words had more to them than in the context of the conversation.

She just smiled back up at him.

As they walked the rest of the way to the pitch in silence, listening to David and Christine debate on who would try-out and who would be any good, Adara was thinking about her and Jayden. That comment made her mind turn in circles.

What with all the time she’d been spending trying to catch Sirius up, and patrolling duties, and everything else, she realized that they maybe had been drifting apart. She realized that maybe Jayden thought this, too. She looked up at him, trying to read his face. She noticed that, as he held her hand, he looked ahead with a worried expression.

Maybe that was just because he was team captain and tonight was his first night of actual duties. But still. Adara felt bad. She and Jayden had been so close for the last three years. Hardly ever separated. This year, however, she felt like she had to “make time” to spend with him. She hoped that he hadn’t noticed, but she was sure he had. He was very observant, especially when it came to her. She hoped that he didn’t think that she didn’t like him anymore.

Because she did still like him, he was her boyfriend! The only boyfriend she’d ever had. And they’d been together for three years. That’s a long time, even for adult relationships.

Adara just had other friends outside of Ravenclaw now. And since she and Jayden were in different classes this year, it was only right that Adara make other friends. And she had just gotten pretty close to this friend – these friends.

Lost in her thoughts, Adara barely noticed that any time had passed and before she knew it, they were outside the entrance to the locker rooms. David and Christine had just disappeared through their own respective changing room doors and she and Jayden were about five yards from them.

Adara suddenly had an idea. She tightened her grip on Jayden’s hand and pulled him along the pitch’s walls, “Adara, what are you doing?” Jayden asked.

Adara stopped, they were by the wall of the pitch that was closest to the forest. She pulled him around so that her back was almost against the wall and he was facing her, “Jay,” she said.

Jayden looked at her as if she had told him that his parents had died. At first, Adara was confused. Then it clicked, he thought she was breaking up with him.

“No, Jay,” she said quickly, “it’s just, I feel like I barely see you anymore.”

Jayden’s face relaxed into a smile, “I know. I don’t like it much.”

“Me neither,” Adara told him.

“I’ve missed you,” he smiled.

“I’ve missed you, too,” she whispered and reached up on her toes to kiss him. He dropped his broom and brought his hand to her face. She dropped hers and wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt his other hand begin to play with the end of her ponytail and smiled against his lips.

He pulled her closer to him and she brushed the bottom of his teeth with her tongue. They deepened the kiss, then they suddenly heard a lour growling noise. They pulled apart, breathing heavy, and looked around. Adara saw a large black dog disappear behind a bush. She narrowed her eyes.

“As much as I hate to say it, we have to get to try-outs,” Jayden breathed, “I am the captain.”

Adara tore her gaze from the bush and smiled up at Jayden, “Okay.”

They picked up their brooms and walked back to the changing room doors hand-in-hand. She waved to Jayden as she walked into her room. She leaned against the door. Waited ten seconds then opened the door a tiny bit. The coast was clear. She left her broom behind and ran back to the spot where she and Jayden had been snogging. She pulled her wand from her back jean pocket and walked carefully up to the bush. She peered over it and saw a set of paw prints. She grinned smugly, I’ve got you now!

Though she was a bit nervous about entering the forest after the last time she’d been in there, there was still a bit of sunlight this time so she stepped over the bush and followed the prints. She didn’t have to go every far before she could not longer see them. Not far into the forest, the mud ended and a patch of grass stretched about then feet in each direction. Adara couldn’t tell where the dog had gone.

She sighed, frustrated, and kept walked straight. About five minutes later, she heard leaves rustling nearby. She raised her wand, “Hello?” she called then felt stupid. She was looking for a dog, not a…

“Hello?” Adara jumped as she heard a very human voice answer her.

Sirius stepped out of a group of tress, “Adara?” he looked surprised.

Adara scowled, “You have some explaining to do.” She told him.

Sirius put on a confused face, but Adara could see a tiny bit of worry in it, “What are you doing in the forest?” he asked.

“I could ask you the same question, and I’ll bet that you’re answer will be so much more interesting than mine,” Adara smiled a sweet “ha-ha let me see you get out of this” smile.

“Do you?” he asked, not smiling.

“Yes,” Adara continued as she walked up to him, “And you aren’t leaving until you give me some answers.”

And that damn smirk was back on his face, “And how are you going to stop me?” he asked.

“I have a wand,” Adara pointed out.

Sirius reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wand, “Me, t—”

With seeker reflexes, Adara reached out and snatched Sirius’ wand before he could even finish his sentence. Sure, Sirius probably could have won that if he’d been suspecting it, but Adara had to love the element of surprise.

“You were saying?” Adara asked, smug as she tucked both wands into her back pocket where he wouldn’t dare try to grab them.

Sirius scowled, “Don’t you have try-outs or something with your snog partner?” he said in a voice that sounded much more like a growl.

Adara nodded, “Yeah, I have to go, but I’m keeping your wand until after try – hey!” she suddenly stopped, “how’d you know that we were snogging!”

“He is your boyfriend, I figured you might have snogged in the last three years,” he retorted, “though, it is Boot.” He added on second thought.

Adara glared at him, “You were spying!” she accused.

“No,” Sirius said, “I wasn’t.”

“I saw y –” Adara started, but she hadn’t really seen him. Just the black dog. Which was really confusing her.

Sirius waited, looking at her smugly as if he knew that she couldn’t put together the mystery.

She narrowed her eyes, “We’ll talk later, I have practice to get to,” she said as she turned on her heel.

“Are you really going to leave me in the Forbidden Forest without a wand?” he asked her smugly.

Adara turned around, smirking, “Yes,” she said, “I am. And if you’re scared, there’s a large black dog running around here, I’m sure he can keep you company.” She looked at Sirius just long enough to see his face – a mixture of angry and unbelief – before she sprinted back to her changing room with both of their wands.

“What took so long?” Christine whispered to Adara when she snuck into the group of her teammates and hopefuls.

“Did he notice I was gone?” Adara asked eyeing her boyfriend.

“No, luckily for you he’s been too busy watching the newbies play,” Christine answered.

Adara let out a breath, “Good.”

“Which leads me back to the question, what took so long?”

“Couldn’t find my other glove,” Adara whispered the lie waving her gloved hand in front of her.

Christine looked at her suspiciously, but fate was with Adara today, because Jayden called, “Christine, David, will you please show them how to execute a correct passing weave?” he tossed her the quaffle.

“Sure!” they called back, mounted, and kicked into the air. Adara let out another breath and reached back to make sure that both wands were still present. She wasn’t going to leave them in the locker room, Sirius would surely find them there, so the only choice was to keep them on her. She glanced at the empty rows on the Quidditch pitch, expecting to find Sirius with one of his friends. She was waiting for someone to try to summon his wand from her. She wouldn’t let that happen. She needed answers and she finally had what was probably one of the best bargaining tools in the world. She certainly wasn’t going to let it go without a fight.

“Here,” Jayden walked up to her with his hand in a fist, “you practice, you don’t need to watch this. It’s quite painful,” He smiled and opened his hand. A tiny golden ball extended it’s wings and took off. Adara smiled, mounted, and raced into the air.

Finally, she was chasing the snitch again. She flew high into the air, past Christine, David, and two third years that were trying out. She rose above the spectator seats and into the cold air. This is what she had been waiting for.

She scanned her surroundings looking for the tiny snitch. She slowed so that she was moving at a medium pace and searched. Her heart leapt as she saw a speck of gold, but sunk when she realized it was David’s prefect badge reflecting the setting sunlight.

Ten minutes passed and Adara was getting anxious. She had seen the light from the prefect badge once more, and the reflecting gold off a fifth year’s golden headband, but no snitch. She was beginning to think that she was off her game. It was getting darker and darker. Jay would have to call tryouts over in about twenty more minutes. Adara was going to catch the snitch before that.

Finally, fifteen minutes after she started, Adara spotted the snitch. It was fluttering close to the ground on the side opposite her. She turned her broom into a nosedive. Speeding closer and closer to the little ball, she felt the wind beating her long ponytail hard against her back. She did have to admit that it was easier to see with her hair tied back, though she’d never admit it to Sirius. She was five feet away. She was vaguely aware that everyone the pitch was watching her. She extended her right hand, almost there! She had just began to close her fingers around the ball when she felt her broom slide out from under her.

Wait, Adara thought, that’s not my broom… the wands! She instinctively brought her left hand off the broom and wrenched the wands out of her pocket as the summoning charm began to pull them out on their own. Trust Sirius to wait until he thought she wouldn’t dare try to stop the summoning charm. She clutched her hand tightly around them a feeling of triumph a second before she realized that she was flying perilously close to the ground with no hands on her broom.

In one second, her foot slid against the ground, and she toppled forward reaching out the fisted hand with the snitch to catch herself as she fell the three feet to the ground face-first. Her hand collided with the ground and she heard a series of faint snapping noises before her lower arm went numb. She landed on the ground with her lower arm under her back looking up at the darkened sky.

Sirius had done it again.

She was vaguely aware that she shoved Sirius’ wand down her jeans with her good, still intact left hand so that it was between her jeans and her bare thy. She could not afford anyone to ask her why she had two wands. She shoved her other wand in her back pocket.

“Addie!” Christine and Jayden were at her side a second later, with David close behind.

“Bloody bludger, look at her arm!” she heard someone gasp.

“Gross, it’s completely twisted the wrong way!” she heard someone else comment.

“At least she caught the snitch!”

“Seriously, that’s dedication right there,” the second voice replied.

“Addie, can you sit up?” Christine asked. Jayden was speechless as he looked at her girlfriend with her arm – that should have been by her side – twisted behind her back.

Adara nodded and made to sit up. Christine, who was used to taking charge, helped her by pulled up the shoulder with the good arm, “Jayden, can you carry her?” she asked.

Adara looked at Jayden, who nodded, “I can wal—”

“No,” Jayden cut her off as he walked around and lifted her from her good side. Adara winced as she felt his hand wrap around her rib cage to the bad side.

She felt nothing but glancing at her arm, saw that it was hanging limp at the elbow and that her fist was still tightened around the snitch, even though she couldn’t feel it.

“The names of the people on the team will be posted in the common room tomorrow!” David called as he, Christine, and Jayden carrying Adara rushed off the pitch.

“Oh my goodness!” the nurse exclaimed as Jayden walked in with his girlfriend in his arms, “What happened!”

“She dove for the snitch and fell,” Christine told her.

Madam Pomfrey then saw Adara, and her face fell. Adara prayed that she wouldn’t make a comment about her being in there earlier today. Or about falling off her broom… again.

The nurse just sighed, “Set her down over here,” the nurse hustled Jayden over to a cot and Jayden laid Adara down. The nurse carefully picked up the limp arm. Adara winced, though she felt no pain. She knew that part was coming.

“Can’t you give her something for the pain!” Jayden practically yelled.

“It doesn’t hurt,” Adara told him weakly.

“Like hell it doesn’t!”

The nurse looked up scowling, “If you cannot control yourself, I will have to kick you out!” she said sharply.

“Jay, really,” Adara whispered.

Jayden scowled but shut his mouth into a tight line. The nurse went back to examining the arm, from the elbow to the fingers. She clicked her tongue.

“What?” Christine asked.

“This is not good,” the nurse said.

“How observant of you!” Jayden muttered angrily.

Madam Pomfrey scowled, “She has dislocated her elbow, broken her lower arm in at least three places and broken two of her fingers.” The nurse said.

Adara stared at her blankly, “You can put it back, right?” she croaked.

“It might be easier to grow you new bones, honey,” she said.

“Isn’t that extremely painful?” Jayden asked.

“Well, it’s not fun,” the nurse said, “But right now I see no other choice. Her fingers are so broken that I can’t even get whatever she’s holding out of her hand!” Adara looked down and realized that he hand was still clenched around the snitch.

“So you are going to take all the bones out of my arm then regrow them?” Adara asked.

Madam Pomfrey nodded.

Adara closed her eyes to keep from screaming in agitation and, what she was sure to be, pain. She was really, truly going to murder Sirius. Did he try to hurt her? It seemed like every time they talked, Adara ended up here… in the hospital wing.

“Well, go ahead,” Adara said, here eyes still shut, “get it over with.” The nurse nodded and disappeared behind her door.

“Adara! You can’t be –”

“No one is allowed here when I administer this potion,” the nurse stated as she came back, “trust me, you won’t want to see her like this, anyway.” Adara swallowed hard.

“I’m staying!” Adara’s three friends said.

“No, you are not. Don’t make me give you all detentions to the end of the year!” Madam Pomfrey threatened.

“I don’t care, do it.” Christine challenged, Jayden nodded.

“No!” Adara ordered, “you guys go. I will not have you take detentions for me.”

“Addie,” Jay started. Adara shook her head again.

“I’ll be fine, go.”

They scowled, but Jayden kissed Adara and the three left grumpily.

“Okay, I’m going to give you a sleeping drought first, so that you won’t feel it for a while,” the nurse told her. Adara nodded and allowed the nurse to pour the potion down her throat. It was also disgusting, but not as bad as the liquefied hell that she had taken a few days ago.

She immediately felt exhausted and she barely heard the incantation as the nurse made Adara’s bone’s disappear or notice that the nurse grabbed the snitch as it slid out of her hand. She was hardly aware as the nurse poured another potion down her throat and she was asleep before she could realize that if the potion a few days ago was hell, then this one was the deepest, darkest layer of the place.


Adara woke up to a dark hospital wing in the worst pain imaginable coming from her arm that was wrapped in a sling close to her heart. She remembered how bad she had thought her back pain was and knew that if offered the pain she was in right now for one minute or back pain for the rest of her life she would have had a very hard time choosing, but thought that it would be the latter.

Her arm was literally on fire. No, it was on fire while being beaten repeatedly with the heaviest bludger’s bat on the planet and being chewed on by a sharp-beaked hippogriff. Only worse. She bit her bottom lip hard to keep from screaming out in pain.

She tasted blood.

“Hey, ease up there,” she felt a finger trying to pry her teeth off her lip. She reached her hand up and opened her eyes as it came into contact with a rough, warm hand, “Don’t bite your lip off, too.” Sirius said looking honestly worried and frightened.

Adara released her locked jaw just long enough so that Sirius’ finger would slide in her mouth. Then she bit down as hard as she could.

“Ow!” Sirius pulled his finger away and stuck it in his own mouth.

“You deserve so much worse,” Adara said through clenched teeth as she tried to ignore the pain in her arm.

Sirius pulled his finger out of his mouth and nodded, “True.”

Adara felt her anger at him lessen as he agreed with her. Then she was angry with herself for that, “What the hell is your problem, anyway?”

Sirius looked at her.

“Every time I see you, I get hurt.” She asked, “not only that, but you keep… you are the… what do you do?” she spit out, not sure how to phrase all the questions into one.

Sirius looked at her confused, “I don’t try to hurt you, you know.” He said.

Adara sighed, closed her eyes and tried to will the pain in her arm away. It didn’t work.

“Is it really bad?” he asked softly.

Adara nodded, “She had to take the bones out then regrow new ones.”

They were silent for a while, then Adara opened her eyes, “Distract me.” She ordered him.

“How?” he asked.

“Give me what I wanted in the first place: answers,” Adara said, “that’s the whole reason I took your wand in the first place.”

“I know.”

“Why’d you wait until I was at the peak of my dive to summon the wand? Do you have any common sense in your…” Extremely muscled… “body!”

“Probably not,” Sirius said, “but I thought you did. Why’d you decided that keeping my wand was more important than all the bones in your right arm?” he countered.

“Your wand wasn’t,” Adara told him stiffly as he arm throbbed in the worst pain ever, “however, your answers were.”

“And you didn’t want to lose,” Sirius smiled.

“That had a bit to do with it, I guess,” she allowed. Ha. He’d basically just said that she had won.

Silence took over as Sirius continued to stare at Adara who was staring at the ceiling trying to think of anything that would make the pain go away. Answers, she thought, I need answers.

“You put me in here, again,” Adara finally looked back at Sirius, “so you have to help me.”

“How do I do that?”

“Distract me,” Adara repeated her previous request, “give me answers.”

Sirius sighed and looked like he was having some sort of internal struggle.

“So?” Adara pressed.

“I can’t,” Sirius muttered.

Adara sighed agitatedly and thumped her good arm hard on the bed. She instantly regretted it though, as the cot’s slight movement sent more pain coursing through her arm. She closed her eyed for a moment then opened them to glare at Sirius, “You know what? I give up.”

“What?” Sirius asked.

“I don’t mind the whole ‘getting hurt every time I see you’ thing, it’s the mysteries that bother me,” Adara explained, “but apparently you don’t trust me or something, so I give up.”

She examined his face as her arm throbbed. She thought she saw some sort of pain in his eyes. Probably just wanted his wand so he could leave. I mean why else was he here?

“It’s in my jeans.” She said.

Sirius looked at her bewildered. She almost smiled, “You’re wand,” she clarified, “you can take it and go.”

“Do you want me to go?” he asked.

“You obviously don’t want to stay and chat,” she pointed out.

Sirius suddenly stood up and began pacing, “Adara, you don’t –”

“Sirius Black, I swear to Merlin, if you say that I don’t understand I will hex you with your own wand.”

Sirius gave her a half smile then turned solemn again, “I want to tell you so bad,” he pleaded with her. His eyes were begging her to forgive him. It was really unfair that he do that.

“But?” she managed to say.

“But it’s not my secret to tell.”

Adara sighed and looked back up at the ceiling, “Whatever, Sirius.”

“You don’t believe me?” he sat back on her bed by her waist.

“I give up on trying to,” Adara answered and she shifted so that she could try to get his wand for him. Unfortunately, jeans were not as stretchy as sweatpants, and they required two hands to unbutton.

“What are you doing?” he asked her.

“Trying to get your wand out, it’s starting to dig into my skin,” Adara said honestly. It was very uncomfortable place to keep a wand, as her jeans were pushing it into her thy. That, and the challenge of getting it kept her mind off of the pain in her arm.

Sirius watched as she continued to struggle with getting her jeans to unbutton enough to get the wand out. How did I get this thing in here in the first place? She thought.

“Where is it?” Sirius asked.

Adara threw the covers off of her, stood up carefully, and patted the side of her thy where a wand-shaped bump was. Sirius stood and reached to touch the handle of his wand. The wand seemed to jump at his touch and Adara felt her kneecap burning, “Get off!” she whispered harshly as she knocked his hand off of her thy.

Sirius looked embarrassed, “Sorry,” he muttered.

“No, it’s just I think your wand just sparked or something!” Adara whined as she tried to massage her kneecap, “Get it out!” she told him.

“What?” Sirius’ eyes widened.

“I can’t do it with one hand and now the damned thing is burning my knee off!” Adara told him as she tried to fiddle with her jeans button again.

“What do you want me to do?” Sirius asked.

“Help me!” Adara felt the awkwardness settle, but she hand to get the wand out as it was now emitting sparks at intervals because it knew its master was close.

“You want me to…” he waved his hand at her jeans button.

“Unbutton my jeans? Yes,” Adara said awkwardly.

“Er…” Sirius said as the wand let off another rounds of sparks and Adara moaned in pain.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

Adara nodded, “Kneecap. Is. Burning.” She said.

Adara watched and held her sweatshirt up a bit as Sirius awkwardly and slowly reached down to her stomach. She almost smiled at his pained awkward expression, but then again, she wasn’t exactly relaxed about this, either. She felt his warm hands graze the skin of her stomach and a shiver went down her spine. Sirius stopped and looked up at her, damn! Adara thought as she saw that he had noticed.

But surprisingly, Adara didn’t feel the extreme awkwardness she’d been expecting. They just looked at each other. Then the wand shot sparks again and Adara winced.

“Oh, er,” Sirius looked back and slowly unbuttoned her jeans. Adara felt the weirdest feeling as he did so. Like her heart was stopping and starting again. Probably just nervous. She consoled herself.

Adara reached down her jeans and wrapped her fingers around the wand and pulled it out.

They were so close that she could feel his breath on her face, “You need to.. er… button them back, please,” she whispered holding his wand in the hand that wasn’t hurt. He nodded and without bending over or breaking their stare, reached under her shirt and rebuttoned Adara’s jeans, his hands felt hot as they lingering on the skin on her stomach. When he finished, he held on to her waistband and gently tugged. She unknowingly took as step closer to him. All that was going through her mind was how handsome his grey eyes were; how filled with passion. She noticed the curve of his jaw and how perfect it was, even though he had a stubble of a beard from not shaving since the previous morning. She noticed the way his remotely long black hair tapered off so that a bit of it was in his eyes, though it didn’t obscure them.

And he smelt so good, him, his breath, everything. Adara was mesmerized by him, her judgment clouded; the pain in her arm – so terrible before – was now unnoticeable.

It was as if they were opposite magnets, drawn closer and closer by some invisible but terribly present force. Their lips slowly met: shy, unsure.

His were so perfect, so warm. It drew Adara in. He kissed her gently. She never would have imagined the feeling that swept throughout her body at the feel of his lips. She didn’t respond at first, but then her self-control vanished and she was kissing him back. Their lips moved together unfamiliarly, neither of them ever experienced a kiss like this. Adara wanted him; she wanted to explore. Without her permission, her tongue danced with his, her breathing grew labored as the heated kiss continued. His hand was on her cheek, so warm. She noticed that her good hand was still holding his wand while wound into his soft, black hair.

The kiss was strong. It was unlike any kiss she had ever experienced, though she had only had one other guy really kiss her. Nevertheless, this was nothing like Jayden’s…


Adara suddenly froze and pulled back, eyes wide. She was gasping for air, not only from the kiss but also from the realization from what she (and Sirius) had just done.


A/N: Dude, peoples, persons, and you guys, I just want to tell you that YOU ARE AWESOME! All these reviews make me SO HAPPY. I mean 36 reviews on the last chapter? I am grateful, and now i know what you are capable of. haha. But really, i mean 142 (on January 15th) people have added this as their favorite story and yet i only get 36 reviews a chapter? I LOVE you guys who review and even those who just add or read. I just love feedback good, bad, bedspread. haha. no, but really.
heres some math
so yeah, thanks so much to all of you. you make me smile. and i love this story so much. i hope that you guys don't mind a like 20-ish chapter story because i have through like at least 15 planned out now so yeah, its going to be at least 20. I hope you guys stick with me.
If you read that long A/N, i salute you.

Oh, and because it apparently made you review last chapter, heres a preview. its part of the note Adara writes to her mother:
I am so screwed up right now. I need your advice, but I don’t need you to judge me. You know I love you, and you know that I value your advice but I cannot deal with your judgments. Do you think you can do that, please, Mum?
    So here’s my problem. You know that boy, Sirius, who I told you about? Well, it keeps getting more and more interesting with him...
HPsmartone32 =]

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