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The Black Death by SiriusGal
Chapter 4 : "Wolf" Instincts
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Chapter 4: “Wolf” Instincts

“That’s a cute sweater, Rebecca.” Lily Evans smiles at me.

Lily and I are waiting for the boys in the front lobby, so we can all go to Hogsmeade together. But it’s a bit backwards; aren’t the boys supposed to be waiting for the girls?

I smile shyly back. “Thanks. I, uh, like your shoes.”

She looks down at her shoes: perfectly polished black high-heels. “Thank you.”

A moment of silence follows. I have no idea what to say to Lily Evans, have no idea what she’s into. She obviously feels the same about me. I try to think about maybe starting a conversation about class, but am at a loss for how to talk small talk with someone I hardly even know. Luckily, I can save my breath (and possible embarrassment) for the boys come at just this moment.

Sirius and James come first, talking amongst themselves. They both seem really enthusiastic, they’re making gestures with their arms and their eyes are excited. They’re probably talking about Quidditch. As he gestures about some Quidditch move, Sirius’ arm muscles become more apparent. Girls at either side of the Marauder group notice as well, and it becomes obvious to me that drooling is indeed a symptom.

I pretend to not notice his perfect biceps.

Remus and Peter follow closely behind Sirius and James. Remus is trying to help Peter get off his sweatshirt, which is apparently too small for him. I sigh; Remus is a really good person. Once Peter and Remus get Peter free of his sweatshirt, Remus turns to me and says, “Sorry you had to wait so long. Peter took a while trying to get the sweater on in the first place.”

I giggle. That’s hilarious.

“What do you say we get a move on?” James says. “We don’t want all those excited third years taking up all the carriages.”

We all agree and make our way towards the carriages. Sirius, who is walking behind me with Peter, passes in front of me to talk to James who is walking in front of me, holding hands with Lily. I get of whiff of his scent, and sneeze.

Darn it. I forgot to take my allergy medicine.

All during the carriage ride, three things happened: James, Sirius, and Peter had a fifteen minute discussion about Quidditch, Remus and Lily had a discussion about Muggle Studies (does the teacher really know everything about microwaves?), and I sat between Remus and Peter and thought about why Sirius always smells like a dog.

No, seriously. He doesn’t have a dog, I’m positive. Maybe he visits someone who has a dog and he always smells like one. No, I don’t think that would make him smell. Or, maybe someone who has a dog and/or is a dog washes his clothes. Nope, that can’t be it. I’m pretty sure the house elves that do the laundry aren’t in league with dogs. Or, maybe he wears dog-fur underwear. But that’s probably not it either. I mean with his ‘ahem, ahem’ reputation with girls, I highly doubt that would go unnoticed. Or maybe…I gulp as I think of another possible reason.

Maybe Sirius Black is a werewolf!

Let’s face it; that makes a lot more sense than the other reasons. I look at Sirius, rolling his eyes as he listens to something James is saying. Is it possible that Sirius could be a werewolf? I mean, that would explain why he’s so great with people, girls especially. Maybe it’s some other-worldly instinct he’s come up with. Especially with the Black Death; perhaps the reason why girls swoon when he’s near is because he is some fantastical creature.

And besides, I’ve noticed he’s always tired the day after a full moon.

“We’re here!” Peter yells, as we pull up to Hogsmeade. He gets out first, then Sirius, then James who helps Lily out, then Remus who (gasp!) helps me out.

“Thanks,” I say, feeling my cheeks blush.

“No, problem,” he grins. “It’s a pretty big step from the carriage to the ground.”

I’m suddenly touched by his sweetness, but decide to play along. “Are you implying that I can’t take care of myself?”

Remus laughs. “Yeah, Rebecca, I live to test your capability.”

I start to laugh when a high, fake, happy voice cuts through the air. “Sirius!” Double ugh. It’s Sadie Miller.

Sadie walks over to Sirius and gives him a hug. Insert eye roll here. The two of them start talking about whatever it is they talk about, and I notice James, Lily, and Peter head into the Three Broomsticks. With a knowing glance, Remus and I telepathically decide to do the same. I mean, who wants to watch Sadie put herself on a pedestal?

We start for the Three Broomsticks, talking about the latest in the Daily Prophet, when another voice interrupts. Although this one is low and angry.

“Black!” Remus and I turn to look back at Sadie and Sirius, and watch as Sadie’s ex boy toy, Will Harper, walks towards the happy couple.

“Harper,” Sirius says coolly back.

Will puts himself between Sirius and Sadie, slightly pushing her back at the same time. Sadie, anticipating a fight, doesn’t object.

“We should stop this,” Remus mutters next to me, his eyes focused on the two guys.

I nod and follow him across the walkway. Sirius and Will are angrily arguing, and passerby are curiously staring, but giving them distance. No one goes within a ten foot radius. Remus and I break the trend.

“She broke up with you, let it go.” Sirius says.

“You would know. You’ve been trying to get with Sadie for ages.” Will’s eyes are angry slits.

Remus now gets between them. “Alright, guys. Calm down. Really. This isn’t the time or the place. Sirius,” he turns his attention to his friend. “Let’s go to the Three Broomsticks, okay? Get you a butter beer. Will,” he looks at Will. “Why don’t you go cool off? Okay?”

He pulls Sirius along with him, who is still huffing and puffing, and I follow suite. Next, a few things happen at once. Sirius breaks out of Remus’ grip, and practically jumps on Will. Who, when I can see his face again, has a bloody nose. This turns into a street brawl you might read about in a history book and ends up being stopped by some very angry and worried teachers. Sirius doesn’t look very beaten up, except for a messed up shirt and untidy hair. I’m shocked at how fast it all seemed to happen. It’s like he couldn’t walk away without hurting the guy who hurt his pride. Like he had to do this to survive. Talk about animal instinct. 

A/N: I'm so sorry about the long wait. I blame school. But I guess I deserve most of the blame, I'm sorry. Again. I hope this makes up for it. Thank you to all my readers, and those of you who are still sticking with the story after everything. ~SiriusGal

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