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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy by Littowitch
Chapter 6 : Family Time
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Ginny cooed over her growing stomach at Albus.

“This is your little brother or sister” she said smiling and patting her belly. Whilst her youngest sat staring at her swelled stomach.

James tottered over to his mother and brother sitting on the living room floor before plonking down. “Mummy, Mummy look what I founded”

He was waving a piece of parchment, Ginny recognised the folds but could not remember where from. “Let see it honey”

James frowned and pulled his hand away, “No me wants to show daddy firstest”

James then turned and tottered out the room again.

“Mummy?” said Albus looking up at his mum with his green eyes, “Why did you eat the baby?”

Ginny laughed, “I didn’t eat the baby Al”

“Then how is it in your tummy?” he asked looking confused.

“Daddy gave me a seed to make the baby”


“You sure have a lot of questions today Al” she said, picking him up and blowing a raspberry on his belly.

The front door rattled and Ginny heard Harry come in.

“Ginny I’m home, where are the monkeys we call James and Al?” called Harry from the hall.

Albus immediately got to his feet and went into the hall.

“Daddy, Daddy you know that seed you gave to mummy”

Harry looked at his son, grinning from ear to ear wondering what he was talking about, “Err…yeah, what about it?”

“She’s eaten it” said Al, looking outraged

Harry chuckled, “Ohh Al, I’m so glad that I don’t need to have this conversation with you for another ten years”

He picked up Albus and carried him upside down into the front room.

Ginny got up from the floor and kissed Harry. “How was your day babe?”

Harry put a struggling Albus on the couch next to him.

“The usual, I popped into the shop on the way home. Ron says George is having a big party tomorrow for Fred’s birthday at three o’clock”

“Why didn’t they tell me this earlier now I need to cancel James’s dental appointment”

Harry and Ginny heard a tiny cheer from the hall.

James ran in holding the parchment, “I don’t need to go to the tooth man yippee”

“James what is that?” asked Harry

“Look what I found today in your office daddy”

Harry took the parchment from James and quickly stood up and left the room.


Hermione bustled around Rose’s room, trying to tidy up before Rose came back from her evening walk with Ron and Wolfy.

Bending down to pick up the various dolls from the floor, Hermione felt a sharp pain in her stomach. It quickly passed so Hermione put it down to indigestion. After 5 minutes of tidying Hermione was satisfied with the results. The front door clicked open and Hermione heard Wolfy running into the kitchen and Ron and Rose singing “Country roads” as they came up the stairs.

Rose ran into her room and hugged her mother.

“Hello mummy, hello baby” she said kissing her mother’s bump.

“To the place I belong….” Screeched Ron coming into Rose’s room, “West Virginia…”

Ron met Hermione’s icy stare and immediately shut up.

“Sorry Hermione, but that song is just so catchy”

Hermione rolled her eyes then continued dressing Rose in her nightgown.

“Mummy” said Rose, once tucked under the covers, “Can I have a story please?”

“Daddy will tell you one, I have to go wrap Freddy’s present”
Rose’s little face brightened at the mention of her cousin. She loved visiting all her cousins. She was only two years old but she still loved seeing them and how they fussed over her.


George and Angelina’s house was quite large. The shop had been doing excellent and they had opened another one in Hogsmede and were thinking of one in Wizard Liverpool and Wizard Glasgow. The four bedroom house was perfect for when ONE of George’s brothers or sister came for a visit because then there was room for all of them. Today was no acception. Bill, Fleur, Victoire, Antoinette, Louis and Arthur-Francis were staying the night after Fred’s fourth birthday party. George was amazed at how many of his sister-in-law’s were pregnant at the same time. Hermione was expecting her second, Fleur her fifth, Charlie’s wife Bernadette her third and Ginny was also having her third.

Angelina walked into the kitchen to find Fred and Roxanne had been going through the fridge for some hours. They had attempted to make a cake and had managed to get the cat in the washing machine.

Angelina muttered a quick clean up spell and removed Mr Whisperkins from the washing machine. George came down moments later and grabbed both Fred and Roxanne and spun them round.

“George, please we have to get the house ready for your family” pleaded Angelina; her eyes were red and tired looking.

She worked all hours training the Holy Harpies and then came home to look after their two kids.

For punishment for not getting home on time last weekend, Angelina was forcing George to tidy up using no magic, whilst she sat in the sun room waiting for the guests to arrive.

What seemed like hours later the doorbell rang…

A/N: A little update two years later. With new characters and what has happened sorry it’s so short in the middle of preparation for my exams at the moment. Please read and review. Reviews make me write faster…Swear they do x

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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy: Family Time


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