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Making Good Use of Time Travel by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 12 : The Final Battle: Part II
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Year 2000: Year of Final Battle; Trio's 7th Year;
Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry

Everyone was still dueling. Ernie Macmillan had been knocked out by a Death Eater, and many Death Eaters had been taken out by the Order, but many still fought.

Harry and Voldemort were dueling. Curses were flying at each other, but the Killing Curse had not been sent once by one of them.

"Crucio!" Voldemort cried.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry yelled.

Their spells connected and the souls began to erupt again. The muggle caretaker, Cedric. Harry stood there, holding his wand, looking bewildered...

Where was his parents…..?

Why aren't they coming out…?

He broke the connection and stuffed his wand back into his pocket and pulled out his new wand, as the souls vanished.

"Crucio!" Harry cried, and Voldemort gave a scream as he fell to his knees, but he soon stopped, as Harry lifted the spell.

In the Forbidden Forest, three figures where coming to the edge of the forest to the grounds of Hogwarts.

They exited the forest and saw a battle taking place. Their eyes scanned the ground for a certain raven haired boy and they found him, screaming in pain as the Cruciatus curse hit him, square in the chest by Voldemort.

One of the hooded figures screamed, "Harry!"

But everyone was too busy with the battle to even take notice...

The figure began rushing forward, but one of them seized her from behind. "No, love. You can't go now, you can not interfere."

Harry thrashed in pain on the ground as the Cruciatus curse was placed on him, he screamed and twitched on the ground. Then Voldemort lifted the curse and Harry jumped back to the ground. He had felt a great amount of pain as the curse was on him, but now he felt like it hadn't been on him. He felt his full strength in his body.

He could feel love.

He felt Ginny's love, Ron and Hermione's love...

The Weasley's love, the Order's love...

Dumbledore's love.

Everyone he knew, he could feel their love that they had for him, and even though he gave them the chance to turn their backs on him, they never did once. They stuck with him to the end.

He felt the love grow stronger, and the felt love he had never felt before. It felt as if his parents were there... at Hogwarts, by his side with him. He knew they weren't, but he did know he had their love.

As he felt the love inside of him grow, he felt his strength grow. This was his chance...

He knew it.

Voldemort narrowed his eyes at Harry and wondered why Harry was showing signs of full strength. Voldemort began to fear, that Harry had figured out how to use his gift he didn't have. At the thought he cowered back, away from Harry. The sign of love was to much that he could bear.

Harry raised his wand to full height, and pointed it at Voldemort's heart, as if there were one, and yelled the terrible, but full of pride and hatred words, "ADVADA KEDAVRA!!"

Voldemort made a frightened face as the blast erupted from Harry's wand, and his body was engulfed into the light, and his life was gone.

Harry smiled inwardly, but he felt sad of what he had done. He had just killed a man, but he kept reminding himself that this was no man, this was a creature with no care or heart.

Harry began to turn his back on the lifeless body when he felt the worse pain possible hit his forehead. He fell to the ground clutching his scar, screaming at the top of his lungs.

Everyone around him had stopped their duels to and focused their attention on Harry. The Death Eaters saw their dead master's body and began to cower backwards.

Harry was on his knees, screaming so loud, feeling the pain he had never felt before, and never felt possible to happen. It was as if his scar was bursting open, bleeding, and blazing white. And the unusual thing, it was.

A wave of light left his scar and shook the ground. The light moved to the sky and burst like another Dark Mark in the sky. Harry had not noticed what had happened, because his eyes were clamped shut as he was still screaming in pain.

Now he had the whole grounds attention. Nobody was understanding the meaning of this. Ginny finished her Death Eater off and sprinted towards Harry, her beautiful dress now ripped and slashed. She stopped 10 feet behind him, tears now falling freely again from her face.

All three figures on the edge of the forest rushed forward and stopped next to the red head girl of only two of the hooded figures knew from their adventure in their 7th year. Ginny was too busy crying to notice the figures stopping next to her, one of the figures beginning to cry and turn to lean on one of the others.

The pain in Harry's forehead seemed to go on forever. It was a horrible feeling. Another wave of light left his scar and shook the ground. The light left Harry's scar and headed to the sky. The ball of light circled the skull and it gave a blast of light and turned into a mark like the Dark Mark, but turned into a lightning bolt. The lightning bolt gave three huge flashes of light before engulfing the skull into the scar; the snake that was supposed to be circling the skull still circled the lightning bolt, which stood in the sky, giving off great flashes of light every now and then.

The Death Eaters, completely frightened out of their wits, apparated off of the Hogwarts grounds and to their own places.

Harry was still screaming, but soon stopped and stopped moving. He felt his body give way as he lost balance on the ground, and toppled over into unconsciousness.

Ginny let out a scream and she and one of the figures rushed forward and caught Harry as he fell. The hooded person crying turned from the person she was crying on to the other one.

The man's hood who rushed forward, fell down as he bent down to the unconscious Harry's side.

"James. Didn't Professor Dumbledore send you back?" Ginny asked.

"He did...Twenty-one years ago, in my time." James said.

"But you weren't supposed to change the events of the future!" Ginny said.

"I know." James sighed, looking at Harry's restless face, "But...I mean. Look at the horrible life my son has had. I couldn't just sit, watch and let it happen, when I could do something to stop it."

"Well at least this is all you did." Ginny said.

The Order, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore and the D.A all rushed forward as the checked that all Death Eaters had apparated off the grounds.

Remus opened his eyes wide as he saw his long lost friend sitting on the ground with his son propped up against him. "James Bloody Potter!! You weren't supposed to change the future!!"

"Well, its nice to see you too, Moony, after all these years." James said, giving him a weird look, "You know I never followed the rules."

"I do, but this was important!" Remus said, narrowing his eye brows as if he were angry at his friend for surviving. Even though, deep down, that was not true in the slightest.

"Gentlemen, if you will please calm down. James, Remus is right you weren't supposed to change anything, but can we please talk about this later so we can get young Mr. Potter, here, up to the Hospital Wing." Dumbledore said.

"And now, If I am not mistaken. Mrs. Potter and Mr. Black, one of the figures jumped at the name, you may take your hoods off now." Dumbledore finished.

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Making Good Use of Time Travel: The Final Battle: Part II


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