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One Love, One Chance, One Life. by Mrs Frankie Radcliffe
Chapter 1 : The Hogwarts Express And The Sorting
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N/A. Yay! My first story! Please read and review! Hope you enjoy!  xo

Chapter One: The Hogwarts Express And The Sorting.


I woke up with the fresh bright rays of sun glaring straight into my eyes. I hate it when mum opens the curtains on me like that. By the sound of the annoying beeping next to my bed, it's 7:00am, and in an hour I'll be leaving for Kings Cross station, taking the mysterious train to a school i know little about. I rolled my eye's and smacked the alarm clock hard to make it shut up. I threw my quilt back and climbed out of bed.

"Charlotte it's 7:00am! Time to get up!"

That's my mum. She's amazing. It's just me and her now, Voldemort murdered my dad when i was 6. The unfortunate thing was, me and my mum both witnessed it. No one knows why Voldemort came and killed my dad. But then..Who knows anything about Voldemort?

Knock, knock, knock.

"Okay mum I'm up!"

"Oh good, you have an hour till we have to leave. Breakfast will be on the table."

"Okay mum!" I pulled my new black trunk with the initials 'CW' on the front out from under my bed then scrambled towards my wardrobe to pack.

Ten minutes later i was packed. I hopped in my en suite bathroom and took a long warm shower. I towel dried my body and put a simple drying spell on my hair, i then put a curling spell on it and let it dangle nicely down my back. I put a simple amount of makeup on (mascara, blush and clear lip gloss) and left the bathroom to get dressed. I decided on my favorite ripped grey jeans and a white tank top with black knee high boots.

I walked down stairs and into the kitchen where mum was sitting at the table eating toast and jam.

"Morning darling"

I walked over to the table and gave mum a kiss. "Morning mum" I sat down opposite her and started eating my own toast and blackberry jam (my favorite) "How are we getting to Kings Cross?"

"I was thinking about side-along apparating. Is that okay?"

"Yes of course it is."

Half an hour later we were both ready and apparated to platform 9¾. It was amazing. Really it was. There was so many kids and teenagers rushing around saying bye to families, chatting to friends, and pulling huge trunks around. Not to mention the train.. It was a dark red colour with the words 'Hogwarts express' on the front. I couldn't help but stare in awe. The train made a hoot and a girl with long blonde hair and a boy with messy brown hair started shouting "Come on!" and "The trains leaving in 5 minutes!"

"Mum i better go, i don't want it to go without me"

I gave mum one last hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hope you have a nice time at school, dear. Don't forget to write to me!"

''Of course Mum, I'll write when ever i can - I promise"

"Alright alright, get going otherwise you'll miss the train"

"I love you!"

"I love you too!"

I walked towards the train wheeling my trunk behind and waved to my mum. It's sad to think i won't see her until the Christmas holidays. I'm really going to miss her.

I climbed on the train and wandered along the hall. After a few minutes, I found a compartment with a few spaces in it. There was a girl with bushy brown hair and next to her was a boy with messy red hair. Opposite them there was a boy with raven black hair and emerald green eye's. Gosh, I think that's Harry Potter!

I opened the door and walked in. "Hi, you don't mind if i sit here do you? Everywhere else is full." They all nodded and i closed the door, Walked over to the spare seat next to Harry Potter and placed my trunk on the shelf above. I sat down next to him and looked around, they where all looking at me expectantly.

Finally the girl spoke "Hi, I'm Hermione Granger, This is Ronald Weasley and that is Harry Potter. I don't think I've seen you around Hogwarts before, yet you look too old to be a first year?"

I shook hands with all of them and leaned back. "My name's Charlotte William's, I'm a transfer student from Beauxbatons"


"Oh cool! What year will you be in?" Harry Potter said.


Wow, He is so good looking.. "Um, 7th year i think"


"Great! What house do you want to be in?"


"I'm not quite sure. definitely not Slytherin! I hope either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw"


"Good choice's, We are in Gryffindor! Oh. We better get changed into our robes"


"Yes we better! We only have an hour left and with that time we can all study, no doubt Snape will have a test waiting for the first lesson!" Hermione said excited. Who can be excited about studying?! weird girl.

Me, Harry and Ron all groaned and got up, The boys took some clothes out of they're trunks and walked out into the hall. (I'm assuming into the boys changing rooms. Me and Hermione decided to stay in our compartment) Hermione locked the door and pulled the blinds down, we then turned our backs and got changed.

When we were both ready we unlocked the door and sat down. "So, Which would you like to start on first? Potion's book one or Potions book two?"

Is she serious? I thought she was joking about the studying! "Um i don't mind.." At that point Ron and Harry walked in and put there clothes into their trunks. Ron sat back down next to Hermione and Harry sat back down next to me.

"Ugh Hermione, Can't we study tonight instead?" Ron said.

"No! Now you and Harry get your Potion's book's out! Charlotte you can read potion's book two, Is that okay?"

"Yes that's fine." No! No! No! NO!



Just like Hermione said, we studied for about an hour until we saw Hogwarts in the distance. "Ooh It's beautiful!" I said excitedly and pressed my nose against the window.

"Yeah it is, but wait until you get inside!" Harry laughed.

"Well you guys, me and Ron have Prefect duty. Bye Harry, Good look with the sorting Charlotte! We'll see you in the Great Hall!" Hermione got up and walked out the compartment, Ron waved at us and followed her.

Harry stood and held out a hand to help me up."Thanks" I muttered to him, Am i blushing? Im too lost for words, His hand is so soft and warm.

"Come on, we better go catch a carriage. Hold onto me, They'll be people everywhere when we get off the train." Harry took hold of my hand again and started to lead me out of the compartment when i stopped and realised we had forgotten our trunks.

"Are we just going to leave our trunks here?" I said shocked.

"Yes, don't worry. They'll be in our dorms when we get back from the feast." Oh..That's odd. But i let it drop and continued out of the compartment and off the train.

Just like Harry said, the platform was swarming with people! I bumped into a few and muttered sorry, but i doubt they even heard, everyone was just so excited! In the distance i could see a giant man with a booming voice shouting "First years this way!"

"Who's that?" I shouted to Harry over the noise that the crowd was making.

He looked to where i was pointing, then he shrugged and continued to pull me through the kids. "That's Hagrid, you'll meet him soon. He's a good friend of mine, He teaches Care of Magical Creatures." Harry shouted back.

Finally a few minutes later we came to a muddy path surrounded by trees and plants. There was a carriage over the far end with what looked like a black horse with wings "What are those?!" I said nervously to Harry.

"Oh you can see them too?! There called Thestrals. Only people who have seen death can see them." Harry said quietly.

"Oh.. Right. Lets go then" I decided not to ponder on the topic of Thestrals.

We climbed in and sat opposite from each other, The carriage ride was relaxing, i really enjoyed it after the great hustle of the crowd by the train. On the way Harry told me all about Hogwarts, I'm looking forward to meeting the odd ghost called peeves.

When we arrived at the Castle me and Harry jumped out of the carriage and ran up to the huge doors outside the Great Hall. An old witch stood outside with some small kids, I'm guessing first years.I hope i won't have to go in with them, that will be so embarrassing!

Harry let go of my hand and smiled at me."I'll see you in a bit, I have to go in the Great Hall to the Gryffindor table, You wait out here and talk to Professor McGonagall she'll tell you what to do. Good luck!" With that he followed the large crowd that was making its way through the doors.

"Miss Williams?" I turned to the left and saw Professor McGonagall staring at me with a smile. I nodded and she spoke again. "I'm Professor McGonagall.. If you could wait out here while i take the first years into the Great Hall for the sorting ceremony i will come and get you when it is your turn."

I nodded and said "Okay Professor."

She opened the big doors and walked in with the first years. I tried to peak in, but i was too far away. The doors closed instantly after the last kid had gone in. I begin to shake.

I heard singing then a lot of cheering.. then it stopped and was complete silence again. I was so nervous. What if everyone laughed at me when i went in?? There was a loud voice coming from the door, I'm guessing that was Dumbledore the Headmaster.

There was a few shouts in a random order saying "Slytherin!", "Gryffindor!", "Ravenclaw!" and "Hufflepuff!" Take it that's the kids being sorted into their houses.

It all went quiet again and then the doors opened slightly to let Professor McGonagall come through. "Miss Williams?" I nodded and walked over to her.

What if i get put in Slytherin? Will Harry, Hermione and Ron talk to me still? What if i fall over and make a fool of myself?! Oh no i'm going to be sick.

"Follow me then."

The doors slowly opened, It was like everything was in slow motion, My heart began to pound furiously in my chest. I walked through the door and saw four long table's occupied by loads of people, they all stopped chatting and looked at me, I just wanted to run away and forget about Hogwarts.

I looked forward, There was a long table, not quite as long as the other four but still long, Obviously it was for the teacher's. In the middle of the table there was a chair a bit bigger than the rest with an old man with a long white beard sitting there, eyeing me curiously over his half-moon spectacles.

We finally reached the front, Professor McGonagall stopped and turned to me, there was a rickety old stool with a hat and a list perched on top of it, she picked them up and called my name. "Charlotte Williams. 7th year transfer from Beauxbatons." Then she beckoned for me to sit on the chair.

i went over nervously and sat down, I hate being center of attention, and right now.. I am definitely center of attention!


She placed the hat on my head and moved backwards. The hat started to wriggle and then a voice came from above which made me jump.

"Hm..Interesting..Smart, Funny, Brave, Intelligent, witty, courageous.. All the positives for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.. Hm, Your a hard one Miss Williams. Well better be..."

N/A. Whoop done! Wotcha think?? Please review!!
Thanks! </3

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