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The New Malfoy. by life_writtendown
Chapter 3 : 3
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   Merci for the reviews they are much much apreciated , I own nothing

   Our eyes met and the awkwardness began to sink in. Malfoy quickly turned his head away to look at the wall but I swear I could have seen a hint of pink on his pale frosty face. Well heck I didn’t get that much prettier over summer. I mean he is the bloody sex god why in merlin’s name would he ever look at me like that .I mean some guys attention I like but not the man whore type of attention when they practically strip you with your eyes. And we are second cousins or something now that would be just plain nasty. Then a quote from my previous physiatrist (they really help people) popped into my head.


“The more you talk yourself out of things the more you get stressed the more stressed means more un-necessary over thinking”



 I tell you people, this lady worked wonders on my brain. If you haven’t noticed yet, I have cooled way down since my “worry, worry, and worry “phase. Hey I am so relaxed and laid back that……..WHAT THE HECK? Oh no I did it again I let my mindless psycho rambling get in the way of real out of brain stuff. So I just snapped out of my thoughts to see my mother hugging (for more than 3 seconds) the heartless, evil, torturous and heartless Lucius Malfoy. I stared at my mother in shock. She is definitely disbanded from the family. I don’t know if I could ever talk to her again after that traitorous move. I mean who could? Malfoy seemed to be thinking the same thing.


“Bloody Hell!” I mouthed at him.

“Holy Fuck!” he mouthed back. For the first time in our lives we shared a common hatred or plan. A plan to get my mum as far away from his dad and the plan who be started ASAP.


“Umm mum? “ Finally she released her way too tight grip from her cousin and looked towards me.


“What darling?”


“Can I go to my room already?” I whined “I ummm lost my appetite “


“Yeah me too, I’ll show Granger to her room” Draco agreed hastily. Malfoy pointed his wand at my bags and murmured something inaudible and they disappeared.


 “Come on Granger, follow me”


As we hurried up the grand staircase I could see Malfoy’s face turning a bright red. When I realized something, he was holding his breath.

“Malfoy, why are you not breathing?”

“Why do you think?” He said scathingly “I haven’t been this close to a mudblood since the end of the term, It takes some time to get used to you know?”


I am assuming that this was a cover up for the staring thing. No Malfoy can remain that vulnerable for too long. But that didn’t mean I didn’t get a say.


“Well you will just have to get used to it because believe it or not I am related to you and I will be living in a quite close proximity to you and your treacherous family and don’t even think for one second that you are any better than me because no matter how much money or how much power you gain think back to the hundreds of people that you bloody murdered!” I scathed right back.


His eyes flickered for a second of guilt but it was quickly covered with the steel look that everyone sees. He stopped and looked at me and looked like he was going to punch my bloody face off. I could literally see the fire dancing back and forth in his eyes. Nervously I stepped a few paces back.


“We are at your room” he said icily.

I practically sprinted to the door that he was pointing to and began to shut the door when he caught it with his hand

“Remember Granger, no matter what, you are still in my home and what my father doesn’t know won’t kill him so I would keep those snide comments to yourself from now on “He looked dead on into my eyes.” Goodnight Granger”


“Right back at you Malfoy”


I slammed the door in his face. And turned to face my room. It wasn’t half bad. It looked like a poor house elf had spent hours trying to make a closet look like a bedroom but It was decent. I saw my bags to the right of my desk and then lastly I saw the bed. Collapsing on the bed I re-evaluated the day. It was a disaster and I highly doubt that I will be allowed to go to the Weasly’s next weekend. Then the weight of the day fell on me and I struggled into a deep and restless sleep.  


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