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Curiosity Killed The Cat... by lollipop_marauderette
Chapter 5 : I Wouldn't Talk To You Even If I Could...
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Harry woke up the next morning, forgetting where he was. The events of yesterday flooded into his head as he sat up.

Getting up quietly, Harry moved quickly, trying not to disturb the others.

He felt like a teen again, putting on his uniform. It had been so long since he had last worn the Hogwarts robes with his Gryffindor tie. Walking as best as he could through the mess, Harry opened and shut the door, exiting almost silently.

Walking down the stairs, through the common room, and into the hall, Harry checked his watch. Seeing he had an hour left until breakfast, he walked around aimlessly, remembering al the old memories he had stored up. Looking through one of the large, stained glass windows, Harry decided to go outside.

It was the perfect morning. Harry breathed in deeply and tilted his head up to the sky. Looking around, he decided to go sit under a large, ancient- looking oak tree.

Staring out across the water, Harry began to get lost in a swirl of thoughts. ‘How am I going to do this? I mean, let’s think for a minute. My mum has hated my dad since their first year. I’ve only talked to her for a day, and she already likes me more, and I have a feeling that neither of them will be very open to my suggestions. Man, if Ana was here she would know what to do.’

Harry was so caught up in his thoughts, the next time he checked his watch, he was already a few minutes late for breakfast.

He managed to walk into the Great Hall unnoticed. When he arrived at the Gryffindor table, harry looked around the table for a place to sit. Seeing James’s glare, Harry quickly sat by himself at the end.

After a few minutes of silence, Harry was interrupted by a "Hi Scott."

He looked up to see Lily along with three other girls.

Harry smiled at them, and Lily took this as an invitation to stay. "Oh, um, these are my friends, Alice, Hestia, and Sydney."

Harry waved at each individually and conversations were struck up immediately. Harry answered quite a few questions, though after awhile, if it wasn’t a direct question to him, Harry didn’t say (or write) anything.

Towards the end of breakfast, Dumbledore stood. Things immediately got quieter. ‘Well nothing’s changed there.’

"I would like to inform all of you of a new transfer student."


The four girls turned to Harry and giggled. Harry’s eyes widened. ‘Oh please, oh please! Nonononono! Don’t do it...’

"Mr. Scott Ryan has transferred as a 7th year Gryffindor. If you would please, Mr. Ryan."

Harry stood up slowly and waved to the rest of the school. Whispers immediately erupted throughout the hall.

‘Well that’s just lovely! I already went through 7 years of schooling being pointed and whispered at, plus the papers’ comments and summers. Not including after I graduated. If it was anyone but Dumbledore...’

Harry sat back down and watched as McGonagall went around the table, handing out schedules.

As she came to him, McGonagall stopped and said, "I hope you enjoy your stay at Hogwarts, Mr. Ryan."

He smiled and nodded, but inside Harry was thinking ‘Oh yeah, sure. There’s a big chance of that happening.’

"What’s you schedule?" Lily asked. Harry handed her his schedule.

"Well, 5 out of 9 isn’t bad." Harry tried to look happy. "I can show you where the classes are that we have together. And I’m sure I can get someone to show you the rest."

Lily and her friends engaged back into conversation. Harry tried to block out all of the noise/ Honestly, could he have a harder, quote, ‘mission?

Checking his watch, Harry saw it was almost time for classes to begin. Pointing at his watch, he looked over at Lily.

She smiled and the group started to walk out of the hall. Harry could feel all the stares he was getting, but tried to ignore them.

Harry pretended to listen as they began to talk about Professor Flitwick. As they got to the classroom, Lily made certain Harry sat next to her.

She started to introduce him to various people. Harry was getting dizzy trying to remember all the names and faces.

Flitwick soon came in and everyone sat in their seats, making Harry immensely grateful. The professor began to call attendance and, as usual, when Harry’s name was called, everyone turned to look at him.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, Mr. Ryan." Harry smiled back, willingly everyone to turn back to the front mentally.

Flitwick finished quickly after and started the speech they all knew was coming.

"As you know, this is your 7th year, which means that this is also. N.E.W.T. year. The work will be harder and you’ll have to work twice as-"

He stopped as two teenage men (boys?) Came breathlessly in. "Sorry we’re late."

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, since this is your first day back I will excuse you, but I expect you to be on time tomorrow."

"Of course, professor." Both winked at some girls, causing them to blush. Lily huffed an rolled her eyes. James eyes narrowed when he saw Harry sitting next to her.

"Will you please take your seat."

They took the only two open seats, which at Harry groaned in his head, oh so conveniently happened to be located right behind him and Lily.

"As I was saying-" Flitwick started his lecture again. After a few minutes, things began to hit Harry at the back of his head. When he glanced back and James and Sirius, they only glared.

Harry endured the objects hitting his head all through the lesson, refusing to let his temper get the best of him. When it came time to perform the spell, one that helped change your appearance, mirrors popped in front of each of the students.

"Today I want each of you to only focus on changing the color of your eyebrows. Nothing else. " He glanced and James and Sirius, who tried to look innocent. "You have the rest of the class period."

This was so easy. Harry had used this spell numerous times and on much harder things. After pretending to fail a few times, Harry actually performed the spell, changing his right eyebrow gold and his left red.

Harry turned to Lily and wiggled his eyebrows. Lily laughed and Flitwick turned to the pair. "Ahh, excellent job, Mr. Ryan. 5 points to Gryffindor." Harry blushed, not meaning for anyone to notice what he did besides Lily. He quickly changed his eyebrows back to normal.

A couple of minutes later, Lily turned to him. " Ummm, Scott. I’m having a little trouble with the motion. Do you think you could please help me?"

Harry smiled and nodded. He took Lily’s hand in his, showing her the motion slowly. He let go of her hand and motioned for her to practice. After Lily tried a bit, Harry looked at her encouragingly. Looking a bit nervous, lily tried and turned her eyebrows electric blue.

Lily laughed a little and turned back to harry. "Thanks you’re a really good teacher."

Harry shrugged, feeling embarrassed again and turned her eyebrows back to normal.

Lilt bent down to put her book back into her bag. Harry felt a tingling on his head, but when he an his fingers through his hair, nothing was wrong.

Lily sat back up in her chair and turned to him smiling. When she saw him, her eyes widened, and Lily turned to glare at the two boys (men?) who burst out laughing.

Harry was confused. He looked into his mirror and his face mirrored Lily’s. His hair was pink!!!! Not Ana’s soft pink, Harry’s was hot pink.

‘What did I do to them? Sure I’m sitting next to mum, but sheesh. It’s not like I’m trying to steal her! They don’t have to do all this.’

While Lily yelled at James and Sirius, Harry turned his hair back to normal waiting for the bell to ring.

As soon as it rang, Harry jumped out of his seat and hurried over to a girl named Stephanie, who Lily asked to take Harry to Potions.

As they started to walk through the hall, a force from behind Harry caused him to trip and his books to scatter.

"Sorry Ryan." a voice sneered. Harry didn’t need to look up to know who it was.

Stephanie bent down to help Harry gather his things. "What did you do to get James Potter mad at you?"

Harry shrugged as she gave him the rest of his things. The started back towards the dungeons.

Harry actually liked Stephanie. She talked but didn’t insist on filling up every silence with noise. When they arrived at the dungeons, there was a group of 7th years huddled around the door. Among those was James, but no Sirius. Instead, Remus was with him.

Al of them chatted( Harry just stood) for a few minutes before Slughorn came.

"Sorry I’m late. Come in come in!"

The students filed in and sat in random seats. Harry sat with Stephanie as far away from James as possible.

Now then. Everyone will have partners assigned, though one will have to work by himself. Find your partners, they are listed on the board, and go sit next to them."

‘Please don’t be James.’ Harry thought over and over as her walked up to the front.

‘Lovely’ Harry thought as he saw who his partner was. He glanced over at Remus Lupin. ‘Someone is really against me.’

Harry made his way over and he and Remus sat next to each other.

"Today we are just going to see how well you and your partner work together. We will be doing the Gorgement potion, which makes whatever the potion touches, enlarge."

Harry found working with Remus easy. He didn’t talk much, and when he did, he spoke to Harry politely. They finished the potion a few minutes before class was over.

"Please take a vial of your potion marked and take it to my desk."

Remus filled the vial and marked it, handing it over to Harry, who made his way to the front of the room. When he was halfway there, he bumped into someone.

Harry looked at the empty vial in James’s hand and watched in horror as his right side started to swell.

"Don’t panic. Mr. Swanson, please take Mr. Ryan to Madame Higgins."

Harry followed the hufflepuff, fuming.

‘Oh the things I would say if I could talk. No! I wouldn’t talk to them even if I could. It would be a waste of my breath and time!’

Madame Higgins soon had Harry fixed, but his day only got worse.

His books were charmed to hit his head, he was pushed and shoved, his things disappeared, and in Transfiguration, someone charmed his quill to attack him.

After classes, Harry hid in the library and did all his homework. When it got dark, he headed to his dorm.

Before falling to sleep he thought tiredly.

‘I hate this. There’s only one person in the world who even has a chance of pulling this off, and she isn’t here...’

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