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All's Fair in Love and Hate by la la lexi
Chapter 12 : Just Don't
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HELLOOOO all of you! i updated! how about that!! i know it's been a while and i am sooo sorry for that. dont hate me! well, you can hate me. just dont hate my story! baha. 
i rewarded all you paitent people out there with a nice LOOOONG chapter. 
my longest yet-by far!! 

CHAPTER 12- Just Don't


"Well, here we are, then," Alice said airily she stopped in front of a massive iron gate, covered in ivy and topped with fresh snow that glinted in the afternoon sun. Lily had naver seen such a huge gate, except for the one at Hogwarts.

Lily stared at it, and then at Alice. "It's big."

Alice laughed and pulled out her wand. "Of course it is. You know I have a big house!"

She tapped the iron gate twice with her wand and they began to open slowly, the hinges creaking in the cold, to reveal a a winding snow-covered driweway leading to a magnificent stone mansion, standing four stories high with ivy running up the walls and snow on the rooftop. Lily tried to count all of the windows, but she lost track when she spotted the bell tower and the gorgeous balcanies.

"Big is an understatement," Lily whispered, awed, "It's like Hogwarts had a baby!"

Alice laughed again as she grabbed Lily's arm to move her along. "Come on, it's freezing out here!"

"I can't believe you live here! This is amazing!" Lily said, her green eyes wide and taking in all of the beautiful archetecture. She had never been to Alice's house before...every previous break, Lily had returned home to her family.

"It's kind of embarrassing, actually," Alice said, as they stopped on the porch in front of two wooden doors. "Having the biggest house in our year..."

"I don't see why..." Lily replied as Alice opened one of the doors and stepped inside. Lily followed along after her.

They were standing in a gigantic foyer, the biggest Lily had ever been in outside Hogwarts. The floors were white marble, continuing up a gorgeous staircase, with gold railings. There were marble statues of cherubs and other things in each corner, and from the ceiling, which was at least two stories up, hung the largest crystal chandellier Lily had ever seen in her life. "I'll take your coat, Miss," Came a little voice from behind her, Lily turned and faced a little House Elf, who was quite young looking with very large ears, a beady nose and watery eyes.

"Oh," Lily removed her coat and handed it to the little elf. "Why, thank,"

"Stella," Alice said, handing the elf her coat as well. "Her name is Stella,"

"Right, Thank you Stella," Lily smiled at the House elf, who was staggering slightly under the weight of the large coats.

"You are welcome, Miss, and it is wonderful to see you, Mistress Alice," Stella squeaked, scampering off with the coats.

"This is really somthing," Lily said wonderingly, looking around the massive foyer again.

"Alice, darling!" Came a voice from above them, and Lily noticed two people making their way down grand staircase. "Mum! Dad!" Alice cried joyfully, running to her parents and embracing them both at the same time, then she quickly snapped back and glanced at Lily. Lily could tell that Alice was trying not to flaunt the fact that her family was still alive. But Alice trying to be sympathetic only seemed to make the situation more awkward.

"It's wonderful to see you, honey," Alice's mother said, brushing her hand to her daughter's face. Mrs. Hannigan was tall and very thin, she had a beautiful, angular face, with flowing, wavy black hair, but she had Alice's brown beady eyes and her thin red lips.

"We really hate not seeing you for months at a time, Pumpkin," Mr Hannigan grinned, making Alice blush at the childish nickname. Mr Hannigan was shorter than his wife, with a round face, a ski jump nose and crystal blue eyes. His blonde hair was thin, and he had rosy cheeks that pudged up when he smiled. This man looked positively jolly...he even had a Santa Claus-ish jolly, booming voice.

"You both remember my best friend Lily, right?" Alice took Lily's arm.

"Yes, of course!" Mrs Hannigan smiled warmly, her bony cheeks sticking out. "We see you every year at the train station,"

"It's lovely that you are staying for Christmas," Mr Hannigan patted Lily on the shoulder, "and we are deeply sorry for your loss."

"Oh..." Lily was taken aback by the mention of her parents' death, but recovered quickly. "Thank you,"

"You're always welcome here, Lily." Mrs Hannigan cocked her head and smiled again.

"Thank you," Lily said again, "That means a lot, really."

"Well..." Alice looked at her parents and then at Lily, "Want the tour?"

Lily grinned. "Definatly! Let's go."

It was unbelieveable how massive the place was. They walked through the parlor, the dining room, the kitchen, the ballroom, and other various rooms downstairs. As they climbed upstairs, Lily found halls and halls of doors, obviously hiding many bedrooms behind them. The next two floors consisted of more bedrooms, Mrs. Hannigan's personal astronomy wing, the master suite, Mr. Hannigan's study and more sitting rooms. Although the mansion was enormous, had a sweet homey feeling in it, making Lily feel comfortable, but at the same time...depressed her. Lily thought of her home... the one that she would never see again, the place she grew up in, that held so many memories. It was all gone. This fact hadn't really hit Lily until that moment. She loved her little muggle house, with it's many electronic trinkets and mismatched was all gone. Her parents were gone. Everything she had loved before Hogwarts...was gone. "So...," Alice's words brought Lily back to earth, "what do you want to do now? Are you hungry?"

Lily shifted uncomfortably. "Ally, don't take this the wrong way, but i really just need to go lay down,"

Sadness flickered in her best friend's eyes, "Are you feeling okay?"

"Oh, I'm fine...," Lily lied, "I'm just...tired, that's all."

"Well, your room is upstairs, first door on the right," Alice pointed up the stairs, "We passed it earlier, remember?"

"Yea, i remember," Lily smiled at her friend. "Thanks Ally."

"No problem...," Alice sighed as Lily turned and climbed the marble staircase. "Uh, I'll wake you up for dinner."

She wasn't being rude on purpose, Lily just felt so awkward with Alice and her loving parents. In a way, she was jealous too. Why did Alice have a wonderful house and parents that loved her? Why did Lily's parents have to die? Why couldn't it have been different? It just wasn't fair how this all happened...and she wasn't even allowed to go to the funeral...

With this thought, Lily's blood boiled; and she had a sick feeling in her gut that Petunia was equally furious...Lily had written her sister a letter a few days ago, but never recieved a response.

"I'm trying, Mum, I really am!" Alice's voice fluttered up the stairs. Outside of her bedroom, Lily stopped and listened.

"Alice, honey, your friend is going through a tough time. Her actions and feelings are natural," Mrs Hannigan's smooth, throaty voice sounded comforting.

"I've tried everything," Alice's tone was more sad than exasperated, "She's not comfortable here! You can tell!"

"It isn't easy to lose someone you love," Mrs Hannigan replied.

"I just don't know what else to do for her, I mean, what are you supposed to say to someone who just lost both of her parents? I just dont know...," Alice paused for a moment, but Lily continued to listen intently. "I feel like I'm not being a very good friend to her. Why can't I find something better to say?"

"You just be there for her," Mrs Hannigan said, "Just be her shoulder to cry on, and let her heal. You can't heal her, Alice. She has to heal on her own. All you have to do is be her friend."

Alice sighed. "I just wish i could make things better for her."

"You are a wonderful friend, honey." Mrs Hannigan's voice started to fade; they were obviously making their way into another room. "It is going to be okay,"

Lily's throat was tight as she stepped into her temporary bedroom. What a mistake it was coming here! Lily thought visciously, All I am doing is making people miserable. I should have stayed at school and left everyone alone.
The room she now stood in had dark red walls and black furniture. Jetting out from the middle of the far wall was a magnificent four poster bed, with a red comforter and many many pillows. Lily would have counted them, but she crashed on top of the bed and was quickly asleep, escaping her tortured thoughts and her pained feelings.


"Lily?" Came a voice from far, far away, "Lily, wake up...,"

Lily opened her eyes, her drowsiness made her slightly disorentated, and she looked around the unfamiliar room in confusion.

"Lily, it's time for dinner," Alice was standing over her, a concerned look on her face. "Are you feeling any better?"

Lily blinked, suddenly remembering where she was. The room had grown darker during her nap, the sun was setting outside her window.

"Uhm," She grumbled, rubbing her eyes and sitting up, "Yes, I do feel better, actually,"

"Okay, well," Alice said, "It's time to eat now,"

Lily stood up and followed he friend downstairs and into the dining room, which had nothing in it but a gorgeous oak table with four seats, and candles floating above the table just as they did in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Mr. and Mrs. Hannigan were already seated, politely waiting to begin the meal when Lily and Alice had sat down.

"What are we having?" Lily asked, taking a seat opposite Alice, "It smells amazing,"

"A Roast," Mr. Hannigan answered, "Chester has been preparing it all afternoon,"

"Chester?" Lily asked, placing a napkin on her lap.

"Our House Elf," Mr. Hannigan replied. "He's a wonderful cook."

"But I thought that your House Elf's name was Stella," Lily said, puzzled. She was positive that Alice had told her that the elf's name was Stella.

"Oh, we have more than one elf, darling," Mrs Hannigan smiled at Lily. "Such a big house, it would be cruel to make one elf do everything by itself."

Lily was happy to hear this, she had hoped that the Hannigans were not cruel to House Elves.

At that very moment, a very squat house elf with very pointy ears and an even pointier nose entered the dining room, wheeling a cart of food under lidded trays.

"Chester, right?" Lily looked at the elf, who lifted the lid of the biggest tray to reveal a hot, steamy roast, with colorful vegetables around the base of it.

"No, Lily, this is Winston," Alice said, as the elf placed a slice of roast onto her plate in front of her.

"How many elves do you have?" Lily asked, somewhat amused.

"We have four. You met Stella, and there is Pinky; they do most of the cleaning. Then there is Chester, who cooks for us, and Winston, who helps Chester in the kitchen." Mrs. Hannigan replied, "But i would love to get more; they're so nice to have around."

"Especially since there is so much decorating to be done," Mr Hannigan added, "before the big party tomorrow,"

"What party?" Lily asked him, interested.

"Well, every year our family hosts a Christmas Party in the ballroom, we invite all of our friends, get dressed up, it's quite nice, really," Mr. Hannigan smiled, his cheeks rounding.

"That sounds like it will be wonderful," Lily said, "But...I don't have anything formal enough to wear to something like that."

"Oh, don't worry, darling, you can wear something of Alice's." Mrs Hannigan cut into her roast as Winston wheeled away.

"Yes, we can go up and find something after dinner," Alice smiled, and Lily could tell that Alice was being overly nice, because she know very well that Alice absolutely hated sharing her clothes. Ah, well..

Dinner turned out to be as delicious as it smelled, and Lily also found that it wasn't as awkward with Alice and her parents as it had been earlier that afternoon. She actually ended up having a good time, smiling and even laughing a few times. Alice's parents reminded her a lot of her own parents...but Lily found that strangely comforting, rather than depressing.

Alice's room was much bigger than the one Lily was staying in. The walls were a claming sky-blue, with a beautiful moving mural of clouds in the ceiling. There was a window seat that overlooked the front walk, and the gorgeous four-poster canopy bed had a puffy white down comforter with numerous fluffly white pillows.

"Alice, I love your room!" Lily said as they entered after dinner, "It's like a little peice of Heaven,"

"Thanks, this is my favorite place in the world." Alice said, and threw open her double closet doors to reveal racks upon racks of clothes and coats and whatever else, there were shelves and shelves of shoes, hats, and accessories, and there was a little desk and stool in the back, a lit mirror and trays and trays of make-up.

"Wow," was all Lily could say. "I love your room,"

"You already said that.," Alice laughed.

"Yeah, well, I felt the need to say it again. Wow. I freaking love your room!" Lily grinned and stepped into the massive closet.

"Alright, so...," Alice stopped in front of a rack of formal dresses and ballgowns. "Let's see what we can find you..."

Lily was in awe, she couldn't believe that Alice had so many gorgeous dresses.

Alice held up a strapless red gown, with diamonds along the top. "This is what I'm wearing tomorrow,"

"Wow, it's beautiful," Lily ran her fingers along the diamonds, envious all over.

"What about this one for you?" Alice pulled out a coral pink dress with a tied halter top and a floor-length skirt.

Lily wrinkled her nose. "Pink isn't really my color."

"Yeah...Oh my god, i have the perfect dress for you," Alice said, her eyes lighting up, "But it's my mother's...hold on, let me find Stella or Pinky,"

Alice left the closet and ran out into the hall, returning a moment later. "Stella's bringing it for me,"

"Thank you, Alice," Lily said, looking her friend in the eye.

"Oh, it's no problem!" Alice smiled back at her.

"No, Thank you," Lily said again, taking Alice's hands. "I know that I've been weird lately, and i just want to make sure you know how much i appreciate you, and how good you always make me feel. I am so greatful that you let me come stay here and i hope you understand how much your friendship means to me."

Alice wrapped her arms around her best friend. "You're going to make me cry!"

"Everything makes you cry!" Lily said, hugging her back, and laughing.

"Excuese me, Mistress Alice," Stella squeaked, entering the closet holding a gorgeous green dress.

"Thank you, Stella," Alice took the dress from the elf and held it up. It was absolutely beautiful, it was emerald green, with a halter top and it was completely backless, stopping right before the rear end, the skirt was long and flowy, almost goddess-like.

Lily looked at the green goddess dress, and then at Alice. "Oh my god, Ally, I love it!"

She jumped up and down, then gave Alice another bear hug.

"Lily, you're going to look FABULOUS!"



After a wonderful, refreshing night in her bed, Lily awoke the next morning to find her room comletely covered in Christmas decorations. Her red walls had been covered in paper snowflakes, a small Christmas tree had been put up in the middle of the large room, with gold ornaments glinting in the morning sun. Gold garland hung around the window like curtains.

"Oh, my," Lily whispered wonderingly, looking around her extravagently decorated room, then felt something cold on her shoulders. Lily brushed it off and looked in her hand. It couldn't be...snow...however, that was what it looked like. She looked up and sure enough, a miniture snow cloud loomed above her head, sprinkling real snow onto her bed.

"That's bizzare." She said wonderingly, rising from the bed to take a hot shower.

The rest of the house was just as decked, streamers and garland was absoultely everywhere, not annoyingly so, but it sure was noticiable. The cherub statues in the foyer had been replaced with statues of Christmas angels, in a large room left of the dining room stood the largest Christmas tree Lily had ever seen...she guessed it had to be about 25 feet tall, if not more. All day long, Mr. and Mrs. Hannigan, and all four house elves ran around in a frenzy, preparing for that evening's party. Lily and Alice volunteered to help, by hanging decorations in the ballroom with Stella. Stella had grown quite fond of Lily, and Lily found Stella to be the sweetest of all the Hannigan house elves; Pinky an older elf, was very picky about the foyer decorations, and she seemed sort of cross when Lily had offered to help. Pinky also snapped at the string quartet that requested that they set up where they were scheduled to play. Chester was plesant, but was extremely busy doing all the cooking, and Winston rarely ever spoke, and Lily had come to the conclusion that he was somewhat odd.

Later that night proved to be just as chaotic, the elves were hurriedly hanging last minute decorations in the ballroom when the guests began to arrive, gathering in the foyer and mingling amongst themselves. Lily and Alice were not dressed yet, but sat at the top of the stairs out of sight and watched the early-bird guests arrive.

"Good lord," Lily quietly said to Alice, as the foyer quickly crowded, "How many friends do your parents have? There must be over one hundered and fifty people in there already!"

"It's a funny thing, actually," Alice whispered back, "In my parents' world, they invite ALL of the wealthy people in the area. They don't necessarily have to be friends, it's just a thing they've always a way, it's a chance for all these rich people to catch up and show off. You get it...,"

"That is so...," Lily sighed, as yet more guests arrived in extravagent ball gowns and suits, "...weird. Ah, well...let's change, then?"

About a half an hour later, Lily and Alice made their way downstairs into the ridiculously crowded foyer. The number of guests seemed to have doubled in the time they were getting ready. Alice wore the red dress she had shown Lily the previous evening, her brown hair in an elegant bun and sported a small diamond tiara to match the diamonds on her gown. Lily wore the green goddess dress, with her hair in loose ringlets.

"Lord, i can barely move in here!" Lily groaned, squeezing her way past a very large man. "Where are we going, Alice?"

But before Alice could answer, a loud clinking of glass hushed the chattering croud. Heads turned in the direction of the noise, to find Mr. and Mrs. Hannigan standing on the stairs; Mr. Hannigan holding a wine glass and tapping it with his wand, making the glass ring much louder than actually possible. He looked as though he was about to give some sort of speech.

Sure enough, when the crowd fell silent, Mr. Hannigan began to speak in his loud, booming jolly voice. "Good Evening, friends, family, My wife, Destiny, and I are pleased to have you all here tonight at our...ninteenth annual Hannigan Manor Christmas Ball, and we are also grateful to see that all of you made it here safely on this snowy night,"

The guests clapped politely, and Mr. Hannigan continued on. "So, without further ado, i open the ballroom doors, wishing all of you the most plesant of evenings!"

The crowded applauded louder this time, as Mr. Hannigan raised his wand, gave it a flick and opened the ballroom doors. The mass of people filed in rather quickly, though many still hung back, including Lily and the Hannigans, as even more guests still arrived.

"Well, here we go, then," Mrs. Hannigan said, taking hold of her husband's arm, and making their way torward the ballroom.

"Take a deep breath!" Mr. Hannigan chuckled, following his wife.

At the same time as Alice's parents entered the ballroom, someone came running out.

"Ally! Lily!" Cried Sarah Callaway, rushing toward them with a big grin on her dainty face. Sarah wore a flowy white gown that had gold straps that greatly flattered her tan skin, and her naturally curly hair had been straightened, and was pinned back on one side with a glitzy, round golden barette.

"Sarah!" Alice cried, running over to Sarah and giving her a huge hug.

"Oh my god! You look beautiful!" Lily said, hugging Sarah as well.

"Thanks, so do you, both of you!" Sarah replied. "I thought i saw you two earlier,"

"Do you come every year?" Lily asked, "To the ball?"

"Well, not every year," Sarah said, "My parents aren't really friends with the Hannigans...but we do still come once in a while. We usually go to the french alps to visit my grandmother. But traveling that far is to dangerous now."

"Yeah, it's great to have you finally come!" Alice said joyfully. "It's a lot nicer than just having the guys around,"

"What guys?" Lily asked,

"James, Sirius, Remus and Peter," Alice said airily.

"Potter will be here?" Lily asked flatly, a knot forming in her stomach. She hadn't seen or spoken to Potter since the night she found out that her parents had been killed...and she was pretty much a great big mess. Lily also couldn't seem to shake the memory of how nice he had been to her.

"Yeah, but I don't think that any of them are here yet," Alice looked around, "I didn't see them before,"

"Neither did I," Sarah said. "But let's go in, and have a party. We all need a little fun. "

As Lily, Sarah and Alice made their way into the ballroom, James and Sirius walked through the open oak doors and into the foyer, looking well groomed in black tuxedos and shiny black shoes. Even James's uncontrolable hair was behaving properly tonight.

"Lord," Sirius said, looking around, "It gets bigger every year,"

"Yeah...," James replied absently, aparently looking around for...someone.

"I really hate these kinds of things. Why did we even come here?" Sirius complained under his breath, adjusting his uncomfortable suit, "Your parents didn't even come!"

"Oh, they're working on some official 'Ministry business' or something." James was still looking around the foyer.

"That still doesn't answer my question of WHY you dressed me up like a butler and dragged me here tonight," Sirius figited with his collar. "I could name about a thousand things i would rather be doing egging my parents' house,"

"What?" James asked, he aparently hadn't been listening.

"Or going into London and laughing at the little muggles. I'd rather hang out with Miranda Hopkins than be here! Why, I'd even rather finish my Charms homework than be here tonight!"

"Whatever, man." James laughed, "Have you seen Evans?"

"Ahh, so that's why we came tonight," Sirius sighed. "Lily."

"Well, I knew she'd be here," James shrugged, "I haven't talked to her since the night her parents died."

"You ever think that she may be avoiding you?" Sirius asked, taking a finger sandwich off of Pinky's tray as she walked by.

"Why?" James blinked. "I didn't do anything to her,"

"I dunno, other than she hates your guts for putting her precious Mikey in St.Mungo's?" Sirius stuffed the finger sandwich into his mouth.

James tensed. "Look, that wasn't my fault!"

"I know, I know," Sirius said, "But Lily-flower's never been too keen on forgiving you. Or anyone for that matter."

"Well, i need to find her." James said, making his way into the ballroom. "To work all this out,"

The ballroom was extraordinary. It was nearly twice the size of the Great Hall at Hogwarts, the ceilings were two floors high with golden murals painted on them, and the floor was a beautiful white marble with specks of gold in it. Surrounding the dance floor were dozens of little tables with gold tablecloths and in each corner of the ballroom were tables filled with food and drinks of all kinds. The Christmas decorations in here were just as extravagent as the rest of the manor. The place was packed, with people on the dance floor, at the tables, and getting food.

"Well, good luck with that," Sirius said, looking around the crowded ballroom. "Oh, look, there's a redhead! Ah, I see two more!"

"Oh, shove it, will you?" James sighed, but he knew Sirius was right, finding Lily was going to be near impossible.

As Sirius and James stopped in front of one of the foor tables, they heard an exctied voice call their names.

"JAMES, SIRIUS!" They wheeled around, and there stood Peter, the buttons on his maroon tux were strained against his chubby stomach. Behind Peter, Remus walked over their way as well, in a black tuxedo like James and Sirius.

"Hullo, Wormtail," Sirius said, "Look at how nice you can clean up. It's so much easier on the eyes."

"But i must say, that suit really isn't your color," James mocked, and Sirius grinned. Peter looked down at his maroon suit and shurgged.

"I'm starving!" he said, grabbing a plate and filling it with food.

"Careful, you don't want to pop a button." Sirius said, watching his chunky friend load his plate. "That would just be embarrassing,"

"Hey, Money," James said, when Remus had arrived. "Don't you look spiffy!"

"Er, thanks, Prongs," Remus did not smile.

"Look, Mooney," James said, "I'm sorry for, you know, walking all over you. I didn't mean to treat you like that, and I apologize. I hope we're still cool."

"Yeah, well, I kind of over reacted when I said that," Remus shugged, " I know what a great friend you are to me."

"So we're cool?" James asked.

"Yeah, we are. It's all good," Remus grinned, but it faded when Sirius turned around, standing next to James.

"Hullo, Mooney," Sirius said airily, not taking any notice of the change of mood. "You look faaan-cy,"

"Oh, thanks," Remus said venomously, "Are you going to use my fanciness to kill anyone tonight?"

"Do you have to be like that?" Sirius said, frowning. "Look, I already told you! I would never do that to you on purpose!"

"That still doesn't change what you did." Remus said lowly.

"Can't you get past it?" Sirius said, "Can't you just realize that I'm your friend and that it was just supposed to be a prank?"

"God, Padfoot!" Remus cried, "I can't just let this go and pretend like it never happened! Don't you think that I have a right to be mad?"

"Well, yeah, but-,"

"I can't trust you anymore!" Remus said, harshly, "You've lost my trust, you've lost my respect, and as of right now, you've lost my friendship."

With that, Remus turned on his heel and disappered into the crowd, leaving Sirius, James and Peter sanding speechless.

"I knew that we shouldn't have come here," Sirius grumbled, grabbed a firewhisky shot and drained it.

James clapped his friend on the back and sighed. "He'll come around, mate. It's Remus we're talking about,"

As the party went on, Remus sat alone at a table near the dance floor. He knew that Sirius would never do a thing like that to deliberately hurt him, but Remus just couldn't forgive him. Not yet. Sirius had to realize that couldn't be so selfish all the time. Remus was tired of letting Sirius act selfish like this; and he wasn't going to stand for it anymore.

"Hello, Remus," came a sweet voice, stopping his thoughts.

Remus looked up and saw Shelly Wynter standing before him. Shelly was a pretty 7th year Ravenclaw in his Charms class, who he got along with very well. Shelly had Blonde hair so light that it was almost white; it was usually straight, but tonight it was in big curls, and her bangs were pinned back. She wore an ice blue gown and looked absolutely radiant.

"Shelly," Remus smiled, "You look beautiful!"

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself," She grinned and sat next to him. "Would you like to dance?"

"Absolutely," Remus stood up, took Shelly's hand and led her to the dance floor.

"So, how have you been lately?" Shelly asked him, as they danced to a slow, fluttery song.

"I've been great," Remus lied, "It's been nice staying at Peter's house,"

"Yeah, I heard that he had a wonderful house. Really big," Shelly's blue eyes sparkled, "Can you believe that Alice Hannigan lives here?"

"No, I cant, actually," Remus said, "But I would imagine that she gets quite lonely sometimes, being an only child and all,"

"Well, I think living here would be wonderful, I'd feel like a princess," Shelly smiled again, her teeth were dazzilingly white.

Remus didn't know what was coming over him, but he felt so wonderful around Shelly...her presence had always put him in a great mood, but tonight was different, his stomach was doing flips and he could not stop stairing at those perfectly white teeth...

When the song ended, they went to sit back down, passing Lily on the way.

"Hello, Remus!" Lily smiled sweetly at him. "Hey, Shelly. You both look great,"

"Thanks, Lily," Shelly said, "And, I heard what happened to your family, and I would just like to say that I am so sorry for your loss,"

"Oh, thank you," Lily replied, giving a fake smile. She didn't know Shelly Wynter very well, and found that kind gesture to be very awkward. "That's sweet of you,"

"How are you doing, Lily?" Remus asked, looking into her eyes,

Lily wasn't going say anything about how she was feeling right now, "I'm great,"

Remus nodded, understanding that Lily wasn't going to elaborate.

"," he began, looking for something to change the subject, "Where are Sarah and Alice?"

"Oh, Alice is making the rounds with her parents, and Sarah was dancing with Sirius about fifteen minutes ago, but i don't know where they went,"

"I think I saw them leave," Shelly said, "into the foyer,"

"Oh, well, i was actually going to go find them," Lily said, looking for an excuse to leave; she was feeling like a third wheel. "But it was great talking to you two,"

"Okay, bye, Lily," Shelly smiled.

"I'll see you later," Remus said, and they made their way back to their table.

Lily exited the ballroom as quickly as she could. She didn't really want to find Sarah, of course...she just wanted to get out of there. Her feet hurt and she was tired. The ball had only been going on for about two hours, but Lily decieded that she needed a break. Lately she had been having intense mood swings, one minute she was happy, the next she was on the verge of crying again. But Lily hadn't cried..she hadn't let herself. In a way, this made her feel strong, and in control of herself. If she couldn't control her moods, she at least could control whether she cried of not.

Lily made her way up the stairs and to her room, where she planned to lay down for a bit, and maybe join the party again later. She opened her door and gave a surprised cry.

There were two figures standing in the middle of her room, arms groping, hair tossled, and kissing rather aggressively. It took Lily a second to realize that the couple having the intense snog session in the middle of her room was none other than Sirius and Sarah, who broke apart when they heard Lily.

"Oh," Sarah said, stepping back from Sirius and combing her fingers through her hair,

"Sorry!" Lily cried, shutting the door rather hard, and walking down the hall, her cheeks flaming.

As embarrassing as the incident had been, Lily was rather amused that Sarah had finally gotten together with Sirius, even if they were just hooking up. But they probably would start dating, because they are only the most obvious couple ever...

Lily turned the corner and walked smack into a something walking the opposite direction. She gave yelp and stumbled backward, almost falling over; but the person reached out and steadied her before she fell.

"Sorry, Evans," James Potter said, letting go of her once she caught her footing. "I didn't see you there,"

"Oh, uh, it's fine," Lily said, and began to walk away from yet another awkward scene.

"Wait, Evans," James said, and Lily stopped. "I was actually looking for you, been meaning to talk to you,"

"Well...," Lily took a deep breath, "Okay, I'll talk,"

"I just want you to know that I would never purpously hurt Michael," James said, looking into her deep green eyes, "It was a complete accident, and I would never ever do that to someone, as much as I dont like them...,"

Lily smiled, "I know. It's not your fault. I shouldn't have blamed you for that; it wasn't fair."

"Good, then," James sighed with relief. "Look, about that night when your-,"

Lily knew where this was going, and she didn't want to get on that subject again. "I was messed up. But I'm fine now, really,"

"Are you sure?" James asked. "There is pain in your eyes,"

"Look, I'm sorry for dumping all of that on you that night," Lily looked at her feet. "I must have really freaked you out,"

"No, no," James said, "You were fine. It's normal."

"Well...thank you....for being there," She looked up at him. They were standing very close.

"You don't have to be so strong all the time, Evans," James said quietly.

"Yes I do," Lily whispered, "I don't know how to be anything else,"

"Just do what you feel," James whispered back. He was closer now.

Lily did not know what was happening to her. She felt so peaceful right here in this hallway, inches away from James Potter's face. She had the strongest urge to...

"I don't know how to do what I feel," Lily's heart was racing, "Show me,"

She wasn't sure if she had asked for this or not, but James Potter leaned down and kissed her, and something inside her exploded with pleasure as his lips touched hers, first soft, then harder, more passionate, she put both hands on the his head, as though trying to bring him even closer, she deepened the kiss as she felt his arms wrap around her waist. This was the single most passionate kiss she had ever had in her life...all the others...meant nothing compared to this, All the others...

With this thought, a face popped into her mind, and the passionate feelings came to a screetching hault. Michael...what about...Michael? Her comatose boyfriend? Had she forgotten him? No! She loved him! She loved Michael!

Lily snapped back and looked James in the face. He stared at her as though wanting to kiss her again, but Lily stopped him. "I can't do this!"

James looked at Lily, whose expression had grown into panic. Her eyes were wide, filled with confusion. She looked around the hall, which was least nobody had seen...

"Why did you do that?" She looked up at James again, her voice quivering.

For the first time in his life, James Potter was speechless; he looked down at Lily, who stepped away from him.

"Evans...," James took a step towards her, but Lily shook her head, her eyes still huge, in horror of what had just happened.

"Just don't," She whispered, turning on her heel and racing down the hallway, leaving James standing rooted to the spot, his mind reeling.


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