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Pushing the brink of insanity. by _Kreacher_
Chapter 10 : Smile
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Still slightly confused as to what it was, Hermione let her thoughts wander, Hermione thoughts nudging at her conscience. 'What about Ron? You haven’t spoken to him!' she seemed to be saying. Ron was on her mind a lot, she was beginning to feel slightly guilty about putting him in trouble with his girlfriend. Even though he had cheated on her first. Looking up, Fergie went to join the back of the queue, but was pulled away by Draco. He put his hands over her eyes, and led her for what seemed like a while, before removing his hands. She blinked, her eyes adjusting to the light, and looked.
What loomed in from of her was what appeared to be a giant arena, a stadium of sorts gently lit and fogged over. Draco squeezed her hand and grinned. A large claxon sounded, making her jump. 

"What is this place?" She asked, realising the two were ignoring her on purpose. Pansy was nowhere in sight. A young girl came towards her and stumbled. Fergie instantly reached out to catch her. 

"Thanks." She said, relieved. "I can't walk at all in these skates." Fergie waved her thanks off as though she knew what she was talking about, but turning around to look at the feet of the people now leaving the arena, she saw skates. Not just any skates, but the type you might find on an ice skating rink. Fergie squealed with delight as she bounded forward and saw the ice. 

"We're going ice skating." Blaise confirmed for her. "Have you ever been before?" She shook her head, keeping her eyes transfixed on the frozen water as though it would jump up and bite her. She grinned. 

"This should be interesting then!" Draco laughed. It took a surprisingly short time to get everyone off the ice. It was empty before Fergie could process her typical Hermione Pessimistic thoughts. 

"Here." Blaise passed some skates into her hand. 

"How did you-" 

"I found some of your shoes for size." He said sheepishly. "While Draco distracted you." Fergie leant against the wall to pull them on. 

"What about all the people outside wanting to come in?" 

"We have half an hour." Draco told her. "Before they are unleashed on us." He stood up easily, having obviously cheated slightly by using magic. Fergie stood up, thankful for the rubber flooring surrounding the rink. 

"Ready?" Draco asked her. She nodded, and took his hand when he offered it to her. Blaise was on her other side, also holding her hand. She tentatively put one skate onto the ice. Finding she could still keep balance, she placed the other skate on, moving forward slightly. At her scared look, the boys burst out laughing. She glared at them. 

"This isn’t funny!" She told them, trying desperately not to laugh herself.
She suddenly went flying forward as someone slammed into her. Squealing, she threw her arms out. Draco was round in a second, stopping her before she hit the ice. 

"Thanks." She muttered, grinning as she was pulled up. Turning around, she looked at her assailant…who was in a bundle on the floor. Blaise pulled a face and went to pull Pansy to her feet. 

"Having fun?" He asked laughter in his voice. She glared at him, and skated quickly away from them on the huge ice. 

"She can normally skate really well." Blaise muttered. Draco gave Fergie a knowing look. 

"What?" Fergie wasn’t as quick on the uptake. Draco's face changed to glare at her slowness. "Oh! You think she did it on purpose?" Blaise shushed her. 

"Obviously." He grabbed her hand again, and began to skate. Fergie squealed, as she moved, trying to copy his movements, before stumbling again. 

"We're found something Fergie can't do!" Blaise squealed, skating in perfect circles around her. 

"I love this!" Fergie exclaimed, swatting him as he came past.
Draco began to skate slightly faster, at which she squealed. 

"You won't fall." He told her. "Promise!" Fergie believed him. He guided her in slow circles around the arena. Out of the corner of her eye, Fergie saw Pansy fall over again, not far from them. 

"Draco!" She whined. "Help!" She grabbed hold of her ankle as though she had hurt it. Draco rolled his eyes and ignored her. 

"Go help her." Fergie told him. "I'll try to work this out!" Draco shook his head. 

"Ditch you for her?" 

"Help her and let me have a go." She pulled her hands away from his. She trusted him enough to withstand Pansy's attempts. 
The second her hands were away from his however, she felt like she was going to fall. She stood straight while he skated away, and quickly attempted to move forward. She didn’t fall…but she made a nice little circle. Frustrated, she tried again.
She managed to move forward with confidence, and after a few tries, picked up a little speed. She stumbled, but righted herself quickly. Before long she was confident, smiling as she skated past Blaise. She came up behind Draco and Pansy (Who was insisting her ankle was broken) and attempted to stop. 

Well it didn’t work. 

Fergie squealed as she went flying into Draco and Pansy. Thankfully, she managed to stay on her feet, but once again, Pansy fell straight forward. Standing up, she cussed continuously for a minute, and then placed her arm possessively on Draco's arm. Blaise caught up with them. 

"Only fifteen minutes left guys, let's have some fun!"
Blaise grabbed her hand this time, and pulled her around. He was wearing some gloves, which after falling over a few times, Fergie was jealous of. 

"You know Pansy's no competition right?" Blaise asked, mistaking her jealous look. Fergie laughed. 

"Yes Blaise. So who have you got your eye on?" Blaise blushed, and pulled her to a stop. 

"Don’t tell Draco?" 


"You know your friend? Tara?" At this, Fergie squealed. 

"She broke up with Vaisy, you know, after he forgot about their date in Hogsmeade" Blaise grinned. 

"Yeah, I was jumping up and down at that. Do you reckon…" 

"You definitely have a chance. I'll grab Ginny and a few other people and we'll have a girly night." Fergie grinned at the thought 

"Ginny? Ginny Weasly?" Immediately Fergie thought up a frantic excuse. 

"Uh, no, Ginny from my Hometown, Ginny uh, Winters." Blaise looked sceptical but accepted her excuse. She breathed an internal sigh of relief. 

Before she could say any more, Draco skated quickly up to them 

"I love you Fergie. Please don't let this change it." He said desperately. Alarmed, Fergie searched his eyes, knowing they were honest but wondering what was scaring him so. Blaise turned to look at him. 

"What?" He asked, freezing as he began to pull off his gloves. Looking at Draco's face, he too assumed a panicked look.
"Here?" He asked. Draco pulled back his sleeve to reveal a tattoo, which was slithering menacingly. The Hermione side of Fergie was disgusted and terrified, but the new Fergie could only stare down at it. Draco looked at her apologetically. 

"Do you need to go see him or something?" She asked. He nodded. "Then go."
But before he could move, something else happened. 

"What did you do?" Fergie asked the boys, pushing past Draco to look around. Various people had been moving around the seats, cleaning them, music was pumping out the speakers…until it froze, the people left motionless. 

"This wasnt us..." Blaise said, joining her. 

"This is a Time Charm...only two people have managed this before." Draco told them quietly. 

"Dumbledore and Him." Fergie said quietly. It was written all over his face, the fear and worry. 

"Very...good." A silky voice which struck fear to the bone spoke. "Ferguson isnt it?" The same voice asked. The three turned slowly to look at the man who wanted nothing more than to kill Hermione's best friend. "Well don't be shy." 

"Yes." She replied, looking calmly at him, willing her beating heart to be quiet. 

"Yes what?" He hissed, suddenly angry. 

"Lord." Blaise whispered under his breath. 

"Yes My Lord." The words tasted dirty on her tongue. 

"Interesting..." He mused. "And you are in love are you not?" 

"Please my Lord..." A voice from the shadows behind him said. It was Lucius. 

"Silence!" The dark lord commanded, and Lucius was so immediately.
Fergie was panicking, when Blaise grabbed her hand and held it tight. He was like her big brother, and he couldn't have picked a better time. The Dark lord looked down at their hands, and smiled menacingly. 

"I have something for you to do young Draco." Draco nodded, and walked forward, pulling his wand out of his sleeve at the same time. 

"Would you Crucio her?" Voldemort asked. It was phrased as a question, but said as an order. Draco turned, looked at Fergie and Blaise's pleading eyes, raised his wand, and did as the dark lord asked. Fergie fell to the floor, screaming with the pain. It was even worse on skates; she was thrown backwards, pulling Blaise with her. When it at last subsided, she pulled herself to her feet, glaring at Draco. There wasn't a hint of remorse or worry in his eyes. 

"Do you love her Draco?" He said in a mocking tone. He shook his head immediately. "So there's no reason to keep her around?" Draco nodded. "Then I think you can have some fun with her." 

Pointing his wand once more at her, he shot a rally of hexes at her, followed by an unforgivable. When she stood again, Blaise slipped his wand into her hand. How he had managed to keep it with him when hers had disappeared As Draco went to torture her 
once more, Fergie shot a painful curse at him, followed by a body-bind. Caught by surprise, he did'nt defend himself. 

"Twat." Fergie muttered, as she passed the wand back to Blaise, her back to the killers. She heard his voice, the start of another hex, and spun around, flinging her arms out. To her surprise and relief, a shield appeared, saving her from whatever Draco was trying to send. There were gasps all around, no one expected that. Even she looked, confused, at the miracle that had saved her. As she lowered the shield, Draco raised his wand once more. 

"Avada Kev…" The pause was a millisecond long.
There was a loud Popping sound, and another unfamiliar death eater appeared. 

"My Lord...The minister..." He panted. Voldemort seemed to understand, as with one last look, he disappeared. His death eaters followed him immediately. With a strange sound, music suddenly began pumping. That wasn't the only thing, Fergie exploded from Blaise's grasp, skating steadily into Draco, only to begin pummelling him. 

"You son of a-" 

"Fergie! Calm down!" Blaise attempted to pull her off a now bloody Draco. But he didn't need to. Draco pushed her off him and held her down, stopping her fists and her moving. 

"What did I say before he came?" He growled at her. As Fergie made no attempt to speak, He shook her. 

"What did I say?" He hissed again. 

"Why the hell was he here? He was here for you wasn't he?"

"What did I say?!"

"Don't let this change it." Fergie said, struggling hard. She refused to say I love you. "But you could have killed me! You would have!" 

"No I wouldn't have." Draco replied flatly. 

"You nearly did!" 

"She's right man. Find Pansy, do what you want, but we're going home." Blaise put in. Draco let Fergie get up, his eyes pleading. She just shook her head, wincing from the sores the curses had created. Blaise supported her, and not looking at Draco again, they walked out. Instead of being thankful for her short encounter, she was saddened, finding it hard to refuse tears.

If you can find it in your hearts to forgive how long it took for me to update, please review. =D

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