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No Longer Dead by Away From Me
Chapter 6 : Lifetime of Debt
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Chapter 6
Lifetime of Debt

It was eleven in the morning and Hermione groaned, the sun was burning against her eyes and she was trying her best to fall back asleep, her sleep had come so nicely, so good the night before. It almost felt unreal to be able to sleep without a nightmare sending her into hysterics. She rolled over, remembering Draco had spent the night and stretched her arms out, her brow furrowed. Where Draco's warm body had once lay were only sheets, but the proof he had been there remained. Hermione could smell the fresh scent of soap from his shower the night before. She sighed and against her will opened her eyes.

The sun was out today, shining off of her windows making an illusion of a rainbow dance across her floor. She slowly pulled up a strap of her nightgown that had started to fall as she set up. She glanced to the place next to her. She hadn't even felt him get out of bed nor had he even wrote her a note. She wondered where he had went and began to worry slightly.

Slowly she made her way across the room, dragging her feet from slight exhaustion. True she had gotten her six hours of sleep but she still felt extremely put out. She walked into her bathroom and saw Draco's towel from last night neatly folded. She sighed slightly, wondering why on Earth she was so depressed. Then again, she had been very depressed since the war had left them all with disaster, however, she knew this was not the reason for her feelings to be so low.

"You look upset" His voice startled her, making her jump and turn.

"Oh Harry, it's just you" She whispered.

"Of course it's me, were you expecting someone else, perhaps Ron?" He smiled a tight smile, trying his best to show her some sort of happiness.

"No, no one else, Harry" She said lightly, smiling towards him, the same smile he had graced her with.

"Ron is here by the way, he's downstairs"

"How is he"

"Terrible really" Harry shrugged. "But better. It's taking us all time" Harry beckoned her to follow him and she stopped short when she caught sight of herself in the mirror.

"One moment, I'm still in my nightgown, I'll meet you downstairs" She sighed as Harry nodded and walked away. Hermione accio'd her things from her room and began to dress. She pulled on her jeans and then slowly she grabbed her shirt and threw it over head, for a moment she saw darkness, and then soon the shirt settled over her and she looked in the mirror. She almost screamed before his hand went over her mouth.

"Sh, I'm quite sorry, I do apologize, didn't mean to frighten you" His silvery voice relaxed her nerves. She fought against the small smile that was threatening to peer on her face. Until she thought of something that definately took the humor away.

"Draco Malfoy," She hissed, spinning around on him, "What is it with you coming in here and seeing me without articles of clothing on and where the bloody hell were you this morning"

"Why such a low tone"

"Harry and Ron are downstairs" Hermione whispered, flipping her hand as if that did not matter and then giving him a very fiery look.

"I just happen to show up when your.. well lets just say not decent to public eye and as for not being there when you woke up, I didn't realize you cared, Granger" He smiled and it was not a fake smile. Hermione almost lost her breath, the last time she had seen a real smile was long before the war began. "So the boy-who-refused-to-die and his very own Weasel stand below us, rightly where they belong, well below me anyway"

"Will you ever change" Hermione sighed, flipping her hand once again.

"No ma'am" He winked at her, "But I haven't called you mudblood, do I get a cookie for that?"

"Oh honestly, I have to go downstairs.. um please don't pop in unexpectantly with them here Draco, please, I'm begging you" Hermione had a look on her face that almost made Draco want to pull him to her and have her beg in another way. He shook away his thoughts.

"For a price then" He said.

"What's that" Hermione glared.

"I get to sleep with you again tonight" He whispered, looking away. He really had an amazing night with Hermione, a wonderful sleep.

"Um... sure" Hermione couldn't help but smile inside, she'd have another good night of sleep. "See you" Hermione said, walking away as Draco listened to her walking down the steps.

He turned towards the mirror and stared at himself. He was in desperate need of a haircut and he closed his eyes, thinking so desperately of what he wanted, and then opening them he found himself looking at his blonde hair, short like it us to be. He used a quick spell to shave his face and cocked his head to the side. He was wearing the robes Hermione had gave back to him, surprisingly enough they fit him.

He walked down the hallway and set a the top landing the stairs, listening to the voices below him.

"How are you, Ron" Hermione's voice floated up to him.

"How am I suppose to be" He whispered. Draco furrowed his brow, talk about rude, answering with sarcasm.

"Ron, please try to be nice" Harry sighed.

"Sorry, Hermione" Ron said without any emotion.

"It's fine" Hermione sighed. Draco could hear footsteps and knew one of the three was pacing.

"Hermione, we came by for a reason" Harry said. Draco rose an elegant eyebrow.

"What reason?" Hermione whispered.

"Draco Malfoy" Ron sighed. Draco heard Hermiones' sharp intake of breath as he clasped his hands and and leaned forward.

"What of him"

"What happened to him. The last he was sighted was with you, Hermione"

"Excuse me" She asked in an unbelievable tone.

"The night of the war.." Harry's voice cut, and then he coughed "did he really... honestly.. save you" Harry asked. Draco leaned forward more, trying to catch what the girl said as a response.

"Yes" She whispered. He heard Ron coughing, and began to question Hermione immediately.

"Why have you never told us" Ron hissed.

"Because he died afterward, Ronald, or at least.. that's what everyone says" She sighed. "Why is the ministry still looking for him, Harry?"

"He's the last piece, Hermione. He was the last follower, the only one who slipped through our fingers.."

"He saved my life" Hermione interupted.

"Be that as it may, one good deed can not cover countless.." Ron picked up the wording.

"HE SAVED MY LIFE" Hermione screamed at him. The room fell silent as Draco leaned back, rubbing his eyes and massaging his temples. "Without him, there would be no me, and you'd have one more person on your mind to think of as dead forever" Hermione hissed.

"That's not fair Hermione" Harry whispered.

"It's the truth" She said and Draco could tell it was through clenched teeth.

"Look, have you heard from him, seen him, known he's alive" Ron asked.

"If I did, do you really think I would turn him into the ministry" Hermione sighed and Draco could almost see her in his mind, turning her back towards them, "Do you honestly think, I would be able to turn in the one person I owe my life too"

"You owe nothing to him" Ron hissed.

"I owe him everything. Do you not understand? Do you not get it? I'd be dead, and many times I've wished he would have left me, but he didn't. But to answer your question, no, I have not seen him or heard from her nor do I know if the man walks the Earth still, and if he does, may everyone leave him the fuck alone" Her voice was beyond emotional.

"What has happened to you Hermione" Harry whispered.

"Harry, Ron, he saved me. That alone, within itself, gives him my respect, and leaves me in debt to him. I owe him more then either of you could understand." Hermione sighed.

"So he really is dead then" Ron said.

"I guess so" Harry sighed.

"I don't know" Hermione sighed, "but if you happen to see him in some sort of dream or just maybe he's alive, do give him a fair trial, and not a biased one of which you would likely give him now."

Harry and Ron both stared openly at the girl and Draco could now see the seen below him, after casting a spell of disillusion on himself. He stared at the three.

"Hermione, what exactly are your feelings for him?" Harry asked.

"Excuse me"

"Really, did you guys have some sort of thing going on.."

"Honestly, if you would ask yourself such a stupid question, please get the bloody hell out of my face" Hermione was definately emotional by this time.

"Sorry" they both said.

"Sure, that's what you always are these days... sorry"

"Maybe we should leave" Harry sighed.

"Come back when your feeling better" Ron patted Hermione's shoulder who pulled away from him.

"I am feeling fine. Just offended." She hissed. They both glanced at her, before turning and disapparating. Draco took the spell of himself as he watched Hermione picked up and lamp, and throw it in his general direction. He swiftly dunked as the glass shattered over his head.

"Bloody hell" He breathed.

"Oh.. sorry Draco" She whispered. He looked up at her and saw how much age she had in her eyes. He tilted his head then.

"How about some tea Hermione, to make you feel better" He said descending the stairs, and grabbing hand, pulling her into the kitchen.

"It's like... I've lost everything.. and nothing in this world seems to be in my hands"

"What do you mean" Draco asked.

"I can't control what happens to me anymore. I can't control own life" She whispered.

"Hermione, join the club darling" Draco smiled, placing tea in front of her, "now, drink up"

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