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Children of the Revolution by Clymenestra
Chapter 8 : Aoife's Booky
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter

Aoife's Booky

Aoife Lupin sat in her bedroom looking at her ceiling. All around were the memories of her life, without this room she’d be lost without the things in this room. Even the silly little teddies now lined on top of her wardrobe instead of on her bed reminded her of happy yet closeted childhood memories. All of her memories gave her an idea, a sparkle came to her violet eyes and she leaned over the side of her bed and brought out from underneath a large bound book. This book had every thought Aoife had possessed from the age of eleven. She kept expanding it and today she would expand it even more. She would continue in writing her memoirs as she now called them, but had once been called her booky.

My life has never been an easy one. Life always seemed to deal its bitterest blows to me … I know that may seem a bit of a dramatic thing to say to any of you who may be reading, but it’s true. I have found it particularly hard to make friends because of my parentage … and I will find it even harder to be accepted into an occupation, being who I am. I have a very stupid name and it sounds nothing like how it is written, my name is Aoife Ekaterina Muirgheal Lupin … translation … Eefa Ekaterina ( this name at least is said how it is spelt) the next name is Muirgheal and is basically an Irish spelling of Muriel … my dad is kind of irish so he got a bit carried away I think, My mother wanted to call me Poppy, but the story goes that my dad beat her to the registry office, which I think is pretty shit. If I had a child and my husband did that, I would go schitzo. Though my dad wasn’t my mothers husband when I was born, I was a pleasant surprise and shock for them both … apparently I’m a miracle’ She wrote in large swirling script her purple ink drying a much lighter shade of violet. 

She heard her father clattering about in the kitchen making Dervla help dry the dishes made from luncheon. She smiled to herself and leaned back over her book. 

I don’t know about that, I’m not particularly magically gifted, I can work hard and I do so, but I just don’t have that nature like little Vivien or Aurora for instance, It just never came to me naturally. That doesn’t mean I’m not good because I am, on a par with Granger and that is saying something. I hate monologues I feel that’s what I am writing here and I hate them more than I hate diaries, and I hate them more than cabbage … I’m rambling again, but diaries tend to go that kind of way. Though this isn’t a diary … no on the contrary this is my mind, this is my brain, my memories which I thought would be forever mine, but clearly aren’t … because I am deciding to share them with you booky’ she wrote a smile came to her face. 

'You know what I hate booky? Apart from Nymphadora Tonks … you are a naughty but very clever booky … noI absolutely hate people who stand up and say things like, I am a caring person or ‘I’m absolutely mental I am’ and give themselves a self appraisal … how conceited?? If they think they are mental then I will quite happily take them on a visit to my Aunty Viv. Aunty Viv is very possibly the most glamorous woman I have ever met and clever and funny yet she is incredibly deluded however when it comes to her son who is, though more sensitive than his sister, an emotional vacuum. Alphie is gorgeous though and I suppose he knows that, you get the impression with him that all he cares about is girls, I mean this is the boy who had a girlfriend when he was four for Merlin’s sake, he’s a character for sure, but he is deeper than he lets on. Sometimes when I see him at school or outside of school I can tell he’s thinking about something or other … whether he’s thinking about girls I will never know, I hope not. I think I’d rather keep my fantasy that he is contemplating the meaning of life’ she wrote with a giggle she doubted highly Alphie thought of anything more than how much tail he could conceivably get without contracting syphilis but that was teenage boys for you, it’s all they think about.

‘Anyway this is supposed to be about me. I’ll do the usual things and give you my date of birth and stuff like that, and then I’ll talk about my childhood and starting Hogwarts … the usual tripe. Right so I was born on the second of may in 1980, which makes me seventeen years old as I write this. I wonder how much longer I will survive with this war raging, there are always losses in a war on both sides, I wonder if it will be me … oooohhh dreary thoughts. Right something cheerier I shall discuss my childhood with you booky. I grew up in a house in Holland Park that my parents had restored from what had been a shell of a house, it is the most beautifully restored house I have ever been in … it is the only restored house I’ve been in. When I was born my parents were in hiding and the house was under the Fidelius charm until I was at least five years old, it isn’t anymore but it is still hidden I don’t have a house number my mum and dad just called it Aversley after a letter they found underneath the floorboards from the 1800’s addressed to a Miss I Aversley … I thought you could put it on Antiques Roadshow … but then I was only five. I don’t remember much of this time being as young as I was, but I have a very vivid memory of meeting Harry for the first time. Oh that’s a good idea isn’t it booky I’ll share the most significant memories in my life with you … brilliant idea even if I say so myself.

Now this memory I am sitting in a large wooden panelled room, a fire is roaring on the far wall, and I feel compelled to go towards it, but am stopped by the harness holding me to my mother’s chair. I can hear her talking in hushed tones with my dad, as I recall, I felt even then that something wasn’t right, but looking back I can understand this moment. We were waiting for my aunts and uncles, as I now know them, to show up, this meeting of sorts had been arranged although the war was still raging at the time I think Oh I don’t know maybe it wasn’t maybe it was over and all the mentalists were still out and about causing hell. I recall feeling my mother being upset for quite some time. But that is about it for that memory apart from remembering Harry sitting across from me looking at me keenly like he had never seen something his size before in his life Harry was a funny baby that was for sure. He wouldn’t let Uncle James near Aunty Lily used to kick and scratch and then Vivien was born and she bore the brunt of Harry’s anger for taking away his mummy … then the twins came and all vendetta’s were called off, Harry and Vivien became the closest a brother and sister can be without rousing the attentions of child services. My childhood memories are vague to say the least though booky, it is all flashes and glimpses, as if I were looking into someone else’s memory and not my own. I see Harry floating through my memory and my Aunty Lily grinning at me and looking at me proudly, I mostly remember her eyes shining at me as if I were the most beautiful thing in the world, that look has stayed with me for all of my life

Aoife paused here and sighed her Aunt Lily had been a driving force in her life, she had helped teach her about things that her dad wasn’t so good at when she was getting home schooled. All the Potters went to primary school with the Blacks so she had her days free sometimes for Aoife. She always made time for her anyway even if she was busy, that made Aunty Lily one of the most amazing women in the world and an inspiring figure in her life. She smiled as there was a knock on her door

“Yes” Aoife said and Dervla put her blonde head around the door.

“I’m going to go and play in the garden … do you want to play with me?” she asked uncertainly it had been hard on Dervla not being able to have any friends around in these times and the house was hidden to muggles and she couldn’t get anyone but Charlie to play with her and he couldn’t come over today, the Potters apparently were having a bonding day out somewhere or other. Ivy had told Aoife that morning that they were taking a trip to the country to clean out and re do the house they had there. That was all very nice for them Aoife had thought, with their holiday homes and their fancy cars and expensive clothes. Not that she hadn’t been getting plenty of that herself these days. She hadn’t realised she had been sitting too long staring at the ceiling.

“It’s okay Aoife I nknow you don’t want to play with little girls I’ll just play with my dolls” she said with a sad look but it brought Aoife out of her reverie

“No Dee honey I’ll play with you I just have something to finish first”

“Oh well okay then … but it has to be soon cause daddy says this is playtime and I have to do my sums later on this afternoon”

“He’s not making you work in the summer is he? He’s terrible isn’t he, Look he worked my fingers to the bone” Aoife said and wggled her prosthetic finger at her sister … well the top half of her left index finger was prosthetic but it had nothing to do with Remus and everything to do with the trouble she got herself caught up in with Neville Longbottom in the Ministry of Magic … boy had she got into trouble for that one, as had Harry but it wasn’t to be avoided really.

“Oooh stop scaring me with your finger, that happened because it got cursed off by a baddy”

“Well remembered … give me fifteen minutes till I finish then we’ll go out and play whatever you want”

“Will you come to my restaurant?” she asked her and Aoife smiled

“It would be a pleasure”

“Yes! I’ll get it all organised” she said and ran out of Aoife’s room all in a tizz. Aoife smiled and dipped her quill in her pot of ink and began writing again. 

I feel like I am in regression here … but I am going to move to the next significant moment in my life so far … and it’s a silly one but it is the wedding of my parents. I am six years old, as is Harry, and we are both wearing ridiculous outfits no doubt designed to torture us, Harry, as I remember, seems more uncomfortable in his dress robes than I am unsurprisingly he always was and still is very fidgety.We are sitting in a room in my gran and grandpas house there is loads of old furniture and pictures of my mum and my aunts as children all over the place. On the windowsill just out of reach there are loads of little trinkets we would all love to play with but unfortunately we cant reach ever. Harry and I are sat on the rug before the large couch which turns into a bed … I thought it was magic it wasn’t it was just a sofa bed. I didn’t have much concept of what magic was when I was six I just knew it existed. So we are playing a stupid game called tiddlywinks and Harry has given up flicking them and is just throwing them into the cup … he always cheats in games he always has and he always will because he is a terrible loser.

‘We aren’t the only ones in the room of course Alphard Black, my ‘cousin’ as my mother insists on me calling him, is sitting a little way off looking at his little sisters sitting primly in their carry cots either side of him, god he was protective of them he used to give the most murderous glares if you even intimated you were going to touch them, you weren’t allowed to touch his sisters ever they were his sisters not ours. Further along were Elizabeth and John, twins who I recall being very suspicious of as a child, not knowing what a twin was and how such a thing could take place. I was wrong of course there was nothing to be suspicious of with them, they were the most well natured and glad babies one could wish for, they made less noise together than Aurora Black, the eldest of the two baby sisters at two years old, could on her own in one almighty tantrum she seemed to like to throw tantrums … middle child syndrome if you ask me. And then in the corner away from everyone else, almost cowering was little Vivein, biting her knuckles nervously not willing to join in with the fun of throwing pieces of plastic into a cu p no matter how much Harry tried to encourage her she looked terrified unless she was with Uncle James. But then she was a painfully shy girl and back then I never knew what was wrong with her and she was always so tiny she looked like she would break like plaster in your hands. She used to disappear for weeks on end before showing up again, mummy said she was just an unwell little girl … I now know this is far from the truth, she was a ‘very’ unwell little girl. I first became aware that Vivien Potter was different to Harry, and know this may sound strange but it was by their colouring. Vivien was a breadth away from being an albino, her hair was almost white as a little girl although it has darkened substantially now and her eyes peered at you uncertainly, sometimes looking bloodshot, her eyebrows were non existent giving her a very strange appearance. Looking back now I picture Vivien as a little girl who had received a very serious shock, a troubled and pained young girl. Back then we used to think of Vivien as our little porcelain doll and often Alphard took this literally by putting bows in her hair and encouraging to sit on a seat on her own, even then he preferred her company above others.

This day is significant in my memories, not only because it was the day my parents were married, but it was the first day I ever truly respected the love between my unlikely parents, and I could see it, I had always asked my dad if he was really going to marry mummy, if he was sure about his decision on the matter. Even back then I could tell that my parents were a most unlikely couple, and the lesson I learnt from this experience was that love forms where you nurture it. Yes Daddy could have easily married someone more suited to him like Aunty Connie or Aunty Lily, but he nurtured it with mummy, love grows where you want it to grow … and sometimes not. I think my daddy was most taken with my mothers appearance, apparently they were best friends in Hogwarts and I find that very hard to understand. My parents are as close the definition of chalk and cheese as you can get … but I learned that even Chalk and Cheese can fall in love if you only allow it into your heart

“When are you coming to my restaurant?” Dervla shouted through from her room next door.

“When I’m finished sweetie” she said and there was immediate silence

“Okay but come when you can it’s going to be in the garden it’s a lovely day for alfresco” she said and Aoife grinned … oh how she loved her little sister. For sure that was her next significant life moment. 

Next booky I will discuss with you the arrival of Dervla. I remember this day as clear as you would the first day I wrote in you. I remember going in a car outside of London to an orphanage with my parents where Dervla had been born. I had never been outside London in a car and boy did it take long I fell asleep on the way there. Mummy and Daddy had been looking and looking for a little girl or boy with magical ability to be born into a muggle orphanage, waiting for that name to appear on Hogwarts books and they had been waiting for a very long time apparently because I remember Aunty Viv being very over the top about the whole thing… as she was about most things I have come to understand but it gave it significance for me at the age of 8. But anyway I remember arriving at this big country house in Norwich and feeling disappointed … I thought I was going on a trip to the set of Annie or something like that. Surely orphanages all looked like how they were in the movies. Come on booky I was eight what more can you expect of an eight year old. As I now understand it this wasn’t an orphanage at all but rather a chaplaincy for a boarding school, an old spinsterish woman ran this place she wasn’t the chaplain, mum and dad spoke to him on their own I was left with this woman who thoguth she was a kind and loving woman … she wasn’t and her baking was atrocious, I think her name was Mrs Draper, but I have the worst memory for details. I can remember smells of the not so delicious currant buns and the appearance of the peeling flock wallpaper on the damp walls, the threadbare carpet showing the cold wooden floorboards lingering underfoot. Dervla was not named by her mother who had died from the birth of her daughter being only a young girl herself and an attendee of the correctional school which this was a chaplaincy for the girl was an orphan herself so the baby had gone to the chaplain. The girl didn’t give any instruction on naming her but they still had her surname which if I recall was Bone. The lady Mrs Draper and the Chaplain Father O’Downey had called her Hope, and I remember the look on my mothers face when Mrs Draper had said this name … mummy hates ordinary names. And so we were taken to see the most beautiful little baby I could recall seeing … perhaps because my parents had talked her up and she was going to be my sister, I was already conditioned to thinking her the most beautiful being to grace the earth. She had absolutely no hair on her head and wide blue eyes … she was very small. Mrs Draper said her mummy had been fourteen years old, and she had been blonde so maybe little ‘Hope’ would be blonde as well.

I remember going back a week later and taking her home with us and talking all the way home about what we were going to call her while she gurgled in the little car seat beside me. I thought we should call her Poppy and mummy had looked at daddy pointedly before saying that there would be no point. We called her Margot for two days until we realised it didn’t really fit. And then daddy did his usual and went and registered her without mummy, and my little sister was named, Dervla Irina Clíodhna Lupin. Another tongue twister but a nice name none the less, mummy wasn’t pleased initially but she said that daddy was right about me and Dervla would grow into her name … and she did, now I believe she couldn’t have been named anything but Dervla

Aoife began to write more quickly in fear of keeping her beautiful little joy of a sister waiting. 

My next memory is possibly my favourite as it takes place at Platform nine and three quarters … I was going to Hogwarts for the first time. Aunty Lily was positively hysterical clinging to Harry desperately. Mummy said it was because Aunty Lily had dedicated her life to protecting Harry and it was hard to let go of that. But she had plenty of other children to fill that emptiness, five others to be exact. Rosemary, Elizabeth, John, Clementine and Charlus, five very different children, apart from Elizabeth and Jack, as everyone named him, they were identical. Aunty Viv had promised to come and see Harry off but as I recall on that day she had to deal with a force five Aurora tantrum over ginger cake, and couldn’t come. Harry seemed a bit more upset about this than me, she was probably just going to scare us before we went tell us we had to get past gargoyles and all manner of silliness like that.

The trip to Hogwarts had went accordingly, Harry and I had resolved to stick together on the train and we did. In fact Harry managed to get into a habit which would become synonymous with him … I am speaking of course of our first meeting with Alludra Lestrange. Even back then I recall her scaring the bejesus out of me, she was very intimidating with her long curtain of black hair and piercing eyes. She had stopped Harry to speak to him, she evidently recognised him. She had told him that he would soon come to realise there were people you associated with and then there were those who you didn’t, i.e me, I was hardly her favourite person, she called me cub all throughout our education along side one another. Harry had been quick on the mark and defended me instantly saying I was his cousin and she wasn’t to speak about me like that. And so that nice little vendetta started, Harry had refused croneyship immediately and she was most displeased. That day we also met others, Harry and I already knew Anthony Goldstein very well and we sat with him in his compartmenthe was already sat with Hermes Urquhart who although he was a Slytherin looked after all of us in our early years. Anthony seemed very sure that he was going to be in Ravenclaw to Hermes annoyance, and he thought I would go there as well. We were talking about sorting when a small girl with short dark brown hair and wide blue eyes walked uncertainly into the compartment, she wore jeans and a pink sweater, she was positively the most girly girl I had seen in a long time. We invited her to sit with us, her name was Natalie Sedgwick … she said she hated her real name, Natalie and enforced Nat as her name. From that day forth Harry had called her Natalie to annoy her. We were then joined by two boys looking slightly lost, one guiding the other, Seamus Finnegan … handsome and boyish even then I thought well of him and Dean Thomas a muggleborn like Natalie although unlike Sheffield born Natalie, Dean was from Walthamstow in the east end of London. He had immediately asked Harry what football team he supported and not knowing what to say said that Aunty Lily supported Tottenham Hotspur, he didn’t seem to like this. Of course we came to know in the days to come that Dean prayed at the alter of West Ham. Natalie had claimed she supported the Blades and that meant even less to the four of us without muggle upbringing than the west ham allegiance did. Natalie had struck up a rapport with the boys instantly, apparently she had three brothers so was good with boys. I laugh now remembering my first impressions of Natalie, yes she could be very girly and was so in comparison to her other friends, but she was a tomboy at heart, always getting scrapes on her knees and elbows, she could keep up with the boys better than some of the boys could. Even back then I can remember Anthony being very taken with her taking in every mispronounced word she uttered.

When at Hogwarts I soon met my other housemates and made a friend for life in Hermione Granger, we clicked instantly. She was a muggleborn as well but there were loads of muggleborn’s in Hogwarts, something I hadn’t exactly been anticipating but was delighted to discover. She was funny and smart and seemed not to get on instantly with the boys; in fact she took an instant dislike to Harry and Seamus who laughed throughout the speeches. The dislike for Harry was only second to Ronald Weasley; one of the Weasley’s and related to the flamboyant twins placed further up the table. Hermione and I understood one another perfectly, she had and never would get along with Lavender and Parvati, found it hard with Natalie and Erin but she was very interested in me because of my eyes and something about a film called ‘The Witches’ I was what she had been expecting and yet at the same time far from it. I cannot neglect to mention my best friend besides Hermione that would be rude. Erin Adams was a tall girl with very long blonde curly hair, it had got shorter and straightened itself out since then but this was my first impression of her booky, when her name was called out for sorting Draco Malfoy had laughed cruelly causing a ripple of sniggers at the girl’s name. She had naturally ignored them, having to deal with such teasing’s on a day to day basis, people always made fun of the name Erin and to this day I don’t know why and neither does she. It is likely his reasoning was purely based on her heritage. As Erin Adams made up the four muggleborn’s in my house which was, defying Anthony’s predicition for me … although not his own self prediction he was sorted into Ravenclaw, but I was sorted into Gryffindor, I was so happy and I was with Natalie, Dean and Hermione, and Harry of course and Seamus, we were one big happy family apart from Harry and Hermione who took it as mandate from that point on to make fun of each other. One time Harry had made Hermione cry and it was the only time I have ever seen him affectionate with her he apologised for a whole week straight he even bought her chocolate from Honeydukes and a new quill … that was the beauty of Harry he very rarely pushes the boundaries but when he does he knows he has and immediately apologises for it, he isn’t mean he just likes horsing about too much … a bit like Erin, the two were born to be friends. Erin was and is still to this day an absolute riot, she introduced us all to so much stuff and she was as unlike to Natalie as anyone could get but you wouldn’t find firmer friends in the whole of Hogwarts than Natalie and Erin. Once again I took the lesson that friendship along with love lies in the most unlikely of places.

I don’t particularly enjoy traipsing through my memories with you so I will leave you with this. If I were to die tomorrow at least I would die in the knowledge that I have loved and been loved … and there is no emotion deeper or more profound than the love between people who dare to fall in love with one another, be they similar like Natalie and Anthony, or opposites like my mum and dad, love finds a way. And may it always do so
’ he finished writing and looked at the page she would decorate it later but she really had to get downstairs to her sisters pretend restaurant in the garden. On the way out she would mention to her father about the fact it was the summer holidays and even home schooled kids should have holidays. 

Aoife Lupin may have had a very unconventional family … but she had a happy family who loved one another and that was what was important in life not appearances but happiness and love.

A/N: There you go Aoife's booky had lots of info in it you must agree. It's nice to know how someone is feeling. I love diaries, but diary entries are not allowed on this website so I put in a bit of dialogue between Dervla and Aoife. I love the little families I have put together. Next chapter will most likely be focused on James because it has come to my attention he has been a little bit naughty. I am sure you would like to know his perspective on this. You will know Lily's too guys before you accuse me of being biased lol xx I hope you are all enjoying this xx

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