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Second time love. by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 9 : Lights Dumbledore and Fawkes
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None of the Harry Potter characters belong to me, I have only borrowed them for this tale.

Second time Love

Chapter nine

Lights Dumbledore and Fawkes

Early the next morning after a very filling breakfast the visitors to the Granger house, all but Remus who decided to spend the day with his best friend, either port-keyed or apparated to their various homes, the rest of the day was uneventful and both Harry and Hermione spent the whole day with the family, both eagerly looking forward to being alone that night.

It wasn’t until late evening as the sun went down that they finally found they were alone, Mr and Mrs Granger along with Sirius and Remus were sitting out on the small patio and were supposed to be playing cards, instead they sat in stunned silence staring open mouthed as the lawns in front of them were bathed in a warm golden glow that was gradually growing brighter, the glow was coming from the room that Harry and Hermione now shared.

Up in their bedroom both Harry and Hermione were oblivious to anything going on around them as they made love for the first time, it was a dream come true for Hermione, and as they shared their bodies for the first time they also shared their magic, magic that was growing beyond the capacity that their bodies could hold, the excess magic was being slowly released into their auras, both auras glowing in a golden hue were growing as the passion of their love making grew.

Their bedroom was filled with golden light as their auras mingled and became one, as their love making grew toward the bodily connection that would take away their young bodies virginity so the light grew in it’s intensity, as their bodies finally connected and their virginity died, so the light that emanated from them grew filling the entire upstairs of the house, spreading out through the windows to light up the lawns, as the two Potters reached their climax the light display reached its peak.

Had it not been for Hermione’s excellent combination of wards around the Granger house and grounds, the Muggles of the area would have been able to see a fantastic lighting display, beams of multi coloured lights shot out from the windows of the house, streams of golden stars swirled toward the heavens, the display could not have been better if it had come from one of the new laser display companies, the lawns of the Grangers garden were lit in a golden light that was even brighter than the mid day light from a summer sun.

“Bloody hell!” Sirius exclaimed as the light finally died down “did you see that?”

“Yes their magic must be tremendously powerful,” Remus whispered in an awed voice.

“What just happened?” Mrs Granger asked rubbing at her eyes.

“Do we want to know?” Mr Granger asked with more awe than either Sirius or Remus, he already had a good idea as to what had happened.

“I would say that our two young Potters’ just became man and wife in every sense of the words,” Sirius answered Mrs Granger blushing a little as he spoke.

“The power, did you see the power?” Remus said still truly amazed, he had heard of the glow of bonded couples but none of the stories came near what they had just been witness to.

Upstairs in their room Harry and Hermione still physically connected held each other tight, their energy drained due to the release of so much magic they slipped into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Hermione was woken up around four thirty the next morning by a strange feeling that she was being watched, feeling Harry beside her she immediately remembered the night before and just how wonderful it had felt to give herself completely to the man she loved so much, it was as she was remembering that she realised it was not Harry that was watching her as she slept.
Sitting up and reaching for her wand Hermione’s eyes scanned the room, she froze when she saw Fawkes sitting on her dresser looking straight into her eyes.

Fawkes gently trilled and some how Hermione could hear thoughts that were not her own, ‘sadly bond with Albus breaking down, have something, you should copy, read’ the thoughts it seemed were not actually in words and yet she understood it all perfectly well.

Fawkes rose elegantly from where he was perched and flying to her he dropped a brown leather note book into her lap, reaching for her wand again she looked at the Phoenix and wondered why he had come to her, then with a shrug of her shoulders she waved her wand over the book and made a duplicate copy, she then held out the original to the bird.

Fawkes hovered gently above her, the book held in one of his talons, another gentle trill came from him and more thoughts entered Hermione’s mind ‘I will see you again human but now I must leave’.

A flash of fire was all that indicated that the Phoenix was gone; Hermione opened the book to find nothing but blank pages.
It took only a few seconds for Hermione to work out that Fawkes had brought her a book that belonged to Dumbledore, the only part she had not yet worked out was why.

Staring at the book of blank pages Hermione began to wonder what was so important to the head master that he would have it concealed from prying eyes, she also wondered for a moment if she should return the copy she had made but dismissed the thought as fast as it had appeared, there must be a password she mumbled.

Harry woke and with his head filled with the wonderful memories of the night before he turned to see what Hermione was mumbling about.

“What’s that?” he asked putting his glasses on as Hermione mumbled another odd word.

“I think it is Dumbledore’s notes, it must be important, Fawkes dropped it off about an hour ago, I haven’t figured out the password yet though,” Hermione answered sounding frustrated.

“Did you try Lemon drop?” Harry asked as he got up to go to the bathroom.

“It can’t be that simple… can it?” she answered as the bedroom door closed ‘OF COURSE that has to be it, something simple, I mean who would expect a powerful wizard like Dumbledore to use a simple password,’ Hermione exclaimed even though Harry had left the room.

‘Hermione love, I hope you’re not going to yell like that every morning, you nearly made me miss,’ Harry replied as he relieved his full bladder.

Lemon drop was not the correct password so she tried Hogwarts, and was amazed as the neat script of Albus Dumbledore began to fill the pages of the book, ‘Harry you are brilliant’ she said as she began to read.

“I know,” Harry said as he came back into the room and sorted out clean clothes for the day.

Hermione was still sat up in the bed, almost exactly in the same position she had been in when Fawkes had given her the book, she began to read through the notes, the first few pages were filled with random things, questions Dumbledore had jotted down, things like ‘where can I acquire more house elves, and should I employ Quirrell? After the first few pages she began to wonder why Fawkes had thought the book important, it just seemed like Dumbledore had simply used it to jot down his everyday thoughts similar to a journal or diary.

Harry meanwhile had got dressed gone down stairs and cooked their breakfast, Hermione smelling the aroma of freshly cooked bacon put the book down and dressed then with the book tucked under her arm she went down and joined Harry and Sirius in the kitchen, Sirius was talking about the light display from the previous night when she arrived in the kitchen ready for food.

She noticed as soon as she entered the room that Harry was blushing almost as red as a Weasley “So what are you two talking about?” she asked apprehensively as she sat down at the table.

“Last night,” Sirius said chuckling “when you and Romeo here gave us all a grand light display, the sex must have been bloody brilliant eh Harry? Never saw anything like it before,” Sirius said laughing out loud at their mortified looks.

“Mum, and dad, as well?” Hermione gulped.

“Yes them too, Remus was actually blushing nearly as much as you when I explained it to them,” Sirius said laughing again.

“Not as much as you,” Remus said as he walked into the kitchen, walked to Hermione and gave her a peck on her cheek and said hello to Harry “you should take no notice of Sirius, after all we all know what happens when people get married.”

“That’s not helping Remus,” Hermione said still feeling embarrassed that their love making had actually caused a light display for everyone to see.

Harry still a little red in the face placed Hermione’s breakfast in front of her before turning back to the stove to collect his own and Remus’s. “So did you find anything in that book?” he asked hoping to change the subject from the currently embarrassing talk about the sex that he and his wife had shared the night before.

“No nothing yet love,” Hermione answered as she opened the book and propped it up on a tumbler. She began to read again as she slowly ate her food before it became to cold.
Harry was just washing the plates up when Hermione began to mumble, the mumbling turned into almost a scream when she suddenly slammed her hand down on the table and yelled “I CAN’T BELIEVE HE DID THAT.”

“Who did what?” Sirius asked as Mr Granger followed by his wife entered the kitchen.

“Harry listen to this, ‘It seems my experiment to change the blood lines and to inject new blood into the pure blood lines has worked, today Mr Lancaster married Miss Dogood, I must admit I was not sure that the subliminal suggestions that Severus and I placed into their minds would work, I think that we should find two new students who are a little less compatible in order to verify that the results were a direct result of the Legilimens we used.”

To say that Hermione was furious was a slight understatement when she came across the list of names Albus had chosen from their year, Hermione herself was paired with Ronald Bilius Weasley, Harry was paired with Ginevra Molly Weasley, all in all there were at least five couples from every year for the past ten years. Hermione suddenly saw red when she realised that all the suffering she had been through in her former life had been because Dumbledore had decided that she should think she had fallen in love with and then marry Ron Weasley, wife beater.

An hour later Hermione Jane Potter was in a cold fury as she stood outside Minerva McGonagall’s quarters in Hogwarts, Harry pounded on the door and waited he to was beyond simple anger and had their been any students around the magic that escaped him would have terrified them.

It took several minutes before a dishevelled professor McGonagall opened her door to be met by two of her students who were literally bristling with magic.
Ten minutes later McGonagall her self now seething with anger, slammed the notebook shut and having made a floo call, led the two teenagers to the headmaster’s office. She did not bother to knock as they reached the large oak door; instead she barged right in followed closely by Hermione and Harry.

A rather surprised Albus Dumbledore looked up from his desk at the uninvited intrusion in to his office, “Ah Mr and Mrs Potter to what…” thwack!!!

Hermione’s resounding slap across Dumbledore’s face echoed down the stairwell and out into the corridor beyond.

“YOU EVIL OLD BASTARD,” Hermione screamed in his face that now had a bright red print of her hand glowing across his right cheek “you would have sentenced me to a life with a woman beater you bastard.”

Harry gently pulled Hermione back as she was about to slap the headmaster again “If you weren’t such an old senile bastard I would beat the living daylights out of you,” Harry hissed at the dumbstruck Dumbledore.

Fawkes sat watching as the events unfolded in front of him, as Harry stood in front of Hermione and yelled at Dumbledore, Fawkes flew over and landed on Hermione’s shoulder, moments later both Fawkes and Hermione were surrounded by fire, as the flames died McGonagall let out a gasp, Hermione turned to look at the deputy head wondering what had just happened.

“Fawkes just bonded with you Hermione, it is unheard of for a Phoenix to change who they are bonded with,” McGonagall said in a whispered gasp.

“Fawkes?” Hermione said as she looked at the bird perched on her shoulder.

Fawkes bent his head forward and gently rubbed his beak up and down Hermione’s cheek and gave a short trill, Hermione again understood just what the bird said as it looked at her eyes, ‘together, my human’.

Dumbledore sat stock still in his chair wondering what was happening, his mind raced around trying to figure it out but he was at a loss, his mind kept coming up blank.

“Albus, I am afraid that as deputy head it is my duty to remove you from the office you have misused, I have floo called to the governors regarding your behaviour and for the well being of my students I must ask you to pack and leave the grounds,” McGonagall said as she held up the copy of his notebook.

“But I just wanted to help, it was for the greater good, surely you can see that, new blood to stop the inbreeding,” Dumbledore said as he finally grasped what was happening.

“So for the greater good someone like Hermione would have to spend over a hundred years with a wife beater, or spend a life time wondering why they married someone they don’t even like?” Harry asked incredulity in his voice.

“I did not know Mr Weasley was a woman beater,” Albus said pleading his innocence.

“He beat his sister for nothing more than saying she would tell me something, how many more have you condemned to such a fate,” Harry yelled sparks from his magic shooting from his clenched fists and bouncing from the floor “even Fawkes knows it was wrong you stupid fool, and to think I could ever have respected you, to think you were a great man.”

Dumbledore was about to reach for his wand to Obliviate them when he noticed that there was a stream of magic flowing between the two Potters’, the fear that that sight caused made him stop and move his hand away from his wand, he had read about the phenomenon, and he knew that as powerful as he was they were by far the more powerful right at that moment, no spell he could cast would be strong enough to better that amount of raw magical power.

Harry looked at Hermione when a sudden thought struck him, without even thinking he reached out his hand and called the elder wand, Dumbledore could do nothing as the wand left his pocket and sailed in to Harry’s open hand “Where is the stone, Gaunts ring it has to be destroyed?” he asked Dumbledore as the old man sat wondering how every thing had gone so wrong. Not getting a response Harry took out his wand and cried “Accio Gaunts ring,”

A few seconds later the ring flew into Harry’s waiting palm.

Twenty five minutes later Minerva McGonagall along with Harry and Hermione escorted Dumbledore and Snape out of the main entrance hall, out side waiting a few feet from the door were six Aurors; they arrested the now former head and ex professor Snape and took them away.

“I wonder what will happen to those people Dumbledore carried out his evil on,” Hermione said as she turned to thank McGonagall for helping put a stop to such an evil practice, she then thanked Fawkes for getting the book to her.

Fawkes gave a trill and in a flash of fire he vanished, reappearing in the Granger kitchen, he took up a perch next to Hedwig Harry’s owl and settled him self into his new home.

McGonagall admitted that she had no idea what would happen, she was glad though that no one else would have to suffer from the plot to change the blood lines.

Just a few short minutes later Hermione had apparated them home and they were sitting in the kitchen telling how both Dumbledore and Severus Snape had been removed from Hogwarts by the new head mistress Minerva McGonagall.

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Second time love.: Lights Dumbledore and Fawkes


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