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Through The Years by Maesygirl
Chapter 5 : Fifth year at Hogwarts
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They entered the ministry of magic, and then made their way into the lift, Harry pressed the button for the department of mysteries, everyone remained silent, but the lift itself was making enough noise to wake up everyone in London, but no one came to see who was making the noise, no one.


Hermione remained particularly silent, though she kept throwing Harry reproachful looks, he had been very hard on her back at Hogwarts and he regretted it, she had merely voiced her opinion about Voldermort just wanting to get Harry at the department of mysteries.


Harry opened his mouth to apologize but then the lift came to a halt at the department of mysteries corridor, and he let out a loud gulp, he couldn’t say anything.


Ron, Luna, Ginny and Neville didn’t notice, they were continuing walking forwards, but Harry was frozen to the spot, even though it was his idea to come to the department of mysteries.


Hermione gripped his hand tightly, even though he had yelled at her, and possibly scared her, she still stopped to hold his hand, to help him to go on.


Hermione put her hand on his neck and turned his head to look at her, she smiled weakly at him and then returned her hand to his, she then helped him onwards, Harry squeezed her hand gratefully.


Harry pushed open the door to the department of mysteries, and there was many doors, and a beetle black floor, ceiling, walls, everything was black.


‘Harry, what door are we supposed to go to?’ asked Ron anxiously.


‘We’ll have to try each door,’ said Hermione positively, knowing that Harry was incapable of speech.


‘But that’ll take ages, Harry don’t let her speak for you, speak for yourself. She’s just trying to take charge of us and get us out of here and let Sirius be brutally killed by you-know-who,’ demanded Ginny.


These words had an enormous impact on Hermione, Harry had never seen her lost for words, she opened her mouth to snap at Ginny, reply brutally, the kind of think Hermione would say, but nothing came out. Hermione continued to try to speak, to shout, but she merely gave a gulp similar to Harry’s.


‘Ginny, shut up!’ snarled Harry fiercely, speaking for Hermione as she had done for him when he couldn’t, ‘that is a stupid thing to say, Hermione does not want Sirius dead, Ginny that was mean and hurtful, leave her alone.’ Hermione squeezed his hand gratefully, Ginny saw this and was furious.


‘She’s making you say that stuff because she’s making you fancy her Harry, believe me,’ shouted Ginny.


‘Ginny we’re here for a reason and that is not to have a go at Hermione,’ snapped Harry, ‘you may or may not have forgotten that our reason is to save Sirius, not to argue, now lets check the doors.’


When Ginny merely glared at him he said, ‘that is an order! You can either take it or leave.’


Ginny scowled, but then followed them to the first door, but first glaring daggers at Hermione.


The first door was very glittery, but Harry could not remember seeing it in any of his dreams, so Hermione marked the door was a luminous ‘X’ and then they continued to the next door, which was locked.


‘But this could be it Harry,’ moaned Ron.


‘Ron, Harry could get through all of the doors in his dreams,’ said Hermione, which was right, but didn’t stop Ginny from retorting again.


‘She’s doing it again Harry, and you’re letting her. It’s pathetic, you lovesick fool.’


By the look on Hermione’s face Harry knew she was not going to take anymore of this.


‘Look, Ginny, you’re the one who’s pathetic, I am simply telling the truth and you can’t stand that what I’m saying is right. What’s got into you Gin, you used to be so nice, you’ve obviously changed for the worst.’


Furiously, Ginny opened her mouth then close it, then opened it, then closed it again, she looked like a fish, it was actually quite funny, and Hermione bit her lip to keep her face straight.


‘Right,’ she said, ‘Harry, as I’m not aloud to “take over”, what are we doing trying to burst through the door or carry on?’


‘I agree with Hermione,’ said Harry and Ginny rolled her eyes, Harry ignored her, ‘I could get through all of the doors in my dreams, lets keep trying.’


So after Hermione marked the door with an ‘X’ they continued trying to find the mysterious room, only a few doors down Harry found a room that interested him, though it was not the room that he was supposed to find.


‘Harry, lets move on,’ said Hermione, but Harry entered the room, and started walking towards the veil.


He was strangely entranced by it, he wanted to walk nearer, walk through the veil.


‘Those voices,’ he said, ‘Ron, is that you?’


‘I’m over here mate,’ said Ron from behind him, ‘there’s no noises.’


‘I hear them too,’ said Luna more mistily than usual, there was something in her eyes that made them glow even more than usual.


‘And me,’ said Ginny hastily, rushing after Harry but Hermione stopped her, Ginny was pretending, as usual.


‘Harry, there’s something wrong here,’ said Hermione, she sounded more scared than the occasion called for.


‘No Hermione, I can hear voices, they tell me to come, they’re comforting me, they understand,’ said Harry, and his voice shook and broke.


Hermione realised he was upset, and then shamefully resorted to the power she recently realised she had.


‘Harry,’ she said softly, stopping him and placing her hand on his neck, ‘I can comfort you, and I do understand you, but we need to save Sirius, and we need you, I need you.’


Harry then responded, he said, ‘Hermione, Sirius.’


‘I know,’ whispered Hermione, ‘we need to save him, let’s go.’


Harry followed her and as soon as they were out of the room he returned to his normal self.


‘Thanks,’ he muttered to Hermione, ‘there’s something strange about the veil.’


Hermione said nothing, because Ginny had her beady eyes on her, but squeezed his hand briefly.


The next door was the room, ‘this is it,’ Harry whispered excitedly, the room glittered darkly, each small sphere illuminating originally.


‘Row 94,’ Harry muttered, ‘row 94.’


They soon reached row 94, but it was empty, Harry ran down the next row, and the next, but they were all empty.


‘Harry,’ said Hermione, ‘no ones here.’


‘There’s gotta be,’ said Harry panicking, ‘Sirius.’


‘He’s not here Harry,’ snapped Ginny impatiently, ‘you-know-who’s fooled you, how could you be so stupid?’


‘Shut up Ginny,’ Hermione practically shouted at her, Ginny fell silent.


‘You are not stupid,’ said Hermione gently, ‘Voldermort obviously wants something with you, so let’s get out of here.’


‘But Sirius -,’


‘Is safe and at headquarters,’ said Hermione, ‘now I want to get you, all of you, back to Hogwarts, safe.’


Harry obliged, he followed her, until Ron said, ‘hey, Harry, this has you’re name on it.’


He was pointing at one of the illuminated spheres, it indeed had Harry’s name on it.


Harry reached for it but Hermione quickly said, ‘don’t touch it Harry, it could be dangerous.’


But it was too late, Harry had already took the sphere off of the shelf, and was surveying it, interested, they was some shuffling but Harry was too interested in the sphere, but only when he felt Hermione stiffen beside him he looked up, Lucius Malfoy had appeared and was pointing his wand directly at them.


‘Give me the prophecy,’ he commanded, Harry stared at him disgusted.


‘Why?’ asked Harry, his eyes narrowed ‘what about it?’


‘Don’t tell me you don’t know about the prophecy,’ drawled Malfoy laughing, ‘the dark lord wondered why you had not searched for it earlier.’


‘So Voldermort sent you to do you’re dirty work,’ said Harry.


‘How dare you say the dark lords name!’ snapped a woman with flyaway black hair.


‘Bellatrix Lestrange, about time,’ said Malfoy calmly.


As they argued, Harry felt around, his hand grabbed Hermione’s, he pulled her closer, until her ear was near his lips.


‘Smash shelves when I say, tell the others.’


Harry felt Hermione telling the others, but she didn’t let go of his hand.


‘Potter,’ said Malfoy approaching him, ‘don’t you want to know the secret? The secret of you’re scar.’


For a moment Harry was sorely tempted, Hermione must’ve guessed this because she squeezed his hand and he answered.


‘I’ve waited fourteen years,’ he muttered.


‘I know,’ said Malfoy pityingly, or pretending to be pitiful.


‘I’m sure I can wait a few more minutes,’ said Harry, then he yelled, ‘Now!


Spells shot everywhere, knocking down some of the prophecies, steamy mist erupted everywhere, Malfoy and Lestrange shot spells at them, Harry grabbed Hermione and pushed her to the floor, he took down as many people as he could. Death eaters appeared everywhere.


‘Expelliarmus!’ Harry yelled, at the same time Hermione screamed ‘Expelliarmus!’ and Ron and Ginny yelled, ‘Confundus!’ and Neville and Luna yelled, ‘Stupefy!


‘Run!’ Harry yelled, getting up and pulling Hermione up with him, He was totally unaware of what was happening around him, he just wanted to get everyone out of there, safe.


He ran, footsteps were made behind him, he made sure he was grabbed the hands of two of the people behind him and pulled them into a room, slamming the door shut behind him.


‘Colloportus,’ hissed the soft and reassuring voice of Hermione, the door clicked, then firmly locked.


‘Harry,’ said the voice of Neville, Harry spun around.


‘Neville, where are the others? I thought they were already in here, said Harry surprised, looking around.


‘I think they went into the other room,’ said Neville and Harry’s heart sank, he began to worry.


‘Malfoy and Lestrange, they’ve got them haven’t they?’


Hermione squeezed his hand, ‘Ginny, Luna and Ron can look after themselves, they’ll have escaped, I promise.’


Harry couldn’t help but believe her, it was his only weakness, she was his only weakness.


‘C’mon let’s go find them, then we can get out of here,’ said Harry.


Hermione nodded and gripped his hand hard; Neville looked between them and said, ‘what’s going on between you two?’


‘What?’ asked Harry, ‘nothing.’


Neville gave them a disbelieving look, and headed forwards, ‘definitely boyfriend girlfriend,’ they heard him mutter. Harry and Hermione looked at each other, for the first time Harry really looked at her.


He’d always felt the leap in his stomach when he looked at her, even when he skin brushed against his, but he’d never really thought about her like a girlfriend. He’d always imagined being with her, for a long time, but the words girlfriend had never came to mind.


He once again imagined himself with Hermione …


It was a breezy summers Saturday morning, Hermione was sitting on the grass, studying, her feet dangling in the black lake, Harry surveyed her from afar, building up the courage to go and speak to her, now was the time.


‘Hermione,’ said Harry approaching her, ‘can I talk to you?’


‘Of course, Harry,’ said Hermione, putting her books away, ‘sit down.’


Harry took off his socks and shoes, and rolled up his trousers to his knees, sitting on the dewy grass, his legs also dangling into the lake.


‘Hermione,’ said Harry slowly, ‘I don’t know how to say this, but I like you.’


‘I like you too,’ said Hermione smiling at him.


‘No, I mean, I like you,’ said Harry, emphasising the word ‘like’, Hermione just grinned at him.


‘Yes, and I mean, I like you,’ said Hermione, also emphasising the word ‘like’, she smiled elegantly, and Harry leant in to kiss her, their lips were just about brushing when …


‘Harry, Harry,’ said Hermione, alarmed by the dazed look on Harry’s face, his eyes were closed but still he wouldn’t listen to her.


‘Their in here,’ Hermione heard Malfoy say outside.


‘Harry,’ said Neville panicking.


Hermione knew that there was only one way Harry would wake up.


Harry closed his eyes, but before he could kiss Hermione, she kissed him


He opened his eyes.


Hermione’s eyes were closed too, she had her hands placed on the back of his neck, he felt Goosebumps erupt there.


Harry quickly closed his eyes, intending for the kiss to last longer, Hermione seemed reluctant to let go too.


When he started kissing back was when he had no choice but to open his eyes, Hermione opened her eyes too.


Even when their eyes were open they were reluctant to let go, it was a few more seconds of sheer loving bliss, but Neville was watching interestedly.


‘This isn’t the time,’ he said, and Harry and Hermione broke apart.


‘It was only to wake him up,’ defended Hermione, but she had gone red in the face, her hand reaching for his.


The door flung open, and two of the death eaters stood there, Lestrange and Dolohov.


‘Harry,’ said Hermione slowly and Harry turned around, Lestrange raised his wand and aimed it at Hermione, Harry saw this and wouldn’t let it happen.


‘Silencio!’ yelled Harry and Lestrange fell silent.


Dolohov sent a spell at Neville, breaking his nose; Neville fell to the floor, howling in excruciating pain.


‘Stupefy,’ shrieked Hermione and Dolohov fell to the floor.


Lestrange made a slashing movement with his wand; Hermione fell to the floor, motionless.


‘Hermione’ screamed Harry, ‘No!’ He felt so angry, such as he had never felt before, he wanted revenge.


‘Crucio!’ he shrieked and Lestrange writhed in pain on the floor, but not for long, she laughed at him.


‘Sheer anger can’t hurt me for long, Potter,’ she shrieked, ‘you have to mean to hurt me.’


‘Stupefy,’ Harry yelled, and Lestrange froze, he kicked her out of the room, along with Dolohov, he then locked the door.


‘Hermione,’ he cried falling to his knees beside her, Neville crawled beside her too.


‘I’m dorry Harry,’ said Neville, trying to stem the bleeding from his nose.


‘It’s not you’re fault,’ said Harry, leaning over Hermione, he gripped her shoulders and shook her gently.


Tears slid down his face, ‘Hermione,’ he whispered, then cupping her face with his hands, whispered ‘I love you,’, she did stir, but did not awake.



So I changed the fifth year, the people, the events, read and review.


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