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First Impressions (are usually wrong) by laela_perch rixon
Chapter 1 : April Fools
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“Aren’t you blessed!” the Healer cooed, as she stared at the two sleeping babies in Molly’s arms.

“I know,” Molly smiled happily at the Healer, and then at her husband, Arthur, who stood beaming by her bed. “They’re gorgeous, aren’t they?”

“They get it from you,” Arthur replied.

Healer Harelle thought it was time for her to go.
“I’ll leave you to get acquainted. Just shout if you need me,” she said as she left the private room and returned to the main ward of the St. Mungo’s Maternity Building.

One of the hour-old babies stirred in his sleep, balling his little fists as he awoke. The other must have sensed his twin wake, as he too yawned and opened his eyes. They both then stared at Molly’s tender face, trying to discern her form with their blurry vision. Despite their lack of visual awareness they knew who she was; a maternal bond had already formed between the two infants and their mother.

Arthur came to Molly’s bedside, and she handed him one of the twins. The baby in Molly’s arms had on a green romper suit, while Arthur’s had a blue one. Both were completely identical, including their tufts of flaming red hair. For the moment, they were quiet and content.

“So, what are we going to call them?” Arthur asked.

“Oh yes,” Molly replied, having completely forgotten that issue. “Ummmm…” There was a pause as both parents trailed off in thought.

“Joshua and William?”

“Thomas and Samuel?”

“Liam and Luke?”

“James and Elias?”

“Alexander and Isaac?”

Molly and Arthur both voiced their ideas, but none seemed to fit.

“What about Fabian and Gideon?” Arthur suggested. He was thinking of Molly’s elder twin brothers who had died in battle, and thought maybe Molly would like to name their twins after them.

Molly thought a while, but shook her head. She replied:
“It’s a lovely idea, but those names seem a little old…They just don’t seem names for babies! Although…How about Fred and George? It would still be honouring Fabian and Gideon, and it does seem to suit them better…” Molly mused.

“Fred and George it is then!” Arthur agreed. “Just one problem - which one’s which?!”

“Well, um...that one can be Fred," Molly decided, pointing at the twin in Arthur's arms. "And that means this one's George." She took her wand off the bedside table and flicked it at each baby. An ‘F’ appeared on Fred’s romper suit and a ‘G’ on George’s.

“There, now we can tell them apart.” Molly was obviously pleased with her handiwork.

“They are being very well behaved!” Arthur observed. He laid Fred in the twin cot , then took George from Molly and laid him down beside his brother. The couple watched as Fred and George fell asleep to their newborn dreams. As they stirred, their hands touched and they carried on dreaming, hand in hand.

“I have a feeling they are going to be a pair of little angels,” Molly said happily.

Molly didn’t know just how wrong she was.

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