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Harry Meets Eminem by crazyfreak
Chapter 1 : Harry Meets Eminem
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CH.1 Meeting Eminem

Disclaimer: i own nothing to do with HP or 8mile

HArry Was Lost.He has been in Detroit for just 2 hours.He was supposed to meet Hermione at her

new house to discuss school work.Harry was DADA teacher and Hermione teached Transfiguration.

Harry was supposed to get to 8 mile rd. but couldn't find it."excuse me do u know where 8mile rd

is".The Person looked around"its on ur left go behind the restaurant and its there"."thx, Im HArry

Potter". "I'm Marshall Mathers most people call me eminem."EMINEM!!!"harry yelled in

disbelief."yeah!" eminem said.

"Oh my god im ur nr.1 fan i have all ur records and..." harry got stopped by Marshall."i know, i

know! everyone knows me even muggles.Harry gave Eminem a bewildered look."you-re

a ..." "wizard, yes i kn ow i am. "well anyway...".Harry and Eminem seemed to talk and discuss for

hours long until HArry realized about Hermione."i need to go"HArry said,"yo call me 555-1674(not

real nr( even if i have it))"he answered."Ok peace our Rabbit"Harry said. "PEace Out HArry"he

answered they walked together until they got seperated at 8mile rd. he went left and harry went

right, Harry walked until he reached Hermione's Trailer .He knocked and noone answered.

Plz R/R (i don't know why i wrote this but don't make fun of me i'm only 11 years old)

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