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Ravenclaw Rivals by MugglebornWitch
Chapter 9 : Date Prep
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The next morning, Rose stood staring into her wardrobe. She had never before wished to be more like her Aunt Ginny. Ginny was fashionable. Ginny was gorgeous. Ginny could have made something out of her awful wardrobe selection.

“Oi!” Charlotte Hornsby growled. “What’s got you in a strop this early?”

“She’s going to Hogsmeade with Scorpius this morning …” Rachel said with a smirk.

“So it really is true then?” Alice Pewter asked. “You’re really dating Scorpius Malfoy?”

Rose gave a slight sigh and turned back into her wardrobe with a nod. “Yeah. But I can’t seem to find something that will impress him for today. I mean, it’s not like I have the best outfit selection. Never really needed it.”

“You’re an 8, right?” Charlotte asked.

“’Bout that,” Rose replied with a shrug. “Depends on the day, really,” she added with a laugh.

“Right,” Rachel snickered. “Well, it seems all of us are about the same size and we could charm things to fit a bit … differently … if we need to. Reckon having a go of it?”

“You lot really don’t have to …”

“Oh, come on, Rose! It’s your first date with the guy you’ve been secretly friends with for years. It’s all so terribly romantic!” Alice sighed. “I mean, secret friends to lovers? It’s what fairytales are made of.”

‘Oi! Stop reading my mum’s books!” Charlotte laughed as she nudged Alice. The curvy blonde then chewed on the inside of her cheek as she surveyed Rose. “So then, what are you thinking? Pants or skirt?”

“Weather should be nice,” Alice answered.

“A breeze but temperate,” Rachel added.

Rose frowned in confusion as she watched the three of them plan out her outfit. The other girls were the only in her year (female, of course) but Ravenclaw had gotten an abundance of males. Her mother joked that all the silliness was taken up with Ron and Harry in their years and more intelligent men were being born.

Her Aunt Ginny had asked what an intelligent man was.

Luna Lovegood had claimed all but her husband, Rolf Scamander, and sons had been abducted by Gurgling Howsits. She briefly wondered how Lorcan and Lysander, Luna and Rolf’s sons, dealt with such eccentric parents.

Her father reckoned you got used to it after a while.

“So,” Rachel said as she held up a pair of jeans to Rose’s waist, “Miles asked me to go to Hogsmeade with him.”

“Miles Devero?” Charlotte asked with wide eyes.

“As in Scorpius’ best mate?” Alice added.

“Yeah,” Rachel shrugged. “Told him we could meet there for lunch or something.”

“You mean to tell us,” Charlotte said, motioning to the other girls in the room, “that Miles Devero asked you out and you said you would meet him for lunch or something?”

Rachel shrugged again. “Yeah. No big deal.”

“Miles is a Seventh Year,” Alice started.

“Oh Merlin,” Rose sighed softly.

“He’s Quidditch Captain,” Charlotte went on.

“He’s handsome.”

“He’s Head Boy.”

“He nice.”

“He’s funny …”

“Oh, honestly!” Rose exploded. “If you two found him so dishy why didn’t you just ask him out yourself?”

Neither of the other two knew what to say, so Rose and Rachel turned back to the wardrobe. “What about that blue shirt I have there?” Rose asked.

“He always sees you in blue. Maybe the green one?”

“Blue goes with my eyes,” Rose protested. “And I don’t want to change just for him. Blue is my favorite color.”

“Blue it is then,” Rachel said with a smile. “I’m, personally, going with yellow.”

“Yeah, but you have to remember – you’re not ginger. I think the only reason the Hat didn’t put me in Hufflepuff is because of how awful I would look in the robes,” Rose laughed.

While the girls were up in their dorm chatting, Scorpius paced in Miles’ Head Boy room.

“I can’t mess this up, Miles,” Scorpius said for the millionth time that morning – and it was only 8:30.

“I know, mate,” Miles said with a sigh. “And you won’t. She’s Rose Weasley. She’s not like the other girls …”

“Exactly!” Scorpius shouted as he froze. “She’s not like the other girls. I know how to deal with the other girls. But this is Rose Weasley. I mean, Merlin, Miles, I’ve fancied her forever.”


“Okay, but for a while. I mean …” he paused as he surveyed his friend. “What the hell are you doing?” he asked with an arched brow.

“Huh?” Miles asked.

“Are you … ruffling your hair?”

“Shut up.”

“Holy hell. Who’re you taking to Hogsmeade? You didn’t tell me you had a date …”

“I don’t,” the Head Boy responded. “Not really. I mean, I’m going to meet up with … someone … for lunch is all.”

“A girl?” Scorpius asked with a smirk.

“I’m no nancy,” Miles scowled.

“So tell me who it is.”

“No way.”

“C’mon, mate. I won’t take the mickey. I swear it.”

Miles stared at Scorpius for a long minute. Sure, this would get his mate to relax a little bit, but was it worth it? Scor said he wouldn’t take the mickey but, damnit, he would if it were him. Miles took a deep breath, shut his eyes, then responded, “Rachel Ricketts.”

“Bullshit,” Scorpius laughed. “You wouldn’t have the bits to ask her.”

“I did.”

Scorpius stared at his friend in disbelief. Rachel wasn’t the prettiest girl in Hogwarts but she was sure on the list. Miles was a good-looking guy, Scorpius observed, if you liked guys. Which he didn’t. He liked girls. Girl. One in particular. Rose.

He shook his head to get his brain back where it belonged and looked over at his friend. “And she said she would meet you for lunch?”

“She said maybe,” Miles corrected in a slightly miserable tone.

“That’s not a no, mate. And it’s further than anyone else’s gotten. Rachel doesn’t date. She and Rosie were the unattainable. And now … we have dates with them.”

“Correction, Malfoy,” Miles said with a sigh. “You have a date with your girlfriend. I might get to have lunch with … uhh …”

“With the girl you fancy?”

“The girl I might fancy.”

“You can give that one up right now,” Scorpius laughed. “You fancy her. Why else would you make it so you two had the same library schedule?”

“Shut it.”

“I won’t say anything else,” Scorpius said as he “zipped” his mouth shut.

Miles sighed. “Am I kidding myself with this, Scor? Am I acting like a fool?”

Scorpius frowned at his friend. Miles must really have a thing for Rachel if he’s this nervous. “She’s mental if she doesn’t meet up with you.”

“She’s friends with your girlfriend, mate. I know she’s mental already. And I must admit, I kind of like it.”

The two young men shared a laugh as Miles checked his muggle wristwatch.

“Breakfast?” Scorpius asked.

“I don’t know if I can eat.”

“Shouldn’t I be the one freaking out about this whole thing? I mean, Merlin, mate, today could very well be the first date I have with the last woman I ever date,” the blonde said.

“Couldn’t that be said about every first date you go on?” Miles asked.

Both boys paused for a moment, minds racing over the thought.

“Holy shite,” Scorpius breathed.

“Never really thought about that,” Miles agreed.

“Well, uhm,” Scorpius cleared his throat. “I – I think we shouldn’t tell the girls about this conversation.”

“Damn,” Miles snarked. “Thought that would be my opening line with Rachel.”

“Stuff it, toss pot.”

“Right then,” Miles laughed. “You should avoid your extensive knowledge of all insults and whatnot with Weasley.”

“Rose knows me … we agreed not to change for each other. We like each other the way we are.”

“Right,” Miles said with a smile. “Reckon we can go to breakfast now. I don’t think the girls will be there.”

“Why not?”

“Gettin’ all tarted up for us, I imagine,” Miles laughed.

“Dream on,” Scorpius said as he shoved Miles out the portrait hole.

“Yeah. I reckon they’ll be just like normal … same as every day.”

“Yeah,” Scorpius said with a smile. “And I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

The boys spied a couple of Fourth or Fifth Year girls, dressed for Hogsmeade in their “finest.”

“Same here, mate,” Miles said. “Now, let’s get something to eat.”

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