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Truth by ginny_malfoy22
Chapter 4 : Worried
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter

Next Saturday was the first Quidditch match of the season. I was pacing the Gryffindor changing rooms, waiting for my Keeper to turn up.

"We’re starting in half an hour! Where is Ron?" I suddenly burst out. My team looked at me nervously, as an owl flew in. I grabbed its letter, and read the message.

Not playing today. Staying with Hermione


"Aaarrrrgghhh!" I screamed "Nice of him to tell me!"

Ginny came over. "What is it, Harry?" she asked.

I shoved the note at her, and then turned to Katie Bell. "Can you please go find McLaggen?" I asked. Katie nodded and ran off. Ginny opened her mouth to say something. "Just leave it," I said.

Ginny shook her head. "That pig. Why couldn’t he have said yesterday?" asked Ginny. I shrugged.

McLaggen and Katie raced in at that point. "So, I heard you needed me, Potter," said McLaggen.

I threw a uniform at him. "Get it on and go!" I said.

By the time it was time to go and play, we were ready. My team followed me out. I shook hands with Malfoy, and we took off. McLaggen was drifting away form the posts, shouting instructions at Katie Bell.

"Make sure you don’t drop the Quaffle!" he called. Throughout the game he kept giving ‘advice’ which wasn’t at all very encouraging. He let every Quaffle in the hoops, because he was busy telling everyone else what to do. In the end, I got the Snitch, but we still lost. At the end of the game, I pulled McLaggen to the side.

"Ginny? Can you kindly please fetch Ron for me?" I asked. Ginny nodded, smirking, and ran off.

"McLaggen, what the heck is wrong with you! I’m the Captain, I can tell my team what to do myself! You just stuffed it up for us and made us lose! You are so arrogant, you actually thought you could win the game for us! Argh, we’d have been better off with no Keeper! You kept distracting my team!" I yelled.

"Whoa, calm down, Potter," said McLaggen.


"Harry. Just calm down," said a dreamy voice.

"Oh, hi, Luna, I was just telling McLaggen that he made us lose against the SLYTHERINS for the first time in 6 years!" I said.

"Harry, it wasn’t his fault," said Luna. At this, Ron stormed in.

"No, it isn’t, it’s HIS fault," I said, pointing at Ron.

"Hello, Ronald," said Luna. Ron just nodded at her, and Luna left.

"What do you want, Potter?" asked Ron.

"Can you please leave, McLaggen?" I said. McLaggen stormed out, and I turned to Ron.
"Even a day’s notice would’ve been nice, not half an hour!" I yelled.

"It was a last minute decision!" said Ron.

"You’re bloody lucky I haven’t kicked you off the team! That’s two strikes against you! One more, you’re off! Which means bloody McLaggen! Merlin, Ron! What’s wrong with you? You can’t make last minute decisions like that! WE LOST TO SLYTHERIN BECAUSE OF YOU!" I screamed the last part.

"Sheesh, Harry, it’s not like we lost the war or anything," said Ron. I narrowed my eyes.

"GO!" I yelled. Ron left, and I just sat there. Ron just knew all the buttons to push. 


I walked to the Hospital Wing. I had just seen Ron in the Great Hall, so he wasn’t with Hermione. I could go see Hermione without Ron starting a fight. I opened the door to see Hermione lying on her bed, sleeping. I smiled. She looked so sweet, lying there. Her hair was in her face, and I brushed it out of her face. I had never noticed before how beautiful she was.

"I’m sorry, Hermione. I should’ve told someone you weren’t eating before it got this far," I said.

"It’s not your fault," said a voice from the door. I turned.

"Oh. Hey Luna," I said.

"It’s not your fault. Everyone knew," said Luna.

"Luna? You like Ron, don’t you?" I asked. Luna nodded

"Why? You’ve seen how Hermione is," I said.

"Hermione’s miserable because she’s with the wrong person, but she doesn’t realise it," said Luna.

"Who should she be with, then?" I asked her.

"Harry?" Hermione whispered faintly. I looked at her.

"How are you?" I asked. Hermione smiled.

"Good, now that you’ve come to visit me. Ron won’t let me have any visitors," said Hermione.

"Don’t you think he’s a bit too controlling?" I asked. Hermione nodded.

"A bit. But he thinks it’s your fault," she said.

"It is! I knew you weren’t eating, I could’ve told someone!" I said. Hermione shook her head.

"It’s no ones fault but mine," she said. I smiled, nodding.

"I wish I could believe that, Hermione," I said. The door opened behind us.

"Potter! Get out!" said Ron.

"I was just leaving anyway, I just wanted to see if Hermione was okay," I said.

"Thanks, Harry," said Hermione. Luna and I left the Hospital Wing.

"You really care about her," said Luna. I looked at her.

"So?" I asked.

"You really love her," said Luna. I sighed.

"As a sister," I said.

"Whatever you say, Harry," said Luna, and she walked off. I went up to Gryffindor tower, and sat, doing my homework, but my mind was other places. What was Luna implying? Ginny had implied the same thing just days previous. What had they implied, and were they right?


"Harry! Harry!" I heard behind me. I turned.

"Hermione! You’re out of the Hospital Wing!" I said. Hermione nodded. I hugged her.
"I’m glad. I was really worried about you," I said.

"I know," said Hermione. Ron walked down the hallway towards us.

"What are you doing, Potter?" asked Ron.

"Ron, you have to stop blaming Harry! It’s not his fault! It’s only my fault!" said Hermione.

"I don’t believe you," said Ron. I rolled my eyes.

"If you can’t believe her, who you apparently love so much, who can you believe?" I asked. Ron glared at me.

"Look, I’m sorry, Harry, for scaring you so much in the library the other day, and sorry for making you so worried," said Hermione. I shook my head.

"Don’t be. It wasn’t your fault you collapsed. And what kind of brother would I be if I wasn’t worried?" I asked. Hermione smiled.

"Thanks Harry," said Hermione. She walked off.

"I know what you’re doing. I’m not stupid," said Ron.

"Oh, yeah, you can read minds now, Ron?" I asked.

"You’re trying to get her yourself," said Ron.

"Have you heard a word I just said? She’s like my sister! Sorry, but I’m not into incest," I said, and I walked off. Ron could fool himself if he wanted, but not me. I did not want Hermione for myself. I told myself that over and over again, but was even I beginning to doubt it?


A week later, the Christmas holidays started. Ginny, Ron, and Hermione went to the Burrow for Christmas. I spent some time with Luna and Neville, but most of the time I was lonely. Neville was too, because he didn’t have Ginny with him. But I felt lonelier. It was weird to have Christmas without Ron, or the Weasleys. I knew I had been invited, Ginny told me, but then Ron lied and told his family that the Dursleys were now being nice to me, and had invited me home for Christmas. I asked Ginny if she could talk to her family, but she shook her head.

"You don’t really want to stay in the same room as Ron, with only Ron in there, do you?" she asked. I had agreed that she was right, and just lived with the fact that I wouldn’t be with the Weasleys for Christmas. 

AN~ So, finally, this is the fourth chapter. I'm really sorry for the long wait - I had so many other things to do, plus the queue was closed for ages! Plus, I was getting the story beta-ed! So thanks to my beta, Wannabe Writer! And thanks to my readers for waiting! Please review!



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Truth: Worried


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