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David Weasley and the Challenge of a Lifetime by ladybobcat54
Chapter 7 : Friends or More
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It was April, and David had seen Dynamite nearly lose his mind from lack of money before his dad thought he’d learned a lesson, and gave him his money back. Alyssa seemed to feel guilty about the whole thing, until Dynamite neglected to tell them when he got his money back, so she ended up doing his hair and laundry (eww!) for him for an extra week. She wasn’t happy.

One evening David came into his room to find Fred sitting on his bed with his reading glasses on, and doing more homework. He looked up when the door opened, but went right back to work. David walked over to him shaking his head sitting next to his cousin.

“I swear, Fred, you must have been adopted!” David said exasperated.

“What’s wrong?” Fred asked taking hi glasses off and hanging them on the collar of his shirt of safe keeping.

“Nothing,” David said agitated, “Why do you always ask me what’s wrong?”

“Because you always say something like that when something’s bothering you, even when you don’t know it.” Fred said knowingly.

“Well, I don’t think there’s anything wrong, unless it’s something I don’t know about like you said.” He said.

“David, I really think that you need to think about where you and Alyssa stand,” Fred said, and David looked confused.

“Fred we’ve been through this before, Alyssa and I are just friends!” David said annoyed.

“But David, here’s the thing,” Fred explained, “You have a habit of when you look at something of someone you see what you want to see, and not what’s really there.”

“What are saying, I like Alyssa, and won’t admit it?” David asked.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Fred said, and without another word put his glasses back on and went back to work.

This left David with his mind reeling. What could Fred mean by seeing what he wanted to, but not what was really there? He kept thinking of this until June, and it was time for Victoire’s graduation. He still hadn’t figured it out, and felt so slow on the uptake, and whenever he asked Fred he just smirked and went back to whatever he was doing.

The day of his sister’s graduation was the day most of the other students who didn’t have siblings or cousins or someone like that were going home. Alyssa and David stood in the Entrance Hall as students left and seventh year relatives came in.

“Remember, you and your family are invited to Victoire’s graduation party.” David reminded her.

“Yeah, I’m almost positive I’ll be there, but I don’t know about my mom and siblings.” Alyssa explained, “You’re sure it’s okay with Victoire and everyone?”

“Yeah, I asked her,’ He said.

“Cool, so probably see you tonight.” Alyssa said.

David then spotted his parents and Teddy. They walked over to him, and Fleur hugged him and said how exciting it was that his sister was graduating. Teddy said hello, but kept one hand in his pocket, and seemed to be playing with something in it. Alyssa said goodbye, and left. Veronica joined them, and they proceeded into the Great Hall together.

The ceremony started, and David was in ‘La-La Land’ during most of it. He was seine enough to notice that Teddy kept playing with something in his pocket, and when Victoire’s name was called bringing him back completely he leaned over to Teddy.

“I know where this is going! Don’t think for a minute I don’t know where this is going!” David hissed, “Where is this going?!”

“Where is what going?” Teddy asked, but before he could explain any further they stood up and found Victoire.

They went back to the Burrow for Victoire’s graduation party. David kept scanning the crowd waiting for Alyssa to appear. Finally he saw her and he ran over to her. She smiled at the sight of him.

“Hey, long time no see.” Alyssa laughed.

The two sat down at a table and began to talk about the most random subjects. Later that night after they had eaten David had gone for a quick walk with Bill. He was just making jokes about Alyssa, and when David turned to leave there was a high pitched scream. The two ran to the source, and ducted down in some bushes jut in time to see Victoire do something they were sure was pt a ring on her finger, and kiss Teddy.

David knew he and his father were thinking the same thing as they walked back to the party. When they got there Bill dropped into a chair looking depressed.

"Dad, you ok?" David asked apprehensively.

"I guess," Bill said, as he collapsed into a chair, "Don't you think that your sisters to young to get married?" Bill asked, but than he said, more to himself than to David, "What am I doing! Thirteen year old boy knows what about his sister,"

"Dad, I'm still here," David said, bringing his father back to reality.

"Sorry, Davey," Bill said, patting his son on the arm, "So what do think I should do now?"

"I don't know, ask Mum," David said, and as he said that, Fleur appeared behind him.

"Ask me what?" Fleur asked to announce her presence to her son and husband.

"Did you here that scream, earlier?" Bill asked.

"Yeah, do you know what it was?" Fleur asked, sitting down next to Bill.

"Well, it was Victorie," Bill said, looking at the ground, "I think Teddy proposed to her,"

"That's great, what's wrong with that?" Fleur asked, putting her hand on his shoulder, "Bill, Teddy's a great guy, who cares about our daughter, I for one couldn't ask for better for our eldest daughter,"

Bill didn't speak, but before Fleur could ask him what he thought about that, Veronica came over, and looked her family.

"Who died," Veronica asked seeing the look on her fathers face.

"No one," Bill said in a small voice, raising his head, to look at his daughter, and when he did Victorie and Teddy appeared at Veronica’s side.

After a moment of silence Victorie spoke, "Um, we have something we'd like to say," She glanced at Teddy, than continued, "We're engaged," Victorie held out her left hand as she said it, so that her family could see the diamond on her finger. Teddy looked at Bill as if asking his permission.

"Congratulations," Veronica said, throwing her arms around her sister.

"That's great," David said, and he, too, hugged his sister.

"I can't believe it! That's great!" Fleur said, and she, too, hugged Victorie and she kissed Teddy on the cheek. When Bill didn't speak she added, "Bill is there anything that you'd like to say?"

"Congratulations," Bill finally managed to say, and he got up and kissed his daughter on the cheek, "We the first to find out?" Bill said, neglecting to mention that some of them had seen the proposal take place.

"Yep," Teddy said.

"Well why don't you tell everyone else now?" Fleur asked who was beaming at her daughter and future-son-in-law.

David could honestly say he was happy for his sister. Teddy was really going to be one of the family. He was distracted when Alyssa waved her hand signaling him over to her. When he got there he didn’t know what made him do it. It must have been a bit of an impulse after the events of that evening.

David kissed Alyssa full on the mouth.

When he pulled away he didn’t know what he’d done. Alyssa looked surprised. David’s first reaction was to run away. When he did this he found Fred, who smirked, and David knew he had seen.

“Why did I do that?” David demanded, “I jut did it I didn’t even think about it!”

“My guess is you wanted to, and after the events of this evening it was an impulse.” Fred explained.

“Why would I suddenly do that tonight?” David asked, “I’ve never wanted to before.”

“Remember what I said before?” Fred asked, “About likeing her, but not admitting it to yourself.”

“Yeah, what about it?” David asked.

“Well, you’ve been bottling that up so much that you had to get the emotion out some how.” Fred explained, then added, “But that’s just what I think, I could be wrong.”

Fred got up and left; leaving David confused. Why did everything seem so complicated when he had smart people explain them? Then he remembered what Fred had said about seeing what he wanted. Could this be what Fred had meant? Could David only want this to be complicated because he didn’t want to understand? Was he simply putting to much thought into this? It seemed as if it took hardly any thought for Fred when he explained it.

The first solution David had was to stop asking Fred things like this. He couldn’t do that because Fred knew him so well. To add to that, they were cousins, and they’d known each other their whole lives. Ergo, if any of his cousins knew when he had something on his mind it was always Fred.

So the next day David decided he was going to go to his Uncle George’s house and see Fred. David left that evening, so that when he fell out of the fireplace George was already home. David had tumbled into the living room at his Uncle George’s house. The first thing he saw was a wrestling match going on in the middle of the room. This was when it occurred to David that he should’ve sent a letter or something first.

As he looked more closely he could see that the wrestling match contained Fred, George, and Fred’s younger brother Timothy, who was twelve and a second year. It appeared to be George and Tim against Fred. David was in half a mind to help his cousin when his Aunt Rachel came in. She smiled and waved to David before turning to her husband and two sons.

“Boys no wrestling in the house!” Rachel scolded, and the three froze.

“I love you, Mum!” Fred choked from under his little brother, who was laying on his stomach.

“David we weren’t expecting you.” Rachel said turning back to David.

The three still on the floor looked up and saw David. They clearly hadn’t noticed him fall out of the fireplace. But now that he knew he was there Fred threw his little brother off of him. Now that David looked at the room he could guess what had happened.

Fred must have been reading on the couch, when his dad and brother attacked him out of the blue. David could see the book laying abandoned on the couch, and Fred’s rading glasses on the floor with a cracked lensde. Fred had noticed this too as he bent down to pick them up. He looked some what angry as he did, but George took them and tapped them with his wand and they repaired themselves.

“So, David, are you here for us to save you from my brothers cooking or is there another reason?” George asked as he returened his son’s glasses.

“I wanted to talk to Fred, but if you could do the first thing too I’d really appreciate it.” David said.

Fleur was visiting her parents for the next couple of days, and Bill couldn’t cook to save his life. This meant David, Victoire, and Veronica ate elsewhere by any means necessary.

“Of course you can stay for dinner,” Rachel said happily, “We have plenty.”

Rachel left the room, followed by George. This left David with Fred and Tim.

“So, do you want to go up to my room ‘till dinner’s ready?” Fred asked.

“Sure,” David said, and he followed his cousin upstairs.

“So, what’s up?” Fred asked sitting down in his desk chair.

“It’s about last night,” David said, and Fred grinned, “I just wanted to know if you could explaine it better.”

“Well, in a nutshell when you look at Alyssa you see your best friend instead of a girl you really like.” Fred exsplained.

“And why would that be?” David asked.

“Only you know.” Fred said.

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