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Far Away by Proud Hufflepuff
Chapter 1 : Been Far Away For Far Too Long
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That I love you
I have loved you all along
And I miss you
Been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me
and you'll never go
Stop breathing if
I don't see you anymore

Nickleback: Far Away

His fingers trembled as he reached to touch her dirt covered porcelain cheeks. It had been so long since he had seen her – however long that terrible battle was – and he was afraid that she wasn't real. He was afraid that she was a ghost, invisible to everyone but him. He was afraid that he was dreaming a horrible dream. Finally, he touched her soft cheeks and confirmed the fact that she was real.

“Seamus?” she whispered, touching his sandy hair and placing her finger tip upon his lips. He nodded to tell her that it was him and no one else. As he did this, tears began to spill from her gentle hazel eyes. She flung herself at him, and he held her in a tight embrace, never wanting to let go. He could feel her tiny frame shaking from the tears. At that point in time, he didn't want to ask if they were happy tears or melancholy ones.

“It's okay, love,” he said softly, kissing her hair even though it was dirty and a bit smelly. She grasped at his shirt helplessly – was this good or bad? - and sobbed incoherent things into his chest. All he could think to do was comfort her until she could pull herself together. He knew that she was scared; she'd already lost her parents because of this damned war.

They stood for what could have been hours and Seamus watched as the milky twilight took over the black blanket that was the night sky. He lovingly stroked her brown waves as he waited for her to say something. When he grew impatient, he pulled gently away from her.


She looked up reluctantly. He took her face in his palms and grinned. The look on her face was the look she had given him after their first kiss. It was an expression of hope, love, and warmth. She laughed quietly as he drew her nearer to him, the tears still in her eyes. Her arms tangled around his neck as his hands remained on her cheeks.

“I love you,” she whispered before his lips molded to hers in a kiss of passion and thankfulness. They didn't break apart and that didn't matter to Seamus; he was with Ellie and that was all he needed at that moment. To prolong the kiss, he pulled her as tightly as he could to his body and she didn't resist. Her lips hung on his before she had to break away, gasping for air as she did so.

“There should more bad things happening more often,” he concluded jokingly. If the outcome each time was this for he and Ellie, it wasn't something he'd mind. Unfortunately, his girlfriend didn't smile at his joke. He had misjudged her sensitivity to the subject of bad things. She didn't seem angered, just a bit confused, though. Cautiously, she walked around Seamus. Now he was the confused half of their couple.

“I want you to take me away from this place; it's too sad to look at any longer,” she demanded in his ear from behind. As though to excite him, she bit his earlobe as he hitched her on his back. She grasped his neck tightly, but not so tightly that she choked him. It was simply so that she wouldn't fall off his back. He ran as quickly as he could until he was finally off Hogwarts grounds. Gingerly, he placed her on the ground. Grinning, she grabbed his hand and dragged him down the dirt road.

“Come on!” she urged, trying to get him to go faster. Unable to speed up, he pulled her toward him. Her breathing was quick and uneven as he tugged her to his chest, kissing her cheeks, neck, and finally her lips. Their hands tangled in the others' hair as they deepened their kiss inevitably. He'd never expected Ellie do want this before marriage, but she seemed to want him now more than ever. He wasn't disappointed, though. What teenage boy – no, he was a man now – wouldn't want to have sex with his girlfriend? Seamus most certainly wasn't a stupid guy who was committed to celibacy.

“Now?” he questioned as she fumbled wit the buttons on his shirt. “If you can be patient, we can check into a hotel,” he added cheekily. She nodded quickly in agreement as he fastened the buttons on his shirt back up. Quickly, he took her hand and they disappeared from the dirt path.


“It's been too long,” Ellie whispered as the lay quietly in the dark of their comfortable hotel room. Seamus shifted in order to be closer to her warm, comforting body. He held her tightly and kissed her neck. Chuckling quietly, she turned her head so that their noses touched lovingly.

“It has,” she insisted.

“Been too long since what?”

“You and I could just be us instead of having to worry about hiding so that we weren't punished.”

Silently, he agreed. They hadn't talked much in the past year; the new rules that had been forced upon Hogwarts in their final year were brutal. If you broke even the smallest one, you would have cuts and bruises scattered all across your body. He shivered at the mere thought of the not so distant phase of his life. He held her closer yet, as though it would erase the memories of abuse at Hogwarts that last year.

“But we don't ever have to be apart again,” he said quietly, kissing her cheek tenderly. He could feel her thin lips curve into a smile as she rested her head upon his chest. A comfortable silence took Seamus and Ellie over as they both thought. Seamus thought about his parents, but he knew they were all right. His mum tried to keep out of the war rumors, especially after being proved wrong about the great Harry Potter. He chuckled to himself at the memory.

“I miss them so much.”


“My parents. I wish they could see me like this...happy, safe.”

“I know, sweetheart.”

“I'm never going to do that to my kids.”

“You never have to worry about that; I'll never let anything happen to us.”

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