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Today I Thee Wed-A Love Story, Hermione, Viktor Krum, and Ron. by casa_bella
Chapter 1 : My Wedding...
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Hermione Granger, stood in front of the man she thought she loved, standing, wearing a sleeveless white dress, that had silver sequins threaded on top the material, shining brightly, her hair up in a messy bun, with curls framing her face,, and a tiara made of silver and pearls, she stood in front of hundreds of family, friends and… reporters, yup, that's me, Hermione Granger, soon to be married woman, and who may you ask is the man standing in front of me? Holding my hand? Waiting eagerly to be married?


Viktor Krum, International Quidditch Star.


The thing is, there was a certain Red-Headed man, who still was in my thoughts and dreams, Ron and I had gone out for about a year and a half, then everything fell apart,


"Hermione?" Ron had asked quietly, and I sat on a windowsill, two letters clutched in my hands, silent tears pouring down my cheeks, "Hermione! Tell me, what's wrong?"


"I got a job offer Ronald…"


"Oh? Mione, that's brilliant news, I'm telling Harry and Ginny," he made to move to the fireplace, he suddenly stopped, "Where exactly do they want you to work?" he asked with his back still towards me


I leapt down from my seat, "Bulgeria, and... it's not the only offer I've got," I quietly held out the letters to him, one contained an acceptance to the Bulgarian Ministry Of Magic, and the other-


"Dear Hermione." Ron read aloud, "I hope you are well. Having friends at the Ministry has its benefits; I heard you got accepted as an auror here, I want to be the first to congratulate you. I realise if you accept it you'll need somewhere to stay, and I want to offer my place for a home to you, maybe as more than friends? You're welcome here any time, all my love Viktor." He finished by looking around at me in horror and hurt,


"Are you going to accept this?" He asked quietly,


"I don't know Ronald, I mean, where exactly do you see this relationship going?"


He gaped at me, "You have no faith in us…in me…"


I sighed  miserably, "Ron, I have all the faith, but when was the last time you told me you loved me?"


He didn't move "you know I love you Mione."


I shook my head carefully "No." I said simply, "Ron I love you, but I need someone who'll love me back, you do not seem to love me back" I let out a sob, "and I've tried to change that Ron, I have."


Tears were now silently rolling down my cheeks onto the wooden floor.


 I shook my head, and then ran to our bedroom, whipped out my wand and all my clothes scrambled to get into my suitcases, then I waved it again, and all my personal items zoomed into more bags.


For the first time in my life, I felt nothing for a while, then it all hit me, I doubled over in pain as memories flashed back to me, all of them including Ron and I.


I snapped back to reality when I heard my name, the priest was speaking "Do you, Hermione Jean Granger, take this Viktor Grudulf Krum to be your law-fully wedded husband?"


I don't know what made me say it, I guess I realized Ron wasn't there for me, he had gone, and this was my life I had to live.


I gulped, "I do."


I glance to the front row, my mother and Viktor's mother were both crying quietly into scraps of lace, I then glance at Ginny, my Bridesmaid, she smiled at me in a re-assuring way, she knew, somehow she knew I still loved Ronald.


"And do you, Viktor Grudulf Krum take this Hermione Jean Granger to be your lawfully wedded wife?"


He looked deep into my eyes, "I doo," he said loudly, his accent strong and clear,


"Is there anyone, who knows of any lawful impediment, why these two people, should not be joined in holy matrimony speak now, or forever hold your peace." The priest said as he looked at the guests,


Silence rang through the crowd, people looked shifty, as though the person next to them was going to jump up and say-


"I object." Said a strong voice, everyone turned, standing there in the open church doors, was Ronald Weasley, the sunlight making his red hair look angel-like, his mouth was smiling slightly, but the smile didn't reach his eyes,


My heart started beating wildly, my breath caught in my throat, Viktor had squeezed my hand so forcefully, that I had to put my other hand on his to remind him I was there, he loosened his grip.


Turning to Ron, Viktor said loudly "Eet iis roode too arrive laate to a vedding,"


Ron advanced up the aisle, completely ignoring the man who had just spoke to him, "I love you Hermione Granger." He said quietly, but loud enough for everyone to hear, the paparazzi started taking photos quickly.


I didn't know what I had to do, so I let go of Viktor's hand, it was an impulse,


"I-I object too." Ginny said quietly,


Slowly, people started rising from the crowd, these people included Harry, Fred, Bill, Percy, Mr. Weasley, Mrs. Weasley, My Mum, my Dad, all of them saying the same things "I Object too." Or "it has nothing to do with Viktor, but I do too." Or "our baby girl isn't happy, sorry, but we do too" (my parents),


I stared around in horror. I couldn't believe this. All these people knew I wasn't happy, they knew I still loved Ron.


The priest looked shocked, this had obviously never happened to him before; he looked to me, "Miss? What are you going to do?"


I looked around, "I'm sorry Viktor," I said, turning towards my fiancé, "I can't marry you." He looked so hurt, for a second I thought he was going to break down and cry, but then his face brightened considerably,


"Tamora Vincent?" I asked him, grinning slightly, Tamora Vincent is the woman he loved first, before me, he wanted to marry her, but his parents forbade him to, she is Viktor's Father's enemy's daughter.


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his parents stand up furiously "No!" his father shouted in Bulgarian, I had learnt the language when Viktor and I first started dating, "I forbade you to go to her. You will not speak to her again!" he screamed, Viktor's face looked impassive, Ron's looked confused but happy at the same time, and everyone else looked simply baffled at what was going on.


"You can not tell me what to do anymore Father!" Viktor screamed at his Father in Bulgarian "I love her, and nothing will stop me this time!"


His Father whipped out his wand "Are you so sure of that boy?" he snapped back,


"Yes." Viktor whispered, his Father raised his wand, and screamed "Avada K-" but before he could finish the curse, I heard someone yell "Expelliarmus!" and Viktor's Father's wand flew out of his hand, into Ron's,


"Mr. Krum," I said loudly in Bulgarian, "Love is a powerful potion; one cannot stop its path, weather it's a path of destruction or not... You have no power over Viktor anymore, and there is nothing you can do about it." Everyone turned to me in surprise, wondering how I knew Bulgarian, I shrugged it off, and Viktor's Father sunk down in his seat, eyes blazing.

I knew Viktor needed comfort as the fact that his father had publicly humiliated him, so I turned to him and pulled him into a hug, side on to the crowd, I could see peoples ("people" being Ron.) minds whirling as I stroked Viktor's head softly, in a comforting way, I think my relationship with Viktor is more of a sibling than romantic one...


So here I sit, two days after my called-off wedding, reading the Daily Profit,

Member Three Of The Golden Trio Does NOT Wed Today- by Lavender Brown.

Shock waves were sent through the wizarding world when the wedding of Hermione Granger (member of the golden trio, and well known auror) and Viktor Krum (International Quidditch Star) was stopped half way through the ceremony when Ronald Weasley (a well known auror too, and a part-time owner of Weasley's Wizarding Weases) barged through the doors, objecting to the two getting wedded in holy matrimony, it came as more of a shock when Joseph Krum (Viktor Krum's Father) attempted to use an unforgivable curse on his only son.

Joseph Krum was taken to Azkaban last night by all three members of the Golden Trio (people have mentioned they hadn't even heard of some of the curses used on Mr. Krum senior, many said they could use with learning them.), and is now a convicted Death Eater who did not surface until now.

What you may ask has happened to Viktor and Hermione? Well rumors have emerged that Viktor proposed to his ex-girlfriend Tamora Vincent last night, telling her he never should have left her.

And Hermione? Well she is now living with Ronald, friends and family have reported that its: "About bloody time too!" (Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived.) And "they've been in love for years, everyone knew it but them." (Arthur Weasley, retired worker in the Ministry of Magic, and Father of Ronald.) And "everyone who knew Ron or Hermione at Hogwarts would immediately tell you they were destined to end up together." (Dean Thomas, St. Mungos Healer.)

All of us here at the Daily Profit would like to offer our congratulations and condolences to Mr. Krum and Miss. Vincent. And we wish Hermione and Ron all the best for the future.


Lavender Brown.

Sighing happily at the fact that a magazine had finally got its story right, I put the article down and got more coffee.

Darn these muggle inventions, I couldn't figure my one at my apartment for weeks, so I whipped out my wand from my dressing gown's pocket and tapped it impatiently, it sprung to life.

I heard someone fall out of bed in the room next to the kitchen, grinning I counted down silently in my head three…two…one

"Morning Mione," Ron said sleepily as he walked over to the coffee machine,

I didn't answer, he must have noticed this because he turned to me and said "you okay darling?" his face was full of concern,

I smiled slightly at him, "I'm fine Ron, just-" I waved the Daily Profit in my hand "Lavender (or previously known as Lav-Lav) has finally gotten a story right, a real shocker."

He frowned slightly "I thought we came to a mutual agreement, no mentioning 'Vicky' or 'Lav-Lav'?"

I grinned at him, then putting the newspaper down I walked slowly up to him, stopping inches away from his face, "Yessss…. We did, but I like seeing you jealllllous," I purred softly,

He grinned mischievously, I realized seconds before he did it what he was going to do,

"No Ron, please, no." I gasped as I wrapped my arms around my body,

"Ah-HA!" he cried as he started tickling me,

I squealed happily.

He suddenly stopped tickling me, and in one swift movement he picked me up in a hug, lifting my feet inches off the ground, I smiled happily into his hair, really this Love thing, it was all worth it in the end, no matter how long you have to wait, someone will always love you, for who you are, and never change that….

(AN: WELL?!?!?!? What do you guys think? Should I have stopped at the end of Lavender's article? Please! Give me your feed-back, and please! Use the little gray box down there *points downwards* and leave me a review! I'll reply to everyone! AND... I'll give you a cookie! Kisses! Lisa.)

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Today I Thee Wed-A Love Story, Hermione, Viktor Krum, and Ron.: My Wedding...


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