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Ancient Ways by Willyjoeshow
Chapter 2 : Potter Estates
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A.N./ IYou may get hungry from reading this chapter. You have been warned. Please let me know how the story is going so far.Plus there may be not so subtle subliminal messages throughout this story. (You have been

Harry walked into Number four Privet Drive carrying his purchases from that day. Vernon was eyeing all the clothing shop bags and gaping like a fish. His mouth closed and opened several times as if he was going to speak, but nothing came out. Harry just turned toward the stairs and rolled his eyes as he headed up to his smaller than normal bedroom.

After putting his new clothes away he decided to write Ron and Hermione a letter explaining how he was fairing while living with the muggles.


How are thing’s so far at the Burrow? The Dursley’s have been tolerable so far. Dudley is actually talking to me and Vernon and Petunia just ignore me as much as possible, actually it’s mutual. I’ve been working out a little with help from Dudley and Tonks, yes I said Dudley. We made sort of an agreement, I explain our world to him and he agrees to let me use his workout things. Tonks is going to be my running partner. Let me know how everyone is doing and tell them I said Hello…”Hello”, I know I’m in a really good mood.

As for why I am in a good mood? Well I met someone while I was out jogging this morning, and she and I have a date. Just do me a favor and keep that part quiet. I am going to tell Hermione the same thing, so it’s ok if you two talk about it. Well I need to write Hermione now and Hedwig is giving me that ‘Hurry up so I can go’ look. So, I had better wrap it up. Send me a letter back in a day or so.

Your Friend,


Harry read over the letter he had just written and decided it was good enough. He set it aside for the ink to dry and began working on Hermione’s Letter.



How has your summer been so far? Mine is actually starting to look up for once. The Dursley’s and I have a silent agreement to avoid each other. I hope your wounds are heeling up alright. I feel horrible about what happened at the DoM. I really hope it didn’t affect our friendship. I love you Hermione, you are the sister I never had, but wish I did. If you ever need anything let me know and I will do everything in my power to help you. Thank you for being there for me all these years. I couldn’t have done it with out you and Ron. I don’t want you worrying about me; I am handling Sirius’ death better than I thought I would have. I still hurt a lot, but I know he wouldn’t want me to sit and dwell on it too much. I miss him, a lot.

On a brighter note, I went shopping today and bought a couple new outfits and new shoes, socks and a couple other things (about damn time). I have been working out and running for the last couple days. Dudley is letting me use his workout machine and punching bag. He is still a fat oaf, but he’s actually been pretty cool. I am thinking about getting a cell phone soon. I saw an advert for a pay as you go. It cost’s more to use, but I don’t have a bill while I’m at Hogwarts. When you write me back let me know your number again and I will be sure to give you a call when and if I get it. Last bit of news from ‘Harry Potter Land’ is, are you ready for this? I have a date soon. I told Ron about it but never told him who. (It’s Tonks.)

Please don’t let anyone know or she will get chewed out from our Not-so-honest Headmaster. I’m sorry Hermione but that man is a liar, even if it is by just omitting ALL the facts. If he had told me some things sooner than the night Sirius died, he would still be here. As soon as we can get together, I need to sit you and Ron down and tell you a few things. Dumbledore and I have a few issues and his are omissions and fixing his office. I trashed it; funny thing is he seemed not to care. I broke all those damn silver spinning things, flipped his desk and broke some other things. Keep that secret too, only he and I know…well you too now.

Alright I am going to go, please write back soon. (Sis) hehe

Love your brother,


P.S. Your new nickname is Sis unless I’m mad at you…just kidding, but not really.

Harry folded and sealed both letters and tied them to Hedwig’s outstretched leg. “Take Ron’s to him first then head over to Hermione’s. I want you to wait for a reply from Hermione.” He handed her an owl treat before she flew out the window.

Harry began putting his remaining clothes away in his wardrobe. He was already wearing one of his new outfits and decided since he still had some muggle money that a pizza was in order. That and he wanted to find out why Remus was working the afternoon shift and not the midnight shift. He closed his wardrobe and slipped down to the kitchen to inform the Dursley’s he was going out.

“Where do you think your going boy?” Vernon asked not so politely.

“Well, I was heading over to Mrs. Figg’s. She asked me to come over and help her move some boxes and some other stuff.”

“I’m locking the doors at nine, so make sure you’re in by then or you can sleep outside.” Vernon waved him off with a huff and Harry decided not to waste any time. He turned and left quickly.

Outside he headed to the side of the house where his guards normally hid under an invisibility cloak or disillusionment charm. He rounded the corner to see a fuzzy brown image of Remus Lupin. “Remus, what’s wrong with your cloak?” he asked the werewolf.

Remus looked down at where his body should have been and also at his hands. “Harry, what are you talking about? I can’t see myself, the cloak’s fine, and how did you know I was here?”

Harry chuckled “Remus, I know you guys are supposed to keep hidden, but I know when and who is here. Tonks is too fidgety; Moody is the quietest one so I just know it’s him. You, I can just sense for some reason, Dung…Hell he just smell like booze and old cheese. Kingsley smells like coco butter, Hestia smells like flowers and Bill likes to twitch his nose.”

Remus slipped the cloak off and had a bewildered look on his face. “Well Harry, I guess Albus is going to be upset”

“Nah, not unless you tell him, Tonks knows I know and I’m not looking to get anyone in trouble.”

“Alright, I’ll keep quiet as well. However you need to keep out of sight in case Albus show’s up. Now, how did you see me?” Remus asked.

“Dunno, it’s weird your all brown and blurry, but I can make out your face slightly.” He shrugged and continued “I need a favor, if you would call and order us a pizza I’ll buy. I told the purple whale I was going to help Figg move some boxes. What do you say, you fly I buy?”

Remus considered his offer, pizza did sound good and he was in for a long night. “Ok, no problem I could eat anyhow and a nice hot pepperoni and mushroom sound’s good too.”

Harry smiled “Great, but you never answered my other question, How come you’re not on your regular shift?”

“Hestia needs to work the graveyard shift from now on, so we switched and I have a double tonight. Come on let’s head to Arabella’s.”

Harry watched Remus slip the cloak back on and the same brown blur appeared. “Remus when we get over there leave the cloak on for a minute, I want to see if Mrs. Figg can see you too.”

“OK Harry.” Harry never caught the grin “Oh and nice clothes too. Tonks has a nice sense of style.” Harry never caught the implication and just thanks Moony for his comment.

Arabella Figg answered the door when Harry rang the bell. “Harry, Is everything ok? Where’s your guard?”

Harry smiled, “Well Remus I guess that answers my question. Mrs. Figg would you care for a pizza and some company?”

“Come on in, though I just ate a bit ago so I’m not hungry.” She stepped back to let Harry in and as a result felt Remus brush past too. When she closed the door he slipped off the invisibility cloak.

“Thank you for your hospitality Arabella. Are you sure it’s ok if we order some food and relax here?” Remus asked politely. What most people thought a vicious monster, was actually the nicest and most polite person Harry had ever met. Remus was truly sincere. They settled in the parlor and Mrs. Figg brought the phone and a couple menus from some pizza places that offered delivery.

After the order was placed Remus turned to Harry, “I heard some things and I was hoping you would shed some light on them. The rumor is Professor Dumbledore yelled at you after…” Remus paused thinking about Sirius. “… After that little trip you took to the Ministry.”

Harry looked him straight in the eyes. “Remus, I know you miss Sirius as much as I do, maybe more in fact. However, if Dumbledore had told me what he did sooner than when we got into his office, Sirius might still be with us. To answer your question, No I can’t tell you just yet what he said, but, I was the one yelling, I screamed, I flipped his desk and smashed all his gizmos. I feel a little bad, but only a little.”

Mrs. Figg asked, “Harry, I don’t mean to intrude on the conversation, but I don’t think anyone has ever yelled at Albus. Did he reprimand you at all?”

Harry shook his head. “Nope, as a matter of face he told me to go ahead and smash it all. He said he has far too much stuff anyhow. People are scared of the Headmaster. Now I’m not trying to be a stubborn teen, but I’m sorry he just doesn’t intimidate me. I used to respect him more, but he has broken my trust and lost a lot of my respect. It takes a lot for me to trust someone and once you lose it, I don’t forgive easily.”

Remus chimed in, “Understandable, but this is Albus Dumbledore we are talking about. Even You-Know-Who is afraid of him.”

Harry snorted. “He’s a manipulative old goat. Yes, he is the most powerful wizard there is alive and he’s a fairly good person. However, he has locked me inside that prison with those people. If I told you the way they used to treat me, you would want to hex them yourself. Albus just tossed a helpless baby into a pack of wolves and never looked back.”

Mrs. Figg sat silent looking pensive as Harry’s words sunk in.

“Harry, did you get a letter from Gringotts?” Remus asked. Harry nodded. “So you know about next Monday?”

“Yeah Sirius’ will reading.” He said somberly

Remus sighed, “Albus is planning on Tonks and I coming to get you and take you there. Harry, I’m going to give you some free advice. You do whatever you feel is right while we are there. What ever you decide I am on your side all the way.” Harry started to ask what he was talking about when the doorbell rang indicating the food had arrived.

Harry woke up in a sweat from the nightmare he was having about his deceased godfather. His sheets were wrapped around his legs and his shirt was damp and twisted. He looked at the clock (4:43) and decided to get some breakfast before his relatives woke up, then he would go running. After he cleaned up his mess and dried the dishes he used and put them away. After he was finished in the kitchen he headed out the back door quietly so as to avoid his guard. Once he was clear he took off jogging towards the play park.

When Harry reached his destination he saw Tonks sitting there waiting for him on one of the benches. “Tonks, what are you doing here?” he asked happily while smiling brightly.

She stood to greet Harry with a gently hug, “Just got something for ya Har.” She fished a small vial out of her pocked and handed it over. “Here drink this; it’s the potion we talked about yesterday.”

Harry slowly took it from her and asked, “What happens whenever you walk into headquarters?”

She smiled and slightly blushed, “I trip over that damn troll’s foot that holds umbrellas. I must say I am happy you asked the security question. You know ‘Constant Vigilance’ and all.” They both chuckled at Mad-eye Moody’s expense, and then she pointed to the vial in Harry's hand. “So ya gonna hold it or drink it?”

Harry let out a deep breath, “Tonks, I am just a little weary about it, that’s all.” He watched her smile fade slowly, “Oh to hell with it.” He said as he popped the stopper off and gulped the purple goop. “Yuk! That stuff is horrible. Why can’t we add flavoring or something to help with the taste?”

She laughed, knowing how much the potion tasted like rotten produce. “Suck it up, ya big wimp. At least you only have to take it twice a week.” She laughed even harder at the look of horror he gave her. “Just teasing ya Harry. That stuff works great and you only needed to take that one dose. It will help you out a lot, including strengthening your mind, body and magic. Plus, any girl to get ya in the sack will be happy you can go for so long.”

“You know your barking mad, Right?” he said while his blush deepened. ‘I’m going to play with her some, see how she likes it’ He thought. “So, that’s the real reason you wanted me to drink this muck huh? So you must be hard to satisfy then.” Tonks stopped laughing and sputtered trying to speak but was a loss for words. “What’s the matter Tonks? Can’t take the verbal jousting you give out?”

She shook her thoughts mentally and came back with. “Oh I can take them. I was just hoping that they weren’t jokes, coming from you and all.” She winked and knew he was over his head with that comment. ‘Gotcha this time’ she thought. She turned and sauntered off with an extra swish of her hips.

Harry started breathing again, ‘damn woman got me’. He jogged over to catch up with her. “Hey, Wait up. Do you still want to go out some time?”

“Yeah, I was hoping we could do it this weekend.”

Harry frowned, “What about Dumbledore? You know he’s going to tell us some crap about me needing to hide under my bed or some crap like that. If we sneak out and he finds out, he’s going to have a shit fit and I am worried about him moving you or something.”

“You let me worry about him. I will figure something out. Hey, I heard a rumor that he chewed you out pretty good a couple weeks ago. Is there any truth to that?”

Harry snorted, “No it was the other way around, I chewed his ass out and busted up his office pretty badly.”

“Damn Harry, that’s just plain stupid.” Harry glared at her. “I mean no one has ever yelled at him, he’s too powerful and not someone to be messed with.” She said in disbelief.

“Tonks, The Headmaster is nothing more than a master manipulator who uses people as pawns in this war. My problem with him is he uses me as his weapon and his lack of information is the reason Sirius is gone. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t even waste your time with asking for his permission to go out. Screw him and if he doesn’t like it I will deal with it. Now let’s start running so I can cool my temper.”

She just jogged along beside him soaking up the information she was given. Did Harry’s words have any merit? True, she sometimes felt like she was a slave to Dumbledore and the Order, but was Albus really that much of a dictator? Yeah, he did in-fact make sure he knew what everyone was doing and moved them around as he saw fit. Holy crap! The fifteen year old next to her was right. He saw past the twinkle in Dumbledore’s eyes that said “Trust me; I know what’s best for you.” The more she thought about it the more she respected Harry and decided that he was genuine.

Harry’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts. “Tonks, you’re awfully quiet. Is everything alright? Are you upset with me?”

“No Har, I was just thinking about what you said and as hard as it is to think about, you’re right.”

He gave her a sideways glance, “Don’t get me wrong, the old codger is like a grandfather to me. I respect him as I always have, but he puts us all in a bad spot by not letting us think for ourselves or even have a say. I plan on doing what needs to be done and I’ll be damned if I sit still while he just watches Voldemort grow in power again and ruin everything. I will work with Dumbledore as much as I can but I will not be his weapon any more.”

“Harry, what do you mean when you say weapon?”

He stopped and turned to face her. “Tonks I trust you, and I will tell you when we are alone. Right now I can’t. Not that I don’t want to, but I can’t. However, I can tell you I know what the prophecy said and it was about me. This whole ‘Chosen One’ crap, isn’t exactly crap at all.” He turned and started back towards Privet Drive. “You know I just thought of something. We ran farther than we did yesterday and I’m not the slightest bit winded. Is this going to catch up with me later?”

Tonks reached over and patted his shoulder, “I think you will be fine, just don’t over do it for the first week.”

The more Harry thought about it, the more something bothered him. “Tonks, I was talking to Remus last night, and he said something that didn’t make any sense. I was hoping you might know what he is talking about. He said no matter what I decide to do on Monday that he was behind me one hundred percent. Do you know what “Big” decision I might have to make?”

She thought for a little bit then something hit her. “Shit Harry, You might be taking over the Black Lordship. If that’s the case, then you would be considered a fully emancipated adult when you turn sixteen. If the black line was as old as the Potter Line…”she slapped her forehead and cursed in disbelief.

Realization struck Harry, if he found out about the Potter line he would be emancipated now. That would mean he had full control of his life and wouldn’t need his wizard guardian. “Fucking Dumbledore!” was all he said.

“Harry, have you ever asked the goblins about your parents will?”

“No Tonks I have not, but I am going to. As a matter of fact I need to get back home so I can write them.” He turned to head back but stopped. “Crap Hedwig is gone. Hey is there a way you can double apparate us to Diagon Alley?”

Tonks though it over for a little bit. If she helped out Harry, she would be in some serious shit with the Headmaster. On the other hand if she helped him out she would be in his good graces. She knew Harry was the one who would actually bring this war to an end, she just didn’t know how. “I can take us there, but if Albus gets wind of this, I am in for some serious trouble.”

“I will take care of him, don’t worry I’ve got your back.” He said. Tonks could tell he was fighting not to blow a fuse. “Damn that Dumbledore, I swear if I find out he’s been hiding my inheritance from me we are going to have a not-so-civil war between us.”

She reached out and grabbed his hand, “Harry do not, start a war with the headmaster. That would be a bad thing and You-Know-Who would certainly win then.”

“Voldemort! Call him Voldemort or even Tom Riddle.” He corrected her.

“Harry, who is Tom Riddle?” she asked.

“Tom Marvolo Riddle was the name of a Hogwarts student fifty years ago. The half-blood tosser named himself Lord Voldemort.” Harry grabbed Tonks’ wand and showed her like Tom had done in the chamber of secrets back in his second year. “See Headmaster could have done something about him years ago. He knew then that Riddle was striving to be a dark Lord. He has had several opportunities, but he fails to do a damn thing.” Harry was getting angrier by the second. So Tonks decided to calm him down.

“Harry how about I disillusion you and you go get cleaned up and then we will go to Gringotts.”

He sighed and mentally calmed himself. “Ok, but only if you’re sure you want to risk it. I don’t want you to take any chances that you don’t want to. I know I asked but still”

She smiled and hugged him, “Thanks for worrying about me. Come on let’s get you home and showered.”

“Alright, but lets just walk back though. Otherwise you might need to shower with me.” They both blushed and kept walking.

After a quick shower and a change into his other new outfit, Harry was ready to go. Tonks side along apparated herself and Harry to Diagon Alley where they made the short walk to Gringotts. Harry spotted Griphook and made a bee-line toward the goblin. “Hello Griphook,” Harry greeted politely.

Griphook was shocked and returned the pleasant greeting. “Mr. Potter it’s nice to see you again, and thank you, for remembering my name. Most wizards either call me Mr. Griphook or hey Goblin. Now how may I help you today?”

“I was wondering if I could go over everything that I own, control or will control soon. Is there a place we can talk that’s more private? Oh and whatever we discuss, Miss Tonks here may listen in, I trust her.” Harry asked.

Griphook smiled and showed them to a conference room. “I will require a few minutes to gather all your paperwork Mr. Potter…”

“Harry, please call me Harry” He corrected.

Griphook nodded and continued “Like I was saying Harry, I will be a few minutes gathering all your paperwork, would you like to hear your Godfathers will also?”

“I thought I couldn’t hear it until Monday?” Harry asked in bewilderment.

“Oh no, Monday is the public reading and since you are an heir you may hear it whenever you like.”

Harry sighed, “I guess Headmaster forgot to mention that part to me. Yes please let me hear it, and if my parents had a will I wish to hear it as well if I can.” Harry knew that Dumbledore purposely didn’t tell him so there must be a reason he wanted to be there when Harry heard it. Griphook nodded and left the room. “Tonks, Albus is really starting to piss me off. I swear if there is a reason he kept this information from me…”

Another goblin entered with a tray of beverages and biscuits. Harry and Tonks thanked the goblin who bowed and left quickly. “Anyhow, if he is keeping stuff from me that would have made an improvement in my life then all bets are off.”

Tonks took his hand and gave a slight squeeze, “Harry, I have never said a bad word about Dumbledore. However, if that’s the case you can come live with me. We can get you some tutors and I will help you with your N.E.W.T.S.”

Harry smiled and nodded “Thanks Tonks, I appreciate that. I know you are part of the Order, so don’t take offence, but do you guys actually do anything to stop Riddle?”

“No, not really, all we do is report what has already happened and maybe fight a DE or two. Mostly it’s all watching you and some investigation.”

Harry quietly sat there until Griphook cam in with a stack of files. He was followed in by another goblin that was carrying a small box. Tonks sat up and stiffened when she saw the other goblin. “Harry, Miss Tonks, please allow me to introduce Gornuk, our director.

Harry stood and shook hands with Gornuk. “Pleased to meet you Gornuk.” That earned him a toothy smile from both goblins as well as a look of awe from Tonks, which he didn’t catch.

“Same here Mr. Potter.” Gornuk said.

“Please, as I told Griphook, call me Harry.”

Gornuk gave a slight nod, “Very well, thank you Harry. Now I believe we have some business to conduct.” He looked over to Tonks then back to Harry.

“If it’s alright with you and Griphook I would prefer Tonks stayed here.” Both goblins said it was fine. Harry decided he was going to have to ask Tonks why they behaved so strangely and why she tensed up when Gornuk entered.

Griphook began, “Harry do you want to hear the entire will or just the highlights?”

“Since I will be here Monday for the entire reading I will just take the highlights if you don’t mind. That will save you some time and I know you are busy.”

“Well,” Gornuk took over “You have inherited most of the Black fortune including several pieces of land and one mansion at Grimmauld place. There is one entry I would like to read from the will since it is to be read to you in private. Miss Tonks, I know Harry wanted you here, but the will clearly states he is to hear this alone.” Tonks nodded and stepped out of the room. “Sorry Harry, let me read this and she can come back in. Gornuk read: Harry, if you are hearing this please listen close. First do not mourn me. I know how you are and you are probably placing blame on yourself. YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME! Now that I have said that, I am going to give you the Black Lordship, and all that goes along with it. The goblins will give you a list of everything you now own. I know you believe Dumbledore to be your wizard guardian. This is false! I have signed your emancipation paperwork so you are an adult at the age of sixteen. If the Black family line was older, then you would become a legal adult at fifteen. I am sorry but the Black line isn’t as old as say, The Potters. Yes I said Potters. Have the goblins get and read you the will from your parents. I as your godfather have given you permission to hear your parents will as soon as you are finished hearing this. When you go into my old vault I have left you a letter in there. This vault and its contents are yours. I will be giving Remus and my dear cousin Tonks a few things but those are in another vault. Harry I just want you to remember that I love you as much as James and Lily did. Good bye for now.”

Harry had a tear in his eye. “Is it alright if I use the loo and regain my composure?” he asked.

  you will review and rate then you will get some pizza

“Sure thing Harry, would you like me to ask Miss Tonks back in while you’re away?” Harry nodded and Griphook showed Harry where the loo was.

When she entered and saw Harry was gone she looked panicked which Gornuk caught. “It’s alright Miss Tonks; Harry has just gone to use the restroom and will be back shortly. Now I noted you are slightly nervous in my presence, is that correct?” she nodded so he continued. “Harry has no clue as to who I am, other that the director, does he?”

“No sir” she said. “I don’t believe he does.”

“If you don’t mind, I would like to keep that to ourselves. I am curious to the way he treats our kind. As you know most wizards have no respect for us, especially those with his… status.” Tonks agreed, as Harry was coming back in with Griphook.

He quietly took the seat next to Tonks and waited for the goblins to continue. “Now, I have a list of your newest assets as well as your signet ring.” Gornuk handed the gold ring to Harry. The centerpiece was a 6.5 mm, 1.00 karat black diamond. The name Black ran around the band and there were some intricate symbols carved around the diamond. “That is your vault key; please remember to use it if you wish to access your vault. Now onto the Potter will, again would you like just the summary?” Harry nodded. “Well in short you have inherited Potter Manor, which only you can access. You also may access the Potter Vaults. It looks like you parents have combined their personal vault with the main Potter vault.”

Harry interrupted, “Sorry but, I thought the vault I have now, was my parents’ vault.”

“No, that is your trust vault. That was set aside for your schooling and stuff. The Potters have three vaults. Actually it’s only one but it has inner chambers and takes up where Vaults three through five were. Now, you have inherited a vacation home as well as two in Godric’s Hollow and some land there as well. There are the liquid assets, some jewelry and furniture as well as paintings. Griphook will get you a list of everything you own as well as all your investments.” Gornuk got a devious look on his face and stated. “Since you have permission from your wizard guardian to take over the Potter line as well, here is your ring.” Griphook opened the wooden box and handed it over to Gornuk, who pulled out a small red velvet pouch with gold trim and ties. The Potter crest was in gold as well. “Harry, please place you Black family ring on your right, ring finger.” Harry picked up the ring and did as he was instructed. The ring sized itself and gave off a slight glow for a moment before fading. Harry felt a little boost in his magic for a moment.

“Thank you Baron Black. Please take the ring from the satchel and place it on your left, ring finger.” Harry again did as instructed. This time the glow was more defined and longer, as it engulfed his entire body. Plus his magic felt like it had doubled.

“Whoa, that was weird.” Harry said quietly.

Gornuk heard him and said, “Indeed Lord Potter. You are now considered and adult. Would you let me take the tracking charm off your wand at this time?” Harry nodded and handed his wand over to Gornuk. Griphook handed Gornuk a small metal ring that he passed Harry’s wand through. The wand glowed blue and so did the Potter ring on Harry’s hand. “Interesting, very interesting” Griphook said.

Now what’ Harry thought, remembering those exact words come out of Mr. Ollivanders mouth almost five years ago. “What’s interesting?”

Gornuk looked between Harry and his wand. “Lord Potter, would you try something for me please?”

“It’s still Harry, and sure what would you like me to try?”

“Please try casting a spell wandlessly. Something easy, and use your left hand then try with your right.”

Harry nodded in confusion, but went ahead and said “Protego” immediately he had a shimmering shield in front of himself.

Tonks jumped up, “Holy Merlin, Harry. Try to keep that up and cast with your wand too.”

Gornuk handed Harry his wand and Harry threw up a second shield. Both shields fused together into one solid shield. Harry held it for a whole minute before taking it down. “What does that mean?”

Tonks shook her head, but Gornuk smiled and whispered something to Griphook who turned and left quickly. “Lord Potter, sorry I mean Harry. I think you need to stay for something else. We were wondering if it was from the Potter line, but we were never sure.  You no doubt know who Godric Gryffindor was. But there is a story that dates back to before him or the other three founders of Hogwarts. It is believed that Merlin himself had child, daughter in fact. The legend says that his daughter married a magician almost as powerful as Merlin. His name was Richard Gryffindor. Together they had a child with strong powers, his name was Godric. The problem is that Godric had a lock on his powers and up until about four hundred years ago nobody knew how such a power lock could be removed. Do you know what that key is?”

“No, Sorry” Harry said while listening to every word Gornuk said.

“Harry, that key will kill anyone who isn’t born with that lock. Actually the lock is a curse and the counter curse is what wizards kill with today.”Gornuk said.

“Avada K.” Harry whispered. “You mean I was born with this lock or curse and that’s why I survived the Killing curse?” Gornuk nodded as the door opened and Griphook entered with twelve others and another box this one was golden and about the size of a shoebox. Griphook nodded as the goblins all sat down.

“Harry this is the council of the goblins. These twelve members along with me have dedicated ourselves, to protect this golden box. I want to try something to see if our suspicions are correct. Do you mind giving up a drop of your blood?”

Harry looked to Tonks who looked like she was in a comatose. “Sure, let’s try it Gornuk.” The council started chattering loudly in gobblygook.

Gornuk raised his hand and effectively silenced them all. He opened the box and pulled out a golden dagger and a small phial of clear liquid. “I am going to add a drop of your blood to this and if it turns blue, well let’s just say you will like it.” He walked over to Harry and pricked his finger with the golden blade. He then held the phial under Harry’s finger to catch the blood drop. After the drop fell Griphook handed Harry a tissue. Since it was a small poke there was no need for a healing spell.

Everyone watched as the liquid began to glow and swirl. Gornuk capped it and gave it a quick shake. Seconds ticked as the swirling mist started to settle. It turned blue. “w-what does that mean?” Harry asked with a stutter. The goblins all looked back and forth and Griphook sat looking at Gornuk in amazement.

One of the members of the council stood up. And walked over to the golden box and pulled out a blue and silver silk pouch. He bowed and handed it over to Gornuk. Gornuk turned to Harry and held out his hand. Please Harry, may I see your rings. I am going to put them into this pouch so their magic can be combined with the one inside. Then you will only need to wear one ring on your right hand. Harry removed the Black and Potter family rings and handed them over. The goblin placed them inside the bag and closed it. The bag glowed red for a few seconds and stopped.

When Gornuk tipped the bag into Harry’s hand a single ring fell out. It was white gold and had the clearest diamond Harry had ever seen. There was a phoenix carved into one side and a Lion on the other. Harry slipped the ring onto his right ring finger and felt an electric shock go through his body. It wasn’t unpleasant though, it was more calming and he relaxed slightly.

“Tonks, are you ok?”Harry asked the metamorph.

“Mmhm” She nodded. “Harry the stories the goblins told you was one we are told as children. Have you ever read Beetle Bard? I’ll tell you later over dinner. I think I am going to call in sick to work. We need to get this wrapped up and get you home and packed.”

Harry looked at her. “Um…OK… but, why?”

Gornuk said “Harry you have a lot to take in. I will give you the address to Potter estate where you should go and wait until we finish up all your paperwork. If I may meet you there around six this evening we can get everything else done. I will bring your asset information along with some other things.” Harry accepted a piece of paper from Gornuk and read it: Potter Estate is in Hiraethog, Gwynedd, North Wales; Number 1 Cobblers Way Harry felt a tickle in his head then the paper folded itself and vanished. “When you get there just say: ‘I Harry Potter take my rightful place at Potter Estate.’ The place is under something kin to the Fidelius. You will need to key anyone into the wards. Here is a slip to show others.” He handed Harry a slip that had the address of the estate on it. Harry folded it into his wallet and he and Tonks took their leave.

“Harry, when we get to Privet Drive we are going to have to sneak in. I want you to pack everything you own. Don’t use magic just yet, I will shrink everything and apparate us to You-Know-Where. Got it?”

“Yeah, I will send Dumbledore a nice little letter informing him I will see him Monday at Gringotts. Hey would you be able to teach me how to apparate this weekend? Thanks, I am really glad to have you with me and helping me.”

“You’re welcome and try to pay attention to how you feel when I apparate us. I am going to take us right into your bedroom. Take my arm and I will get us there.” She didn’t mind helping Harry, in fact she liked him. Sadly she didn’t want to get too close to him now. He was wealthy and powerful and she wouldn’t want him to feel like she was using him, plus there was the whole age difference. ‘He will want someone closer to his age.’ She thought.

Harry noticed her slight shift in mood and when she let out a small sigh he asked, “Tonks, What’s bothering you?”

“Nothing Har, just thinking that’s all”

Harry though about it, “Is this about how things are working out?”

“You could say that. Come on let’s get back. We will talk about it when we get there.” She reminded him to pay attention to how apparition feels.

Harry smiled and grabbed her hand instead of her arm. “Is this ok too?”

Her mood changed and she was smiling again. Maybe he did like her; he had been trying to flirt with her the last couple days. She decided to see how things worked out.

Harry felt like he was being pushed through a garden hose, then after a couple seconds the pressure was gone and they were standing in his bedroom. He started tossing stuff into his trunk when Hedwig tapped on his window. “Hello girl.” He took the envelope from her and watched her as she got a drink from her cage. “Hedwig, I want you to go to Hermione’s for a few days. I will send her a letter and let her know. If she can’t keep you go to the Burrow or find me. Hedwig hooted and hopped down onto his desk. He grabbed a sheet or parchment and wrote a note informing Hermione he needed her to owl sit until Monday. He tied the note along with a small package of owl treats to her led and sent the Snowy owl off.

Turning back to Tonks he saw she was packing for him. “Er…sorry. “

“No sweat sweet’s, let’s just grab your stuff and be on our way. Hey where are we going anyhow?” Harry showed her the slip of paper and she nodded “Got it. You ready?”

Harry checked then remembered to grab the stuff under the floorboard. “Got it, let’s blow this popsicle stand.”

Tonks laughed, “Alright hold on and we’ll go”


They apparated right in front of a huge set of iron gates. There was a “P” atop each gate and a massive lock in the middle. Harry pressed his ring up against the lock and heard it click, and then the gates swung open with the tiniest squeak. As soon as they entered the property, the gates closed and what was once an empty field turned into a gravel pathway lined with massive oak trees. The walked in silence for a moment until the mansion came into view. “WOW!” the both said.

Tonks turned to Harry, “Race ya.” Before he answered she took off at a full sprint. Harry barely caught up by the time they reached the marble steps. The front of the house was easily four stories and had Massive marble columns running along the center portion of the mansion. The doors were oak and had the Potter crest inlayed with gold at the top of each door. “Well, Ya going in or ya just gonna admire the outside?”

Harry chuckled and pushed the doors open. “Honey I’m home.” Harry shouted into the extremely large entrance hall. There was a small ‘pop’ and Harry stumbled back into Tonks.

“Master Potter, yous back sir.” The little house elf said as she bowed to Harry. “Nitsy wonders when master Potter be coming backs. Welcome sir.”

“Er..yeah thanks, Nitsy, but call me Harry.”

“Oh, no sir…Nitsy a good house elf. Nitsy must be respectful sir.” The little elf said.

Harry sighed, he knew he was going to lose this battle and decided to just go with it for now. “Ok Nitsy if you must. Nitsy this is Tonks, please help her out as you would me, ok?”

“Mistress Tonks, Nitsy pleased to meet you ma’am.” The little elf turned to Harry and asked “Would yous like a tour since it being many years since yous here.”

“Thank you Nitsy, a tour would be lovely.” Harry and Tonks followed Nitsy on the tour which took over almost an hour.

“This is the master’s wing.” Nitsy said when they were in the third floor south wing. In the bedroom was the largest bed Harry had ever seen, there was a couple doors and a spiral staircase leading up to the next floor. “The bathroom is being over there” Nitsy pointed to the set of double doors on one side of the room. “Next to it is the closets and the other set of doors is being the private balcony. Would Master and mistress like to settle in while Nitsy makes some lunch?”

“Uh Nitsy, Tonks will need her own room.” Harry looked to Tonks then got a big grin and followed with, “For now.”Tonks just blushed and winked.

“Oh Nitsy is sorrys, I will get mistress Tonks the room across the hall ready, is that being fine?”

Tonks thanked Nitsy as she left the room. Harry took his shrunken trunk out of his pocket and resized it. “Harry, what would you like me to do for now?”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Are you going to stay here with Nitsy or are you going to want me to stick around for a while.”

Harry thought for a bit. “You are paying rent at your flat right?” she nodded. “How long would it take you to pack everything and move in here? That’s if you want to and wouldn’t mind.”

Tonks smiled. “I could have everything packed and be back in an hour or so.”

“After lunch how about doing that and while your gone I will write some letters that need to be done. Oh crap your late for work, I’m sorry.”

“No sweat, I called in just incase you need me for the rest of the day. I did that when I stepped out at Gringotts.”

Harry smiled and gave her a hug. “You’re the best Tonks, Thanks. Now, how about we try to find our way to the kitchen and see what Nitsy has for us.” They joined hands and headed back to the center of the mansion in search of the kitchen.

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