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Shadow and Light by ItsSnowyDudes
Chapter 5 : Cheating, Lies, and Accusations
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Hannah swiftly made her way back to the Great Hall. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Emma and now Lisa, were all standing outside the entrance. She grinned sheepishly. “Sorry guys, minor moment.” Lisa raised a brow. “Dude,  you freaked.”

Hannah looked at the others; all of them were watching her carefully. “Yeah, I, um can sometimes have these…moments. I really don’t want to talk about it.”

Hermione frowned, wrinkling her brow.” But..” she started, then stopped, receiving a look from Ron. “Never mind, want to see the common room?” Hannah nodded. “Sure.” She followed them as they all began to walk to the Gryffindor common room.
Suddenly, her skin crawled. She felt eyes on her. Turning around, her watchful eyes immediately fell on Dumbledore. He was standing in the Great Hall, talking to Professor Snape, but every so often, he’d look past him, straight at her. As if he were telling her that he knew. He knew she was a cold hearted murderer. She swallowed.


Hannah jumped and whirled back around. Everyone was staring at her. “Are you coming?” Lisa asked, cocking a brow. She nodded. “Yeah.” She said quietly, turning to look back at the wise, old, Headmaster, but he was gone. “Yeah.” she repeated, frowning.

The second she stepped through the portrait hole, she gasped. The common room was amazing! She could hardly believe her eyes. The giant fire, the soft cushion arm chairs and couches. Harry smirked. “Yeah, that was all of our reactions too. You’ll get over it. He yawned. “I’m off. I have a long day tomorrow.” He nodded at his friends. “It was so nice to meet you, Hannah.” Hannah smiled. “You too.” She giggled as he winked at her and went up the stairs to the boy’s dorm, followed by Ron. Harry was such a sweet boy. She felt bad for him, always having to escape death. She sighed, plopping down in an arm chair. “Exhausting day, huh?” Hermione asked, sitting down gracefully in the chair next to her.

“Yeah.” Hannah mumbled, thinking. Ginny laid down on the couch, facing the ceiling. “So I have twin brothers, they drive me ruddy insane.” She laughed, pausing. “Hey, is it weird finding out you have a twin?” she asked, twirling a long strand of her fire-red hair between her fingers.

“No, it’s so natural.” Hannah thought sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

“Definitely.” the two said in unison. Emma giggled and lay down on her stomach, in front of the fire. “So, Hermione. You and Ron...” she trailed off, smirking. Hermione giggled, turning slightly pink. “What about me and Ron?” she asked, grinning. Hannah rolled her eyes. “You two are so hot for each other.” Hermione mirrored her twin, rolling her eyes as well. “We aren’t.” she denied, but couldn’t stop a slow smile from spreading across her face.

Lisa, who sat down next to Emma, snorted. “Yeah, and I’m not afraid of spiders.”

Hannah laughed. “Spiders? You’ve got to be kidding.” Lisa narrowed her light green eyes at her. “No,” she said flatly,” I’m not.” Hannah wrinkled her nose. “I was just kidding, sorry.” she mumbled, irritated. Lisa sighed. “Well, maybe you shouldn’t make fun of something someone is afraid of.” she said, meaner than intended.

She snapped her gaze to her, frowning. “I wasn’t making fun of you!” she shot back.

Lisa merely scoffed. “Spiders? You’ve got to be kidding.” she mocked. “What the ruddy hell do you call that?” she asked, a bit hurt. Hannah rolled her deep green eyes, feeling a headache coming on. “Would you just drop it?!” she snapped.

Lisa glared at her. “No, I won’t just drop it!” Hannah slid off the couch, on to the floor. “You know what? Y--” she was cut off, by Emma, who said,” So guys, how ‘bout them Red Sox?!” in an attempt to shut them up. Hannah stopped talking, then burst out laughing. Soon, all five of them were giggling.

Hannah sighed. “I’m sorry, Lisa. I’m just stressed.” Lisa glared at her, but then her expression softened. “I’m sorry too, I’ve always been sensitive. What are you stressed about? It’s you first day here.” she exclaimed. Hannah laughed. “Oh, you have no idea.” she muttered. “No fucking idea.” The room grew quiet for a few minutes. Lisa climbed to her feet. “I’m going to bed. Night everyone, she descended up the stairs, disappearing out of sight. Emma slowly got to her feet, walking over to a desk; she sat down, once again flipping her math workbook open. Hannah shook her head, but all four of them remained silent. Soon enough, Emma had fallen asleep, pencil still in her hand.

“You know...” Hannah said, breaking the silence, “I like Harry and Ron. They’re pretty cool.” Hermione sighed in content. “Yeah.” she agreed, smiling. Ginny rolled her eyes. “I’m going to bed.” she announced sourly, rolling off the couch and standing up.
“Night Hermione!” Hermione waved. “Good night, Gin.” she replied.

“Night, Ginny.” Hannah said, smiling at her. Ginny frowned. “Yeah, night.” she faked a smile. “See you tomorrow.”

“Why don‘t you just go back to the orphanage” Ginny thought rather nastily . Hannah’s deep green eyes turned into slits. She clenched her teeth together and ran her tongue along the back of them. Ginny, waved again and descended up the stairs.

Hannah shook her head. “What’s with her?” she asked. Hermione shrugged. “She’ll be okay.” Hannah got up and stretched, hearing something crack. She winced. “All right, I’m off. Goodnight, Hermione.” Hermione smiled. “Night...sis.”

Hannah smiled, but rolled her eyes when she turned around. “Jeez, get over it already.”
Hermione and Hannah went up the stairs. Climbing into her own bed, Hannah sighed. It was only a half hour, until she had to meet Voldemort. She ran a hand through her hair. Maybe she shouldn’t go. I mean, it’s not like he would come in Hogwarts after her if she didn’t. She furrowed her brow. Then again, this was Voldemort. If she didn’t show up…she shifted her eyes over to Hermione’s bed. She was sound asleep, her chest rising and falling as she slept, probably dreaming of Ron. Something might happen to her. She sighed again, clenching her teeth together. Swinging her legs off the side of her bed, she grabbed her coat off her trunk, and quietly slipped out. Making sure she had her wand, she tip- toed out into the hall, swiftly making her way out into the night. 

The cold blast of air, hit her full force as she ran. When she came to entrance of the forest, she stopped. It wasn’t too late to turn back. Was it? She swallowed, took a deep breath and walked in.

She shivered as she walked, pulling her coat tighter to her chest. The Dark Forest was eerie. It was mysterious, like anything could happen, at anytime. An owl hooted somewhere behind her, and she nearly jumped out of her skin. “Calm down, Han.” she told herself. “It was just a bloody owl. No need to be afraid.” She stopped walking, coming into a clearing. They were already there. There was about fifteen Deatheaters, including Bellatrix and Lucius. There a shorter one, standing next to Lucius, she wrinkled her nose, wondering if it was who she thought it was. Voldemort was in the middle.

“Hannah...” he rasped, his voice was hollow. “Glad to see you could make it on time.”

He nodded curtly. Hannah sighed, remaining quiet. “I hear...” he continued, looking straight at her, “That your already making friends with Potter. That’s a much easier way, to find out what I need.” He stopped talking; Hannah wondered if she should say something. When he gave no intention of speaking again, she cleared her throat.

“I, uh, didn’t find out anything really. It’s only been a few hours. I need more time.” she said, carefully choosing her words. She didn’t want to anger him in any way. She ran a hand through her hair again, surprisingly it remained untangled. Voldemort’s piercing red eyes burned into her green ones.

“You better hurry up.” He took out his wand, “You know what will happen, if you fail.” he hissed. Hannah nodded. “Yeah yeah. Death, blah blah. ” 

“You may go.” Hannah turned around. She looked over her shoulder, at the short figure, next to Lucius. She frowned. “Hannah, go.” Voldemort snarled, pointing his wand at her. She sighed. Quickly exiting the forest, she raced back up to Hogwarts. It was amazing she was able to get in. Taking a look around, she swiftly and silently, made her way back to the common room. Poking her head in the Dorm room, she could see all of her roommates were still sleeping. She slipped off her coat, and climbed into her warm bed. She didn’t want this anymore, she never did. She quickly fell into a troubled sleep, plagued with nightmares and hopes of getting out of this, alive.

The next morning, at breakfast, Hannah could barely keep her eyes open. Hermione, seeing her sister was about to fall asleep in her breakfast nudged her harder than she intended. She flipped off the bench, bringing her plate down with her. Silence. Then, laughter erupted throughout the entire hall. She scowled, standing up. There were bits of food in her hair and on her clothes. She angrily brushed them out. Hermione covered her mouth, obviously trying to keep from laughing. “I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed. Lisa laughed. “Han, you should have seen the look on your face before you fell!” she giggled. Hannah narrowed her eyes. “Shove it!” she grumbled, sitting down. Ron grinned. “Oh man, that was too good, Hermione!” He winked at her. Hermione’s heart flipped.

Harry chucked. “I have to admit, it was pretty funny.” he agreed. But his green eyes showed concern. “Are you okay?” Hannah nodded curtly. “Fine.” she mumbled. Emma raised a brow. “You’re crabby today.”

Hannah rolled her eyes. “I’m fine, just shut up already!” she snapped, clenching her teeth. Lisa raised her hands up, as if surrendering. “Whoa, calm down. We’re just joking.” Ginny smirked. “For a seeker, one would think you’d have more coordination. That’s a shame.” she said, realizing how bitchy that sounded. Hannah glared at her. That girl was running that smart mouth of hers again. She scowled. “I said, shut up!” Ginny shrieked as the goblet in front of her suddenly exploded, spraying her with pumpkin juice and bits of glass. Silence again. “Oh, no my robes!” the youngest Weasley cried, trying to wipe them with napkins.

“Whoa” Emma, Lisa and Hermione said at the same time. Ron frowned. “Ginny, you klutz!” He rolled his crystal blue eyes. “You better hope that comes out, mum would hit the roof, if she found out you ruined your robes.” Hermione rolled her eyes. “Honestly, Ronald.” She waved her wand and Ginny’s robe sparkled, as if brand new. She grinned. Ron stared at her. “You’re amazing, Hermione, really.” Hermione giggled. “Oh, I don’t know, anyone could do that.” She blushed. Ron grinned, his ears starting to turn slightly pink. For a moment, it was just them as they stared into each other’s eyes.

Hannah cleared her throat. “Ahem.” Hermione blinked, as if in a trance and shook her head. “Oh, right.” she fumbled with her words. “So ready for your official first day of school at Hogwarts?” she grinned.

Hannah snorted. “Oh yeah, ever so thrilled.”

Hermione laughed. “C’mon, it’ll be fun.” She pulled her sister to her feet.

Five long hours later, the group burst into the common room, completely exhausted. Hannah groaned. “Who the ruddy hell does that git think he is?!” she complained. “Who in their right mind gives three rolls of parchment on the effects of the MacSnow potion?” she grumbled, flopping down in the chair. Lisa sighed. 

“It’s hell with him, dude.” She nodded. “Hey, anyone want to get some ice cream from the kitchen?”

Emma’s eyes light up. “I do! I do!” she exclaimed, bolting out the door. “Last one there, smells like Ethan!” she called out. Lisa shook her head and followed. Ginny tugged on Harry’s arm. “Harry, come on, it’s Friday. Let’s go take a walk by the lake.” She trailed a finger up his muscular arm. Harry grinned. He loved being with Ginny. She was spectacular. But, he couldn’t help but notice Hannah either. How her mystifying green eyes shined. Or the way her dark shade of red hair hung past her a bit past her shoulders, curling at the ends. She looked exactly like Hermione, besides for these features. And yet, Harry felt different when he looked at Hannah as appose to Hermione.

Hannah, who had been staring into the bright, orange-red crackling flames, tore her eyes away. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep up with this. It’s only been a few days, and already she was overwhelmed. Well, as long as she was here, why not have some fun? Her eyes snapped over to Harry and Ginny. She smiled, an idea forming into her head. “Oh!” she said out loud, suddenly. The other four looked at her, confused. Hannah brought a hand to her forehead. “Ginny, I just remembered. Luna was looking for you. She said she needed to talk to you.” Ginny then quirked a suspicious brow, “Really? About what?” Hannah shrugged. “Hey, I didn’t ask. She just told me to tell you. She sounded desperate.”

Ginny thought for a moment. Wondering what on earth Luna could possibly need her for. She dropped Harry’s hand. “Alright, Harry. I’ll be back.” She shot a quick glare at Hannah, daring her to do anything. Hannah simply blinked. Scowling, Ginny left.
Ron blinked. “Bloody hell, Gin’s been so uptight lately. I wonder if she has...her...erm, woman...thing.” he finished, awkwardly. Harry’s eyes winded.

Hermione shook her head. “Honestly, Ronald. It’s called a menstruations cycle, and no, she doesn’t have it.” Ron looked bewildered and his ears turned pink. “I...knew that.” He huffed. “How do you know?” Hermione sighed. Sometimes, she wondered how Ronald how made it this far. “Because Ronald, I know her. She’s my best friend.” Her eyes shifted to Hannah, thinking. “Maybe, something else is bothering her.” Hannah looked away.

“Hey, Harry! How about a round of Quidditch?” Hannah asked, brightly. She leapt off the couch and sauntered up to him. “It will be fun!” She grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the common room before he could even open his mouth. Ron turned his head and looked at the spot where Harry and Hannah just were. “Now, where are those two going?” he asked, even more confused. Hermione sighed,” Ronald...” 

Hannah pulled Harry outside, over to the Quidditch pitch. The weather was changing and the leaves were turning colors. Some of them were a brilliant orange, others yellow. And some, were a mixture of both, she loved this time of the year. It was brisk out, perhaps a bit chilly. She shivered, slipping her hands into her pocket. Harry stood next to her, his messy hair blowing in the wind, his glasses slid down his nose, and he pushed them back up. “So...” Hannah said, breaking the silence, “What’s it like being a seeker for Hogwarts?” Harry grinned. “It’s awesome.” he said, a happiness in his voice. He smiled; glad to be able to talk another girl besides Ginny, who knew about Quidditch. “What’s it like being a twin?” he counter asked, sitting down in the soft grass.

Hannah shrugged, and gracefully sat down next to him, folding her legs underneath her as she did. “It’s cool, but I’m already over It.” she finally said, breathing in the fresh air. Harry smiled. “I bet you’re a lot like Hermione. Like, I bet you love to do homework and such, right?”

Hannah wrinkled her nose. Sure, she was brilliant, but the very thought of homework disgusted her. “Ew, no. I think she’s the only one.” she said laughing. Harry laughed. “I wouldn’t be surprised, actually.” They sat there in silence for a few minutes, enjoying each other’s company. For a while, Harry forgot about Ginny. Hannah sighed, and flopped back in the grass. Her green eyes took in the now pink colored sky. She giggled. But suddenly, she felt sick. She knew what she really was, and she knew why she was here. She glanced at Harry. 

He was so nice and caring. His raven colored hair, his emerald green eyes. His muscular body, obtained from playing Quidditch for so long. She couldn’t even imagine hurting him. Or any of her new friends. Well, maybe that ungrateful tramp Ginny. She tensed, just thinking about her made her blood boil. But, did she really love Harry the way Ginny did? Was there even anything there? She had to know for sure. She sat up, scooting closer to him. “Harry...” she said slowly, a serious tone in her voice. Harry turned to look at her, his eyes looking straight into hers. “Yes?” he asked, waiting patiently.

Hannah took a breath. “I…” she paused, twirling her hands in her lap. “I need to do something.” she finished, not taking her eyes off him. Harry looked at her, wondering what she had to do. She seemed worried, nervous maybe? Was she okay? “What is it?” he finally asked, wondering if he should go get Hermione.

Hannah took a deep breath. It was now, or never. She reached up and gently stroked his cheek, then without thinking about it for another second, she closed the gap between them, pressing her lips onto his soft ones. The second she felt her lips on his, a shock went through her entire body. From her toes to her head. Her heart sped up, her pulse raced, and she was certain the blood in her veins flowed faster. It was an amazing, no an incredible, intoxicating feeling. Harry’s eyes winded. One of his best friends sister, was kissing him! But, he couldn’t. He had a girlfriend. He loved Ginny. Right? As much as he wanted to pull away, he couldn’t. He felt alive, electrified, and it was better, than kissing Ginny. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, but he just couldn’t help it. He kissed her back, placing a hand on her back.

Hannah’s head spun, the feeling increasing as Harry kissed her back. With passion? She deepened it, her arms snaking behind his head. Harry gently pushed her back into the grass, settling on top of her, never breaking their contact, their heated, forbidden kiss. Harry smirked against her lips and slid his hand up and down her back. A million shivers shot down her spine. If possible, he deepened the kiss even more.

“Oh my...” 

He sat up quickly, hearing the familiar voice of Lisa. Hannah sat up, her eyes were wide. Oh man, this wasn’t good. Lisa and Emma were staring at them, a vanilla ice cream cone in Emma’s hand, forgotten. Hannah winced. “H-hey g-guys.” she said, her voice high pitched. “Wh-what’s up?”

Emma’s eyes were as round as saucers. “Hannah...” she started, blinking. She couldn’t finish. “What...are you doing?” Harry was bright red; he buried his head in his hands. Hannah shifted. “I-we-we-were...” she stammered, not able to form correct sentences. Lisa stared at her, and then looked at Harry. 

“Dude..” she said, not knowing what else to say. Suddenly, Harry shot to his feet. “I gotta go.” he mumbled, racing away.

Hannah scrambled to her feet. “Harry, wait!” she called, sighing. Turning back to her two friends, she saw they were still staring at her. Emma blinked. “Dude, you were like...all over him.” she said, as if it wasn’t clearly shown moments before. Lisa rolled her eyes. “Ooh, Ginny’s going to kill you, man.” she shook her head. A moment of awkward silence passed between the three girls. “So…” Lisa spoke again,” How was it?” she asked casually, receiving a look from both Emma and Hannah. “I’m just curious!” she exclaimed. Hannah shook her head, and walked slowly back up to the castle.

Her two friends followed quickly, wondering when the fight was going to go down. Hannah slowly walked back to the common room, Emma and Lisa right behind her. She walked in the common room, it was empty, except for Hermione and Ron, playing Wizard’s chest. Neither of them looked up.

“Knight to A-5.” Ron said, concentrating. Hermione winced, as yet another one of her pawns was smashed, bits of marble and stone went flying. Ron grinned. “Come on, Mione. I said I’d go easy on you.” Hermione rolled her eyes and looked up. Noticing her sister’s face, she frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Hannah shook her head. “Nothing, where’s Harry?” she asked. Hermione shrugged. “I don’t know he came in, said something about finding Ginny, and left.” 

She raised a brow. “Why? What happened?”

The red haired groaned and sat down on the couch. “Nothing.” she grumbled, clenching her teeth together. Hermione looked at Emma and Lisa, who looked away. Lisa crossed over to the fire, and sat in front of it, pulling out a book from under the chair. She wordlessly flipped it open, reading. Emma sat down at one of the large desks, her math workbook she’ brought from home, already upon it. She snapped on the desk lamp, and flipped it open, immediately beginning to work on a page. Hermione looked back at Hannah, bewildered.

She opened her mouth to say something, when Ron cut her off.

“Hey guys, c’mon, it’s time for dinner! I’m so hungry!” he exclaimed, rubbing his belly anxiously. Hermione groaned. “Ron, can’t you think of anything else besides your stomach for once?” Ron shrugged. “I’m a growing boy, I need nourishment!” he said, insulted. The brunette simply chuckled. “I was kidding.” She stood up, Lisa and Emma followed.

“Coming Hannah?” Ron asked, looking over his shoulder, his blue eyes peering down at her. She had changed positions on the couch, and was now sitting on it upside down, the tips of her hair brushing the carpet. She sighed exasperatedly. “Yeah, I’ll meet up in a minute.” she mumbled, her voice barely audible. Ron shrugged. “If you say so, red.” Grinning, he left proceeded by the others.

As soon as the portrait shut, Hannah let out an obscenity of words. “Great…” she said, now talking aloud to herself, “Now what am I going do?” She pressed her fingers to her temples, squeezed her eyes shut tight and, clenched her teeth together. “Think Hannah, think.” She frowned, when nothing came to her.

“Damn it!” she spat. “It would be so much easier if that little tramp was dead.” She grumbled, hate in her voice. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. She smiled devilishly. Voldemort had said if anyone gave her trouble, or if she had any problems, then to tell notify them. The matter would be taken of, err, ‘personally.’ She smirked. Ginny was definitely a problem. And what do you do when you have a problem? Simple. You get rid of it. She flipped off the couch and stood up. “Well, time for dinner.” she said to herself.

She left the common room, slamming the portrait door behind her.

Harry sighed, as he made his way in the Great Hall, trailing behind Ginny. The young, fiery red head had a pissed expression on her face. She scowled and sat down next to Lisa, immediately biting into a piece of chicken furiously. Hermione arched a brow. “What’s wrong?” she asked, concern filling her voice. She looked from the angered face of Ginny to the guilty face of Harry. Guilty?

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong, Hermione!” Ginny snapped, with such fierceness in her voice, that Hermione was taken aback. “What’s wrong,” Ginny continued, glaring at Harry,  "Is that Harry cheated on me with that bitch sister of yours!” she shouted, her voice rising. Almost everyone in the Great Hall had stopped what they were doing and watched the show. Many whispers filled the room.

Hermione’s eyes became wide and Ron choked on a mouth full of food. “You what?!” he cried, his eyes snapping to Harry. “You cheated on my sister?!” he growled, already enraged. His blood boiling to a dangerous level. The entire hall was completely silent now.

Hermione frowned. “Ron, calm down.” she said evenly. “I’m sure..” she bit her lip, “That Harry has a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why he would cheat on Ginny,” She paused,” With my sister.” she finished tentatively.

All eyes on Harry now. He hated being the center of attention. Especially in a situation lie this. He took a breath. “I’m sorry, Ginny.” he said, miserably, regret filling his voice. “I really am.” He ran a hand through his untidy hair, making it even more unruly. “I didn’t mean to. Please forgive me.” he pleaded, gazing into her elegant eyes. Ginny sighed. Should she forgive him? She loved him to much to hate him, to not be with him.

But he hurt her too much for her to forgive him. She shook her head, tears sliding down her face, falling onto her plate. “I’m sorry, Harry. I can’t.” She sniffed loudly. “E-excuse me.” She threw her napkin down and bolted from the Great Hall, without another word.

“Oh, Ginny, wait!” Hermione cried, dashing out after her. Harry sighed, taking off his glasses and rubbing his temples. “Ron...” he started, his eyes closed. “I’m sorry I hurt your sister. Please don’t hate me.” Ron said nothing, merely stuffed his mouth full of food. Wordlessly, Harry slipped his glasses back on.

Silence passed between the four of them. So it was a great relief, when Hermione came back. "She said she needed to think." she said quietly, sitting next to Ron. However, that relief was crushed, when Draco approached their table, the usual smirk upon his face. “Well, well, if it isn’t the clan of Mudbloods and Mudblood traitors...” 

He grinned, receiving scowls from all of them.

His ice blue eyes snapped to Hermione. “Hey, Mublood! How does it feel having a murderer for a sister?” he asked, the smirk growing.

“What in Merlin’s name are you talking about, Malfoy?! And don‘t call me that, you ruddy twit!” Hermione snapped. The others stopped chattering, and they looked at Malfoy. As much as they despised him to the very core, they were interested in what he had to say.

Draco clasped his hands together in sheer delight. Spoiling the Mudblood’s mood was tasteful, almost as much as griping St. Potter about being a scar head. “Hannah…” he paused, slamming his palms down on the table, causing Emma to jump. He snickered and leaned forward, "Is a Deatheater he hissed. Unfortunately, he said it louder than he meant. The whole room fell dead quiet.

“What’s going on?” a voice asked from the doorway. A thousand heads snapped in the direction of the voice. Hannah stood there, looking as confused as most people in the Great Hall at that moment felt. A few people turned back to look at Hermione, who stared at her. Draco’s smirk winded.

“Speak of the devil,” he whispered.

Ooh, tsk tsk Hannah! Thanks for reading! Please review! What will happen next?
More to come! ;)

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