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Life's so Bittersweet by sammieoxox
Chapter 2 : The Un- Makeover
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--_Last Time_--
 Opening the seal on the back of the envelope, I take out the letter and start to read it.

“I can’t believe it” I say with the biggest grin on my face.

"What is it darling? What does it say?”


Chapter 2- The Un-Makeover


“I ... I …I GOT HEAD GIRL!” I practically scream with joy, still plastering a large smile on my face


“Oh congratulations sweetheart, I always knew you would do good” my mom mirroring the same smile on her face


“I need to tell Harry and Ron, I …” I was talking with such haste that I froze mid sentence.


Ron…I need to do something about him.


With this I decide to call up my two closest Muggle friends; Kate and Lea. They were going to help me with the biggest decision in my life; to UN-makeover myself.


I quickly go over to the phone [‘cause, duh they are muggles… its not like I could send them an owl!] and dial up Katie






“Mimi!” [my little nickname from when we were kids, that just kinda stuck], “its been forever!”


“lol, its just been a week”


“and thus, forever lol”


“I need you and Lea to meet me at our tree in like 10mins”


“Yea no prob blood sis” [long story… another adventure from childhood]


“kay, later” 


I run up to my room and grab some stashed money I got over the years… I’ve been really tempted to spend it on a camera I’ve wanted for awhile now, but seeing how I made head girl… I think my parents are gonna get it for me.

I’ve always loved taking pictures, muggle or wizard, but the camera I want is a wizard one that has the option to become either one, it’s the greatest camera. It can really help seeing how I can’t give Katie and Lea a wizard picture because the risk of their parents seeing it [even though Katie and Lea know about me being a witch, they are my closest friend so it’s only right…].


So I go up to my room and get dressed in a tight, short-sleeved ‘my chemical romance’ band t-shirt from when Katie, Lea and I went last summer…it was amazing, along with a plaid skirt and a spike belt that hung loosely along my hips, with the matching bracelet. I reach into my closet and pull out a box full of photos from the days of goofing off with friends, both muggle and wizard. In one of the photos there was a picture of Ron kissing me in the snow, he gave it to me as a one month anniversary gift attached to a little teddy bear holding a white rose, my favorite type of rose. I sigh at the sight and flip over the picture, close the box, then continued to look for the money.


“I know I have it somewhere…” frantically looking around I spot my wallet on my desk remembering that I put it in my wallet the other day for some reason, I cant remember why though….


I quickly grab my wallet off my desk and attach it to a chain that I attached to my belt to complete my look. Running out of my room, I go downstairs and put on my black flats and apparate to the tree; fully knowing if I walk that I won’t make there in time and they might leave in search of me.


I arrive at the old oak tree that we three would always be… we first discovered it when we were going to Lea’s new house, when we first meet her, when the ‘Trouble Trio’ first formed. Ever since then, it’s been our hangout; our spot to escape and think, or just to goof off.


“Hey Mimi, what's up?” called out Lea.


Lea was a tall stick looking girl, when I first meet her she had the shortest bob I had EVER seen! It was black with violet streaks. She had always played soccer and hated her hair always getting in the way, so she cut it. Now her hair was a tad longer than it use to be; now sporting a ‘short in the back, long in the front’ hair-do [what looks so good on her]. And her clothes have DEFFINATLY changed from her baggy band shirts to tight, form fitting, blue notes clothes.


“yea, what's up chica?” called out Katie, or she prefers Kat. Katie, she always thought sounded like a prep name. I always laughed at her when she said that, but none the less, it suited her.


Kat, on the other hand had curves. She wasn’t fat, or thick, but she certainly had curves, and flaunted them. She had big baby like eyes with long eye-lashes. Her hair was long blond and layered. When she was younger her mom made her a preppy girl, she always wanted a girly girl for a daughter… that is, until Kat heard ‘What I’ve Done by Lincoln Park’ and fell in love with it. Then she dyed the under layer of her hair black, and got her eyebrow pierced. Imagine what her mom said when she saw it…   


“Just waiting for you… you’re so slow” I said mockingly


Kat laughed a little, while Lea just rolled her eyes.


Going over to them and giving them both a hug at once, putting my head between theirs and said “Who’s up for a UN-makeover?”

they gasped and turned towards me

”You mean it!?” Lea looking to make sure I wasn’t joking 

“Finally!!” Kat said “it’s about time!”

“Well what the hell are we waiting for?” looking over at me excitingly “off to blue notes!’ Lea exclaimed


Kat and I just rolled our eyes jokingly and burst out laughing, causing her to join along.

After a good hour of shopping; at Blue Notes, West49, and TNA [for some ‘odd’ changes], the ‘Trouble Trio’ head to a hair parlor.


“Are you sure about this Mimi?” asked Kat “its not that I wouldn’t love it and all, ‘cause I do, but isn’t it a little dramatic from what you have…everyone’s gonna be shocked after what you use to be when we first helped you on your old makeover…”  she trailed off.


“Well I know it will come to a shock, but that is exactly what I want, I’m tired of being Hermione; book-worm know-it-all. I want to be me, the real me that grew up with you and Lea.”  Cutting her off.


“If you’re sure about this…” Kat trailed off again, a little worried for the outcome.


“Snip away my good lady!” Lea said eagerly “don’t worry Mimi… she’s the one who did MY hair, she's a scissor GENUS” trying to reassure her


After a good ten minutes, Hermione had her hair chopped off, to just above her shoulders, dyed a dark copper color and then layered. ‘ when I get home I have to put a spell on it so it will go back to my straight hair, since last time I put a perm spell to put it curly…’


“You’re all done” said the hair-cutter, chewing her gum


“It looks amazing!!” complemented Kat


“It suits you” Lea exclaimed “Like my hair, suits me” she said matter-off-fact like


“Now one last stop…” smirking to them, something she had improved thanks to a certain Slytherin boy she knew.


A few minuets later they arrived at a Tattoo and Piercing Place where Kat got her eyebrow done.


“Mimi. you’re not...” trailed off Kat


“No, I’m not going to get a tattoo; I’m just going to get my cartilage pierced” exclaimed Hermione “Now come on” 


Lea and Kat followed Hermione into the store. As the two of them looked for jewelry for her as a going-back-to-school-as-the-real-you gift, she got her ear pierced.Getting out from the curtained room where she got it done she saw the two girls purchasing something


“What are you two getting?” cocking an eyebrow


“Oh nothing …” giggling to themselves, trying to look innocently, which they were failing at. Then all of them started laughing out of the store together, heading back to the old oak tree.

‘Today was fun; I’m sure going to miss them where I go back…’


“Ok you guys, lets head to my house, I want to give you something …”


“What is it?” Lea asked cocking an eyebrow

“well she cant exactly tell us, that would ruin it” Kat exclaimed making them all laugh a little.  


When they reached Hermione’s house they all walked in, seeing her parents waiting for her on the sofa talking.


“Hermione! What happened to your hair?”


“I wanted a change…please don’t freak”


“No, its not that, it’s just different, seeing you with that short of hair, and that color too…”


“It looks good…doesn’t it?”


“Its looks good” Mrs. Granger said smiling at her daughter so happy about her change but worried about the possible disapproval of her mother.  With that Hermione smiled at her mom and went over to give her a big hug


‘Thank GOD that I have such an open minded mother…’


“but next time…” her mom said, making Hermione looks at her mom for a second; breaking the hug, “warn us first?” Hermione just smiled


“Hello Leanne, Katherine” Mr. Granger finally said. 


“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Granger” Lea said, Kat just smiled and nodded her head


“We actually have a surprise for you Hermione” Mrs. Granger said happily.


Hermione froze ‘a surprise! What could it be, could it be the camera? Nah it can’t be. They don’t know how to get into Hogsmeade. Then what could it be?’ 
Suddenly her mom pulled out a small plain white square box from behind the couch they sat on, handed it over to her daughter. “Congratulations, on everything sweetie” her mother smiled sweetly as her daughter opened the box with wonder and anticipation. Then had a great big smile on her face as it lit up when she saw what was inside.


“Oh, mom, dad, thank you so much!!” her expression was unbreakable; it was so happy that it looked as though not even Draco Malfoy could break it.


As she pulled out the gift her friends froze. It was the SomaticFlash 2007, the camera she was saving up for the whole year. It was black with a grip bump on the right handed side that had a strip of hot pink.


“But…but... how did you…” she was utterly surprised


“We contacted Mrs. Weasley when you left, and asked if she could go get it for us and that we would give her the money. She agreed” her father stated


“But Mrs. Weasley doesn’t have a phone…the only way to contact them would be by…” realizing that they used an owl just to get her a gift, she was utterly happy


Giving them the biggest hug she had ever given them “oh, thank you so much…for everything… you don’t know how much all of this means to me”


“We thing we do” her mom managed to say out of the bone crashing hug her daughter gave them.Then Hermione let go of her mom and dad she turned towards Kat and Lea, kind of surprised that they were still there…


“Mom, I just need to go up to my room with my friends and give them something ok?” looking at them for a sigh of permission. Her mom giving her a look, ‘just go already, its ok’. Smiling Hermione started to head to her room. She plopped down on her bed

“could this day get any better?” she exclaimed, saying to nobody in particular


“I think we can make it a bit better” came a voice at her door. It was Lea and Kat, “can we come in?” cocking an eyebrow

“What’s stopping you?” cocking an eyebrow in return, all laughing a little.


“We have something for you” Lea pulling out a little black box with a red ribbon round it, “we want you to wear it your last day with us…” Lea stated “and when you go off to your boarding school” Kate added in


“Aww you guys” holding back a tear ‘this day is just too perfect, I have never had a better one…’ Opening up her gift she saw a dangling ear piece for her new piercing. It was three dangling silver strands on little jewels all at different lengths. On the longest stranded there was a little black skull… it was perfect.


“oh you guys…” giving them a huge hug, which they returned


“I have an idea…” Kat said as she got up to grab a piece of blank paper and a black marker. She started to draw each one of them and wrote at the top ‘Trouble Trio’

“Now Mimi… if you will do the honors” smirking at Hermione motioning for her wand. Lea gets up and hands Hermione her wand so she could bewitch the picture for them all to move. The picture was magnificent … Kat was always a good drawer, and sculptor, and painter…she was an all around artistic… Hermione and Lea were always jealous.


 After Hermione bewitched the picture she made it into three copies for all of them. Then she went and grabbed her new SomaticFlash 2007. “Let’s document this perfect day, with the perfect people…”


They all laughed


“Wait... Let’s include Kat’s drawing … it’s too perfect to leave out!” Lea exclaimed wile Kat rolled her eyes, grabbing one of the drawings and them *click* Hermione took the picture. “I’ll send you both it later” Hermione said


“All right, but now unfortunately we have to go…” Lea trailed off

“why don’t you just sleepover? “Hermione asked, hoping for a yes. “Why ruin the end of a perfect day?”. Kat and Lea were just about to open their mouth when Mrs. Granger beat them too it

“it think that is a perfect idea” Mrs. Granger smiled


“Just call your parents first, so they know where you are” said Mr. Granger


“Okay” all three of them smiling

                                                 ~*~*~*~*~* & ~*~*~*~*~* 

For the reminder of the week Kat and Lea stayed over, trying to get as much together time as possible until that fateful day that Hermione would have to board the Hogwarts Express. When that day finally came Kat and Lea helped her get ready, making sure she didn’t forget anything…especially her new look! Right before Hermione left home she made sure that she put in her new earring that she got from Kat and Lea, her new camera to document the new year [and to show off to Ron and Harry!] an, of course her wand!

Kat and Lea came along with Hermione to the train station right before she entered Platform 9 ¾. They all said their goodbyes and then she was off 

As Hermione entered the platform she took in everything. ‘ this is going to be a new and interesting year…’ as she thought this she turned around to see a group of guys eyeing her ‘yes… very interesting’ smirking to herself turning back around boarding the train.

‘Who’s the new girl’
a tall very blond boy thought to himself as he was talking to a group of fellow Slytherins. Eyeing her, he was just about to go up to her, when she boarded the train. ‘Don’t worry…I’ll get you’ he said as he smirked to himself leaving the group of guys and getting on the train, looking for what direction she went in.

On the Train... in a conpartment near by... 

“Did you see the new girl a few minuets ago!” Ron said ecstatically

"Yea I know, she was HOT” replied Harry


“Tell me about it, if I wasn’t dating Hermione I would…” he stopped talking when he saw the ‘new girl’ standing at the compartment door

“Are you saving it for me?” she asked a dumb-stricken Harry and Ron

“Uh… actually… I was…ah...”  Ron nervously trailed off, as his ears were going red. Harry just sat there staring at her.


 “Harry, It’s not polite to stare we’ve talked about this” she directed to Harry, who still had a dumb-stricken look on.


 “You know my name?” he broke his stare, finally blinking looking a bit confused

“What do you mean 'how do i--" cutting her self off. She almost forgot she hadn't seen them all summer, so they probally wouldn't regonise her with her new look, "Oh yea , you don’t recognize me, one sec lets see…” saying as she reached into her hand bag grabbing out a book and sitting down beside Ron, putting her nose in the book. “Recognize me now?” she asked jokingly

They both looked a little then realised who she was. Harry was first, then finally Ron caught on, both mirroring shocked faces.

“Hermione!” they both literally shouting with astonishment


“The one and only” laughing a little


“Wow look at you!” Harry said with such surprise and astonishment, then got a bit rosy in the cheeks, probually remembering how he commented her with Ron, being slightly embarrased, thinking of his bestfriend, his bestfriend's GIRLFRIEND, like that.

“I almost didn’t even believe it was you” Ron said then kissed her


‘Goodbye kiss’ she thought to herself, now showing a bit of a frown, remembering what she sot out to do better now than later... “I actually want to talk to you for a minute Ron, you mind?” she asked a little worried, but he didn’t catch that

“Sure, uh let’s go to an empty compartment, we’ll see you in a few minuets Harry” he exclaimed as Hermione waved goodbye wile walking out the door.


After they find a compartment Ron follows her in a pulls her into a deep kiss, taking her off guard, inching towards the seats to ‘further’ the kiss. Hermione tries to pull away but he just takes it as trying to get some air and continues the kiss


“Ron…” she manages to say between kisses. “I need to talk to you” she manages to say trying to break free

“I’ve missed you so much this summer Hermione…” he manages to say between kissing her


Deataching her lips, she backs up a bit, then turns to sit on the seats, looking up at Ron.Looking a bit confused, he sat beside her, still wanting to finish what they started [A/N:or what he started...]

“We need to talk about something…”


“Sure… go ahead” he said slyly inching his hand towards her.‘I’ve never been this attracted to her, I can’t control myself! Summer did her wonders” he thought to himself


She pushes his hand away as he gets closer. Obviously not getting the message he inches his hand closer and tries to further what they had started earlier. She looks at him now very annoyed, because she isn’t able to talk to him.

Once he inches his hand again for the third time, she is mad as hell.

Authors Note:ok ok i know i did another cliffy, but really i cant help it.. dont worry guys i know whats going to happen .. i actually finished the next one and im just finishing up the ending on the 4th chapter.. and i have ideas for the next two chapters.

i know how annoying it is when people just leave the story, so i wont make you wait too long .. hope you enjoy and i know this chapter is a bit boring but it REALLY picks up next chapter when Draco comes into the picture. ;) ' wink wink' *nudge nudge*

 <<  btw: doesnt she pull it off beautifully?? i think so ;)


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