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Obscene Reality by Lilybean84
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3- Denied
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A/N - I just have to say that I am so happy that this story is doing alright. I've never written anything other than Dramione and I have to thank Andy for the challenge of writing this fic. I'm actually enjoying the change and it's nice to do something that's fresh.

I also wanted to thank all the people who inspire me to keep writing. They're my little plot bunnies :) Gubby, Em, Loony and Elena! You guys all rock and I am so glad to have gotten to know you over the past little while.

Also..thanks to the wonderful Jessi who read this and gave me some encouragement before I posted it :) I'm going to glomp onto your more often, so be warned.


A loud knock at the door woke her most violently from the comfortable dreams she was entertaining. After the previous night she had done her best to pretend she was at her own home asleep in her own bed but once she opened her eyes it was impossible to forget that she was in some foreign house with a bunch of people who ranged from angry to..Ron...

"Come in" she said once the knocking continued. Mrs. Weasley entered with a pile of things and placed them on the only chair in the room.

"Good Morning" her warm eyes made Hermione feel welcomed despite the circumstances, "I brought you a few changes of clothes and some towels. The bathrooms down the hall and if you hurry you'll catch it before the boys wake up..if you wait too long you won't be able to get in there for at least an hour"

"The boys?"

"Harry, Neville and Ron."

Hermione gulped gently at the sound of Ron's name and a wave of guilt washed over her. She hadn't meant to be so harsh, she was shocked and completely unprepared for the kiss.

"Hermione, are you alright dear?"

"I don't know. Everyone seems either angry or disappointed in me. I feel horrible for what I've done but then again I can't even remember what I've done. For two years I've been living on my own, content in my own ways while all of you have been worried about me. Ginny was right, I am selfish..or I was. I don't know which to pick. Am I a girl who would do that?"

"The Hermione I knew would have but not for selfish reasons" Mrs.Weasley sat down on the bed next to her,"You have always thought of your friends before yourself, you've dedicated so much of your gifts to helping your friends and for you to do something this drastic, I have faith it was to protect them. " she reached over and touch a curl that had fallen out of Hermione's ponytail, "You were like a daughter to me and even though you can't remember any of the past I am so happy to know you're safe. If it wasn't for the current events I would have asked them to let you be."

"Current events?" Hermione sighed,"I don't understand anything here"

"You will, now wash up and come down for breakfast. Unlike the shower, if the boys get it first there won't be any left for you"

Hermione smiled and nodded. Pulling back the covers she walked over to the towels. The clothes underneath were lovely and exactly her size.

"how?" she asked

"You left them here, it's a blessing you haven't changed in two years"

Hermione touched the fabrics and felt a tear slide down her cheek, "Is everything in this house going to make me feel guilty?"

Mrs.Weasley touched her shoulder gently, "Don't feel guilty. Time will heal the wounds and you'll sort this out"

Hermione nodded and picked up what she needed to shower. Mrs.Weasley closed the door as they left, each heading in an opposite direction but both feeling a little sad about the day.

"Coffee?"  A tall oddly shaped boy stood next to the coffee pot in the kitchen. His face was warm and his smile bright but his eyes looked at her as if she was a ghost. Sadness and confusion etched themselves into the gaze just as it had with everyone she'd met so far.


"Yes, derived from the coffee bean. Wakes people up in the morning, gives you energy...tastes really bad when cold or without sugar"

"Yes please" Hermione chucked and took a seat

The boy bustled around taking a mug and filling it with the dark liquid. Politely he sat down and placed it in front of her.

"Two sugar and a half a cream...right?"

"How did you?...did you used to make me coffee before?" 

"You became addicted to this stuff as things grew darker. During the days of Dumbledor's army and our training, whenever you were obsessively studying for classes or an upcoming trial we'd do what we could to help."

"Neville right?"

"Heard about me?" he asked curiously

"I overheard you and Harry talking ....."

"Oh...I'm sorry you had to hear that."

"It's alright. I wanted to thank you for standing up for me. When it comes to what was said I know I've only been here a day but I'm adjusting to the idea of what I've done."

"Don't take it to personally. Harry's just hurt and letting his anger mask it. He really missed you"

"Were we close?"

"Inseparable since the first year."


Neville's head shot up, "You've met Ron?!"

"Last night.. he told me we were a couple"

Neville rolled his eyes and sighed, "I'm sorry about that. We should have known better than to have sent him for you. He hasn't exactly been stable since you left. He's prone to severe mood changes so I think it would be best if you stayed away from him until things got sorted."

"Mood changes?"

"I don't think I have the right to tell you about Ron's personal problems..but I'm sure you'll find out sooner or later"

Hermione nodded and took a sip of her coffee. The two sat in silence for a few moments before the sound of footsteps above was heard.

"The others will be down soon. I'd better go get things ready"

"Ready for?"

"You'll find out, don't panic. I'll be keeping an eye on you"

Hermione nodded and smiled as he left the room. Alone with her thoughts she felt a twitch of worry at his words. Why would she be panicking?  What were they planning? The other night Harry had said that because she didn't remember anything she was no longer useful. What exactly had she known in the past that was so important to them? Was that the reason she had chosen to forget? If it was then why would she want them to bring it back? She was torn since she wanted to remember these people whom she had meant so much to but at the same time she wanted to believe Mrs.Weasley. She wanted to believe that her hurtful actions were done out of love for her friends.

"Hermione?" Mr.Weasley popped his head into the kitchen,"Morning, can you come with me for a moment please?"

"Of course"

The two walked from the kitchen into the room she assumed was the meeting area. It seemed to be the living room or family room but had a dark gloomy feel about it. An intricate and large family tree decorated the walls but amongst the names were gaping holes burnt as if the people had been cast out and singed from all memories. In the middle of the room a chair stood out, alone and Hermione knew it was for her.

"Have a seat"  just as Mrs.Weasley had, Mr.Weasley waited for her to sit before he spoke," You need to understand what's going on .."

"Mr.Weasley, I think I have a pretty good idea about what's going to happen today and there's something I think you should know"

"Alright, go ahead"

Hermione defiantly crossed her arms and leaned back in the chair,"If you think you're going to unlock my memories you're very wrong. I refuse to remember a thing"

"That's a bit quick to say"

"I know myself even if I don't remember anything. I did this for a reason and I am quite happy not knowing what that reason was. I don't want to regret undoing something that was obviously a great sacrifice for me to do in the first place"

"Perhaps if we explained what it was..."

"Nothing you say is going to change my mind. I don't want to remember anything. I don't need to remember anything. As bad as I feel for hurting so many of you nothing that I've seen so far has convinced me it's worth remembering.:"

"Nothing?" the quiet voice standing by the door sent goosebumps up Hermione's arms. Ron, standing with Harry and Neville had been obviously listening to her conversation with Mr.Weasley.

"Yes, nothing"  she simply stated.

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