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Second time love. by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 8 : Chapter eight
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None of the Harry Potter characters belong to me, I have only borrowed them for this tale.

Second time Love

Chapter eight

The locked room

Albus Dumbledore Headmaster of Hogwarts leader of the Order of the Phoenix sat in his office, his half moon spectacles held in his left hand, while with his thumb and forefinger of his right hand he rubbed gently at the bridge of his nose.

“Dam, dam, dam, Miss Granger, no it’s Mrs Potter now, she has ruined years of work and planning,” he said as he pulled up the school register from the bottom drawer of his desk, their wedding that morning had finally ended his last hope of further manipulating the minds and hearts of his two favourite students.

Turning once more to talk to Fawkes, he sighed deeply “How did she over come the suggestions that Snape and I planted in her mind, five years should have been long enough to convince her she was falling in love with Mr Weasley, how did she overcome the thoughts we planted in Harry’s mind about Miss Weasley, I spent so much more time on him and now it has all been for nought,”

Fawkes gave a plaintive cry that told Dumbledore that even he could not over come real and true love.

“But my plan worked with Bill Weasley and Miss Delacour,” Albus whispered as he stood to pace his office once again.

Once more the trill from his phoenix told Albus that it was probable Bill and Fluer would have fallen in love what ever he did, and that he could not be sure it was his own manipulations of their minds that had brought them together.

“So I must find a new blood to improve the lines, to reduce the inbreeding of the purebloods before it is to late, though new blood in the Weasley line, new blood especially from some one as brilliant as Miss Granger, and some one as powerful as Mr Potter, would have slowed if not reversed the decline in such an old family line.”

Walking back to his desk he sat once more in his chair and opened the register, Bones Susan, “what do you think Fawkes Mr Weasley and Miss Bones…”

A flash of fire signalled the departure of Fawkes from the office, “You always were a stickler for doing the right thing,” Albus huffed as the phoenix vanished.

Albus Dumbledore looked up when he felt something tug at his magical core, for just a few seconds he felt it respond before he was able to stop the intrusion, he knew instantly that the elves were performing the bonding ceremony of Harry and Hermione, ‘such a pity, Harry would have been the perfect partner for Miss Weasley’ he thought as he went back to his notes.

Down in the great hall Harry and Hermione’s friends discussed what the newly weds had told them while they drank tea and waited for the young couple to return, In the entrance hall Harry chuckled as both he and Hermione shared some thoughts, their love had grown with the bonding, grown to the level where it radiated from them when they touched, their auras glowed strongly in the dim light of the unlit hall every time they kissed.

“We won’t need any lights tonight if this keeps happening,” he said as they kissed one more time.

“What am I to do with you,” laughed Hermione as they broke their kiss and entered the great hall.

After chatting for some time Hermione checked her watch, it was just after four, time to see the headmaster so that they could move on to the last part of her plan, the visit to the locked room in the department of mysteries.

Remus led them all out to the lawns out side the main entrance and passed around the port keys that would take most of the group home, having all said their goodbye’s and shared a few congratulatory hugs the port keys were activated leaving just six of them behind to go on to the ministry.

Professor McGonagall led the way up to the headmaster’s office, Dumbledore bid them enter and offered them all a seat, before offering them a lemon drop.

“So sir, how are we travelling to the ministry?” Hermione asked having refused the sweet.

She knew before Dumbledore answered that there was some thing not quite right, then Dumbledore informed them that he had been unable to gain permission for them to enter the department of mysteries. She knew he had lied to them, though she did not know why, she thought that he had probably not even tried to help.

She made the quick decision to take advantage of the moment and ensure that at least one of her plans was not thwarted, it didn’t matter if she had to bring that plan forward in time a little, making sure that she kept her eyes down she thought ‘Harry don’t look at the headmaster’s eyes he is using Legilimency on us, once she was sure Harry was looking away from the headmaster’s eyes she told him ‘you have to disarm him, I’ll explain it all to you later’

Harry looked at her and as she gave him the smallest of nods, he suddenly and most unexpectedly pulled his wand and before anyone reacted he had pointed it at Dumbledore and cried out “Expelliarmus.”

With the reactions that came from being a seeker on the Quidditch team for five years Harry deftly caught Dumbledore’s wand as it soared toward him.

‘Hermione love why did I just disarm the headmaster?’ he asked as he looked at her once again.

‘You can give it back to him now, I’ll explain later’ Hermione told him as she tried to hold her temper from exploding.

Harry did as she said and returned the wand to a rather surprised Dumbledore saying “Sorry, I...” he rubbed his scar as though he were doing it without thinking.

Hermione stood and then glared at Albus “You lied to us, you had no intention of helping, what game are you playing, what are you up to?” she asked before grabbing Harry’s hand and pulling him from the office.

They were followed out of the school by Sirius, Remus, Luna and Ginny, once out on the road that led to the main gates Sirius asked what every one was thinking.

“Why did you take Dumbledore’s wand Harry?”

Harry looked just as bewildered as Sirius and the others, “I have no idea,” he answered looking at Hermione.

“It was the Elder wand,” was all she said as they walked.

“What?” Harry asked “is the elder wand and why did I just take it from Dumbledore?”

Remus cleared his throat before speaking “Hermione the elder wand is just a myth, a tale told to scare people.”

“Dumbledore had the wand and the stone of life, all he needed was to take Harry’s cloak and he would have reunited the Deathly Hallows,” she told them as they left Hogwarts grounds.

“The Hallows are not a Myth?” Sirius asked his voice low.

“No Sirius they are not a Myth, and I asked Harry to disarm Dumbledore because I don’t trust him anymore, he’s up to some thing, and I don’t think it is anything good,” Hermione said as she stuck out her wand for the Knight bus.

“Would someone like to tell me what the Deathly Hallows are?” Harry asked just as the bus arrived out of nowhere with a loud crack.

Once on the bus and heading for London Remus and Sirius told the teenagers all about the tale of the deathly Hallows.

As the bus pulled up outside the Leaky Cauldron Luna asked what they would do next, and when would they do it.

“Simple,” Hermione said as she opened the door to the pub “we go to the department of mysteries without Dumbledore.”

“And when do you plan to do that?” Remus asked following her into the bar.

“As soon as we have had some thing to eat, by the time we are finished the ministry should be quite empty.”

“Albus, Mrs Potter asked a very good question, just what are you up to, I’ve known you too long to think that you simply forgot to tell them about the ministry?” McGonagall asked suspicions growing in her mind.

“I was just trying to do some thing for the good of all,” he answered vaguely as he stared at his wand.

“And you thought you could fool Miss Granger, I mean Mrs Potter? That girl is the cleverest person I ever met,” she looked at him for a minute before she continued, “you should be careful Albus, or you will come to regret turning the two most powerful people in our world against you.”

‘I already do, I already do’ he thought as he returned his wand to its rightful place.

Minerva McGonagall left the head master wondering if she had been wrong to place her trust in him for so long and with out question. She knew that Hermione Potter was one of the most honest trustworthy and loyal not to mention the cleverest people she had ever met, and if she suspected Albus of doing something that was wrong then there was more than a good chance she was right. She made a mental note to her self to question, and check the things he asked her to do much more closely in the future.

Albus sat in his office and wondered if once again he had made a mistake, he knew that he could no longer rely on the help of Hermione to rebuild the trust that Harry had once had in him. He also knew he had lost what little trust and respect that might have lingered in Hermione.

Having had and enjoyed a meal of fish and chips, Harry led the strange looking group dressed in their robes, through the streets of Muggle London to the visitors entrance to the ministry of magic, Sirius, Hermione, and Harry, went down in the lift to the atrium and waited for the others to join them, just ten minutes later they were all standing in the department of mysteries watching while Hermione worked on opening the lock of the door, it took her nearly fifteen minutes and practically every unlocking charm she could remember before she finally heard the welcome click that was the sound of the door opening.
Leaving Sirius and Remus out side the room to stand guard duty, the group of teenagers entered the room.

Hermione stared at the large empty room, there was nothing at all in the room apart from a painted circle in the centre, the circle was about ten feet across and was painted white, other than that the place was totally bare, she could not tell where the light was coming from because there were no lights, no candles or torches, still the room was bathed in a warm white light.

Hermione took hold of Harry’s right hand, Ginny took his left and Luna took hold of Hermione’s right hand, slowly cautiously they inched forward toward the painted circle.
There was a feeling of happiness that grew into a feeling of love as they neared the circle, the closer they got to the centre the deeper the feeling of love got, by the time they were standing around its edge they were all bathed in a feeling of love deeper than anything they had ever felt before.
Hermione looked first at Harry and then at the two girls with them, with a nod of her head they all stepped into the circle, moments later they were all bathed in warm a red light that seemed to reach down inside them to their very souls, very slowly they inched forward toward the very centre.

As they reached the centre Harry screamed out writhing in some excruciating pain, both Hermione and Ginny struggled to keep their hold on his hands as the light intensified ten fold, and he twisted and screamed even more.
Harry seemed to be fighting something, something inside him that could not stand the feeling of utter love that pervaded their very souls, he was struggling harder and crying out in pain as all three girls wrapped their arms around him and gave him all the love they could give to him, as their love swelled and filled and overcame him Harry began to float, his body lifted gently upward as they tried hard to cling to him.

Just as Hermione thought they were going to fail, their hands were slipping slowly down Harry’s legs as he rose higher and their grip began to loosen, something dark and evil seemed to drift from his chest, as the last wisps’ of the dark mist finally released its hold on him he began to slowly descend.

The dark mist floating in the light above them seemed to be taking on a shape right before their eyes, it was taking the shape of a man, but before it completed its transformation terrifying screams came from it and rent the air, it began to twist and writhe as it screamed as though in severe agony, just a few seconds later the dark misty shape of Voldemort appeared before he suddenly exploded into thousands of pieces that then began to vanish into the light around them.

Hermione sighed in relief, another Horcrux was destroyed, and Harry was still alive and well.

The three girls carried Harry from the room, they all had to struggle against the desire to remain in the room full of love, and it took them some minutes to reach the door. Luna managed to open the door and dragged Ginny out first, they were then helped by Remus and Sirius who pulled both Harry and Hermione from the rooms loving grip.

The exhausted teenagers slowly made their way to the main lift, helped by the two adults. Once out into the night air of the London Street above the ministry they rested for a while to regain some of their strength.
Fifteen minutes later Remus summoned the Knight bus.

It was a weary bunch of people who entered the wards of the Granger house some twenty minutes later, Mrs Granger made them all a hot drink of chocolate before she sorted them all out with a place to sleep, it was only minutes after finishing their drinks when silence filled the Granger house, everyone was fast asleep, Harry had his first truly nightmare free sleep that night.

At breakfast in the Granger kitchen, even though he was disappointed that his wedding night had not gone exactly as he had expected, Harry felt better than he could ever remember feeling, the dark and depressing feelings of guilt and self doubt he had suffered his entire life were gone, he felt lighter some how, and he also felt some how that he was cleaner, he could not put it in to words, it was just the way he felt.

Sirius and Remus sat and listened as the girls talked about the vast amount of love that Harry had inside him, they had all felt it in the locked room.
Hermione explained to everyone all that had happened in the room full of pure love, how that great amount of love had removed and destroyed the part of Voldemort that had attached it’s self to Harry’s soul.

Harry was now free and they were well on the way to riding the world of the evil that was calling it self Voldemort.

Hermione sat and smiled, tonight there would be no reason for them to wait any longer, tonight she would become the thing she wanted most, Mrs Harry Potter in every sense of the word, tonight she would be Harry’s completely.

Harry seemed to be thinking the same thing because he too smiled then winked suggestively at her, making her laugh out loud, to the surprise of those around the table.

A/Note sorry that this chapter is not quite as long as some of the others but I have to end it somewhere and I think it ended in just the right place before things warm up for Mr and Mrs Potter. Well if they can find some peace and privacy.

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