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Something Out Of A Storybook by harryficlover
Chapter 1 : The Wedding
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A/n: I don't own Harry Potter.
I stare into the cold space. My stolid body feels like stone; my limbs have forgotten how to move. I am just a witness, and a gargoyle like the many lining the church walls and time is something that is happening to everyone but me. Today was the day when my heart would be given away.  It seems so unreal like a passing midnight thought I would have had a long time ago. How can this be happening? I love this man with all of my heart; he is so happy... 

"Hermione," it is a shocked Mrs. Weasley, "what on earth are you doing out here! You must get ready," The woman practically pulled me out of the pew, "What's the matter?" 

I croak out an undecipherable syllable. She seems unfazed by my voice deserting me. Most likely because she is too busy visually checking every 
small detail of the church on our way out; nevertheless, she continues to 

"You know I always get nervous for weddings; its just that usually I'm not involved," I say still not managing to look her in the eyes. We arrive at the bridal party dressing room. Everyone is here already; Ginny waves excitedly at me from the corner. 

The hair stylist walks up to me and eyes my hair with shock, "'Zis is 
going to take a vile," she states with a raised eyebrow, her foreign accent making her sound even more snooty, then literally shoves the dress in my face with urgency. It takes her hours to fix my hair, but in the end it was worth it. I look like a princess out of a story book.  Now all I need is my Prince Charming… 

"Come on girls, it's time," Mrs. Weasley announces airily to the room. 
As we walk by, in isle walking order, she smiles at us. We are now lined 
up next to the entrance of the church, and my insides melt. 

Ginny catches me as the music starts, "Hermione, you look beautiful…I can't believe this is happening!" 

"Yeah, me either." I say in downcast tone. Realizing that I may be implying that I am unhappy I add, "You look beautiful too, Ginny, good luck," looking down and smiling at my feet. 

"Hey, good luck to you too!" 

The doormen open the entrance to the church. My heart stops. Everyone is standing and looking at us… Not that I care though. He is looking too and that's all that matters. Nothing else exists except for his eyes, and it is obvious that they are looking straight at me. Harry Potter smiles; suddenly, I forget how to breath, but air fills my lungs, the corners of my mouth begin to drift upward. I'm nearing the front row now, and my parents are sitting there, next to the Weasley's, all of them looking like they are both about to cry. Ron is standing next to Harry, and he isn't in that much of a better state than my parents. He is wide eyed and continues to stare at me unblinkingly. I look back up at Harry and absentmindedly fiddle with my engagement ring. Harry is staring at me still as I walk up next to him. 

He nods and smiles one last time as I move over for Ginny. She arrives with her long, beautiful dress gliding behind her. Now his grin is a mile wide. The countenance that usually strongly sits on his face is blurred and hopelessly love struck. He takes her hands. I feel as though he continued through Ginny's body and stuck his hands into my chest to rip my heart out. Everything goes fuzzy and numb. 

A man's voice starts, "Dearly Beloved…." 

Dearly Beloved, is she really? 

"We are gathered here today to join two people in matrimony." 

Ginny Potter, that doesn't even sound good… I see Ron smiling with heavy 
eyelids as if this was our wedding. Suddenly, I feel like chucking my ring at 
his face, so I gaze into the crowd. My mom is looking at me. She is bawling. 

Mom never cries at weddings…. I pause. Hmm, Hermione Weasley? Oh well, 
that's the name I'm stuck with now. As of this ceremony I'm practically Mrs. Weasley. I feel someone looking at me. This time it's Harry. He's looking at me over Ginny's shoulder… At his own wedding? My cheeks redden, and I look away. Ron is staring at me too and he mistakes my blushing as a gift from him. He winks in a suggestive manner. 

I can't stop myself from crying as the preacher says, "Harry James Potter, do you promise to have and to hold," I sob loudly, attracting the gaze of the audience, as the man in the robe continues, "Oh um," he forgets where he was for a moment because of my outburst. Everyone stares at me for a couple of seconds, also, until he continues. 

Oh Merlin, why did I agree to come here? This was a mistake. There's no way out either; I'm stuck here to suffer…. So close to him and yet so far away! 

"I do," Harry says. 

What about me? I DON'T. NO. FOR GODS' SAKES I LOVE YOU, HARRY.  I love you, Harry. I love you. I always have, since I first saw you, It just took me a while to realize it. 

I shut the world out the only way I could, by closing my eyes. 

"Mummy," a sweet little voice whispers in my ear, waking me up. 

"Yes, Rose, darling?" 

"Hugo isn't going to sleep," she whines and shakes her curly, red 

"Alright, I'm getting up."
It's just another day as Mrs. Hermione Weasley.

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