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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 16 : Chapter 16
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A/N I'm sorry for taking so long but, um, I have no excuse. So I hope you enjoy, and for your information YOU SHOULD READ THIS! PART OF THIS CHAPTER IS WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE AND DURRING THE TIME HERMIONE AND JAMES WERE TALKING. NOW READ!!! Thank you and have a nice day.
*A few hours before Hermione and James' talk*

The five men sat around Hermione's bed, Draco leaning forward, head in his hands, Ron leaning back in his chair asleep, Rupert with his head bowed backwards staring at the ceiling, Blaise doing the same, and Harry was writing in a small journal.

Suddenly Harry looked up, "Did you guys hear anything?" The question woke Ron up and he mumbled, "Wha's happenin'?"

They all ignored him as they each said that they didn't hear anything. 

Suddenly a crash came from the hallway, and the men all stood up at once. "I heard that," Blaise stated. He pulled out his wand and took a few steps towards the door. "I'll be right back." "Wait Blaise." Rupert said, "You're still a student. I'll go with you." The two walked to the door, and went out into the hall, closing the door softly behind them.

Draco, Harry, and Ron stared at the door for what seemed like an hour but was only a minute. "I'm worried already." Ron stated. Then his eyes got wide, "Oh my God." Harry and Draco looked over at him, "What?" Ron got paler every second, "What if the Giant spiders from the forbidden forest came into the school and have gotten hold of Blaise and Rupert and are taking them back to their giant leader, whatever-his-name-is, and the spiders are going to them. OH GOD!" Ron fell to the floor shaking, "Spiders, spiders, spiders, spiders, spiders..." He muttered.

Draco stared at Ron like he was crazy, "Or maybe it's that bastard James." Draco's hands clenched as he spat the name. 

Harry was thinking that too. "They've been gone to long. I'm going go see what happened." Harry walked out.

Ron looked over at Draco and coughed. He rocked back on his heels slowly, "Okay," he clapped his hands together and sat down. "Awkward," He said softly to himself.

"Malfo-!" They looked towards the door at Harry's cut off scream, for one second then ran out. Draco stopped at the door and looked back at Hermione. Ron looked back at him, "I can't leave her alone," Draco said staring back at her. "I promised, we all promised."

Ron put a hand on his shoulder. "I know we did, but if we don't help the others, they'll never be able to make another promise again." Draco looked over his shoulder at Ron and smiled. "You've gained some brains Weasley, you'll have to thank Hermione later." Ron started running down the hall, "Come on." 

They ran down hallways hoping to find some type of clue to where the others were. They soon heard some grunting and muffled curses being casted. They followed the noise till they came to the Transfiguration Classroom. They burst the door open and found Blaise, Harry, and Rupert fighting off seven people in black cloaks and masks.

Draco grabbed his wand, "Pertrificase Totalis!" He shouted hitting one of the masked men in the chest. Harry stunned another and Blaise used the tickling curse on one.

"Accio wands!" Rupert screamed. Every wand in the room came to him. Draco, now seeing that he had a better advantage started wailing on as many guys as he could. Blaise and Ron followed suit, and soon all the masked men were either knocked out or tied up on the floor. 

The guys fell to the floor exhausted. The fight had take at least three hours. Blaise had a black eye and possibly a broken rib. Rupert had a broken wrist and a bruised chin. Draco had bloody knuckles and a missing tooth. Harry was missing some hair and had a few cuts on him. Ron was worse than them all, at least two broken ribs, a black eye, bloody knuckles, and a swollen lip. Not to mention all the extra bruises and cuts they had.

Suddenly Draco looked up , "Hermione has been left alone all this time." He got up and ran towards the hospital wing as fast as he could, ignoring the pain in his body. He pushed open the door, "Hermione!" He saw her still asleep on her bed, not aware of her conversation that had happened not even two hours ago. He sat down in a chair exhausted.

Soon the others came in. "We locked those guys up in the classroom." Rupert said as he slowly sank into a chair in pain. 'It seems that they were just student's." He said.

A little later Madame Pomfry came into the room and noticed all the hurt boys and practically screamed.

An hour later the boys were all fixed up and smiling, and then Hermione woke up.

A/N Okay all it's late I haven’t done any of my homework and I need sleep. You know what happens when Hermione wakes up so that's all you get. I hope the chapter was long enough for you. Don’t expect any new chapters to soon after this one, it’ll take me a while to figure out what to do for the next chapter, so far I have writers block. Oh, and please excuse any bad spelling or mistakes, especially when I used those curses that I can’t spell. Chao.

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