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All I could hope for by tookool4you
Chapter 26 : Rafael and Freddys Conversation
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Ashley led her and Hermione through the woods behind Hermione’s house. Hermione’s feet hurt after about 20 minutes. ‘Damn, I shouldn’t have worn high heels’ thought Hermione. Hermione was glad that no one could read her thoughts because then they would have to hear her whining.

Then Ashley stopped, Hermione nearly ran into her. Hermione was about to say something, but Ashley put a finger by her mouth to tell her to keep quiet. Ashley looked up in the tree and looked at Hermione.

“Come on, get on my back so you wont rip your dress,” whispered Ashley.

Hermione did as she was told and didn’t know what they where about to do. Then Ashley, with Hermione on her back, looked up the tree. Hermione knew at once what they where going to do. Hermione closed her eyes when she saw Ashley reaching for a tree limb. Hermione felt like she was floating on air. She opened her eyes when she felt Ashley put her down.

“There they are,” said Ashley pointing.

Hermione looked over at where she was pointing and she saw the boys walking still. Then Rafael and Freddy stopped right below the tree. Hermione was so happy that they didn’t look up.

“What’s going on with you Freddy? Why Hermione, now?” asked Rafael.

“I know that wasn’t part of the plan. I actually like her; she is all I could hope for. She is smart, funny, and exciting. Also she doesn’t care what I am. She likes me for me”

“Freddy you weren’t supposed to like her. You know what we have to do”

“What you have to do Rafael. Not me”

“Freddy let me get this straight. You are going to throw everything away for some girl. A mortal for that matter”

“What are you talking about? You liked her as well”

“Yeah, but I am not going to go out with her and get attached. I know what is going to happen. I wouldn’t throw everything we have worked for. We are this close to getting Dark Marks,” said Rafael showing Freddy by making his fingers close together.

“I didn’t want the Dark Mark in the beginning,” yelled Freddy.

“Then why were you with us this whole time?” yelled Rafael matching Freddy’s tone.

“You and Ashley are my family. The only family I remember. I can’t remember my mother or my father. When I try to remember that long ago I come out blank. I know it is because when we got in a fight with those vampires I got knocked out before they sucked my blood, but I actually wish I could remember where I came from,” said Freddy. “I don’t want to get in a fight with you, my brother. I am going to protect Hermione any way I can. Maybe Abby can help me. I don’t want her to…I couldn’t bear it”

“Abby won’t help you. Hell, she wouldn’t go against the Dark Lord”

Freddy sat against the tree and closed his eyes. He couldn’t think straight he only could think about Hermione. Also how he didn’t want to go against someone he had known for years.

“Hermione knows what you did to Suzie Q’s sisters,” said Freddy.

“Who?” asked Rafael.

“Remember that guy you worked for who had three little girls? The oldest was Suzie Q. I worked there too. The girls seemed sweet and innocent. They took to me nicely", Freddy smiled. "You took them out in the woods when I went to town because you know I wouldn’t have let you do that. It was 1863, Mary and Karri were there names I believe. You told Suzie Q that if she said anything that you would kill her”

“She told you?”

“No, Ash did. That was pitiful. They blamed it on Mr. Smith and do you know why? He was black, plain and simple”

“How does Hermione know?” asked Rafael in a hushed tone.

“It was her great-great grandmother. You killed Kru also. You know Hermione’s brother?”

“She knows that?"

"How couldn’t she? You put your anneals on your kill”

“I told her my middle name was Arnold. That was all I could think of”

“That was your brother’s middle name. Your middle name is Michael. You know that your brother was the only one that night who didn’t make it?”

“Shut up Freddy. You know I blame myself. I should have protected him, he was five”

“Hermione is going to find out. She is not a dumb girl”

“Yeah, I know. And if she is ‘all you can hope for’ then you can keep your big mouth shut. She doesn’t need this, how do the mortals tell it, bullshit?"

Freddy laughed as he ran his fingers through his hair. “You know I am not going to tell. That is because I have seen what you could do.  I don’t want that to happen to another person I care about. Just try not to start anything”

“What is that suppose to mean?” asked Rafael picking Freddy up by his shirt.

“Just know what you are getting into before you get that Dark Mark on your arm”

Rafael just looked at Freddy for a few moments and shoved Freddy into the tree. When Freddy fell down Rafael walked away. When Freddy hit the tree Hermione and Ashley began to shake.

Freddy shook his head and then followed Rafael back to Hermione’s house. He heard shoes crunching down on the snow and didn’t look back. He thought it was a deer or something, Freddy would have never imagined that that was Ashley and his girlfriend.

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