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How Far? by Tom_DracosGirl
Chapter 7 : Shenanigans
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A/N: I promised I wouldn't be too long with the next chapter, and here it is. Hope you guys like it!!

Chapter 7


Draco followed his father into his study his palms sweating from his nerves, he hadn’t ever lied to his father before and now the first time he’d tried it he was digging a deep hole for himself. And when he had the opportunity to get out of it what did he do? He grabbed a shovel and started digging even deeper! What had he been thinking?

Lucius closed the door soundlessly giving Draco the feeling of his retreat being cut off. The moonlight came in through the windows whose heavy drapes had not been closed, and cast long shadows on the walls.

“I just wanted a quick word about Luna.”

“Alright.” Draco twisted his hands together nervously.

Lucius thought for a few minutes staring out the window, thinking of exactly how to phrase his next words to give the exact impression he wanted to give, of a supportive father who understood a relationship between his young son and his girlfriend.

He turned to smile at his son. “I have decided to have Luna’s things placed in your room, Draco.”

Draco’s eyebrows shot up, he’d known as soon as he’d seen the smile not to trust what would come out of his fathers mouth next. “Excuse me father?” He must have heard wrong.

“Oh really, Draco, don’t be coy it doesn’t suit you. I know what shenanigans you and Luna get up to and I will not have one or both of you getting hurt sneaking around the house in the dark to get to each others rooms.” Lucius told him firmly his eyes boring into Draco’s and feeling quite pleased at the aghast look in them.

“Um…” Draco trailed off, he had no response to give. What was he supposed to say to that?

“Thank you father would be a good response, Draco. There are not too many fathers who would be tolerant of their sons midnight shenanigans. I believe I am being more than reasonable.” Lucius said haughtily.

Draco stared thunderstruck at his father but somehow he managed to find his voice, “Oh yes, very reasonable. Thank you father.”

Lucius observed his son closely waiting for a sign of weakness but Draco was showing no emotions on his face or in his eyes. Lucius was impressed, he had taught his son to hide his emotions and Draco was doing well right now. In fact he mused, he might have taught his son too well, Draco didn’t look like he was planning on backing down any time soon.

“I know you haven’t seen Luna in a while but it would be nice if your mother and I could get to know her while she is visiting, and I ask that you do not spend all your time locked in your room.” He continued.

Draco just nodded his agreement willing his father to hurry up with his lecture on “shenanigans” it was much more than he needed right now, and images of him and Luna together kept popping into his mind making it difficult for him to concentrate on what his father was saying.

“I know I’m speaking to teenage hormones from hell, Draco but I do request that you control yourself and remember to use the sense you were born with.” Lucius narrowed his eyes searching his sons face, but still he saw nothing. Draco was better at this fronting him out than he had thought he would be.

Lucius smirked inwardly, fronting him out was one thing but actually going through with it was another matter entirely. But he was more than willing to go along with Draco for now, after all, Luna herself would probably rebuff the idea straight away which would leave his son in a nice big mess he would need to cover over, and Lucius was looking forward to seeing how Draco would handle it.

“Well, Draco that’s all.” He walked past his son and opened the door smirking at him over his shoulder, “Have fun.”

Draco smirked back his mind reeling, what was he meant to do now? He needed to tell Luna about this new development straight away and see what she would suggest doing about it. He was willing to go along with whatever she wanted to do.

He quickly left the room and hurried back towards the parlour where he could hear his mothers laughter floating through the open door. Obviously she was back from wherever it was she had been, and she had drunk too much again tonight, he could tell by the thick sound of her voice. He rolled his eyes, sometimes his mother didn’t know when to stop drinking, she liked a drink and a good time whether she was at home or out at a party, he hoped she wouldn’t say anything to embarrass Luna.

Sticking his head around the door he surveyed the scene before him and it made him smile. His mother and Luna were sat next to each other laughing together about something to which he was not a party and probably wouldn’t understand if he knew what they were talking about, his father was now sat in his favourite arm chair slowly drinking his brandy and smiling easily at his wife.

Draco suddenly had the most overwhelming desire to make this real. He had two weeks in which to trick his father and win Luna over. “Luna, can you come here for a minute?”

“Subtle, Draco.” Narcissa giggled taking another drink from her glass.

“Leave him be, Cissy. He hasn’t hardly had a moment alone with her all night.” Lucius turned to his son and raised a knowing eyebrow “Shenanigans starting early tonight, Draco?”

Draco flushed and shut the door quickly his fathers laughter ringing in his ears.

“What’s he talking about, Draco?”

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, “We have a problem.” Pressing his palm into the small of her back he guided her towards the stairs.

“What’s happened now?” Luna wondered her eyes searching his face for a sign of what was to come.

Draco sighed heavily, “He didn’t pick up on the poker scam so that was good. But he did have a whole new problem to dump on me. Clearly he’s very annoyed the inviting my friends around plan didn’t work out as he had expected.”

“But what has he done?” She persisted.

Draco didn’t reply but opened the door he had stopped in front of, “In here.” He followed her into the room and closed the door tightly his hands shaking so badly he had to tuck them into the back pockets of his jeans.

Luna frowned looking round, she was in Draco’s room, it had to be Draco’s room. There was a huge bed against the right wall with a fireplace opposite and an adjoining bathroom. Two large windows graced the front wall with heavy green drapes hanging beside them. The room was decorated in rich green and shiny silver the colours of Slytherin house and long white candles floated along the ceiling.

“This is your room? It’s nice.” She felt a little awkward being in Draco’s bedroom.

“Yes this is my room. This is where your things are going to be moved to, that’s what my father wanted to see me about, to tell me he was going to allow us to stay together.”

“What?!” She cried out in alarm. Staying in Draco’s house was one thing but staying in his room with him was another thing altogether. “Why?”

Draco sighed and felt his cheeks begin to flush before he even answered her. “He said because he didn’t want either of us getting hurt creeping round the house in the night to get to each others rooms.”

Luna’s cheeks burned fiercely at Draco’s words.

“He thinks he’s being very reasonable, tolerating our shenanigans as he put it.” Draco averted his eyes from Luna’s flaming face. “He’s doing it to freak us out I know he is. He is so annoying!”

Luna’s eyes fluttered shut in distress, she couldn’t stay in this room with Draco, it was impossible. She was willing to help him but she didn’t know if she could do this, stay in his room with him for two weeks. It was a very intimate thing and they weren’t even dating. “Draco I… I don’t know.”

“I’d sleep on the sofa of course. He won’t know if I do that but he will know if only one of us stays in this room. He’ll have the house-elves keeping an eye open for stuff like that. We’re going to have to be really careful from here on in.” Draco gazed at Luna, his eyes begging her for her co-operation.

“Alright. If we don’t have to ….. If your ok with the sofa?” She agreed uneasily, although why she was agreeing to it she didn’t know. She was more comfortable with Draco now than she ever had been, but she was extremely unnerved at the idea of staying in his room with him.

“More than ok.” He promised. “Thanks, Luna.”

Luna smiled and nodded crossing over to the windows to look out into the night. Draco had a good view of the grounds from his room and she was looking forward to seeing the view in the morning. In the morning she would be waking up in the same room as Draco Malfoy, the thought troubled her a lot. She wasn’t sure it was such a good idea, but she had agreed to help him and his father seemed to take great delight in throwing horrendous situations their way. And she had just agreed to stay in his room with him hadn’t she? Although she was unsure of where the agreement had come from and that thought disturbed her even more.

A house elf appeared in the room with a loud crack making Luna shriek and jump in surprise. She noted the house-elf had her trunk and proceeded to unpack her things.

Draco crossed to the window standing close behind Luna looking out over her shoulder. He could smell the tantalising scent of her shampoo, he closed his eyes briefly willing himself not to touch her, if he did he could ruin everything.

The house-elf left after Draco reminded her to always knock now that Luna was there. “You can use the bathroom first if you like.”

“Ok, thanks.” She brushed against him as she turned and he watched her back as she disappeared into the bathroom.

He was going to have to be very careful not to give himself away to her too soon. He didn’t want to freak her out but he had a sneaking suspicion that how he felt about her now was nothing to how he would feel at the end of these two weeks.

Half an hour later Draco was settled on his sofa and Luna was lying curled up in bed. Draco groaned inwardly, that thought alone was enough to cause a stirring in his body, Luna in his bed, it didn’t even seem to matter to his body that he wasn’t in there with her.

Her dreamy voice came at him through the darkness. “Your bed is really comfortable.”

“Yeah I know.” He replied, a smile in his voice.

“It doesn’t sit right that you have to sleep on the sofa in your own room. But thank you for letting me have the bed,”

Draco shrugged in the dimness. “The least I could do really considering what your doing for me.”

Luna considered for a few minutes, “Are you always in competition with your father? Does he always go this far to prove he’s right?”

She heard him sigh heavily. “Yes we’re always competing that’s just us, it’s just the way we are. He doesn’t normally go this far, he thinks or he knows we’re lying and he doesn’t like me having one over on him so that’s the reason behind everything.”

“Why doesn’t he just ask you outright if your lying? It would save all his nonsense wouldn’t it?” She pointed out reasonably snuggling further down in the bed.

“That would be too easy, plus there’s a chance I could always lie to him about lying. Father likes his fun and he gets his fun from a battle of wits. That’s what this has turned into, a battle of wits, him against me. Only the sneakiest can win.”

“Do you think you stand a chance of winning? I mean a real chance?” Luna wondered.

“Yes. If I’m careful and if you’ll go along with me I think we can win.” He did think he could win, he would have to think everything out before hand and watch his step very carefully, but he could do it, and more to the point he would enjoy it, enjoy proving that when it was necessary he could be just as devious as his father could.

“Well, I’m here and I’m willing to go along with you. I wonder what the hell he has in store for us next?” She frowned as she spoke.

“Merlin only knows, but you can bet we’re going to have to be smart to out wit him.” Draco told her determinedly.

“We’ll deal with it tomorrow, I’m exhausted. Good night, Draco.”

“Night, Luna.”

She yawned readjusting her head on the pillow. The strong scent of Draco wafted over her when she moved the sheets and she breathed in deeply. It was a spicy smell the scent of his cologne and the very male scent of him, she felt a hot dart of desire shoot through her and she suddenly wished he was lying beside her.

Luna shook her head slightly to get rid of her idiotic thoughts. There was no reason to be thinking things like that, those kind of thoughts were dangerous and could confuse the whole situation. It was best not to think of Draco in any other sense than a friend.

Merlin only knew what she would get herself into if she let her imagination run away with her. But she found it increasingly difficult with the scent of him surrounding her not to let her imagination run wild. 

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