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The Proposal by D i a
Chapter 28 : Epilogue
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“Mary, could we get two cups of tea and two chocolate scones, please?” Draco asked in a clear strong voice.

Mary smiled at the young couple sitting at her best table by the window and nodded merrily. Mary’s Coffeshop was as warm and comfortable as it has always been with the small tables, which always had fresh flowers on them, and the cheerful ringing of the bell on the door every time a new customer stepped into the café.

“It was a nice idea to come in here for a cup of tea,” Hermione smiled at her husband and looked out on the busy London street outside the window.

They had just been to Sct. Mungo’s for a check up on the baby to make sure it was a healthy child. They had been walking back towards their transition point, when they came across a toy store, where Draco had insisted they went in and bought the largest toy penguin could find. It was huge and soft, there was no way it could fit into a regular shopping bag so Draco had had to carry it under his arm all the way.

Then they had crossed Mary’s and Draco had suggested they went in for a cup of tea. She thought that it had been way to long since she had stopped by Mary’s and immediately accepted the idea. 

“Yes, so I thought,” he said and they exchanged happy smiles.

“This place always felt just like home to me,” she said with a delighted sigh and looked around at the well-known tables while she smelled the delicious scent of the newly baked scones and the apple pie on the counter. The penguin was seated on the third chair by the table and Hermione chuckled inside every time she saw it. The image of Draco Malfoy, the bad boy of Hogwarts carrying a huge toy penguin was simply too hilarious.

“Here you go dears,” Mary said as she came over with their tea and scones, 

“And congratulations with the baby, I hope it’ll be as healthy as it’s parents.”

Wide smiles passed over the soon to be parents faces, Mary’s congratulations seemed as sincere as the time she congratulated them on their up coming marriage.

“As a matter of fact we were just at the hospital to have it checked and the doctor said he was just fine!” Draco proudly told the older lady.

“Oh, I’m delighted to hear that. So, it’s going to be a boy?”

Hermione nodded

“Have you decided on a name yet?”

Hermione was in the middle of taking a bite of her scone so it was Draco who answered that they had agreed on the name Damian for their son. He said it with so much pride that Hermione couldn’t help but smile again. It surprised her how much she had been doing that lately, it seemed that she just couldn’t help sitting with this goofy happy look on her face all the time.

“Well I wish you both the best of luck with parenthood,” Mary said and walked off to greet an older man, who had just stepped into the café. Hermione watched Mary help the man off his coat and down on a seat at the counter and thereafter presenting him with a cup of tea.

“Hermione?” Draco asked with a smug smile and tugged her out of her thoughts again.

“Yes Draco?” she answered suspiciously eyeing her husband’s smile.

“Will you marry me?” of all the sentences in the world he could have said, this was probably the one she had least expected him to utter. The words lingered in the air between them, but Draco sat patiently with his smug smile and waited for her reply.

She thought of the first time he had asked her that question. Back then she would never have believed that she one year later would be sitting with Draco at the exact same table – and being completely happy about it.

“You do know that we are actually married already?” she raised an eyebrow at him.

He uttered something, which slightly resembled a laughter and took her hand.

“I know that, I was there too,” he winked and gently stroked her hand and the emerald wedding ring on her finger.

“Then why do you ask again?”

Hermione sensed that he wasn’t only joking with his question. Underneath the smile there was a seriousness, which she couldn’t ignore.

“Because this time I want to marry you because I love you and not just because you’re the only muggleborn I find worthy to marry me or whatever I said back then.”

Now there was no joke in his voice.

He meant what he said. He wanted to marry her again – just because he loved her.

She didn’t say anything yet.

“This time,” he continued, “we’ll do it for the right reasons.”

He squeezed her hand and looked at the wedding ring again.

With her free hand she stroked her pregnant stomach under the blue shirt, she could feel the baby kicking through the thin fabric.

“When you asked me to marry you the first time I speculated whether it was madness to accept or madness to decline your offer,” Hermione said slowly and filled with wonder, “Now I think I have found the answer to that question.”

She kissed him gently, making him smile at her for what felt like the thousandth time that day.

“And what is the answer then?” Draco asked quietly locking her eyes with his. The love between them was so obvious that no one who looked at them could miss it.

“That it would be madness to say no to your proposal. That it would be madness not to follow my heart’s desire.”

A/N: Since this is the very last chapter of a (at least to me) long story I have decided to start a mission, and it's called Mission Impossible.

My mission is to get every single one of you who reads this to review this chapter. And hey, if you've stuck with this story since the beginning seven months ago or even just a couple of weeks or hours you must have something to say about it, right?

So please do me the honour of reviewing, I'd appreciate it very much!

For the very last time I'd also use this opportunity to say thank you to those of you who have helped, supported and inspired me while I was writing this, that means a huge thank you to all readers, reviewers, Green, Pingo, Padfooty and last but not least my boyfriend. 

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The Proposal: Epilogue


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