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Hate/Love by dramionerules
Chapter 2 : The Kiss
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A/N: Ok…so this is chappie 2…I hope that you all like it and such…

And as always I don’t own these wonderful characters.




Minutes passed, though to those watching it felt like hours, with Draco and Hermione clinging to each other. Kissing what looked like the life out of each other. They didn’t noticed anything or anyone but each other. The students watching were all disgusted by the open display of affection between two people that should loathe each other. Professors where on the fence about how to handle the situation. On one hand they knew that this wasn’t a proper behavior of students but on the other these were two students that could bring the houses together finally. Harry and Ron had had about enough and were about to get up and separate the pair when it happened naturally. A sigh of relief passed throughout the hall.

Draco broke the kiss first mainly due to the need for air. He stared at Hermione and smiled briefly. She was panting a bit, regaining her breath and there was a slight flush throughout her cheeks. He couldn’t help the thought of just how gorgeous she looked at the moment. She was a brilliant kisser as well and it brought on thoughts of the sexual kind, which he had to repress as best he could.

Hermione felt a bit disappointed when he broke away but realized it was for air, which she sorely needed. She looked up at Draco with unsure eyes. He had kissed her and for the life of her she didn’t know why he would do that. They hated each other. Yet she didn’t regret it for a second. In fact, she wanted more. She wanted to be alone with him and wanted things to progress. This scared the crap out of her, mainly because it’s Malfoy for crying out loud.

“I…um..” he spoke softly to her. He took a look back at the slytherin table and was greeted with many deadly stares. Pansy and Blaise especially. He was torn; a part of him enjoyed every second and had no reservations about doing it again and longer with less clothing. The other part, however, felt as though he just betrayed his friends and family. He had to get out of here with some semblance of dignity.

“Get away from me, mudblood” he allowed his voice to carry throughout the hall. Taking one last look at Hermione he then stormed out of the hall. Once the doors shut he ran as fast as he could. He had to hide and think. The Quidditch pitch was empty and no one would go out the way. He finally stopped in the middle and laid on the grass.

Hermione had yet to move, tears rolling down her face at his horrible words. She took one look at Harry and Ron, seeing their angry faces. She ran out of the hall, not stopping until she came to the library. Her sanctuary of sorts, upon finding a table in the back and out of view from the doors she sat down and put her head in hands. She couldn’t stop the tears from falling. She felt like such a fool. Why on earth would she even think about enjoying a kiss from Malfoy. He was a right foul git and she needed to stay as far away from him as possible. ‘What are Harry and Ron going say?’ she thought. She was horrified to think that they would stop talking to her because of this. But she was also a bit worried they’d go after Malfoy over it. It was just a dumb kiss. A dumb, stupid, idiotic, perfect, wonderful kiss. “Shit” she muttered under her breath. This was awful. Just terrible, now what was she going to do. She wondered what Malfoy was doing right now. ‘Washing is mouth out most likely.’ Shaking her head she began looking for a book to take her mind off things.

Draco stared up at the sky thinking about the kiss. ‘Why did I do it?’ he wondered. It wasn’t like he liked the mudblood Granger. ‘She was miss-know-it-all-bookworm. No one really liked her, they just put up with her. She wasn’t even that pretty.’ He closed his eyes at this thought and sighed. Who was he kidding she was beautiful. What was more difficult for him was that she had all of the qualities he looked for in a woman. “No!” he yelled to himself. He had to stop thinking like that. He was a Malfoy and they don’t date mudbloods. Which is all she was to him. There was no way it would ever work. It was this thought that carried him on his way to the head’s common room.

Hermione arrived at the head’s common room praying he wasn’t there. She had yet to see Harry or Ron and thought it best to keep it that way for tonight. She sat down on the couch in front of the fire and admired her surroundings. The book in the library really did nothing to keep Malfoy out of her mind. She just wished that she hadn’t liked it so much. It was the best kiss she’d ever had and that was just…awful at this point. ‘Why did he have to be so good at it?’ She felt herself start to cry again as she remember just how much he hated it. ‘But why did he kiss me in the first place?’ she forced the tears to stop and dried her face, getting up to go to her room. She was tired and just wanted to sleep. It was then that she heard the portrait open and in walk the jerk of the day.

Draco was frozen just inside the common room. He could tell immediately that she had been crying by her red and puffy eyes. A feeling of guilt washed over him and he wanted to apologize for a second, but it passed and he willed it away. He wouldn’t say he was sorry to someone like her. She was nothing to him and that was how she was going to stay. Nothing. He didn’t know what to do or say so he just made for his room. No speaking whatsoever to her.

As he passed she felt herself fill with anger. ‘How dare he!’ she couldn’t believe that he was just going to ignore her like that. He kissed her and then pretends it didn’t happen. Ha! She was going to do something about that. She saw his eyes flicker with a moment of guilt upon looking at her. She went to a mirror and saw why. It was obvious she had been crying. ‘Well good, at least he has a bit of a heart in there’ she ran up to her room and slammed the door. Crawling into bed, still in her robes, she fell fast asleep.

He was an idiot. She would kill him for ignoring her but the else was he to do? It shouldn’t have happened and it wouldn’t happen again. He would treat her the way he always had and hoped he didn’t lose his friends. She certainly wasn’t worth losing friends over. It wasn’t before long that he too felt into a deep sleep. Both dreaming about the other.



The next morning came sooner than Hermione wanted. There were no classes until tomorrow but she dreaded going to see Harry and Ron. Climbing out of bed she took a quick shower and dressed in jeans and a jumper before heading down to the hall for breakfast. She didn’t hear anything coming from Draco’s room not sure if that meant he was gone or still asleep. She opened the door to the Great Hall to find all eyes on her. Feeling uncomfortable she found a seat across from Harry and Ron. She just started piling some food on her plate as they all stared at her.

“So…are you going to explain what happened yesterday?” Ron said in a cruel tone.
“If I knew Ronald I would tell you, remember he kissed me not the other way around” she began eating her food trying her best not to look over at the Slytherin table.
“Well you sure seemed to be enjoying it, I mean come on! This is Malfoy we are talking about here! How could you!” his face was bright red and Hermione didn’t know what to say to him.

From the Slytherin table Draco could hear Weasel yelling at Granger. He tried not to care, even tried to ignore it, but he couldn’t. He stared at them, wondering what she would say to his latest outburst. He spent the whole night dreaming of them in his bed, naked of course, having the best time and feeling so happy. He never felt that feeling awake in his entire life; he was surprised he could imagine it. He was one of the first in the Hall for breakfast, but it wasn’t long before it filled up. He had Pansy and Blaise across from him but not speaking with him at all. He wished they at least yelled a bit. But the silent treatment was fine for now.

At Ron’s words Hermione stood up, looking down at him before he too stood up. 
“It’s not my fault he is a better kisser than you! I’m sooo sorry that I couldn’t help enjoying the fact that I was finally getting a proper kiss from someone who knew how!” she yelled before tossing the rest of her food at him and storming out of the Hall. The rest of the student erupted in laughter at Ron, who turned as red as his hair, before he sat back down looking to Harry. 

“I don’t know what’s up with her mate, but we’ll figure it out.” He patted Ron on the back and looked for Malfoy, who must have left shortly after Hermione did.

Draco caught up with Hermione just outside the hall. He grabbed her arm and spun her around. She looked up at him a bit worried before she saw the look on his face. He was smiling. Genuinely smiling at her. It was then that she realized what she had said in front of the entire school. Her face turned a deep shade of red before she looked away from him. They were standing in the middle of the hallway in plain view of the Great Hall doors. He gently brought her face back to him before leaning down and giving her the gentlest kiss she had ever had. She put her hands on his face and pulled him even closer. This was the scene that everyone came upon as the doors opened and they all came out from breakfast





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