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Through The Years by Maesygirl
Chapter 4 : The fourth year at hogwarts
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Hermione peered nervously around the top of the stairs, Harry was standing, reluctantly arm in arm with Parvati.

‘Oh my god, she looks beautiful,’ gasped Parvati, Harry spun around, Hermione was gliding down the stairs.

She wore a periwinkle coloured dress, her hair fell from her shoulders elegantly, her eyes twinkled as they always did when he looked at her.

She caught his eye and grinned at him nervously, every eye in the room was on her, she was uncomfortably aware of it.

‘Hermione, you look beautiful,’ said Harry, and Hermione grinned but didn’t speak, she kissed him.

Harry awoke, he had been asleep using the thick book of ‘water plants and their different properties’ as a pillow, for a second he was upset to be awoken from this brilliant dream, when it had happened in real life he had frozen up, and Hermione had not kissed him, he shifted, attempting to get back to sleep, back to his wonderful dream.

‘Mr Harry Potter, sir,’ said Dobby, the house elf, prodding him continuously.

‘Dobby,’ said Harry, ‘what the -?’

‘There is ten minutes until the second task sir,’ said Dobby.

‘What? I can’t do it Dobby, I haven’t found anything to help me breath underwater,’ said Harry panicking.

‘I know, Harry Potter, sir, so Dobby got some Gillyweed for you,’ Dobby proudly produced some Gillyweed.

‘You eat it, sir, and it enables you to breath underwater,’ said Dobby proudly, and he dropped it into Harry’s hands, ‘Harry Potter, sir, we must hurry, and no one can know Dobby helped you. Harry Potter must save his Wheezy.’

‘Wheezy? What’s a Wheezy?’ asked Harry.

‘The Wheezy who gave Dobby his sweater,’ said Dobby.

‘What, Ron? Oh yeah,’ Harry leapt to his feet, ‘thanks Dobby,’ he began sprinting to the black lake, Bagman had even started commentating.

‘Our fourth Champion is missing, where is he? Oh no, here he is,’ Harry collapsed onto a bench clutching his side.

‘Sorry I’m late,’ he gasped, ‘slept in.’

‘Need everything you need to know Harry,’ said Bagman, ‘because I could give you some help.’

‘No,’ said Harry firmly, ‘I’ve got everything I need, except Ron and Hermione, so I’m determined, Mr Bagman.’

Bagman nodded, looking slightly suspicious, but Harry had no time to worry about that, he had to get ready, he had to get Hermione and Ron, he had too.

Cedric was pacing nervously, his wand at the ready, Harry realised how nervous he [Harry] was, he approached Cedric and tried to wish him good luck, all the came out of his mouth was a grunting sound, Cedric seemed to get what he was trying to say but was no more capable of saying much more himself.

‘Champions,’ boomed Bagman, ‘get ready –,’

 ‘Put that in you’re mouth,’ Moody hissed, and Harry obediently shoved the Gillyweed into his mouth.

It tasted horrible, worse than cabbage, sprouts and broccoli put together, and Harry was too busy choking to realise that the whistle had gone and it was time to jump in, instead, Moody pushed him in.

At first the water was freezing, and he couldn’t breath, but then he began growing gills, at the side of his neck, slits began to appear, he could now breath.

The water warmed up as he swam, he now felt more confident on finding Ron and Hermione, he needed to find them.

A scream, echoed across the lake, it sounded like Fleur, she was in trouble, Harry was half-inclined to turn around and help her, but when he did she had disappeared, he decided to continue his search for Hermione and Ron.

He was caught in masses of seawater leaves, and he continuously had the creepy feeling of unseen eyes, something was, indeed, watching him.

Something grabbed his legs, Grindilows? The giant squid perhaps?

 It was indeed the giant squid, he tried to throw a spell at it but only bubbles erupted from his mouth. 

Instead he struggled hopelessly, but not until he kicked the giant squid in the did it then swim away furiously, Harry felt pleased with himself then remembered to search for Ron and Hermione.

He was the first to arrive at the old mermaid lair, it had mermaids surrounding all of the captives, Harry looked at them.

First was Ron, his eyes closed peacefully, presumably the captive he was supposed to save. Then was Cho, she was obviously Cedric’s responsibility, then was Gabrielle, Fleur’s little sister, but it could be slightly problematic for Fleur, since Fleur must have been tied up with some Grindilows.

Lastly there was Hermione, and for the first time a thought occurred to him, why would she be there, Krum didn’t like her that much, and he, Harry, already had someone to save, but just as he was contemplating that Cedric swam through, he cut the ropes holding Cho with a sharp rock, he tapped his watch and Harry nodded, then Cedric swam off, holding Cho in his arms.

Harry cut Ron’s ropes, and then went for Hermione, for a moment he just caressed her cheeks lovingly, but then Krum swam in.

He looked as if he had tried to transfigure himself into a shark, but only his head had transformed, he went for Hermione, Harry cut her ropes for him and Krum swam off, without even looking at him.

Harry waited for a few minutes, but Fleur didn’t turn up, so he went to grab Gabrielle but one of the merpeople stopped him.

‘Take your own one,’ they hissed at him, Harry recoiled, but still shot sparks to cut the ropes off of Gabrielle, grabbed both her and Ron and began to swim rapidly, with the merpeople on his tail.

Seeing as the Dursleys had never let him have swimming lessons he was doing well, but the merpeople would consider that if they caught him.

He was nearly there almost at the stands, they were leaning over to see him, but then one of the merpeople grabbed his leg, he pushed Ron and Gabrielle up and Ron helped Gabrielle swim, Harry, however, was stuck.

The merpeople refused to let go, but Harry looked above, Hermione pushed someone out of the way who was peering down at him, she was shouting for him, reaching down, Harry reached for her hand, just to touch it, but he was pulled back down by the merpeople.

In determination he performed a mental spell that made all the merpeople scarper immediately, he swam up, grabbing Hermione’s hand, she helped pull him up, he was extremely pleased.

He landed awkwardly, however, Hermione slipped on the wet waters edge when pulling him up, and Harry landed on top of her.

Not that he minded, but there was an outbreak of muttering, Harry rolled over breathing heavily and gripping Hermione’s hand.

Fleur was hugging Gabrielle and talking to Ron, Hermione was sitting beside Harry concerned.

‘Are you okay?’ asked Hermione as Harry closed his eyes.

‘Yeah,’ he gasped, ‘tired though.’

‘I think you were brilliant,’ said Hermione fondly stroking his hair, they were both unaware they were being watched by everyone.

‘Thanks, I think you’re always brilliant,’ said Harry, keeping his eyes closed, ‘I wondered why you were down, I thought I was supposed to save you, not Krum.’ 

‘Do I detect a tad bit of jealously Mr Potter?’ said Hermione grinning.

‘What? N-no,’ said Harry, his eyes snapping open, ‘I – er – I mean – I er -,’

Hermione grinned, realising he was uncomfortable; ‘I’m kidding Harry.’

Harry closed his eyes again, ‘I knew that,’ he said and Hermione laughed, but Harry caressed her hand lovingly, Hermione smiled. 

Hermione leant in towards him and Harry, sensing what Hermione was doing, leant in towards her.

Forgetting to open his eyes he leant in too, and completely missed Hermione, she kissed his cheek instead, giggling, Harry opened his eyes weakly and tried again, this time with his eyes open, but then Bagman shouted
‘And now for the scores!’

‘Mr Cedric Diggory, who used the bubblehead charm is first place, Miss Fleur Delecour, who also used the bubblehead charm is fourth place, Mr Victor Krum, who used an unsuccessful transfiguration, is third place. And in second place is Mr Harry Potter, who used Gillyweed.’

‘Second place,’ said Hermione happily as the crowd applauded, ‘you won the last challenge, so that makes you tying for first place with Cedric.’

Harry had never felt more happy, not only because he was tying for first place with Cedric, but because he was now being hugged tightly by Hermione, she whispered in his ear softly.

‘Well done Harry, we can work on third task together, I will get you through this, I promise.’

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