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Topsy Turvy by Bookwyrm
Chapter 1 : Last Week at Saint Imogene's
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. All I own is Moody, Loony, Dessy, and St. Imogene's.


All twenty girls in the dormitory of Saint Imogene’s Academy for Proper Young Witches were sleeping peacefully in their beds. They were all straight backed with their feet pointed and sticking out of the bottom of their beds and their hands folded on their chests. All except for one.

 CRACK the ruler smacked down on Desmodea Snape’s feet, which were sticking out of the covers for that specific reason. Desmodea woke with a start.

“Detention Miss Snape! You know you aren’t allowed to sleep with your hands under the covers!” The Posture and Decorum Mistress hissed nastily at her.

“I’m sorry! I promise I won’t do it again!” Desmodea sobbed brokenly. “Please! Not the heels!” 

“Promises were meant to be broken! That’s why you make them in the first place!” The mistress whispered silkily. “What petal are you on?” she asked

“Fourth Mistress” she whimpered.

 “Only three more for a White Rose…”

 “Please no!” Desmodea cried in desperation. 

 “But I believe you are on Lavender,” Posture and Decorum Mistress finished.

Desmodea knew what this meant. She would be spending the next four days in her punishment shoes, (six inch heels with pointy toes that are a size and a half too small) with a back board, and her knees tied together, with a corset. (A/N: the punishment system at the school is as follows. You get six petals (punishments) each in increasing severity, before you get the White Rose which is the worst punishment there is. Each punishment is named after a flower or plant. The punishments are as follows, from least to greatest.

Shamrock: 1 Day with Punishment Shoes

Blue Bell: 2 Days with Punishment Shoes, Back Board

Tulip: 3 Days with Punishment Shoes, Back Board, Roped Knees

Lavender: 4 Days with Punishment Shoes, Back Board, Roped Knees, Corset

Daisy: 5 Days with Punishment Shoes, Back Board, Roped Knees, Corset, and Old Fashioned Heavy Hoop Skirt Dress

Sunflower: 6 Days with Punishment Shoes, Back Board, Roped Knees, Corset, Old Fashioned Heavy Hoop Skirt Dress, and ½ lb weighted dangling earrings on each ear

White Rose: 7 Days with Punishment Shoes, Back Board, Roped Knees, Corset, Old Fashioned Heavy Hoop Skirt Dress ½ lb weighted dangling earrings on each ear, Only 1 meal a day. * all of the above include memorizing the next 50 boys on the Worlds Most Eligible Bachelors List)

 Then, when classes were over, she would be forced into one of the Parlors where she would be forced to memorize the next fifty boys on the Worlds Most Eligible Bachelors List that the school kept on file. She would be quizzed mercilessly on all of the ones before and the most recent fifty until she could recite the profiles at one look of the picture.

 The girls who had been awoken by the commotion knew better than to move or say anything, or they would receive the same punishment. Modisia Blue knew the rules, 
but she never let her best friend get smacked down without standing up for her.

“Wat ya doin’ ta my sista’ Snape?” Modisia asked in the most gangster voice she could manage. 

 “Detention, Miss Blue, and I believe you are on White Rose” The Mistress hissed evilly. There was an audible gasp thought the room that was quickly silenced. “And everyone else in the room will be getting a shamrock for that display of emotion.” There was silence as everyone didn’t want a worse punishment. 

 The girls went back to sleep, as they would only have a few more hours of sleep


“Get up! Where do you think you are! Some type of all boys’ school?! This is Saint Imogene’s Academy for Proper Young Witches! You should no the routine by now! This is your 10th year! The routine is ALWAYS the same! Up at 3:30! Classes at 4:30! That gives you only ONE hour to put on your make-up!”  The cleaning servant bellowed. She and the cook were the only servants that were above the girls in rank.

 Modisia hurriedly got up to get her punishment gear on. Desmodea was not far behind.

Dessy and Moody were best friends at SIAPYW. They were the only ones who weren’t brainwashed. None of the other girls would risk doing anything if it meant that they got punished. Moody was the ideal student at Saint Imogene’s Academy for Proper Young Witches, except that once she learned it all, she started to act out and defend her peers. This made the Mistresses hate her.

Dessy and Moody walked down the stairs together. If it wouldn’t have gotten them in more trouble, they would have had expressions of extreme pain on their faces. Stairs were the worst part of the punishments, so it was a good thing that Saint Imogene’s only had two floors.

The week passed in a blur of pain and injury. They got up at 3:30 every morning and went to bed around 11, as they had so many classes; they got a lot of homework. The girls had learned to function on as little sleep as three hours. 

 By the end of the week, Moody had had enough of Saint Imogene’s and couldn’t wait for summer vacation.

A/N: Next one will be longer! I swear!

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