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Making Good Use of Time Travel by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 11 : The Final Battle
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Author's Note:
Again, unedited. Everything is very hectic right now, so bear with me until I can get it done. Thanks.

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Harry and Ron were waiting by the end of the stairs to the Girl's Dormitory, waiting for Hermione and Ginny to come down so they could go to the Ball.

"Girls!!! Hurry up!" Ron yelled up the staircase.

"Ronald! You need to learn to be patient and kind!!" came Ginny's voice from the Dormitory.

Five minutes later the two girls came down the staircase, taking the breath away from their boyfriends.

Harry gasped as he saw Ginny come gracefully down the steps. She was wearing a long, white strapless gown, towards the end of her gown the white fabric came up and made an oval shape triangle, which was held up by an emerald, bow, under the white revealed emerald satin material, that shined when she walked. Her hair was in an elegant bun, with loose curls falling here and there, and on her neck was her beautiful ruby necklace she had received from Harry on her birthday.

Hermione had her hair in loose curls falling gracefully onto her shoulders and was wearing a long, pale gold gown with gold beads on the top, which glinted every time she moved. Harry could tell that Ron had gasped when he saw Hermione come down.

Ginny slowly went down the last of the steps and stopped in front of Harry, and he said "Gin, you look absolutely beautiful."

ďThank you, Harry." Ginny replied.

Harry lifted her right hand slid a small band around her finger. "Something to go with that necklace." He said, as he kissed her hand.

Ginny looked at the ring on her finger and said, "Harry! Its beautiful!"

Harry smiled and she continued, "But, I didn't get you anything."

Harry pulled her to him and gathered his arms around her, "Yes, you did, Gin. You gave me what I wanted" and he kissed her. After he kissed her he added softly, so that Ron would not hear, but he thought that he wouldn't, since he was busy giving Hermione a gold locket and snogging her, so he added, "last night."

Ginny blushed furiously and Harry kissed her again.

"Hermione, you look very nice also." Harry said to Hermione.

'Thanks Harry." Hermione said, "Where's the Marauders?"

"Their already down there...spiking the pumpkin juice with fire whiskey." Ron said, "Should we head to the Ball?"

As Ron said this Harry remembered what was to be happening in a few hours time, and looked at the floor.

"Harry, be brave. Don't worry about it." Ginny said, as she noticed this.

Harry looked up and smiled lightly and they headed to the Great Hall for the Ball.


An hour or so into the Ball, Harry and Ginny were dancing happily to a song by the Weird Sisters with Ron, Hermione and the crazy Marauders, whom Harry guessed were drunk off of the fire whiskey they had spiked into the pumpkin juice.

"Would you like to go outside to get some fresh air?" Harry asked.

"Isn't it freezing and snowing out there?" Ginny asked.

"No. Dumbledore enchanted the grounds so its warm and cleaned up all the snow." Harry said.

"Alright." Ginny replied.

Harry waved to Ron and Hermione and they left the Hall of dancing people.

Harry led her out onto the soft snow-free ground and pulled her into his arms, and swayed slightly from side to side.

Harry pulled away and kissed her softly; he pulled away and smiled at her then kissed her again for many long moments. This kiss made Harry completely forget everything that was supposed to happen, and all he thought about was the love of his life, Ginny. He would never let her go, he felt like they could stay this way forever.


Many hooded figures were apparating into the entrance way between Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. The figures could see two human silhouettes in the soft light coming from the castle. The hooded people rushed forward and sprinted across the ground.

As the figures went across the grounds one last figure apparated. This figure had his hood down, and revealed a pale, snake like face, with slits for noses and red eyes. Voldemort raised his wand and pointed it to the sky.

"Morsmorde!" he cried, and the green skull shot from his wand and up to the sky, where the snake erupted from its mouth and circled the skull. Voldemort slowly and swiftfuly made his way up to the castle.


Harry and Ginny pulled away quickly as the heard the loud and definite boom of the Dark Mark being sent into the sky. They saw the skull and the head and saw the Death Eaters coming towards the castle.

"Oh no." Harry mumbled. He could see one last figure advancing on the castle, which Harry assumed was Voldemort.

From inside the castle all of Hogwarts heard the Dark Mark being set, and the music slowly ceased and the people within the Hall came out of the castle to see what was happening.

Dumbledore lifted his wand and said an Incantation Harry had never heard, and moments later the whole Order of the Phoenix had apparated next to them and were charging towards the Death Eaters to duel.

"Students back inside the Great Hall. Now!" Dumbledore said.

The students quickly moved back into the castle, but Ron, Hermione, and the Marauders rushed towards Harry and Ginny.

"Staff, round up the ghosts and tell them to get all students from the castle into the Great Hall and tell them no one is to leave. Report back out here for Battle." Dumbledore said, seeing that the students around Harry were still there he rushed towards them.

"You lot need to get back inside now! Only Harry can be out here." with that said he rushed forward and began dueling an approaching Death Eater.

Hermione hugged Harry and quickly began moving back towards the castle, the Marauders and Ron followed, but Ginny and James still stayed with Harry.

"Ginny, go back inside! Now! This is what I meant, before we began going out. I can't let you get hurt." Harry said.

"Harry!" Ginny began to protest, but Ron had rushed back forward, seized Ginny by the hand and began pulling her back into the castle.

"I love you, Harry!" Ginny screamed towards Harry, tears falling down her face.

"I love you too, Ginny!" Harry yelled back, before they disappeared behind the Oak Doors and into the Great Hall.

James still stood next to Harry and he turned to Harry, "Good luck, Harry."

"Thanks, James." Harry said.

"You don't have to call me James, when it's just us. You can call me Dad." James said smiling, before hugging Harry and running into the castle.

Harry turned around. He saw the Order, including Fred and George Weasley, all dueling a Death Eater, jets of colors flying in all directions. He wheeled his head around and there was Voldemort slowly coming to a halt in front of Harry.

"Well, well, well. We meet again, Harry Potter. And for the last time and final time." came Voldemort's slow, raspy voice.

"Voldemort." Harry said, as if a greeting to him, "I sure hope so."


From inside the Great Hall, the ghosts were patrolling the Hall and every student except Harry was inside, half of them not even knowing what was going on.

Ginny was now crying. She was so scared of what was going to happen to Harry. She knew he could make it, and he would, but she was so scared for him. She wanted to be out there, fighting with him, by his side. She jumped up from her seat and stormed over to Nearly Headless Nick, who was patrolling the front of the Hall.

"Let me out." Ginny demanded.

"I am sorry, Miss Weasley, but I can't do that." Nick said, remaining calm.

"No! Let me out now!" Ginny yelled.

She now had half the halls attention focused on her.

"Iím sorry, but I cant." Nick replied.

"I am through being pushed around and not being able to make my own bloody decisions. Now let me out! I was taught half the stuff I know by Harry. I was in the D.A. My boyfriend is out their fighting for his life and all of ours, trying to kill the Darkest Wizard that walks the cruel Earth. I think I can go out!!!" Ginny screamed.

Nick looked at her for a few moments and sighed. "All right. All D.A members may go...but at your own risk."

Around twenty students jumped up and headed for the door, including the Marauders. Nick opened the door and the students filed out.


The D.A ran out of the Oak Front Doors and into the lawn, taking on a Death Eater with no one to duel.

Ginny whipped her head around for a sight of Harry, and found him in the same spot she left him, except he was about to begin his duel with Voldemort.

She felt another tear weld up, but quickly turned around and sent the stupefy curse at an approaching Death Eater and began dueling a long, white haired, pale faced, witch.

"Bow to Death, Harry Potter." Voldemort said, swiftly.

Harry showed no sign of recognition of what Voldemort had just said. He just bent his back, but kept his head up the whole time, to make sure Voldemort had bowed to, and wasn't going to kill him when his back was turned.

Harry slowly raised and brought his wand up.


Dumbledore sprinted towards the Marauders all together in an area, each taking on their own Death Eater. They each sent one last curse and knocked out their Death Eater.

"James. The Time Turners fixed. You have to leave now. You can't see the results of this battle. You must leave!" Dumbledore said gasping for breath.

He drew out a silver chain. It looked exactly like the turner Sirius had found in the Common Room.

"Only one turn. You must go! NOW!" Dumbledore said.

They took the Time Turner, and ducked down as Dumbledore raised his wand and did the Levicorpus spell on a Death Eater running up from behind them and Dumbledore ran off to begin another duel.

They put the chain around their necks and began turning it.

"Aren't you--"James began to say, but they had already begun to leave the spot and return to the Gryffindor Common Room of the year 1979.

Year 1979: Marauders 7th Year

The Marauders stumbled and fell into the Gryffindor Common Room. James looked up at the clock above the Fireplace. 2 A.m. They were back in their own time. And now all they had to do was pretend nothing had ever happened.

James knew he couldn't change the events, but he had an idea, and had an idea to win his future wife over. He had an idea to be able to live and an idea to be able to avoid Death in 4 years time.

Year 1984: Year of Death for James and Lily

"Sweet heart, are you sure this is going to work??" Lily asked her husband, who was pacing the living room to their enormous house in Godric's Hollow, while feeding her 1 year old son, who was sitting on her lap.

"Yes, Lils." James said.

2 hours later: Year 1984

After Voldemort had disappeared from the house James and Lily met in the Department of Mysteries where they met after their supposed deaths and entered the veil.

Year 2000: Department of Mysteries; December 23rd, 2 days before Final Battle

Three hooded figures stood at the entrance to the veil and looked at each other.

"Ready?" a man asked.

"Yes. I can't just sit and watch any longer." came a womanís voice.

"Let's do it." came the third.

Final Battle will continue next Chapter

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Making Good Use of Time Travel: The Final Battle


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