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David Weasley and the Challenge of a Lifetime by ladybobcat54
Chapter 6 : Natalie's Secret
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David sat on the Knight Bus, and stared at the shapes passing quickly by the window. The bus suddenly came to a stop and David fell to the ground. He stood up and looked out the window. He saw that they were outside Alyssa’s house. David ran down to the first deck of the bus and stood in the door of the bus.

"Alyssa!" He hollered and she looked up and waved.

Alyssa was saying goodbye to her mother and Kelly and Keaton. When Kelly saw David she waved. He waved too. Alyssa gave her little sister to her mother and ran to the bus.

"Bye Awyssa! Bye Dabid!" Kelly screamed.

The two waved and went up to the third deck where David was sitting with his sisters. They took their seats and the bus began to move again. After an hour of silence and falling the bus finally stopped in Hogsmeade and David, Alyssa, Victoire, and Veronica got off and walked to the school.

Alyssa spent the first few days back at Hogwarts pondering how she would tell David about Natalie. She hadn’t talked to Dynamite about it, and regretted it later. She knew that there wouldn’t be a good time and that she should do it soon and get it over with. She finally decided to one Saturday in the Common Room.

"Hey, David, I need to tell you something." Alyssa started carefully.

"Okay, tell me." He said putting his book down.

"It’s about Natalie," She said cautiously, "She’s cheating on you."

"Cheating on me! You think she’s cheating on me!" David yelled.

"I don’t think, I know!" Alyssa shouted.

"We went through this when you tried to convince me she was using me," David hollered, "What we have is real!"

"No, David it’s not!" She pleaded.

"You know what? I don’t need this!" David yelled.

Without another word he ran to his dormitory. When he got there he saw Fred was doing homework on his bed. Fred looked up and raised his hand to greet him before going back to work. David rolled his eyes. This boy laying quietly on his bed doing homework couldn’t possibly be the first born son of George Weasley.

"Fred, what are you doing?" David asked.

"Homework." Fred answered not looking up.

"And you call yourself George Weasley’s son?" David said incredulously.

Fred was allot more serious about things like schoolwork than his father was, but Fred loved the shop. It was his favorite place in the world. Fred had allot of good ideas for the store, and helped his dad with things over break. He had actually come up with some of the best selling items in the store.

"What’s wrong?" Fred asked still writing.

"Nothing’s wrong! What makes you think something’s wrong?" David asked defensively.

"For one, you sometimes mock me when you’ve got something bothering you." He said, "And for another, you always get really defensive when you’re angry with someone like, hmm I don’t know, Alyssa!"

"What makes you think I’m mad at Alyssa?" David asked.

"See previous answer." Fred said simply.

"She keeps on saying that Natalie’s cheating on me," David explained, and at this he had Fred’s full and undivided attention.

"Do you know she’s not?" He asked running his fingers though his red hair, and taking off his reading glasses.

"Natalie wouldn’t do that!" David said quickly, and Fred laughed.

"David, we’re talking about the biggest slut in the fourth year, maybe even the whole school!" Fred said.

"Now you just sound like Alyssa!" David said angrily.

"Okay, David, I know you hate being mad at Alyssa so we’ll find out if she’s right or not." He said calmly.

"How?" David asked, "What would we do stalk her?"

"In a nutshell, yes." Fred said.

So it was settled they were going to tail Natalie. The trap was set. Alyssa found this out when Fred came back into the common room after he had talked to David. She knew she was going to get good news when she saw Fred smiling broadly.

"So, did you talk him into it?" Alyssa asked anxiously.

"Yep, we’re planning on it tomorrow; you’ve found them in here everyday since break too, right?" Fred asked.

"Yep." She confirmed.

The next day at lunch Fred and David walked up to the common room. David couldn’t help but wonder how Fred knew where to go, but he didn’t ask. When they got to the portrait of the Fat Lady Fred gave her the password. The walked into the common room and the first thing David saw was the thing that he had feared.

"NATALIE!" David yelled at the top of his voice, and the two on the couch looked p.

Fred knew that if he let David stay here it wasn’t going to be pretty, and he was just grateful that the two on the couch were both still dressed. He grabbed his cousin and dragged him into an empty classroom. David sat on a desk and stared out the window.

"Alyssa was right." David said trying to let the blow set in.

"Aren’t I always?" Asked a voice.

David looked around and saw that Fred had left and Alyssa had entered. She walked over and sat next to him on the desk. He couldn’t even describe how much this meant to him. There she was after he had accused her a lying about this whole situation.

"I’m sorry." David finally said.

"It’s all right," Alyssa said, "I’d have acted the same way."

"You mean with Dynamite?" David asked.

"Dynamite, yeah that’s right," She lied.

Though the two didn’t know it, Fred was watching them from around the corner of the doorway smiling as the two sat on the desk staring out the window. They sat there for another fifteen minutes.

Later that night Alyssa came into the common room looking for Dynamite. She saw David sitting Alone by the fire and asked him where Dynamite was. After she talked to David she went into the dormitory where he had said Dynamite was. When Alyssa got there she saw he was right.

"Hey Dynamite." Alyssa said cheerfully, "Isn’t this great? Now we don’t have to pretend to go out anymore!"

"Yeah, great." Dynamite said blandly.

"What’s the matter?" She asked.

"I guess I’m just going to miss you." He said.

"Well, after this I feel allot more like we can be friends." Alyssa said sitting down next to him.

"Oh great." Dynamite said with a forced smile.

Alyssa got up and left the room, and went back to the common room and sat with David. He smiled when she joined him. He didn’t know why, but now he felt allot more grateful to have her, maybe even more than a friend. He pushed that idea out of his head reminding himself that this was his best friend.

To distract himself from this he went to bed and found Dynamite in their room. He looked oddly depressed, and David couldn’t see why. He changed and looked back at his friend, who still looked sad.

"What’s wrong?" David asked.

"Nothing, I guess you know I’m in a slump." Dynamite explained.

"You have a girlfriend." David said.

"No, I don’t." Dynamite said falling onto his back on his bed.

The rest of the night passed in silence. The next morning when they got up they got ready to go to Hogsmeade. David and Fred left the room before Dynamite and met Alyssa in the common room. They went to breakfast, and then walked to the village.

When they were walking though the streets they saw Dynamite laden with bags of expensive looking objects and walked over to him. They stared at each other for a few minutes and finally the silence was broken.

"Why are you buying all of these things?" Alyssa asked.

"I’m venting." Dynamite explained, and with that he ran off to another store.

They spent most of the day going from store to store, but not buying anything. Their final stop was in The Tree Broomsticks. The each had a butterbeer, and decided to go back to the castle. When they to there they went to dinner, and to the common room.

After that Fred and David went up to their room and found Dynamite there with his many expensive looking things. The two looked around the room in awe unable to believe what they were seeing.

"Looks like someone’s credit card got a work out!" David said in disbelief.

"Yeah, Rich Boy, your dad’s going to have a cow when he sees this." Fred said looking at the wireless, "We already have a radio, why’d you get a new one?"

"My guess is this one was shinier and more expensive looking." David said rolling his eyes.

"No, this one does more." Dynamite said waving his wand, and a screen appeared about the wireless, "We can watch things like live concerts, and those radio shows."

"Awesome!" Fred said staring at the screen.

They were unable to continue their conversation, however, when there was a knock on the door. Dynamite answered it, and when the door opened they saw his father standing there looking angry.

"Dwayne, what is this about?!" Mr. Dilone asked angrily showing his son a piece of paper.

"Oh, as you can see I bought some new things to replace the old ones." Dynamite said, seeing as they had had everything he had bought, but as of today they had the newest versions.

"Three-thousand seven hundred galleans!" Mr. Dilone shouted.

"I…" But his father cut him off.

"No! I’m cutting you off!" Mr. Dilone shouted, "No more bank account! No more credit card!"

And as he said ‘no more credit card’ he tapped Dynamite’s credit card with his wand and it broke in two, and Dynamite yelled. Then Mr. Dilone yelled out the door and many men came in, and began to take all of Dynamite’s nice things despite his protest.

This whole time no one seemed to be aware that David and Fred were still in the room. They watched in shock as their friend was cut off from the one thing that sustained him. The next day at breakfast David and Fred told Alyssa what happened and she listened open mouthed.

"Why couldn’t Mr. Dilone just take Dynamite away and leave his nice stuff." David asked as they finished.

"I know." Alyssa said sympathetically.

Before she could say more Dynamite sat down next to them wearing to small clothes and messed up hair.

"What’s with the hair?" Fred asked.

"Usually I have a house elf do it, but now I can’t install fear." Dynamite explained.

"The clothes?" Alyssa asked.

"I used to use the laundry service, but now I can’t afford it!" He almost shouted.

Dynamite got up angrily, and stormed out of the hall. This left the awestruck staring at where he had been sitting.

"Wow, without money he’s nothing." Alyssa finally said.

A/N: So? I got the whole Dynamite getting cut off by his father thing from and episode of Zoey 101 (if you watch that show) I was watching earlier and I liked the idea of Dynamite venting by give his credit card a work out. So the whole cut off deal, belongs to them not me.

Types words in the box and make me happy!


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